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IKEA Morgedal


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Last updated: 30.07.2020 5 Min.

The IKEA Morgedal is one of the most popular mattresses in the Swedish giant's mattress range.

Here is our detailed review of the IKEA Morgedal mattress. Head's up: We weren't particularly impressed by this mattress and would much rather recommend mattresses of higher quality. You'll find more mattress reviews here.

IKEA Morgedal
  • Overview
  • Composition
  • IKEA Morgedal cover
  • Comfort & firmness
  • What makes the IKEA Morgedal special
  • Delivery & customer service
  • Conclusion


  • 90-day trial period
  • Low price
  • 25-year warranty
  • Interesting financing offers


  • The incredible firmness of the Morgedal
  • Additional delivery fees
  • IKEA is not a mattress specialist
  • Disappointing IKEA customer service


The IKEA Morgedal mattress is available in two versions. In the UK, you'll find a standard foam and a memory foam version, each of which has different densities. In mainland Europe, you also have a latex version. Unfortunately, you can immediately tell that this is a low-quality mattress with an extremely low density of foam.

Here is a comparison of the two available versions.

Version Composition Our opinion Price
Foam High resilience polyurethane foam with a density of 35 kg/m³ and polyurethane foam with a density of 33 kg/m³. Low-quality materials. £179
Memory foam Polyurethane memory foam 50 kg/m³ and polyurethane foam with a density of 33 kg/m Low-quality materials. The memory foam does provide more comfort but not enough to impact the overall quality. £179
IKEA Morgedal Foam
The foam used in the IKEA Morgedal mattress is of low quality.

IKEA Morgedal cover

The cover of the IKEA Morgedal mattress is white on top and dark grey on the sides. It is made of 64% polyester and 36% cotton. It is a durable cover and soft to the touch. It is also thin enough to allow the foam inside to breathe easily. IKEA recommends washing the cover at a maximum temperature of 60 degrees.

Practical handles on the sides of the cover make it easy to move the mattress around. We wish all manufacturers included these!

IKEA Morgedal Cover
Practical handles make transport easy

Comfort & firmness

The IKEA Morgedal is an incredibly firm mattress, which we've placed at 9 out of 10 on the Sleep Hero firmness scale. This is one of the firmest mattresses we have ever tested.

IKEA Morgedal Firmness

The IKEA Morgedal lacks elasticity and so creates uncomfortable pressure points. Our test sleepers really felt that this mattress did not distribute pressure well and that it did not adapt well to the body at all. We have become quite used to mattresses adapting well, so this was definitely unusual.

That said, the mattress may be suitable for heavier people. Even those with a bodyweight of over 100 kg would not sink too deeply into the IKEA Morgedal and will benefit from good support. The same problem with pressure points, however, would still exist, which can cause shoulder and neck pains. If you do sleep on the IKEA Morgedal, then sleeping on your stomach would be the best bet.

The firmness of the mattress is due to the polyether foam, which is normally reserved for the lower layers of mattresses to help with stability and lifespan. Even though this mattress will definitely last a long time, you should look elsewhere if you're looking for comfort.

What makes the IKEA Morgedal special

The IKEA Morgedal differs from other brands not by its quality but by its low price. Like with all IKEA products, the price is incredibly attractive. This makes it more suited for limited use, like in a guest bedroom.

Delivery & customer service

We bought the IKEA Morgedal mattress directly from the store. It is wrapped in a plastic bag but getting it home is your own responsibility. IKEA can deliver for you but this comes at an additional cost. This cost will depend on the size and price of the mattress, as well as your address. Delivery costs for larger items start from £39. The delivery time is generally 5 to 7 business days.

Even though IKEA offers a standard 365-day returns period, this only applies to products that can be returned in a new, unused, and re-saleable condition, with the original packaging. Mattresses fall under a 90-day love it or exchange it returns policy. IKEA only offers an exchange or a credit note. So be prepared to spend the price of the mattress, even if you don't end up keeping it.

Returning the mattress is not easy either. IKEA return conditions can be tricky and you will have to cover the cost of the return.

This is a pity as most other manufacturers cover the cost of delivery and return and will refund your mattress in full.

IKEA does offer an amazing 25-year guarantee on all mattresses, but we would not recommend keeping a mattress for that long.

IKEA Morgedal Delivery
The IKEA Morgedal is wrapped up in a plastic bag


The IKEA Morgedal is too firm and of low quality. It certainly has the advantage of being inexpensive but its comfort is severely limited. That said, it may be suitable for heavier people, particularly if they're stomach sleepers, as they'll find the mattress gives them sufficient support and they won't sink in too deeply.

If your budget allows, we would highly recommend that you invest in one of the better mattresses available. You'll be much better off investing in an Eve or Emma original mattress - they will offer you many years of comfort and support. If your budget doesn't allow for these, the Boston, Bruno, Eve Lighter Hybrid, or Otty Flex are great alternatives.


Additional information

  • IKEA mattress range

    IKEA offers a range of 15 mattresses that have numerous attractive features, including their low prices, 25-year guarantee, risk-free trial period, and great financing options. We've considered all the different IKEA mattresses in detail in our IKEA mattress comparison



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