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Octasmart Mattress Reviews UK (2024)

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You might not have heard of Octasmart mattresses before. 🤯

These mattresses are an innovative offshoot of the well-known Italian mattress brand, Dormeo.

But can you trust their unique technology, and how do you decide which Octasmart mattress is the best for you? 🤔

We’ve done the legwork, so you don’t have to.

Discover everything you need to know (and more) with our in-depth Octasmart mattress reviews.

Without further ado, let’s go! 🏃

Best Octasmart mattresses

The Octasmart mattress collection

Octasmart offers a surprisingly wide selection of mattresses.

Though this range can be a little overwhelming. 💫

Mattress advice
Finding the right mattress can be tricky.

The Octasmart mattress range features 2 main types of mattresses.

  • Octasmart memory foam mattresses
  • Octasmart hybrid mattresses

Within these 2 categories, you’ll find the basic (classic or essentials), deluxe, plus, and premium collections. 🤔

All Octasmart mattresses come with an anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic smart performance cover.

Each mattress collection has different features.

Let’s take a closer look at the Octasmart memory foam and hybrid mattresses. 👀

Octasmart memory foam mattresses

Octasmart offers a range of memory foam mattresses.

But what exactly is a memory foam mattress? 🤷

Memory foam is made of "viscoelastic" polyurethane foam.

memory foam mattress Octasmart
Memory foam mattresses are contouring, meaning they offer more adaptive support.

The foam is a low-resistance material that contours to the shape of the body. 🙌

It provides outstanding pressure relief, especially to the neck, hips, and back.

Research on the effect of mattress materials [1] on sleepers' comfort shows that almost all ages and sleeping positions prefer memory foam mattresses.

Let’s have a look at what memory foam mattress options Octasmart offers. 👀

Product Composition Best for Price
Octasmart Essentials Mattress Memory foam and/ or Aerocell foam. 17 cm (6.7 inches) thick. Side sleepers love the adaptive memory foam version. Back sleepers will prefer the firmer support of the Aerocell foam. Budget-friendly
Octasmart Plus Memory Foam Mattress Memory foam, Ecocell foam, and Octaspring layer. 17 cm (6.7 inches) thick. The medium-firm feel makes this best suited for lighter-weight side sleepers and most back sleepers. Mid-range
Octasmart Deluxe Memory Foam Mattress Memory foam, Ecocell foam, and Octaspring layer. 19 cm (7.5 inches) think. The medium-soft mattress is best suited to side sleepers or lighter-weight back sleepers. Mid-range

Octasmart hybrid mattresses

Aside from memory foam mattresses, you’ll also find plenty of unique hybrid mattresses with Octasmart.

But what is a hybrid mattress?

Hybrid mattresses combine two or more materials.

Octasmart hybrid mattresses combine traditional pocket springs with foam (either memory, Aerocell, or Ecocell foam).

Aerocell foam offers a breathable fusion of gentle pressure relief and medium to firm support. 🍃

Whereas, Ecocell foam is a type of memory foam with improved comfort and pressure distribution for soft body support.

Head to our FAQ section to find out more about the different types of foams.

Typically a hybrid mattress has a supportive base and a softer layer on top.

The base layer is usually firmer and alleviates pressure.

The softer mattress layer provides premium comfort. 😄

Octasmart hybrid mattress composition
The Octasmart hybrid mattress combines pocket springs and pressure-relieving foam.

A hybrid mattress allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds.

The use of pocket springs increases the mattresses' bounce. 🐰

Springs prevent your body from sinking into the mattress.

Each spring pushes back against your body weight with a bounce to keep you perched comfortably on top of the mattress. ⛅

Pocket springs also enhance breathability, unlike most pure memory foam mattresses, which trap body heat.

The foam layers improve comfort, support, and pressure relief.

