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Mlily mattresses

Mlily Mattress Reviews UK (2021)


Last updated: 07.09.2021 8.5 Min.

Mlily is a mattress manufacturer originally from China but with close ties to the UK as a global partner of Manchester United.

The brand focuses on producing high-quality mattresses that are fit for athletes.

The Mlily brand includes a number of foam, pocket spring, and hybrid mattresses, as well as premium pillows and mattress toppers.

Find out all you need to know about Mlily mattresses and Mlily sleep accessories in our Mlily mattress reviews article below.

Mlily Mattresses
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  • Mlily mattresses
  • Mlily accessories
  • Who is Mlily?
  • Manchester United
  • Suitability
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  • Conclusion
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  • Very comfortable
  • Easy to move around
  • Some can be partially folded
  • Good pressure relief
  • High-quality memory foam
  • Different mattresses of different types available
  • Suitable for many different sleepers
  • Low motion transfer makes them suitable for couples
  • Good value for money


  • Not all of the mattresses are very resilient
  • Strong off-gassing and need to be left in a well-ventilated room before use for a few days

Mlily mattresses

Mlily has dozens of different mattresses in a range of different series.

These include:

  • Basics Series: The Mlily classic, combining comfort memory foam with flex support foam for enhanced pressure relief.
  • Gel Memory Series: In this range, Mlily Cooling Gel Technology is infused into the memory foam to maximise coolness.
  • Premier Gel Series: Here, the memory foam is infused with the Cooling Gel Technology and also lined with a core of pocket springs for superior comfort and support.
  • Dream Series: This series has been created together with the Recovery & Regeneration team at Manchester United for performance-enhancing rest. This is an elite collection that aims to improve oxygen and blood circulation.
  • Bamboo Series: This range features high-grade bamboo memory foam to regulate moisture, odour, and temperature.
  • Aria: The Aria mattress was specifically designed to create balance in the body.

There are different quality mattresses in each of these ranges. The biggest differences between the different mattresses lie in the depth and/or the number of comfort foam layers or the number of pocket springs used.

The more premium models include deeper layers of foam and a higher number of pocket springs.

We've included a mix of our favourites below.

Mlily Basics Series

Mlily Memory 200 mattress

Part of the Basics Series, the Mlily Memory 200 mattress is the classic and most basic Mlily mattress.

This is the entry-level mattress of the Mlily mattress range.

The Mlily Memory 200 mattress combines 2cm of comfort memory foam with 13 cm flex support foam.

The memory foam has been specifically designed to adapt to the contours of the body, relieving pressure and allowing your muscles to relax.

The flex support foam offers a stable base for premium support.

The Mlily Memory 200 mattress is available in the 90 x 190 cm, 120 x 190 cm, 135 x 190 cm, and 150 x 200 cm mattresses.

The mattress comes with a 5-year guarantee.

Mlily Basics Series Memory 200Mlily basics series memory 200 front view

Mlily Gel Memory Series

Mlily Ortho Gel 1000 mattress

The Mlily Gel Memory series infuses the Mlily Cooling Technology into the memory foam.

The Ortho Gel 1000 mattress, part of the specialised Ortho Range, takes this one step further and adds in 1000 pocket springs into the core of the mattress.

The Ortho Gel 1000 is a firmer mattress that's ideal for people suffering from chronic back pain and other back-related problems.

Other layers include 2 cm cooling-infused memory foam, 4 cm flex comfort foam, 3 cm flex support foam, and a memory support border.

The Ortho Gel 1000 mattress also features a fully removable cover for hygienic purposes.

Mlily Gel Memory Series Ortho Gel 1000Mlily Gel Memory Series Ortho Gel 1000 mattress

Mlily Premier Gel Series

Mlily Premier 8000 mattress

The Mlily Premier Gel Series features hybrid mattresses composed of cooling-infused memory foam and a lined core of pocket springs.

The Premier 8000 is the most advanced mattress of the Premier series.

It incorporates 8000 pocket springs for an unparalleled feeling of support.

A plush layer of cooling-infused memory foam adds body-hugging comfort.

An Airtech border keeps the mattress breathable and also ensures stability right to the very edge of the mattress.

The Mlily Premier 8000 also features a removable cover, which is great for hygienic purposes.

The mattress is available in single, double, king, and super king sizes.

It comes with a 5-year guarantee.

Mlily Premier Gel Series Premier 8000Mlily Premier Gel Series Premier 8000 composition

Mlily Dream Series

Mlily Dream+

The Mlily Dream Series was designed in collaboration with the Recovery & Regeneration team at Manchester United.

