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Best Mattresses UK

The Best Mattresses In The UK (2023)

Last updated: 09.11.2023 Reading time: 14 Min.

Does the perfect mattress exist?

Well, no - we only wish it did. 🧞‍♂️

But this doesn't mean you can't find a mattress that's perfect for you.

In this guide, we share some of the best mattresses available in the UK to help you get a great night's sleep. 🤩

We even give you recommendations on how to choose the one that's right for you.

So let's dive right in. 👇

Best Mattresses UK

Our top six UK mattresses

Best For Side Sleepers

Simba Hybrid

The Simba Hybrid mattress is a high-quality pocket sprung mattress with multiple layers of foam.

This award-winning and five-star-rated original mattress by Simba Sleep is a unique hybrid mattress that combines polyfoam, memory foam, high-definition foam, and pocket springs.

The Simba Hybrid is an award-winning hybrid pocket sprung foam mattress by Simba Sleep. 🏆

It features four layers, including:

  • A comfort layer of graphite-infused, open-cell Simbatex foam
  • A core of up to 2000 Aerocoil mini pocket springs across 13 zones
  • A CertiPur stability layer
  • A base layer of no roll-off SupportCore with up to 1000 barrel springs

This is a medium-firm mattress that's an excellent choice for a wide range of sleepers, regardless of body size or preferred sleeping position.

Simba Hybrid mattress
The Simba is one of our favourite hybrid mattresses.

The Simba mattress is supportive enough to prevent a build-up of tension, but also soft enough to allow your body to sink in where necessary.

This allows for optimal spinal alignment. 🦴

The Simba Hybrid mattress comes with an antibacterial hypoallergenic cover designed to maximise airflow.

The cover is also removable and machine-washable - but we'd always recommend making use of a mattress protector to safeguard your mattress. 🧼

The Simba comes with free delivery, a 200-day risk-free trial period, and a 10-year guarantee. 


  Simba Hybrid
Composition: Hybrid mattress with foams, mini pocket springs, and full-size pocket springs.
Firmness level: Medium-firm
Height: 25 cm (10 inches)
Trial period: 200 days
Guarantee: 10 years
What makes this mattress special:  A unique combination of materials; very comfortable for average-weight back and side sleepers; cooling properties
Best Guarantee

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

The Nectar is a luxurious memory foam mattress suitable for most people and sleeping positions.

This bestselling mattress comes with a revolutionary 365-day trial period and a lifetime warranty.

The Nectar memory foam mattress is one of our favourite mattresses.

It features 3 layers of high-quality, high-density memory foam for optimal spinal alignment, pressure relief, and comfort.

The base layer also has 7 contour zones to enhance its ergonomic design and keep your body in a healthy sleeping position. 📏

This prevents a build-up of tension and allows for orthopaedic support.

Nectar mattress
The Nectar is a medium-firm mattress.

The Nectar mattress comes with a breathable cover that enhances airflow to allow for a cool and comfortable sleep. 💨

Unfortunately, the cover is not machine-washable.

We'd suggest using a mattress protector to safeguard your mattress against stains, spills, and bacteria.

The Nectar mattress comes with free delivery & returns, a revolutionary 365-day trial period, and a "forever warranty". 


  Nectar mattress
Composition: Memory foam with a 7-zone cold foam base
Firmness level: Medium-firm
Height: 25 cm (10 inches)
Trial period: 365 days
Guarantee: Lifetime warranty
What makes this mattress special? Exceptionally comfortable for average-weight & lighter sleepers; lifetime warranty & revolutionary one-year sleep trial.
Luxury Option

Emma Luxe Cooling Mattress

The Emma Luxe Cooling Mattress is Emma Sleep UK's most advanced mattress with temperature regulation technology.

Conveniently, the Emma Luxe Cooling mattress is available in a range of both UK and EU mattress sizes to meet all your requirements. 

