Hästens Mattress Reviews

Hästens Mattress Reviews UK (2024)

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Hästens is a Swedish luxury bedding company that has been handcrafting high-quality mattresses since 1852.

The company is known to produce some of the most expensive mattresses in the world that offer an unparalleled sleeping experience.

But is it worth spending tens of thousands of pounds on a Hästens bed? 🤔

Let's take a closer look at Hästens mattresses and see what makes this brand so world-renowned.

Hästens mattress reviews


  • Hästens mattresses are handmade with care to ensure durability and longevity.
  • They provide excellent pressure relief and spinal support.
  • You’ll find a wide range of customisation options.
  • The brand uses only the finest natural materials to create a healthy sleeping environment.
  • The company is committed to sustainability by using environmentally-friendly materials and production methods.


  • Hästens mattresses are super expensive.
  • They’re heavy, making it difficult to move or turn the mattresses without help.
  • Some customers have reported a longer break-in period.

Introducing the Hästens mattress range

Hästens has been handcrafting high-quality mattresses for over 160 years, and they're renowned for exceptional comfort and support.

Each mattress and bed base is carefully crafted using traditional techniques and with attention to detail, ensuring longevity and a luxurious sleeping experience for years to come

In the UK, there are 12 beds to choose from, the Grand Vividus, Vividus, Drēmer, Marwari, Appaloosa, 2000T, Herlewing, Eala, Maranga, Superia, Excel, and the Adjustable bed.

All of the beds are made of high-quality natural materials like horsehair, cotton, flax, and wool, combined with a spring system for unparalleled comfort and support. 🌱

Let’s look at the Hästens collection in more detail.

Unique selling point Total layers Weight (for the 180 x 210 cm / 5'9" x 6'9" size) Height
Hästens Grand Vividus: Result of a collaboration between Hästens and designer Ferris Rafauli Not stipulated 455 kg (1003.1 lbs) 75 cm (29.5 inches)
Hästens Vividus: Each bed is hand-crafted, requiring 320 hours of work Not stipulated 220.7 kg (486.6 lbs) 72 cm (28.3 inches)
Hästens Drēmer: Another collaboration with Ferris Rafauli Not stipulated 217.2 kg (478.8 lbs) - for the 210 x 210 cm / 6'9" x 6'9" size 69 cm (27.1 inches)
Hästens Marwari: This is a bed that offers the luxurious Hästens sleep experience with a distinct feel of its own 37 205.1 kg (452.2 lbs) 69 cm (27.1 inches)
Hästens Appaloosa: Design by the award-winning design duo Bernadotte & Kylberg 37 205.4 kg (452.8 lbs) 69 cm (27.1 inches)
Hästens 2000T: Unique for its double spring system - two layers of springs make the bed very responsive 37 203.1 kg (447.7 lbs) 60 cm (23.6 inches)
Hästens Herlewing: This bed features three interacting spring systems 38 173.4 kg (382.3 lbs) 65 cm (25.6 inches)
Hästens Eala: Extra layers of natural materials for moisture-wicking comfort 28 148.8 kg (328 lbs) 62 cm (24.4 inches)
Hästens Maranga: Offers a weightless feel 27 124.5 kg (274.5 lbs) 61 cm (24 inches)
Hästens Superia: Combination of natural materials with a single spring system 18 128.6 kg (283.5 lbs) 58 cm (22.8 inches)
Hästens Excel: 18 layers of horsetail hair, wool, cotton and flax combined with a double-spring system and solid pine frame 18 121.7 kg (268.3 lbs) 57 cm (22.4 inches)
Hästens Adjustable: This bed can be adjusted to suit your individual requirements and comfort dreams. 28 257.8 kg (568.3 lbs) 66 cm (25.9 inches)

Each mattress and base set is availabel with a wide range of customisation options.

What are Hästens mattresses made from?

Hästens mattresses are renowned for their use of natural and sustainable materials. 🌿

These materials are all combined using traditional Swedish craftsmanship, resulting in mattresses that offer unparalleled comfort, support, and longevity.

Hästens' dedication to natural materials also means that their beds are biodegradable, further cementing their commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.


The most characteristic material used in Hästens mattresses is horsehair, which features a number of unique properties.

  • Sprung support: Each individual strand of curled horsehair acts like a miniature spring, augmenting the effectiveness of the Hästens built-in spring systems while offering impressive support and flexibility.
  • Ventilation: Every horsehair strand functions as a tiny airway, a hollow tube that effectively wicks away moisture and circulates fresh air. Horsehair can dry almost instantly after being soaked and shaken.
  • Hypoallergenic: Horsehair is also an organic material boasting natural antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-mite properties, contributing to a hygienic and healthy sleep environment.