The series focuses on performance-enhancement and includes mattresses made of X-springs and performance memory foam.

These mattresses also focus on providing 2 beds in one, with two distinct sides.

This collection also aims to improve oxygen and blood circulation.

The Mlily Dream+ is the most advanced of the Dream series, combining 2 beds into one mattress.

The top half focuses on comfort design and features cooling gel, performance memory foam, and aerodynamic flex borders for a cooler and more body-hugging sleeping surface.

The lower half focuses on support design and features 2000 firm hybrid mini-support springs to help ease muscle and joint pain.

The Mlily Dream+ mattress is available in the 90 x 190cm, 135 x 190 cm, 150 x 200 cm, and 180 x 200 cm sizes.

The mattress comes with a 5-year guarantee.

Mlily Dream Series Dream Plus Mattress Front ViewMlily Dream Series Dream Plus Mattress composition

Mlily Bamboo Series

Mlily Bamboo Memory 2500 mattress

The Mlily Bamboo Series features bamboo-infused memory foam for added temperature and moisture regulation.

The Mlily Bamboo Memory 2500 mattress features a plush top layer of bamboo-charcoal-infused memory foam, which helps to regulate moisture, odour, and temperature.

It's also allergy-free and dust-mite resistant.

This is great for hygienic purposes and people prone to allergies.

In addition to this bamboo-infused memory foam layer, the Bamboo Memory 2500 mattress also features 2500 high-low springs, which provide a firmer, core support.

The base layer is made of adaptive support foam, and the mattress also features an aero-flex support border, maximising breathability and support at every point of the mattress.

The Bamboo Memory 2500 mattress is available in a range of standard UK sizes, including the single, double, king, and super king sizes.

The mattress comes with a 5-year guarantee.

Mlily Bamboo Memory 2500 mattressMlily Bamboo Memory 2500 mattress composition

Mlily Aria

The Mlily Aria has been specifically designed to adapt to the contours of your body in the most perfect way possible.

It features four layers:

  • 3cm cooling-gel-infused memory foam for comfort
  • 3 cm hybrid mini springs for adaptability and support
  • 3 cm flex memory foam for additional comfort
  • 16 cm zoned support foam to maximise breathability, stability, and comfort.

The unique hybrid technology of the Mlily Aria enables your body to recover more quickly and rest more deeply.

It is available in the single, double, king, and super king sizes.

Mlily Aria mattress Mlily Aria mattress

Other recommended mattresses

There are dozens of other high-quality mattresses out there that are easily available online.

Take a look at our recommendations below.

Mlily accessories

In addition to their high-quality mattresses, Mlily also offers a range of premium pillows and a high-quality mattress topper.

Mlily pillows

Mlily Premier pillow

The Mlily Premier pillow is made of high-quality memory foam.

It's extremely comfortable and has been designed to fit the natural contours of your head and neck.

It offers support and promotes healthy spinal alignment.

Mlily premier pillow

Mlily Premier Deluxe pillow

The Mlily Premier Deluxe pillow combines high-quality memory foam with the advanced Mlily cooling gel.

Together with the breathable 3D mesh fabric, it provides a cooler and more relaxed sleep experience.

The pillow adapts perfectly to the natural contours of your head and neck.

Mlily Premier Deluxe pillow

Mlily Premier Supreme pillow

The Mlily Premier Supreme pillow combines high-quality memory foam with the Mlily cooling gel and a custom gel pad.

This creates an overall cooler and more comfortable sleeping experience.

The pillow also adapts perfectly to the contours of your head and neck.

Mlily premier supreme pillow

Mlily Dream 3000 luxury gel memory pillow

The Mlily Dream 3000 luxury gel memory pillow blends the Mlily cooling technology with the comfort of memory foam.

The outer cover is made with the nano-cool Ice Fibre, creating a cooler and more refreshing sleeping surface.

The pillow offers comfort and support, and adapts to the natural contours of the head and neck.

Mlily Dream 3000 pillow

Mlily Dream 4000 luxury gel memory pillow

The Mlily Dream 4000 luxury gel memory pillow offers the latest in comfort, support, and cooling technology.

Crafted with nanocool technology for a cooler and more refreshing sleeping surface, the Dream 4000 ensures that you'll get the best night's sleep.

Mlily Dream 4000 pillow

Mlily Serene mattress topper

The Mlily Serene mattress topper is made of the high-quality branded Mlily memory foam.

It is available in two versions, the Serene 50 and the Serene 70.

The Serene 50 is thinner and more firm, while the Serene 70 is thicker and more supportive.

