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Best mattresses for stomach sleepers



Last updated: 24.07.2021 6 Min.

What’s the best mattress to choose if you like to sleep on your stomach? Of all the sleeping positions, sleeping on your stomach seems to be the least common. This may be because doctors usually advise against it as it carries an increased risk of back pain with it.

This is particularly true if you choose the wrong mattress. This can lead to a hollow back, resulting in neck and back pain.

If you sleep on your stomach, you will undoubtedly turn your head to one side, which misaligns your neck with the spine, putting both of these under additional strain.

That said, we won’t delve into the negatives about sleeping on your stomach.

If this is your preferred choice, then we want to help you find the best mattress for you!

Best Mattresses for Stomach Sleepers
  • Overview
  • Why is sleeping on your stomach so bad for you?
  • Stability
  • Pillows
  • Firmness
  • Conclusion

Our top recommendations

    DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress

    DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid
    Price from £ 594 (849 )

    DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid

    The DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid mattress is a 5-layered premium mattress that combines memory foam with pocket springs for superior breathability, comfort, and support.

    This is a high-quality mattress that combines five layers of premium memory foam with ActiveEdge pocket springs.

    All about the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid

    DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid

    The DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid mattress is a premium mattress that combines high-quality memory foam with pocket springs.

    Breathable, comfortable, and supportive, this medium-firm orthopaedically-designed mattress aims to eliminate back, neck, and shoulder pain. 

    It also offers great edge support.

    The mattress is 28 cm (11 inches) thick for luxurious comfort.

    It also regulates temperature well and is great for couples. 

    Dreamcloud luxury hybrid mattress


    Eve Original Hybrid mattress

    Eve Original Hybrid
    Price from £ 363 (519 )

    Eve Original Hybrid

    The Eve Original Hybrid is a hybrid mattress, combining foam and springs, that offers spinal support & body-hugging comfort.

    Combing pocket springs and high-quality foams, the Eve Original Hybrid aims to provide the best in terms of comfort, support, and breathability. 

    All about the Eve Original Hybrid

    Eve Original Hybrid

    The Eve Original Hybrid combines 5 layers of high-quality foams with 800 full-sized and individually wrapped pocket springs.

    It has been specifically designed with breathable foams, springs, and a moisture-wicking cover to be temperature neutral

    It also offers optimum support, healthy spinal alignment, and a body-hugging softness

    The Eve Original Hybrid comes with free delivery & returns and a risk-free trial period.

    Eve Original Hybrid



    Premium choice
    Eve Premium Hybrid Mattress

    Eve Premium Hybrid
    Price from £ 782 (978 )

    Eve Premium Hybrid

    The Eve Premium Hybrid is a luxurious hybrid mattress with 5 layers of new generation foam and over 1500 pocket springs.

    This high-end mattress combines foam with pocket springs and offers superior comfort with optimal support and spinal alignment. 

    All about the Eve Premium Hybrid

    Eve Premium Hybrid

    The Eve Premium Hybrid is a luxurious medium-firm mattress that offers superior comfort and excellent support. 

    Its unique composition of foams and springs offers a high degree of comfort in all sleeping positions.

    The mattress adapts well to the body of the sleeper and offers optimal spinal alignment.

    This is a great mattress for people suffering from back pain.

    The Eve Premium Hybrid comes with free delivery & returns and a risk-free trial period.

    Eve Premium Hybrid Mattress


    Our favourite
    Nectar memory foam mattress

    Price from £ 466 (804 )


    The Nectar Mattress is a luxurious memory foam mattress that comes with a 365-day trial period.

    This luxurious memory foam mattress is suitable for most people and sleeping positions and comes with a revolutionary 365-day trial period.

    All about the Nectar

    Nectar memory foam mattress

    The Nectar memory foam mattress features 3 layers of high-quality foam for optimal spinal alignment, pressure relief, and comfort.

    It has 7 contour zones to enhance its ergonomic design and keep your body in a healthy sleeping position.

    The Nectar mattress also has a removable, breathable cover to provide for a cool & comfortable sleep.

    It comes with free delivery & returns, a revolutionary 365-day trial period, and a 'forever warranty'.

    Nectar memory foam mattress



    Simba Hybrid Pro

    Simba Hybrid Pro
    Price from £ 649 (999 )

    Simba Hybrid Pro

    The Simba Hybrid Pro is Simba's second-generation hybrid mattress with up to 5000 titanium Aerocoil® springs and a natural wool top layer.

    This second-generation mattress features five layers for ultimate comfort and breathability.

    All about the Simba Hybrid Pro

    Simba Hybrid Pro

    The Simba Hybrid Pro is a second-generation hybrid mattress that features 7 layers.