Here are the main hybrid mattress options currently available with Octasmart. 👉

Product Composition Best for Price
Octasmart Essentials Hybrid Mattress Memory foam or Aerocell foam, pocket springs, and Ecocell foam. 21 cm (8.3 inches). People can choose the mattress composition that best suits their sleeping style and preference. Budget-friendly
Octasmart Hybrid Mattress Aerocell foam, Octaspring layer, pocket springs, and Ecocell foam. 22 cm (8.7 inches). Lighter stomach sleepers and average back and side sleepers. Budget-friendly
Octasmart Hybrid Plus Mattress Memory foam, Octaspring layer, pocket springs, and Ecocell foam. 22 cm (8.7 inches). Average side and back sleepers. Mid-range
Octasmart Hybrid Deluxe Mattress Memory foam, Octaspring layer, pocket springs, and Ecocell foam. 24 cm (9.4 inches). Most side sleepers and average to heavier back sleepers. Mid-range
Octasmart Premium Hybrid Deluxe Mattress Memory foam, Octaspring layer, pocket springs, Ecocell foam, and Octavent air system. 24 cm (9.4 inches). Most side sleepers and average to heavier back sleepers. High-end

Of course, you can find alternative memory foam and hybrid mattresses from many other brands.

While these won't include the patented Octaspring or Octavent technology, many are still considered very comfortable, supportive, and breathable.

Check out some of our other top-rated hybrid and memory foam mattresses.

Our top UK recommendations:

Who are Octasmart mattresses suitable for?

Octasmart has a decent range of mattresses available. 👌

All Octasmart mattresses come with an anti-allergenic smart performance cover.

Their selection means that there is pretty much something for everyone.

  • No matter your budget. 💰
  • Whatever your sleeping style.
  • However much space you have.
  • As much as you or your partner fidget.
  • And as warm as you run. 😳
  • Those searching for an eco-friendly mattress.

There is an Octasmart mattress for most people.

Mattress costs
Many of the Octasmart mattresses are highly affordable.

People with any budget

Unlike some mattress brands, Octasmart has mattresses to suit all sorts of budgets. 🤑

You can find budget-friendly options that don’t cost an arm and a leg.

There are also premium mattresses that provide a more luxurious feeling with Octasmart technology and two different foam layers. 🙌

Octasmart mattresses are accessible for people with all different incomes.

Any sleeping position

There is an Octasmart mattress whether you are a side, back, or stomach sleeper. 💤

Some Octasmart collections even allow customers to choose between soft memory foam fillings and firm Aerocell foam.

You can find more information on the comfiest Octasmart mattresses for different sleeping positions below. 🛌

Individuals who require excellent pressure relief (e.g. for back pain) should look at the Octasmart memory foam mattress collection. 💖

Alternatively, the Emma Original mattress is another excellent option for those searching for a budget-friendly memory foam mattress.

Find out all about the Emma Original mattress in our in-depth review.

All different spaces

Octasmart offers all standard UK mattress sizes, from single to super-king. 👑

Bed in a box
Octasmart mattresses come vacuum-packed and rolled for the easiest delivery.

All Octasmart mattresses come vacuum-packed and rolled.

So your mattress won’t take up too much space when it is delivered.

You’ll be able to move your mattress through smaller spaces like hallways without any difficulty. 🙌

You don’t get this ease of movement with most store-bought mattresses (that aren’t rolled or vacuum-packed).

We’ll discuss how to unpack and set up an Octasmart mattress later in the delivery section. 👇

People who fidget or sleep with partners

Octasmart mattresses can help you get a good night’s sleep if you get bounced around by a fidgeting partner.

Motion transfer
Premium Octasmart mattresses stop motion in its tracks.

Premium Octasmart mattresses have zero motion transfer. ✋

So even if your partner moves, you won’t feel it.

The mattress will absorb the disruption so movements don’t interrupt your peaceful sleep. 😴

In general, people (especially couples) who want a mattress that doesn't bounce too much are well suited to memory foam mattresses like those in the Dormeo Octasmart range or those sold by other brands.

For example, the Nectar Memory Foam mattress has very low motion transfer and a fantastic 1-year trial to boot.


People who run warm

What is one of the common complaints surrounding memory foam mattresses?

The issue is that the foam absorbs heat, leaving sleepers extra hot and sweaty. 😡

People who already run warm need a mattress that promotes airflow.

Octasmart mattresses are different because they provide the memory foam feel without the added warmth.

Octavent technology mimics air pumps by pushing out hot air and pulling in cool air throughout the night. 🍃

Octasmart mattresses up to 3℃ cooler thanks to their Octavent technology.

3℃ is quite the temperature difference and is sure to help give you a great night's sleep. 🙌

Alternatively, the Simba Hybrid mattress is another excellent option for sleepers who tend to overheat since the mattress doesn't store excessive heat and can remain neutral throughout the night.