Emma's Luxe Cooling mattress is the latest - and most advanced - mattress by the award-winning Emma Sleep. 🏆

This medium-firm mattress features a total of six mattress layers, which include:

  • A temperature-regulating top cover that's removable and washable
  • A top layer of ThermoSync® foam, infused with graphite particles that capture excess heat to promote temperature regulation
  • A layer of Halo memory foam for body-hugging comfort
  • A transitional layer of supportive foam to reduce pressure points
  • A layer of 12 cm (4.8 inches) Aeroflex pocket springs for breathability, surrounded by foam for superior edge support
  • A base layer of High Resiliency Extra foam for additional support and durability 

This mattress has the perfect medium-firm feel. 🧸🧱

It allows for some sinkage to promote optimal spinal alignment and gives you very targeted support but the mattress still provides enough push-back so you won't feel like you're sinking into the foams.

emma luxe cooling mattress from the top
The Emma Luxe Cooling is a medium-firm hybrid mattress.

Conveniently, the mattress also has excellent edge support, which isn't always the case with bed-in-a-box mattresses.

It features enhanced temperature regulation technologies so you won't feel as hot and clammy on this mattress as you may feel on other Emma memory foam mattresses.

The Luxe Cooling mattress also comes with a removable cover that can be machine-washed at 60℃, which is great for people struggling with allergies or those with hygiene concerns. 💦

You can upgrade the Emma Luxe Cooling to the Emma Luxe Cooling Plus, which includes an advanced temperature-regulating Diamond Hybrid comfort cover. 

The Emma Luxe Cooling mattress is delivered rolled up in a compact box, making it relatively easy to manoeuvre, but be aware that this mattress is on the heavy side. 

emma luxe cooling mattress delivery
The mattress is delivered tightly rolled up in a cardboard box.

Delivery and returns are free, and the mattress also comes with a 200-night trial and a 10-year guarantee.

As an aside: The Luxe Cooling mattress we tested was damaged on delivery, but we had a positive experience with the Emma customer support team, who responded to our request within 48 hours.


  Emma Luxe Cooling Mattress
Composition: Multiple layers of foam, memory foam, and pocket springs
Firmness level: Medium-firm
Height: 25 cm (10 inches)
Trial period: 200 nights
Guarantee: 10 years
What makes this mattress special? Exceptional edge support with a comfortable medium-firm feel.
Best Trial Period

DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid

The DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid mattress is a 5-layered premium mattress that combines memory foam with pocket springs.

This is a high-quality mattress designed for enhanced breathability, comfort, and support. 

The DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid is a premium mattress from the same company that's brought you the Nectar memory foam mattress.

It combines high-quality memory foam with full-size pocket springs (called ActiveEdge coils), each measuring 15 cm (5.9 inches).

DreamCloud luxury hybrid

This is an orthopaedically designed mattress with medium-firm support to help eliminate back, neck, and shoulder pains.

The mattress offers enhanced breathability to help keep you cool and refreshed all night long. ❄️

It also has low motion transfer and great edge support, making it a great choice for couples.

The DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid mattress is 28 cm (11 inches) thick and stands out as a key feature in any bedroom. 🏆

The mattress comes with free delivery & returns, a remarkable 365-night risk-free trial period, and a lifetime guarantee.


  DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid
Composition: Memory foam, pocket springs
Firmness level:  Medium-firm
Height: 28 cm (11 inches)
Trial period: 365 days
Guarantee: Lifetime warranty
What makes this mattress special? Fantastic premium-choice option suitable for most; revolutionary trial period and a lifetime guarantee.
Value For Money

Hypnia Essential Hybrid Mattress

The Hypnia Essential Hybrid is new on the UK market and available at a phenomenal price - plus, it's as comfortable as top-rated competitors.

The Hypnia Hybrid mattress includes a combination of pocket springs and memory foam, providing optimal support and comfort.

The standout feature of the Hypnia Essential Hybrid mattress is its unique blend of layers, which provide excellent comfort and support.

The mattress is composed of:

  • Pocket Springs with 5 Support Zones: Offering targeted support and effective motion absorption.
  • Cloud-zoned Foam: Promoting spinal alignment and body-contouring support.
  • Memory Foam: Adapting well to pressure points for enhanced comfort.
  • Air-wave Fabric Cover: Ensuring breathability and maintaining a cool sleeping temperature.

The Hypnia Hybrid is comfortable in most sleeping positions, but particularly for side and back sleepers.

cat on mattress
The Hypnia Essential Hybrid is an excellent choice for side & back sleepers. 

It also offers low-motion transfer, so we'd recommend it to couples and restless sleepers

The Hypnia Hybrid delivers a level of comfort and support that rivals more premium options, making it a no-brainer for those seeking luxury on a budget. 

