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Katharyn Duffy

Katharyn’s content writing story began far away from home and on very little sleep. After joining Sleep Hero in 2022, it became her mission to help others unlock the secret to better sleep.

Continuing on her writing and travel journey, she is excited to keep learning, discovering, and trying trusted tricks to sleep on not-always-comfy mattresses.

While Katharyn no longer works with Sleep Hero UK, we strongly encourage others to see her work for themselves.

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With a BA in English and over 4 years of experience, Katharyn is a talented SEO content writer who relishes diving into everything health- and wellbeing-related. She works with a variety of clients to create intriguing and easy-to-read copy for website pages, blogs, and much more.

Contact Katharyn

To contact Katharyn, please reach out to her via duffy.katharyn@gmail.com.

Articles by Katharyn

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