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There is no such thing as one perfect universal mattress that suits every person and every need. We're all far too unique for that. We have a unique body composition, individual preferences, and we sleep in different positions. Some may have additional needs or health problems.

But there is a mattress that's perfect for you. And we'll help you find it.

Best Mattresses

Finding the best mattresses

There is no such thing as one perfect mattress for all. But there is the perfect mattress for you. We have reviewed dozens of mattresses in our mattress reviews and have evaluated them according to different criteria. Here, you'll find a complete collection of best mattresses for your individual needs.

Best mattresses according to preferred sleeping position

Which mattress is best for you will depend very much on your preferred sleeping position. People who sleep on their sides will require a different type of mattress to those who sleep on their stomach or back.

When choosing a mattress, you should always pay attention to the degree of firmness. Other factors, including your height, body weight, and sleeping position, also play a role.

Best mattresses for people who sleep on their back

Back sleepers generally benefit from a slightly firmer mattress. This is because people who sleep on their back need additional support in the lighter parts of their bodies, such as the lumbar and head areas. If there is no support at these points, they'll quickly develop a hollow back, which can lead to severe back problems.

The best mattress for back sleepers is also point-elastic, which reduces pressure points. We would recommend mattresses made of springs, Visco, gel foam, or cold foam. We wouldn't recommend pure latex mattresses as these might be a little too soft.

A good recommendation for back sleepers is the Simba.

Best mattresses for people who sleep on their side

Side sleepers, in stark contrast, will benefit from a mattress that's much softer. This is because they require additional sinkage, especially in the shoulder area. The best mattress for side sleepers is very point-elastic, somewhat softer, and offers optimal spinal alignment. Mattresses with integrated contour zones can often help.

In our experience, the best mattresses for side sleepers are made of cold foam, latex, gel foam, or Visco foam. Pure spring mattresses are often too firm and we would not recommend them for side sleepers.

Best mattresses for people who sleep on their stomach

Stomach sleepers will benefit from a firmer mattress - one that gives sufficient support to the pelvis and avoids the formation of a hollow back. Good mattress types include those made of spring core, as well as combination mattresses made of cold foam, gel foam, and memory foam.

Best mattresses for different demographics

Couples have different mattress requirements than singles do. Children have different mattress requirements than adults do.

Best mattresses for couples

The best mattress for couples will have excellent motion transfer features. This will ensure that you won't be disturbed by your partner's movements. In addition, the best mattress for couples will also have a high-point elasticity, good motion transfer, and a light suspension. Individually adjustable mattresses are also great for different body types.

Best mattresses for children and babies

When choosing the best mattress for young children, it's important to pay special attention to the materials used. Pollutants and harmful materials must be avoided at all costs.

A child's mattress should not be too firm but it must provide sufficient stability. It is also important to choose a mattress of the right size and one that has good air circulation. A slatted frame can help with this.

Best mattresses for individual needs

Best orthopaedic mattresses

We are sleep enthusiasts, not orthopaedists, and often the causes of neck and back pain are not necessarily related to the mattress used. Stress, tension, a curvature of the spine, or muscular problems can cause orthopaedic problems. Sometimes, an old and worn-out slatted frame may be the cause.

However, if your back or neck pain is caused - or worsened - by your mattress, then a good orthopaedic mattress can help by supporting your spine and keeping it aligned. In order to have an orthopaedic effect, firmness, point elasticity, and pressure relief must be taken into account.

Best mattresses for sex

Some mattresses are better suited for sex than others. Good stability, high point elasticity, motion transfer, and elasticity play a role. Certain materials, such as latex or Avena foam, are particularly well suited.

Best soft mattresses

Many people prefer softer mattresses. But a good soft mattress should still offer sufficient stability. Special attention must be given to spinal alignment, and the formation of a hollow back needs to be avoided at all costs.

Best mattresses for dogs

Your furry friend deserves a good rest, and a good dog mattress can certainly do no harm. Our youngest team member, Balu, tested the Casper dog mattress. He dozed off quickly and looked very comfortable, as all sleeping dogs should. A good dog mattress is bite-resistant, moisture-repellent, easy to clean, and easy to assemble.

Best mattresses by material

Each type of mattress has specific advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, when choosing the best mattress, you should pay attention to which material suits you best.

Best Visco mattresses

The best Visco mattresses will adapt well to your body, have high point elasticity, and offer a high degree of comfort. Visco mattresses are particularly suitable for people who prefer a warmer sleeping climate. They are also recommended as orthopaedic mattresses due to their pressure relief capabilities.

Best spring mattresses

The best spring mattresses will have very good breathability and be more robust. This would make them suitable for heavier -weight people and those who sleep on their back or stomach. Spring mattresses can also be good for people who sweat a lot while sleeping.

Best cold foam mattresses

The best cold foam mattresses will have a very good point elasticity and offer a cuddly lying feeling with a high degree of comfort. These are especially suitable for people who like a warmer sleeping climate. Cold foam mattresses have low motion transfer, so they are also good for restless sleepers and couples.

Best latex mattresses

The best latex mattresses will be very point-elastic and have good ergonomic properties. They will have a high rebound force and be very elastic, making them very durable. Many people enjoy the pleasant feeling of lying on a latex mattress.

Best gel foam mattresses

The best gel foam mattresses are also very point-elastic, have a cooler sleeping climate, and offer a low transfer of movement.

Best mattresses by size

Different sizes are suitable for different people and different needs. The most common UK mattress sizes include the following:

Best mattresses

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