One downside is the non-removable cover, though using a mattress protector can help extend its lifespan and cleanliness.🛡️

It also includes an industry-leading 15-year guarantee, much longer than most competitors. 

The Hypnia Essential Hybrid offers fast shipping within 48 hours and a generous 200-night trial, providing ample time to ascertain if it's the perfect match for you.

Unfortunately, we did encounter some rudeness from the courier, but we're optimistic that this isn't the norm.


  Hypnia Essential Hybrid mattress
Composition: Pocket springs with 5 support zones, Cloud-zoned foam layer, memory foam layer, Air-wave fabric cover
Firmness level: Medium-firm
Height: 25 cm (10")
Trial period: 200-night trial
Guarantee: 15-year guarantee
What makes this mattress special? Exceptional comfort that rivals pricier options, Impressive warranty period that surpasses industry standards
Firmer Feel

Panda London Hybrid Bamboo Mattress

The Panda Hybrid Bamboo mattress is the world's most advanced bamboo mattress with 6 comfort layers and 7-zone support.

The Panda mattress boasts a breathable, temperature-regulating bamboo cover for ultimate sleeping comfort.

Panda Hybrid Bamboo mattress is an excellent choice for those seeking a comfortable and environmentally conscious option. 🌱

This mattress is made in the UK and features six layers of comfort with orthopaedic-grade support and pressure point relief. 

The plush bamboo cover is soft, temperature-regulating, hypoallergenic, and antibacterial. 

The Panda mattress uses open-cell technology infused with bamboo making the mattress odour-resistant and highly breathable, ensuring a perfect temperature for deep, restful sleep. 🌡️

man sleeping on back on panda hybrid bamboo mattress
The Panda mattress supports the spine in the back sleeping position. 

We found the Panda Hybrid Bamboo Mattress exceptionally comfortable in the back-sleeping position

It also provides excellent edge support for those who like to sleep right up to the edge of the mattress. 

The OrthoAlign foam optimises spinal alignment and works with a multi-zonal spring base for superior support.

Additionally, the mattress has 1,500 premium pocket springs that isolate motion and provide a smooth and disturbance-free sleep experience. 😴

The bamboo cover is fully washable at 30 degrees. 

The mattress has a 10-year guarantee and a 100-night trial for peace of mind.


  Panda Hybrid Bamboo Mattress
Composition: Bamboo, memory foam, pocket springs
Firmness level: Medium-firm to firm
Height: 27 cm
Trial Period 100-night trial
Guarantee: 10-year guarantee
What makes this mattress special? Breathable, temperature-regulating bamboo cover, eco-friendly materials, and orthopaedic grade support

How we test products

Our mission is to take the guesswork out of finding the perfect sleep products.

We've dedicated hundreds of hours to testing mattresses and sleep accessories, and rely on a team of testers of differing weights, temperature preferences, and sleeping positions to evaluate each product. 

Tested products are granted the Sleep Hero tested stamp of approval, a mark of our review's reliability.

To learn more about our testing process, check out our methodology page.

If we haven't personally tested a product, please be assured that we invest significant time and energy into scouring the UK market and researching the best recommendations, and we work with a team of sleep experts who review our articles, ensuring that the insights we provide are not only relatable but also reliable.

Our favourite UK mattress brands & online retailers

Here's a quick overview of our favourite UK online mattress brands and retailers.

Favourite online mattress brands:

Simba mattress

Simba Sleep

Simba Sleep makes some of the best hybrid mattresses in the UK.


Nectar mattresses


Nectar offers high-quality memory foam and hybrid mattresses with an unbeatable 365-day trial period.


Dreamcloud mattress


DreamCloud produces the Luxury Hybrid mattress that offers premium quality with free delivery and a 365-day trial period.


Emma mattress

Emma Sleep

Emma Sleep is the UK's most award-winning bed-in-a-box mattress brand.


Otty Sleep

Otty Sleep

Otty Sleep makes a variety of high-quality hybrid mattresses.


panda london mattress

Panda London

Panda is best known for its sleep accessories but the new mattress is very impressive.


hypnia supreme hybrid mattress


Hypnia offers fantastic mattresses at the best prices.


Should you buy a bed-in-a-box mattress?