    Combining chemical-free Simba Pure foam with two unique titanium Aerocoil® spring layers, this mattress aims to provide superior support and comfort.

    The mattress also features a natural wool top layer and a thick knitted top cover for enhanced temperature regulation.

    Simba Hybrid Pro


    Why is sleeping on your stomach so bad for you?

    Sleeping on your stomach is not the ideal position for your body. This is the position where you'll develop the most back problems, largely caused by a hollowing of the back, which strains your spine. In the long germ, this results in lower back pain. This problem is exacerbated if your mattress is too soft or your pillow too thick and fluffy.

    You may also develop breathing problems as your rib cage as less space to open.

    If you want to continue sleeping in this position, then we can help you choose the ideal mattress.

    But if you want to break the habit of sleeping on your stomach, here are some tips that can help you:

    • Try to fall asleep on your back or your side. If you wake up on your stomach, turn to your back and side again before going back to sleep.
    • If you try to fall asleep on your side, hug a pillow. This will make it more difficult for you to roll over onto your stomach.
    • If you sleep with a partner, ask him/her to move you back on to your side or back during the night (if your partner happens to wake up during the night).

    The importance of stability

    Sleeping on your stomach increases the pressure on your upper body. This can not only lead to restless sleep but also to severe back pain if the mattress cannot properly reduce and relieve pressure points. This is why stomach sleepers need to choose a mattress with high stability and good support.

    Another difficulty with stomach sleepers is that they necessarily have to turn their head to the side while sleeping. The neck area is thus heavily overloaded and no longer forms a uniform line with the spine.

    To rectify this, it is very important that people who sleep on their stomachs also choose the right pillow (see below). It also suggests that a mattress must offer particularly good stability in the neck area.

    Some mattresses offer contour zones, which will be able to offer that necessary stability. Contour zones support your body as you’ll sink in more in some areas than in others. This keeps your spine straight and stable.

    New generation foam mattresses are recommended for stomach sleepers. The combination of memory foam with other foam layers ensures optimal body adaptation and good pressure relief in all the necessary areas.

    Mattresses that consist of latex in the top layer are also very suitable, as this provides good pressure relief and cushioning, resulting in a very stable body position.

    Choosing the right pillow

    Many stomach sleepers choose the wrong pillow. They may spend a lot of time trying to choose the right mattress but completely forget that the right pillow is equally important, especially for stomach sleepers.

    Since stomach sleepers sleep with their head to the side, which adds strain to the neck area, the right pillow is of the utmost importance.

    You need a pillow that is quite flat and not heavily filled. As your body lies flat on the mattress, you need a pillow that supports the neck, while still allowing you to lie as flat as possible.

    If the pillow is too high, then you will strain your cervical spine and promote further pressure points. This will increase neck pain.

    Of course, other factors such as adaptability to your head shape, cooling, and comfort are also important when choosing your pillow. But if you sleep on your stomach and want to prevent tension and pain, then making sure the pillow is low enough to keep your body as flat as possible is the most important thing to consider.

    You may also consider sleeping without a pillow, which will help rebalance your spinal position.

    A quick tip: A small flat pillow placed under your stomach can also help avoid a hollow back.
    Flat Pillow
    Choose a flat pillow if you sleep on your stomach

    The right degree of firmness

    The right degree of firmness plays an important role in every mattress purchase. If you choose a mattress that is too soft or too firm, you’ll feel this in the first few weeks through back and neck pain.

    A mattress that’s too soft will allow your body to sink in more profoundly in the abdominal region, creating a hollow back and causing your spine to sag. This results in back pain. To prevent this, it is advisable to choose a firmer mattress. But if you choose a mattress that’s too firm, then your spine won't be optimally aligned either, again leading to back pain.

    If you sleep on your stomach, then the ideal degree of firmness would lie between 5 and 7 on our Sleep Hero firmness scale. Your body characteristics (body weight, height) are also important factors to consider. Light-weight sleepers can choose a slightly softer model (5 - 6.5), while heavier-weight sleepers can choose a slightly firmer model (6-7).

    It is important that the right mattress offers the right degree of firmness as well as the required stability. It should also be made of high-quality materials.

    Firmness according to sleeping position


    We would recommend a mattress that is both stable and that adapts well to your body.

    The combination of firmer and softer foams is also ideal. Make sure your mattress has a stable, springy top layer and a soft and comfortable foam layer second layer. Adaptable foams such as memory or gel foam and stable base foams such as cold foam or PUR foam are recommendable.

    With this combination, you’ll be able to enjoy your sleep and prevent back and neck pains.


    My mum calls me "bear" because I like to sleep so much. I never knew that, one day, that would be a very useful skill. Can you tell that I've found my calling? 

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