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Best Mattresses For Babies & Children


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Having a good mattress is important, regardless of the age of the sleeper. Choosing a mattress for an adult is hard enough, but choosing a mattress for a baby or small child is even more difficult as their bodies are so much more sensitive to bad mattresses.

Children generally sleep better than adults and rarely complain about back pains or body aches. As a result, we often underestimate the importance of a suitable mattress. But a bad mattress can lead to back problems further down the line and well into adulthood.

So, don’t neglect the importance of a good mattress for your child or baby.

Our guide will help you through this purchasing decision.

Best Mattresses for Babies and Children
  • Overview
  • A good mattress for good development
  • Criteria for buying a mattress for your child
  • Specific needs of a child

Our top recommendations

Emma cot mattress



The Emma Cot mattress has been perfectly designed for babies and small children. Use code 'SPOOKY25' to get 25% off.

The Emma Cot mattress is a high-quality foam mattress by the Emma brand, which has been specifically designed for babies and small children up to the age of 6. 


Emma Cot mattress

The Emma Cot mattress has been specifically constructed to meet the needs of babies and small children. It is available in two sizes.

Constructed of high-quality open-pored foam, the mattress also features a soft outer cover and a waterproof inner cover to protect the core from any accidental spills or leaks.

The mattress offers firm support and is designed to aid the healthy development of your baby's spine. 

Emma cot mattress


Eve Cot Mattress



The Eve Cot mattress is the perfect choice for babies and small children under 6.

The Eve Cot mattress by the British Eve Sleep has been specifically designed as a mattress for babies and young children, up to the age of 6. 

All about the EVE COT MATTRESS

Eve Cot mattress

The Eve Cot mattress has been designed to be used from birth up to the age of six. It is available in two sizes, 60 x 120 cm and 70 x 140 cm.

The mattress features a cloud-patterned cover that is super breathable and machine-washable at 60ºC. It also has a waterproof protector to protect it from any spills.

A luxury foam layer provides full support, while high-quality individual pocket springs adapt as your baby or child wriggles and grows.

Eve cot mattress


A good mattress for good development

A child can sleep on an adult mattress from the age of 5 or 6 years old. It is essential that this mattress is of good quality and adapt to your child’s body as it grows over the next ten or so years. Quality choices include Emma or Simba mattresses.

Children, like adults, need quality bedding and a quality mattress that meets their needs. A good mattress for children or babies will provide perfect support by adapting to their body without creating painful or uncomfortable pressure points.

Importantly, the mattress should support the spine and provide for healthy spine alignment. This is essential for children in the growth period. Children will rarely complain about back pain at a young age but a low-quality mattress may lead to back problems years down the line and only emerge in adulthood.

In addition, a good mattress will also promote quality sleep, which is key to your child’s physical and mental recovery. The will allow a better capacity for concentration, memorisation, and learning during the day.

Criteria for buying a mattress for your child

Thickness, material, density? There are numerous criteria that need to be considered when purchasing a mattress for your child or baby.


Choosing the right mattress size for children and babies is important. Your child will grow very quickly in the first few years and you certainly don’t want to have to buy a new mattress every year. For babies and young children, we would recommend mattresses in the 60 x 120 cm or 70 x 140 cm dimensions.

Then, as your child grows, we would recommend that you buy a slightly larger mattress. Generally, we would recommend a 90 x 190 cm or equivalent mattress for children over 6 years old. You will then be able to keep this mattress until adulthood.


Firmness is a very important aspect to consider when choosing a mattress for your baby or child. Make sure that you buy a firm mattress. Foam mattresses or natural latex mattresses should be well-suited. For older children, a medium-firm mattress is perfect.


Breathability is very important, especially for the hygiene of the mattress. The cover must also be breathable to allow for good air circulation. This ventilation keeps the mattress healthy and in good condition.

Breathability also affects the sleeping climate of the mattress and prevents the formation of mould. Slatted frames can also aid in keeping the sleeping surface well-ventilated.


When choosing a mattress for your baby or child, we recommend that you favour anti-allergenic materials that are free from harmful substances such as dichlorobenzene, nitrosamines, or formaldehyde. This will allow for easier breathing and avoid the risk of allergies.

We also recommend that you look for a mattress that has been certified as not containing any dangerous chemicals.

Specific needs of a child

Sufficiently soft and comfortable but firm support

Avoid overly firm mattresses. In order to support the development of the back and spine, a baby or child will need a mattress that provides firm support but still offers a high degree of comfort. The mattress must also be big enough to fit the whole body and fit perfectly on to the bed.

Limit the risk of allergies

Children are more vulnerable to allergies. They also often use their bed as a play area, possibly increasing hygiene issues. To ensure the healthy state of your child’s bed, some mattresses offer anti-mite, anti-bacterial, or hypoallergenic technologies.

It’s also a good idea to make use of a waterproof mattress protector. Remember to ventilate the bed daily and regularly vacuum the mattress and box spring.

For the comfort and happiness of your little ones, we also recommend that you buy beautiful bed linen for children. You can make bedtime special by offering them what makes them happy.

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Try these

We can highly recommend these best-selling mattresses.

Emma Original
Emma Original Emma Original Mattress
Emma Price from 246 £ (329 £)

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Emma Hybrid
Emma Hybrid Emma Hybrid Mattress
Emma Price from 389 £ (519 £)

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Eve Lighter Hybrid
Eve Lighter Hybrid Eve Lighter Hybrid Mattress
Eve Price from 399 £

A high-quality hybrid mattress at a lower price.

Eve Original
Eve Original Eve Mattress
Eve Price from 279 £ (399 £)

Get 30% off this original high-quality mattress by Eve Sleep.

Emma One
Emma One Emma One Mattress
Emma Price from 321 £ (429 £)

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Nectar Memory Foam Mattress
Nectar Nectar memory foam mattress
Nectar Price from 414 £

Luxurious medium-firm mattress & 2 free pillows, with a 365-day trial period.

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