Hästens has been using horsehair filling since the 1800s. 😳

The horsehair undergoes a thorough cleaning process involving boiling water washes, comprehensive rinsing, spinning, and disinfecting.

It is then heated under high pressure and humidity without the use of any foreign substances, resulting in a clean and resilient natural material.

horse hair in a mattress
Hästens uses horsehair in all its mattresses.

Once processed, the horsehair is stored until it's needed for a Hästens bed or mattress.

Cotton and wool

In addition to horsehair, Hästens mattresses incorporate layers of cotton and wool.

Cotton allows for enhanced air circulation and can absorb sweat and humidity, keeping you dry and more comfortable.

Wool is perfectly partnered with horsehair and cotton.

Known since ancient times for its ability to warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot, wool helps maintain a comfortable bed climate and lets you sleep at the perfect temperature.

temperature regulating properties of wool
Wool has superior temperature regulation properties.

It also adds naturally fire-resistant properties - wool is among the most flame-resistant fibres available. 🔥


Flax is another key material, used primarily as a noise and static reducer.

It's especially useful for diverting static electricity, which studies show can cause headaches, dryness, and itchiness.

Overly static-charged bodies can attract unwanted particles, possibly triggering or worsening allergies. 🤧

woman with allergies on bed
Hästens beds are designed to reduce allergies.

In Hästens beds, flax is used in calculated layers to eliminate static electricity from your body, promoting more positive energy as you sleep.

Moreover, flax is an excellent noise and vibration absorber, helping to ensure a peaceful and comfortable night's sleep that lets your body rejuvenate.

It is also naturally resistant to pests, which contributes to the durability of Hästens beds. 🪲


The mattresses also feature carefully nested spring systems. 🌀

All Hästens beds contain two or more cooperating spring systems: flexible springs for surface softness and firmer springs underneath for deep support.

Hästens uses a pocket spring system where each spring works independently.

This means if your partner moves in bed, you will barely notice it.

pocket springs
In pocket spring mattresses, each spring sits in its own fabric pocket.

Heat treatment of the steel maintains the springs’ shape and elasticity, and each spring sits in breathable pockets, allowing air to circulate for a healthy sleep environment.

Additionally, Hästens employs a Bonnell spiral system to absorb greater stress levels and provide deeper support and relief for your body.

These are made from durable steel and contribute to the bed's ability to conform to your body, providing responsive support and reducing pressure points.


While pine isn't used in mattresses, of course, it forms the foundation of the Hästens bed bases.

The wooden frame of a Hästens bed gives it extraordinary strength and stability.

These frames are made from solid pine trees, carefully chosen from the slow-growing forests of northern Sweden, which contributes to their enhanced strength. 🇸🇪

Quality and environmental responsibility are vital to Hästens, and this commitment to nature extends to how each pine grows and how the forest regenerates.

Every wooden frame in Hästens beds and headboards is FSC-certified.

This means they are traceable and come from pines harvested in a way that preserves the forest's biodiversity, productivity, and ecological processes.

How are Hästens mattresses made?

Hästens is renowned for producing meticulously handcrafted, superior-quality mattresses.

Each mattress is carefully constructed by layering high-quality materials, which are then compressed and secured together with hand-sewn cords, eliminating the need for glue.

These layers, along with the covers, are assembled by hand for precision and durability. 🪡

Man stitching the mattress by hand
Hästens mattresses are crafted by artisans who assemble each one by hand.

The pocket springs are fastened securely with robust metal hogties.

This attention to detail extends to the mattress's side seams, which run through the layers, bolstering the structure and stability of the mattress.

A distinctive feature of Hästens mattresses is the grid pattern on the cover.

This not only adds to the aesthetic appeal but also serves as a guide for the artisans during the assembly and stitching process.

What does sleeping on a Hästens mattress feel like?

Sleeping on a Hästens mattress is often described as a uniquely comfortable and restful experience. 😴

  • Weightless comfort: The meticulous design of the mattress contours to your body, providing excellent support and creating a sense of weightlessness. It might feel as though you are floating on a cloud.
  • Perfect temperature: The natural materials used in a Hästens mattress help regulate temperature and wick away moisture. This means you stay comfortably cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
  • Serene tranquillity: The use of flax in the mattress reduces static electricity, which can lead to a sense of peace and tranquillity, contributing to deep and restful sleep.
  • Good support: The dual spring systems in a Hästens mattress offer both softness at the surface and firm support underneath. This combination can lead to a rejuvenating sleep experience as it can help reduce pressure points and support spinal alignment.
  • Luxurious craftsmanship: The handcrafted quality of the mattress is palpable. The meticulous attention to detail and the superior materials create a sense of luxury that enhances the overall sleep experience.