You may think you'll have to buy IKEA mattresses to shop on a budget, but this isn't necessarily true.

Bed-in-a-box mattresses offer unbeatable value for money!

A bed-in-a-box mattress is a high-quality mattress that's rolled up, vacuum-packed and sealed in a compact box that's shipped straight to your front door. 📦

Bed in a box mattresses

Why the better price tag?

Since online retailers cut out the middleman, brands can afford to cut their prices and offer customers the best value for money. 🏷

But there are so many more benefits to ordering your mattress online.

Consider the following:

  • There's greater variety online at the mere click of a button.
  • You can find great discounts and free gift options.
  • You'll benefit from free delivery and returns.
  • Most online retailers offer risk-free trial periods with a money-back guarantee.
  • You can benefit from good warranty conditions.

Ordering online for the first time may seem a little daunting. 🤔

Bed in a box mattress benefits
There are so many benefits to bed-in-a-box mattresses.

But that's why we're here to help you!

Sleep Hero is dedicated to helping you find the very best mattress for a good night's sleep. 😴

If you need some guidance to get started, we'd recommend you read these two articles:

Don't forget to check out our mattress reviews for a look at some of our favourite mattresses in the UK!

How should you start looking for a new mattress?

Do you need a new mattress?

If your old mattress is looking - and feeling - a little worn and you've been waking up with aches and pains, then it's probably time to upgrade your mattress. 👍

So how do you even begin choosing your brand new mattress?

Time to replace your mattress
Worn mattresses have to be replaced.

It isn't always easy, so here's a very quick guide to some of the factors you'll need to consider. 🤔

Decide on your budget

Some mattresses may be the best on the market but come at an enormous cost. 💰

And others are very expensive but are actually pretty shoddy.

value for money mattress
Always consider whether you're getting a value-for-money purchase.

While it is always worth investing in the best you can afford, a cheaper price tag doesn't necessarily mean it's an awful mattress.

In fact, some of our favourite mattresses offer phenomenal value for money.

To get started, why not take a look at our guides on the best luxury mattresses and the best cheap mattresses?

Consider your desired degree of firmness

Do you like soft mattresses, medium mattresses, or firm mattresses?

It's easy to think that soft mattresses offer zero support, but this isn't actually true.

Stability ensures your mattress can support you - and no matter your chosen firmness, a mattress should always offer good stability.

levels of firmness and comfort
Do you like your mattress softer or firmer?

The degree of firmness of a mattress merely refers to the feel or sensation you'll experience when lying down.

Personal preference plays a part in this, but so does your body weight, build, and preferred sleeping position. 🧸

We look at the way sleeping position influences your mattress choice a little further down.

Establish your ideal sleeping temperature

Do you easily feel hot at night? 🌡

Some mattress materials, like memory foam, retain more body heat than others.

We look at mattress materials in more detail further down.

If you need to figure out what mattresses are best if you're prone to overheating, then the simplest advice would be to go for anything with springs.

The spaces between springs create natural ventilation channels, allowing sprung mattresses to allow for much cooler sleep than their non-spring counterparts.

Determine your main sleeping position

Some mattresses are better suited to some sleeping positions than others. 🛌

While most people are combination sleepers, you may also be a pure front sleeper, back sleeper, or side sleeper.

three sleeping positions

Don't worry; we look at this in much more detail further down, or you can refer to the specific articles linked in the sentence above.

Confirm whether you're sleeping alone or with someone

Some mattresses are better suited to couples (and sex!) than others. 👩‍❤️‍👨

Your sleeping arrangement will also influence what size mattress to buy.

Of course, if you're sleeping alone, you can choose whichever mattress size you're most comfortable with (depending on your budget and the size of your bedroom).

But if you're sharing your bed with a partner, it's better to stick to larger mattress sizes.

How would you choose the best mattress material?

There are several different mattress materials to choose from, and there isn't necessarily a right or a wrong choice. 🙌

Mattresses can have any number of different fillings, ranging from synthetic foam to springs to natural coir and wool.

The material you choose depends on your personal preferences and sleeping requirements. 💤

Different mattress materials

The most popular mattress options include:

Mattress materials largely influence the specific characteristics of your bed.

