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Foam Mattresses


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Foam mattresses are popular as they offer a comparatively lower price and provide a soft and pleasant feeling when lying down.

Due to their unique manufacturing process, the structure of the mattress is breathable and moisture-regulating, guaranteeing a good night’s sleep.

But do foam mattresses have other advantages? How do you take care of your foam mattress?

And what else would you need to know?

We answer all these questions and more below.

Foam Mattresses
  • Overview
  • Checklist
  • Quality
  • Cutting
  • Suitability
  • Sizes
  • Cleaning
  • Disposal


  • A light-weight mattress that’s easy to care for
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Hygienic
  • High resilience quickly returns the mattress to its original shape
  • A noiseless mattress without metal
  • Good ventilation and moisture regulation
  • Comparatively cheap


  • Relatively low elasticity
  • Possibly shorter life span
  • Not suitable for heavy-weight people
  • Not suitable for those who prefer firm mattresses
Emma Original Mattress



The bestselling Emma Original is a great soft mattress that's universally suitable for all people and sleeping positions. Use code 'SPOOKY25' to get 25% off.

The Emma Original is a bestselling mattress by the award-winning Emma brand. A soft mattress composed of 3 layers of premium foam, the Emma offers support, stability, and superior comfort. 

All about the EMMA ORIGINAL

Emma Original

The Emma Original is a best-selling mattress. It embodies the one-for-all principle and is suitable for most types of people, sleeping positions, and sleeping preferences. 

It is a high-quality mattress made of three different types of foam. 

The Emma is also a great mattress for side sleepers.

Shipping is free of charge, and customers can benefit from a 100-day risk-free trial period.

Emma Original side handles


Excellent quality
Eve Premium Mattress



The Eve Premium is a luxury mattress featuring 4 layers of quality foams.

The Eve Premium, made up of 4 different layers of high-quality foam, is a luxury mattress that guarantees a comfortable and supportive sleep. 

All about the EVE PREMIUM

Eve Premium

The Eve Premium is a high-quality mattress that combines numerous layers of premium foam to provide a comfortable and supportive sleeping environment. It's suitable for all body types and best recommended for those requiring a medium-firm sleep with sufficient comfort and support. 

The high quality of the Eve Premium mattress cover is also worth mentioning. It has been woven with silver threads that allow it to be naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial.

Eve Premium Mattress


Our checklist for buying a foam mattress

If you're considering buying a foam mattress, then make sure it has the following:

  • Cover washable up to 60°C
  • If possible, choose a mattress with comfort zones
  • Density of at least 40 kg/m³
  • Core of mattress at least 15 cm deep
  • Handles for easy transport and turning

The foam mattress: good quality and affordable

Foam mattresses are produced in a special manufacturing process. The base material, polyurethane, is foamed and cured at high temperatures. This results in an open, breathable structure that offers good ventilation and regulates moisture effectively. In addition, the air pockets within the foam create a soft and comfortable feeling when lying down.

Foam mattresses have a high resilience. This means that they quickly return to their original shape and are thus well suited for restless sleepers. As a foam mattress has no metallic components, you are guaranteed a quiet, noiseless sleep.

Different types of foam

There are different types of foam mattresses available:

  • Polyether foam: This is a foam mattress with closed cells. Polyether foam mattresses are the cheapest ones, do not provide much comfort, and are unlikely to last a long time.
  • Polyurethane foam: This is an open-cell, high resilient foam that's of a greater density and much firmer than polyether. The high resilience means that it quickly returns to its initial shape.
  • Memory/Visco foam: This is the type of foam used for high-quality mattresses. Memory foam is more comfortable than other forms but it also retains much more heat, resulting in a warmer sleeping climate.

Cutting a foam mattress

You may want to cut a foam mattress to size or use the foam from an old mattress for something else. Foam mattresses can be cut relatively easily but since the material tears quickly, using a sharp knife is essential.

You can also use an electric knife but stay away from a hot wire as the heat releases toxic gases in the foam. Foam is also highly flammable.

Steps to cutting a foam mattress:

  • Step 1: Outline the area you want to cut with a waterproof pen
  • Step 2: Use the sharpest knife possible
  • Step 3: Cut the foam from the centre outward, but only cut halfway through the mattress
  • Step 4: Turn the mattress over and repeat from step 2

Who are foam mattresses suitable for?

Foam mattresses are soft and offer a high level of comfort for people who enjoy softer mattresses. For those who prefer a firmer mattress, a foam one isn’t ideal.

A foam mattress is suitable for the following types of people:

  • People with a light to medium bodyweight
  • People who are restless sleepers
  • People who sweat heavily at night
  • People who prefer a soft feeling when lying down
  • People who only rarely use their mattress
  • People who have a lower budget

Foam Mattress Sleeping

Available sizes

Like most mattresses, foam mattresses are available in the most common sizes. If you have a conventional bed, finding the right size mattress is not a problem. But foam mattresses have another advantage. As they do not contain springs, custom sizes can be produced quite easily. Simply order your custom size or shape from your specialist dealer and have them covered accordingly.

Mattress Sizes

Cleaning a foam mattress

Most foam mattresses have a mattress cover that can be machine washed. When buying a mattress, you should make sure that it has a removable cover that can be washed at 60°C.

But a foam mattress itself is also easy to clean. You can place small mattresses for children in a washing machine as they are usually very thin. We recommend you place the mattress in a duvet cover and use a gentle wash cycle. Wash at 30°C to 40°C with a little bit of laundry detergent. After washing, air-dry the mattress horizontally on a clothes horse. Don’t hang up the mattress.

Larger mattresses can be cleaned in a bathtub. Use warm water and make sure to cover the mattress completely. Stains can be spot treated with gall soap, but you can also add some normal laundry detergent. Rub lightly. Drain the water and wring the mattress out. Add clean water and repeat the cycle until the water runs clear. Dry the mattress as described above.


How to dispose of an old foam mattress

You can dispose of a foam mattress with bulky waste or take it to a recycling centre. Donating it to people in need is another great option. Of course, you can also make something else out of an old mattress, provided the foam is in good condition.

Some foam mattress manufactures will offer to remove your old foam mattress free of charge when they deliver your new one. Occasionally, they will even offer you a discount when replacing an old foam mattress with a new one.


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Emma Hybrid Emma Hybrid Mattress
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Eve Original
Eve Original Eve Mattress
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Emma One
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Nectar Memory Foam Mattress
Nectar Nectar memory foam mattress
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