Remember, comfort can be subjective, and what feels incredibly comfortable to one person might not feel the same to another.

The best way to know what sleeping on a Hästens mattress feels like is to try one for yourself.

different degrees of firmness
Customisation options allow you to choose your desired firmness level.

But it's also worth knowing that Hästens mattresses are customisable, so you can choose your desired firmness level and even add on a few extras to enhance or change the feel of your mattress.

What do Hästens mattresses cost?

The cost of a Hästens bed can vary greatly, depending on the model, size, and customisation options chosen.

Hästens, as a company, though, has a reputation for producing some of the most luxurious mattresses in the world.

Due to their high-quality construction and premium materials, Hästens mattresses are extremely expensive.

value for money
These are premium mattresses - but you'll pay the price.

You'll be looking at spending anything between £3,000 and £500,000 on Hästens bed.

Investing in a new bed from Hästens is certainly only an option for the elite few.

But why are Hästens beds so expensive?

Hästens beds are known for their premium quality materials and craftsmanship. 👷🏻‍♂️

All materials used are sustainably sourced and processed.

The beds are also all handmade, considering each customer's needs and preferences.

While this is the ultimate in luxurious sleep, a Hästens bed simply won't fit into everyone's budget.

best mattresses
You can also get more affordable luxury mattresses.

And that's okay.

You don't have to break the bank to enjoy a comfortable mattress - there are many premium mattresses available that offer a taste of luxury at a fraction of the price.

Check out some of our favourite alternatives below.

Our favourite premium UK mattresses:

What else does Hästens offer?

In addition to luxurious mattresses and beds, Hästens also offers a few other sleep accessories.

These include:

  • Bathrobes, sleep masks, and children's toys
  • Pillows
  • Down quilts
  • Bed linen
  • Headboards and bed legs
  • Mattress protectors
  • Mattress toppers (known as the Hästens Top Mattress)
  • Bed skirts

Most of these are available in the traditional Hästens blue-and-white chequered pattern. 🟦⬜️

But there's no need to invest in Hästens accessories if the prices are out of your budget.

woman with sleep accessories
The company also sells a range of other bed and sleep accessories.

Why not check out some of our favourite - and much more affordable - sleep accessory alternatives?

We've listed a few below.

Our favourite luxurious bedding and sleep accessories:

Is it worth investing in a Hästens mattress?

Hästens offer personalised consultations and configurations to ensure each mattress is tailored to your comfort needs. 🤗

The mattresses are known for their longevity, with some lasting for several decades.

Hästens mattresses are very expensive, though.

There are other quality mattresses that offer value for money and ensure a comfortable sleep. 💷

Some of our favourite luxury mattress alternatives include:

Contact Hästens UK

Customer service: The best way to reach Hästens in the UK is to visit one of their stores. Beds and customer service are not available online. You can use the Hästens Store Locator [1] to find your nearest showroom.

You can also reach the main Hästens customer service centre via email at onlinesupport@hastens.se or phone at + 46 221 274 00. The customer service team is available Monday through Friday from 10:00 - 16:00 (CET).

Registered office: Hästens Beds Online B.V., Elisabethhof 2, 2353EZ Leiderdorp, The Netherlands

Frequently asked questions

  • Who owns Hästens?

    Hästens is a privately owned company founded in Sweden in 1852. 🇸🇪

    Six generations of master artisans have led Hästens.

    It is still a family-run business to this day, and Jan Ryde is the current CEO of the company. 

  • Are there any Hästens showrooms in the UK?

    Hästens has several showrooms in the UK. 🇬🇧

    The company has three flagship stores in London, Manchester, and Leeds, where you can meet their sleep experts and try out their mattresses and other sleep products.

    In addition to these Hästens stores, they have several authorised dealers and retailers across the UK where you can test their products.

    You can find the complete list of Hästens locations [1] on their official website.

  • How long do Hästens mattresses last?

    Hästens mattresses are known for their longevity and are expected to last many years.

    The company claims this would be the last mattress you will ever invest in since it's built to last for up to 70 to 100 years. 🗓️

    All the Hästens mattresses come with a 25-year warranty.  

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