We'll look at the most common mattress materials below. 👇

Best memory foam mattresses

Memory foam (also often called viscoelastic polyurethane foam or low-resilience polyurethane foam) is a foam made predominantly of polyurethane and a few additional chemicals to increase viscosity and density. 🧪

Memory foam is characterised by its so-called memory effect or memory imprint.

When you apply pressure to the foam, it leaves an imprint that will remain visible for a few seconds.

Like this:

tempur sensation mattress

tempur sensation mattress memory imprint

This memory effect allows the memory foam to adapt remarkably well to the body, resulting in body-hugging comfort, relief of pressure points, and orthopaedic support.

Memory foam responds to temperature, so it will be firmer when cold and softer when warmer.

As you warm up while sleeping, the foam will become softer and mould to your body even more. 🤗

Since memory foam is softer, most mattresses will include a top layer of memory foam with a cold foam base so you can still benefit from the right level of support.

Advantages and disadvantages of memory foam mattresses

One of our favourite memory foam mattresses is the Nectar.

It's not as soft as other memory foam options, making it an excellent mattress for a wide variety of sleepers.


On the downside, this temperature response also means that memory foam stores more heat than other types of foam.

If you're sensitive to temperature, sweat easily at night, or easily overheat, it's best to stay away from memory foam.

Even a thin layer of memory foam can drastically increase the temperature of your bed at night and affect your sleeping comfort.

Best pocket-sprung mattresses

There are many different types of spring mattresses. 🌀

These can be low-quality spring mattresses, like open coil mattresses, or high-quality spring mattresses, like pocket spring mattresses.

Pocket sprung mattresses
In pocket spring mattresses, each spring is housed in an individual pocket.

We would always recommend opting for higher-quality pocket-sprung mattresses.

In a pocket spring mattress, the spiral-shaped springs are all wrapped in individual fabric pockets - hence, pocket springs. 👛

Because they're not connected, as they would be in an open coil spring mattress, individual pocket springs can move independently of each other and ensure precise body adaption, allowing for better pressure relief.

Pocket spring mattresses won't ever just contain springs. 🙌

The springs will always be surrounded and covered by one or multiple layers of foam.

Some even have a cushioning pillow top for extra comfort.

Advantages and disadvantages of pocket sprung mattresses

One of our favourite hybrid pocket spring mattresses is the Simba Hybrid.

The mattress combines multiple layers of foam with mini pocket springs for superior body adaptation, and offers a sleep that's both comfortable and supportive.


Best latex mattresses

Latex mattresses can be made from natural latex, man-made synthetic latex, or a combination of the two. 😮

Natural latex is harvested from tropical rubber trees.

Since this doesn't damage the tree, it's considered a fantastic natural and eco-friendly alternative to man-made mattress materials. 🌱

Latex mattresses
Natural latex mattresses are eco-friendly, supportive and breathable - but often quite expensive.

Pure latex mattresses are costly and exceedingly rare to find, so most popular latex mattresses will also feature numerous other layers of foam. 💰

Many online brands only use a thin layer of latex in a layered mattress to enhance breathability and support.

But, you will be able to find a few pure latex mattresses.

Advantages and disadvantages of latex mattresses

The Dunlopillo Royal Sovereign, for example, is a fantastic latex mattress made of 100% natural latex.


How can you choose a mattress according to your sleeping position?

Your preferred sleeping position influences the type of mattress you should choose.

If you sleep on your side, for example, it's likely that you'll need a softer mattress, while stomach and back sleepers generally need a firmer mattress.

Let's look at the best mattresses according to sleeping position in more detail. 👇

Firmness according to sleeping posiiton

Best mattresses for side sleepers

We always recommend that side sleepers choose a softer mattress. ☁️

This is because side sleepers need a mattress that allows their hips and shoulders to sink in a little more deeply to achieve optimal spinal alignment.

Side sleepers should look for beds that:

  • Have high point elasticity (meaning that the mattress will give way where pressure/weight is applied but remain unaffected elsewhere).
  • Are a little softer.
  • Allow for ideal spinal alignment.
  • Come with integrated contour zones.

Suitable mattress materials include memory foam, cold foam, latex foam, and gel foam. ✅

Optimal spinal alignment for side sleepers
Side sleepers require a zoned mattress that allows for optimal spinal alignment.

Some pocket spring or hybrid mattresses, like the Simba Hybrid, may also be suitable but it's important to choose one that's not too firm.