The Mlily mattress topper features a cover made of 3D mesh fabric, which ensures breathability and a more temperature-neutral sleeping climate.

Mlily serene mattress topper

Other recommended pillows and mattress toppers

There are dozens of other high-quality pillows and mattress toppers out there that are easily available online.

Take a look at our recommendations below.

Who is Mlily?

Mlily is a mattress and sleep products manufacturer from China.

They have a very strong UK connection, though, as they are affiliated with Manchester United.

Mlily focuses on producing high-quality mattresses fit for top athletes.

Mlily and Manchester United

Mlily focuses on creating mattresses that truly benefit your health and your lifestyle.

This is referenced in their partnership with Manchester United.

Fit for top athletes, Mlily aims to produce mattresses that are top-of-the-range, will suit your body perfectly, and will help you rest and recover.

Who are Mlily mattresses suitable for?

Mlily mattresses are suitable for a wide range of people, regardless of age, body size, or sleeping preference.

As temperature-neutral mattresses, they’re also suitable for people who prefer both warmer and cooler sleeping climates.

Mlily mattresses are also particularly recommended for people who struggle with pains and orthopaedic problems.

For example, sleepers who struggle with back, neck, and shoulder pains will find the Mlily mattresses particularly comfortable.

Mlily mattresses are also recommended for people with hip problems.

Where can I buy Mlily mattresses and other sleep products?

While Mlily mattresses and other sleep accessories are widely available in the UK, they’re still a little scarce in the online market.

Instead, it’s best to head to a brick-and-mortar store for these.

Luckily, the Mlily UK website has a convenient store locator, which will show you all the stores stocking Mlily products near you.



Mlily mattresses are of high quality and fit for many different types of people.

They are not readily available online though.

If you're looking for high-quality online mattresses, we would recommend the Emma Original, Eve Original, or Nectar mattresses.

Contact Mlily

Customer service: To contact Mlily UK directly for complaints, support, or queries, please e-mail them at sales@mlily.uk or call them on 01582 400604. You can also complete their online contact form.

Registered office: Mlily Mattress UK, 2 Covent Garden Close, Luton, LU4 8QB

Frequently asked questions

  • Who is behind the Mlily brand?

    Mlily is a mattress brand from China.

    The company produces mattresses, neck support pillows, and mattress toppers.

    Mlily is a global partner of Manchester United. 

  • What makes Mlily mattresses so special?

    Mlily mattresses are exceptionally comfortable.

    The company also focuses on using natural resources, such as bamboo and aloe vera.

  • For whom is a Mlily mattress particularly suitable?

    Mlily mattresses are particularly suitable for people who suffer from body pain or orthopaedic complaints.

    They’re especially suitable for people who struggle with back, neck, and shoulder pains, or people who have hip problems

  • What is the best Mlily mattress?

    There are a number of high-quality Mlily mattresses available.

    The Dream mattresses, which have been designed in collaboration with Manchester United, are of particularly high quality. 

  • Where are Mlily mattresses manufactured?

    Mlily mattresses have been produced in China since 2012.

    The company now also has manufacturing sites in the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

  • Are Mlily products of high quality?

    Mlily mattresses and other sleep accessories are of very high quality.

    The memory foam they use is of good quality.

    They also focus on using quality natural raw materials, like bamboo and aloe vera. 

  • Are Mlily mattresses zoned?

    Some Mlily mattresses do have specialised zones, which aid comfort and contouring.

  • What is the firmness level of Mlily mattresses?

    The exact firmness of the different mattresses differ but most of the mattresses fall into the medium-firm category. 

    The Ortho Range of Mlily mattresses is generally firmer for greater support. 

  • Have Mlily products been tested by independent testing authorities?

    Yes, some of the Mlily products have already been tested independently, like their orthopaedic neck support pillow. 

  • In what sizes are the Mlily mattresses available?

    Most Mlily mattresses are available in the most common standard UK sizes.

    These include:

  • What do Mlily mattresses cost?

    Mlily mattresses are available at different prices, ranging from the lower middle-range to very expensive.

    High-quality mattresses do tend to be slightly more expensive but they also tend to have a longer lifespan, making them a worthwhile investment. 

  • Are Mlily mattresses suitable for couples?

    Yes, Mlily mattresses are very suitable for couples.

    They have very low motion transfer, meaning that you won’t be disturbed by your partner’s movements at night.

  • Can I buy Mlily mattresses at IKEA or on Amazon UK?

    No, Mlily products are currently not available at IKEA or on Amazon UK.


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