Those searching for an eco-friendly mattress

Octasmart mattresses have a relatively low environmental impact.

Octasmart mattresses are better for the environment.

The mattresses are more environmentally friendly to make and transport.

Octasmart mattresses are made with less material and no chemicals.

While Octasmart mattresses are generally better for the planet, they are not organic mattresses. 🌳

If you are interested in organic mattresses, try our favourite eco-friendly option, the Silentnight Eco Comfort Pocket 1200 Mattress.


Choosing an Octasmart mattress for your sleeping position

We spend hours every night in our beds, so finding a mattress that complements your sleeping position is vital. 🛌

The wrong mattress can negatively affect our sleep.

Ill-fitting mattresses can even leave us with more aches and pains than we had when we went to bed.

Ideally, you want a mattress that will leave you feeling refreshed every morning. 💃

Wake up happy
The right mattress will help you sleep better and wake up happy.

You can find soft, medium, or hard Octasmart mattresses.

Let’s dive into which firmness is best for each of the sleeping styles. 👉

Side sleepers

Did you know that side sleeping is the most popular position? 🏆

It is also widely considered the best sleep position for those with neck and back pain [2].

So it’s no wonder that Octasmart has several mattresses to suit all of the side sleepers out there. 👍

Spinal alignment
The best mattress will keep your spine comfortably aligned.

Sleeping on your side puts particular pressure on your hips and shoulders.

A mattress that is too hard can put further pressure on these points.

Likewise, a mattress that is too soft or hard won’t support the body as needed. 😢

When your body isn’t supported, the spine isn’t properly aligned.

Poor alignment leads to issues like neck and back pain.

We recommend trying a mattress with medium firmness, like the Octasmart Plus Mattress, if you are a side sleeper. 👍

Octasmart Plus Memory Foam Mattress
The Octasmart Plus Memory Foam Mattress offers extra padding and comfort.

The upper memory foam layer is super soft and comfortable.💖

Softer mattresses are best for side sleepers since they let the heavier areas of the body (like hips and shoulders) sink into the mattress further.

If the mattress has good overall support, the lighter parts of the body (arms, feet, head, etc.) will be supported too. ⛅

The smart body zones of Octaspring technology cater to all different parts of the body.

The simultaneous sinking down and pushing up effect of the mattress provides the perfect spinal alignment.

More and more mattresses, like the Octasmart Plus and Nectar Premier Hybrid, are now using zoned support, which is ideal for side sleepers.

The Nectar Premier Hybrid also comes with built-in cooling technology and a year-long trial.


Back sleepers

Those that sleep on their back will be glad to hear that this position is great for your health. 💪

It naturally alleviates pressure on the spine and organs.

Back sleepers
Back sleeping is the best position for your health.

The Octasmart Hybrid Mattress is a great choice for back sleepers. 😍

It is firm and supportive with the bouncy feeling of a traditional spring mattress.

But the mattress is also soft to the touch and comfortable enough to have you snoozing in no time. 😴

We also love the medium-firm Emma NextGen Premium for back sleepers (though it may be too firm for stomach sleepers).


Stomach sleepers

Stomach sleeping is not for everyone.

It tends to put the most pressure on organs and the spine.

But it can also be super comfy.

Stomach sleepers just need to pay extra close attention to the mattress they choose. 🤔

Stomach sleepers
Octasmart has some great mattresses for stomach sleepers.

Generally, stomach sleepers should go for a firmer mattress. 🙏

You should pair your firm mattress with a soft and flat pillow or no pillow at all.

And remember, just because a mattress is firm doesn’t mean it has to be hard or uncomfortable. 😱

Octasmart has several mattresses with a thin foam top layer.

This helps ensure you get a softer feel while being properly supported.

The firmer Ecocell Octasmart Essentials mattress is ideal for front sleepers. 💞

It provides superior support and helps alleviate pressure by evenly distributing body weight.

You can also check out the Origin Hybrid mattress. ⭐

It is very firm with a HexaGrid orthopaedic layer that cradles pressure points and a quilted tencel bamboo cover that's extra soft to the touch.


What else does Octasmart sell?

Octasmart is more than just a mattress company. 💤

They also sell sleep accessories such as pillows and mattress toppers.

All Octasmart sleep accessories feature unique Aerospace sleep technology. 🌠

Sleep Accessories
Octasmart also has pillows and mattress toppers to improve your sleep.