Side sleepers on a firm mattress may experience higher levels of back, neck, and shoulder pain.

Foam mattresses, like the memory-foam-based Emma Original., are generally a good option since they allow for enough sinkage.


Best mattresses for back sleepers

Generally, back sleepers will benefit from slightly firmer mattresses. 🧱

This is because back sleepers require additional support, especially for the lighter parts of the body, like the head and feet.

If there isn't enough support at these points, your spine can't remain in an optimal alignment, which leads to lower back pain.

Back sleepers should look for mattresses that:

  • Have high-point elasticity.
  • Are a bit firmer.
  • Allow for even pressure distribution.

We would recommend mattresses composed of springs, firmer memory foam, gel foam, or cold foam. ✅

Back sleepers
Back sleepers generally do well on firmer mattresses.

We wouldn't recommend pure latex or memory foam mattresses as these may be a little too soft and won't offer enough stability. ☹️

The Panda Hybrid Bamboo mattress is an excellent choice, offering a slightly firmer feel.


Best mattresses for stomach sleepers

Sleeping on your stomach isn't the healthiest position and can result in quite serve neck tension. 😩

But we know that sometimes all you need is to hug your mattress.

Stomach sleepers should choose a firm mattress.

This is because firm mattresses provide sufficient support to the pelvis, which prevents the formation of a hollow back.

Stomach sleepers should look for mattresses that:

  • Are firm.
  • Allow for even pressure distribution.

These elements enable spinal alignment.

Mattress for front sleeper
We wouldn't recommend sleeping on your stomach - though it can be comfortable!

We would recommend mattresses with a spring core, as well as hybrid mattresses made of cold foam, gel foam, or memory foam.

One of the firmest mattresses we've tried is the Origin Hybrid, which would be well suited to stomach sleepers.


Please keep in mind, though, that if you sleep on your stomach, you're likely to struggle with neck and shoulder tension no matter the mattress you choose.

To alleviate some of this discomfort, avoid sleeping without a pillow and opt for an adjustable memory foam pillow, like the Brigthr Sleep Eclipse Pillow or the Nectar Whole Night's Sleep pillow, instead where you can sleep on only the thinnest layer for maximum comfort and some support.

You may also want to invest in a massage gun to loosen up some of that unavoidable tension.

How do you choose a mattress to meet specific requirements?

Not all mattresses are created equal - but neither are we.

You may find yourself in a position where you're looking for a particular type of mattress.

We have a whole host of these articles, which you'll find in the full listing at the bottom of this page, but here we address some more common concerns.

What mattresses are best for allergies?

If you're struggling with allergies, it's best to opt for pure foam mattresses.

woman with allergies on a mattress
There's nothing worse than being allergic to your bed!

Memory foam mattresses like the Nectar Memory Foam and the Emma Original are fantastic options.

Bed bugs and other allergy causers have much less space to survive in a foam mattress than they do in a mattress with springs.

It's also worth investing in synthetic sleep accessories, which are less likely to cause allergies, and allergy-friendly bedding materials like silk pillowcases.

What mattresses are best for back pain?

Back pain is a common concern.

Some pain may be caused by an unsuitable mattress, but you may also be struggling with regular issues due to poor posture, injuries, or illness.

people with back pain
Back pain is more than just annoying - it can seriously affect your life!

The best mattresses for back pain will offer orthopaedic relief and are likely to be made from softer, more mouldable materials like memory foam.

To find the best orthopaedic mattresses, take a look at our guide on the best mattresses for back pain.

What mattresses are best for sex?

Couples have unique requirements and most would be interested in finding the best mattress for sex.

While memory foam can be comfortable to sleep on, it may be the worst material for sex if it causes you to sink into the foam too much.

Something like a pocket spring mattress or a hybrid mattress, which offer good levels of support and some bounce, will be much better suited.

couple in bed
Couples may have slightly different mattress requirements.

Check out our full guide on the best mattresses for sex to find the most suitable option.

What's the best mattress for hot sleepers?

While the UK isn't known for its soaring temperatures, we have been experiencing some pretty warm days during the summer months.

Heat and sleep don't go well, and if you're sleeping on a mattress that retains more heat, you're likely to wake up in a sweat.

Head on over to our guide on the best cool mattresses so you can enjoy the optimal sleeping temperature year-round.