Octasmart pillows

Octasmart has 4 different pillows to choose from.

  • Octasmart Pillow
  • Octasmart Duo Pillow
  • Octasmart Perfect Sense Pillow
  • Octasmart Anatomic Pillow

Each design is anti-allergenic and protects against dust mites. 🤧

All Octasmart pillows are imbued with cooling and breathable technology.

The unique design promotes spinal alignment with an innovative Octacell supportive base layer that relieves pressure to guarantee you the best night.

Octasmart mattress toppers

There are just 3 Octasmart mattress toppers currently available. 👇

  • Octasmart Mattress Topper
  • Octasmart Plus Mattress Topper
  • Octasmart Deluxe Mattress Topper

Octasmart mattress toppers offer innovative Octasmart technology in a smaller package. 👏

Best Mattress Toppers
Mattress toppers can make your mattress even more comfortable.

Mattress toppers are usually padded, fit over the mattress, and can change its firmness. 💛

A topper can help lengthen the lifespan of mattresses by reducing pressure and providing additional support.

The hypoallergenic Octasmart mattress toppers come with a 60-night trial period.

You can use the trial time to test out how you like the feeling of your Octasmart mattress topper before you're tied in forever. 👏

Octasmart mattress toppers
Mattress toppers are great for altering the feel of a mattress and extending its lifespan.

Mattress toppers are ideal for those who don’t need a whole new mattress but still want to level up their sleep.

Octasmart mattress toppers feature memory foam and Octaspring technology to keep sleepers cool and supported all night long. 💦

Check out more of our favourite sleep accessories below.

Our favourite sleep accessories:

Octasmart mattress sizes

Octasmart mattresses are available in all the standard UK sizes. 😊

These include:

  • Octasmart mattress single: 90 x 190 cm (3' x 6'3")
  • Octasmart mattress small double: 120 x 190 cm (4' x 6'3")
  • Octasmart mattress double: 135 x 190 cm (4'6" x 6'3")
  • Octasmart mattress king-size: 150 x 200 cm (5' x 6’6”)
  • Octasmart mattress super-king-size: 180 x 200 cm (6’ x 6’6”)

Check out our mattress size guide for more information and guidance on picking the right one for your bed. 👀

UK Mattress Sizes

People who are sleeping alone can go for any size mattress, but couples should opt for a double or larger.

You may also want something larger than a single if you are generally taller or bigger (and don’t want your feet hanging off the end of the bed). 👣

How much does an Octasmart mattress cost?

The exact price of Octasmart mattresses can vary. 💰

The model and the size of the mattress both affect the cost.

The cheapest Octasmart mattress is the Octasmart Essentials mattress. 😻

The most expensive is the Octasmart Premium Hybrid Deluxe mattress.

Price-performance ratio
Find the right mattress for your budget.

Prices range from just a couple of hundred all the way to over a thousand pounds. 💰

Octasmart mattress prices are pretty moderate and comparable to other major competitors.

You will find many far more affordable mattresses with Octasmart than you would with higher-end brands like Simba.

If you're on a strict budget, why not take a look at our best-value mattresses?

Our favourite affordable mattresses:

What should you know about Octasmart mattress delivery?

Octasmart is a part of the larger Dormeo business.

As part of a larger company, Octasmart can offer simple and painless mattress delivery.

All Octasmart mattresses come with free delivery. 💚

You can expect your mattress to arrive within 14 - 28 days of purchase.

Unfortunately, some customers have been left waiting for their mattress and Octasmart customer service can be hit and miss with their support.

Octasmart mattresses will be delivered vacuum packed and rolled. 👍

What is a rolled mattress?

A rolled mattress is a mattress that has been rolled like a sausage and compressed. 🔎

Mattresses significantly reduce in size when rolled.

They are easier to manoeuvre and less likely to cause damages like wall scuffs when being moved. ✨

Carrying rolled mattresses
Rolled mattresses are much easier to move.

Getting a rolled mattress into your home won’t pose an issue. 👍

How to unpack a rolled mattress

Once you have your mattress in the right room, you can start unpacking.

  1. Open the box and remove any plastic wrapping.
  2. Unroll the mattress. 😄
  3. Pierce the seal of the vacuum.
  4. Wait at least 6 hours for the mattress to regain its full shape and height.
  5. Sleep peacefully on your new mattress! 😇

Unpacking and setting up a rolled mattress isn’t too tricky, so you should be able to get yours sorted within a day.

Why does the mattress need to regain its shape?

Many mattresses are rolled and compressed to make transit easier. 🚚

Rolled mattresses
Rolled mattresses take up less space.

Unfortunately, you can’t sleep on a rolled mattress (at least not comfortably). 🙅

Even once the packaging has been removed, mattresses take time to settle back in their original shape.

Some customers have reported that their mattress took longer than 6 hours to fully settle. 😬

Before a mattress regains its shape, it may feel a little hard, uncomfortable, or even lumpy.

Buying Octasmart mattresses from Amazon

Amazon sells a fantastic range of Octasmart mattresses. 👏

You can get free and fast delivery when you purchase an Octasmart mattress from Amazon.

You can even purchase affordable extra protection for Octasmart mattresses with Amazon. 🤑

Octasmart mattress returns policy

Unlike the delivery process, Octasmart mattress returns can be a little more complicated.

It is useful to know what you are getting into before making a purchase, just in case your mattress isn’t quite the right fit for you. 😬

Trial Period Returns
Octasmart has a 60-night trial.

Octasmart mattresses come with a 60-night sleep trial. 😴

You have this period to decide whether or not the mattress is the right fit for you.

If it’s not, then you can return the mattress. 😊

Unfortunately, the return process for Octasmart mattresses isn’t the cheapest.

Customers must pay for the return themselves. 💰

They can either contact Dormeo to arrange a collection or organise their own shipping to return the mattress.

Other brands come with better trial periods. 🏆

Risk-free trials usually mean that you can return the mattress free of charge and for a full refund. 😍

Is a 60-night trial long enough?

While 60 nights isn’t the longest trial around, it’s certainly not bad. 👌

Most people take around a month to adjust to a new mattress.

So you should have time to decide whether your new Octasmart mattress is right for you.

However, finding the time to return a mattress that isn’t a good fit can be tricky. 🤔

That is why we prefer longer trial periods.

For instance, every Nectar and DreamCloud mattress comes with a 365-day trial. 😄

The Octasmart mattress warranty

Octasmart mattresses come with an 18-year warranty.

But things aren’t quite as good as they sound.

The full warranty length is 0 - 5 years, but customers must activate their warranty on the website. 😕

The limited guarantee means that after 5 years, the guarantee you will be offered reduces.

The reduction increases year after year​​​​​​, so you could be left with a 1% guarantee by the end of the 18-month warranty. 🙀

If you have a problem towards the end of the warranty period, you won’t get much towards the cost of replacing or repairing it.

Reduced guarantee
The older your mattress, the less money you get with the guarantee.

Some customers have felt misled by this complicated warranty structure. 😡

It’s best to read the small print of the warranty before making the purchase.

It is also worth noting that not everything is covered for the full length of the warranty. 😩

For example, most Octasmart smart performance mattress covers are only under warranty for 1 year.

Instead, consider a mattress that has a straightforward and fair warranty.

Our favourite mattresses with excellent warranties:

Octasmart terms and what they mean

You’ll need to know what these frequently used terms mean if you want to understand the Octasmart mattress range.

The more you know, the easier it will be to choose an Octasmart mattress that suits you. 👏

Let’s dive into a quick rundown of the brand’s most frequently used terminology.


Octaspring technology is one of the most important parts of an Octasmart mattress. 🏆

An Octaspring is a 3-dimensional and 8-sided foam spring.

Each Octasmart mattress features individually placed foam springs.

Octaspring compression
Innovative Octaspring technology helps distribute body weight.

Octaspring technology creates a super comfortable mattress with superior support by evenly distributing the weight of sleepers across the mattress. 💛


The Octavent air system enhances airflow.

Hot air is pushed out and cool air is drawn in with the Octavent system. 🍃

Octasmart mattresses promote continuous air circulation with numerous pathways built into the design.

Octavents are unique to the Octaspring design.

Octasprings have small diamond holes on each of their 8 sides.

The air system also allows air to pass through the gaps between individual Octasprings.

Octaspring technology
Innovative Octaspring technology helps distribute body weight.

The Octavent system pushes out hot air and draws in fresh and cool air.

Octasmart mattresses are 8 times more breathable and 3 times cooler because of the way they allow air and moisture to flow. ⛄

Octaspring aerospace technology

Aerospace technology refers to designs that have passed essential aviation tests and are ready to fly. 🚁

The unique technology seen today in Octasmart mattresses was first created for plane cushions.