Which criteria should you look out for when buying a new mattress?

You can trust that we've done our research and will only recommend best-buy choices. ⭐️

But how do you know if a mattress is a good buy or not?

Woman confused

You can use these four simple criteria to guide you. 👇

1. Focus on quality mattresses

It may seem obvious, but the quality of your mattress really matters.

After all, your mattress directly affects the quality of your sleep - and your sleep affects the quality of your life!

Regardless of what mattress you go for, you should always opt for the highest quality you can afford. 👍

Determine the quality of foam mattresses

If you're considering the quality of a foam mattress, you need to look at the density of the foam used.

Density is measured in units showing how much foam was used for one cubic metre. 🧊

In general: The higher the density, the higher the quality of the mattress.

Higher-density materials are also likely to last much longer.

Density-quality indicator

This means you can enjoy your mattress for a longer time. 🗓

We'd recommend opting for a mattress of at least 40 kg/m³

Determining the quality of spring mattresses

To determine the quality of spring mattresses, you need to look at how many springs the bed contains. 🌀

The higher the spring count, the higher the quality of the mattress and the more likely it is to last.

We recommend choosing a mattress with at least 350 springs for the smallest size.

2. Find the right degree of firmness

Mattresses come in different degrees of firmness. ⛅️🧸🧱

As with mattress materials, there is no right or wrong choice here.

The right degree of firmness for you depends on your personal preferences and requirements. 🧐

different degrees of firmness

Your body type and preferred sleeping style also play a role:

  • Lighter-weight people and side sleepers often prefer softer mattresses.
  • Average-weight people and combination sleepers do well on medium-firm mattresses.
  • Heavier-weight people and pure back sleepers, and stomach sleepers often prefer firmer mattresses.

But as long as you're well-supported, any degree of firmness could theoretically work. 👍

What should a good mattress be able to do?

A suitable mattress relieves pressure and supports the body.

It’s designed to cushion the entire body while supporting the hips and spine. The shoulders, pelvis, and hips sink in so the body is balanced and the spine is aligned.

Walter Braun

Mattress Expert

We've considered the best mattresses according to sleeping position in more detail above.

3. Choose the right mattress size

Choosing a mattress that will fit your bed frame and bedroom is essential.

Most mattresses are available in the standard UK mattress sizes. 🇬🇧

These include:

We'd recommend that couples go for a double bed or larger.

Standard UK mattress sizes

Some mattress brands offer European sizes, custom sizes, and the luxurious emperor bed size, but these are rarer. 👑

Of our favourite online mattress brands, only the Otty Hybrid is available in the emperor size.

45% OFF OTTY HYBRID£ 439.99

4. Pay attention to the trial period

Most mattresses purchased online come with a risk-free trial period. 🤩

A 100-night trial period is standard, but some mattress brands offer even longer trials.

  • Simba, for example, offers a 200-day trial period.
  • Nectar even offers a 365-day trial period.

Trial periods give you the chance to try out the mattress in the comfort of your own home - and allow your body to get used to the new bed. 🏡

Risk-free trial periods

Sometimes, it can take up to 3 weeks to get used to a new mattress, especially if it is vastly different from your old mattress!

We love a good risk-free trial period. 🥳

If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return the mattress for a full refund!

Do sleep accessories and bedding choices matter?

You may have the best mattress in the world, but you also want to make sure you can enjoy your entire sleep setup!

That's why we also explore the world of sleep accessories:

There is a whole world of decisions to make when choosing one of these, so we'd recommend heading straight to the linked articles for more information. 🤓

But we have linked a few of our favourites below.

Our favourite UK sleep accessories:

So, what's the best mattress in the UK?

So, now you may be wondering if we have a verdict on which mattress ranks as the number one choice in the UK. 🇬🇧

But a more important question to be asking is: Which mattress is the best for you?

Finding the right mattress isn't always easy - but it doesn't have to be an absolute nightmare, especially since we're here to guide you every step of the way.

Look for mattresses that match your budget, preferred degree of firmness, ideal temperature, favourite sleeping position, and personal needs, and you'll be good to go. 🥳

You'll find links to all of our mattress reviews and best mattress articles below.

Together, we'll find the mattress that's made for you. 🥰

Read our mattress reviews and best mattress guides:

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