Octaspring technology
Octaspring aerospace technology uses less material to create a comfortable and supportive feel.

Octasmart took this technology and used it to make supremely comfortable and supportive mattresses.

Smart zones

Octasmart mattresses feature ‘smart zones’. 🧠

Basically, smart zones are designed to provide superior support everywhere.

These zones create an even more comfortable mattress and guarantee you get a great sleep every night. 💪

You don’t need the same level of support in every area since heavier body parts tend to need a firmer level of support to prevent them from sinking.

Lighter body parts, like arms and legs, can benefit from softer support. 🤗

Octasmart smart zones
Octasmart smart zones fully support the different areas of the body.

Octasmart mattresses offer smart comfort with different firmness zones designed with your body in mind.

Smart zones ensure that the spine stays well aligned. 🙌

Is Octasmart truly revolutionary?

Octasmart uses some pretty cool technology to create more comfortable and supportive mattresses.

While the technology is interesting, Octasmart is not the only mattress company to innovate.

Several other brands use similar mattress technologies to provide the same, or even better, comfort. 😴

For instance, the Dreams Therapur and Bensons for Beds gel mattresses both offer super cool temperatures for warm sleepers.

Are Octasmart mattresses any good?

Octasmart mattresses offer customers some pretty unique and innovative sleep technologies. 🚀

Their mattresses promise a wonderful combination of support and comfort.

Octasmart mattresses are ideal for warm sleepers, but some customers find the durability and confusing warranty structure of the mattresses disappointing.

If you’re not sure that this is the mattress brand for you, don’t worry. 👇

Take a look at some of our favourites below:

Frequently asked questions

  • Who makes Ocasmart mattresses?

    Octasmart mattresses are made by Octasmart, under the brand Dormeo

    Dormeo is an Italian brand known for its Octaspring technology and Aerospace-inspired mattress collections. 

    They offer free delivery across the UK. 🚚

    You can find many affordable mattresses, pillows, and other sleep accessories from this brand.

  • What is a hybrid mattress?

    A hybrid mattress combines two different materials.

    In the case of Octasmart, the hybrid mattresses combine memory foam with traditional pocket springs.

    This helps create a mattress with bounce, support, and comfort. 🐇

    Typically a hybrid mattress has a firmer layer beneath and a softer layer on top.

    The firmer layer ensures the body is properly supported and pressure is alleviated. 😌

    The softer mattress layer provides premium comfort.

    A hybrid mattress offers smart comfort and helps you enjoy the best of both worlds. 💕

  • What is Octaspring?

    An Octaspring is a spring made of foam whereas traditional springs are steel.

    An Octaspring has 8 sides.

    An Octasmart mattress is made up of individual Octaspring foam springs that cushion the body. 🙌

    The 3-dimensional structure provides optimal support, with less material.

    There are small diamond-shaped holes on each of the foam spring’s 8 sides. 💎

    The diamond holes and spaces between individual Octasprings promote optimal airflow.

    The improved air circulation of Octasping technology is 8 times more breathable and 3 times cooler than most standard foam mattresses. ⛄

    It is ideal for sleepers who run hot but still want maximum comfort and support.

  • What is Ecocell foam?

    Ecocell foam features next-generation sleep technologies.

    It has a 3D cell structure and stays permanently elastic

    Ecocell foam offers premium support alongside efficient air circulation. 🍃

    Ecocell moves above and beyond typical memory foam comfort.

    It works to distribute body weight to relieve pressure. 😍

    And, the breathable design of Ecocell foam keeps sleepers nice and cool, unlike memory foam mattresses. 

  • What is Aerocell foam?

    Aerocell foam provides firmer support than memory foam or Ecocell foam mattresses.

    Like Ecocell foam, Aerocell foam has beautiful breathability that helps push out hot air and keeps sleepers cool and comfortable. 🏂

    The open cell structure is highly supportive and sustains peaceful sleep.

    Aerocell foam fuses gentle pressure relief with medium to firm support. 👏

    The in-built ventilation system of Aerocell foam works in perfect synchronisation with Octasmart’s Octaspring technology.

    Those who find memory foam mattresses a little too soft will likely love the firmer feeling of Aerocell foam. 😍

  • References

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