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Best Sofa Beds UK (2024)

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It’s not easy creating additional sleeping space in your home for the occasional overnight guest. 🏠

Or perhaps you need an extra bed that can be used more frequently?

A sofa bed can turn your living area into a makeshift bedroom without cramping your decor.

But what are the best sofa beds available in the UK right now?

Dive into our sofe bed review guide on the best options! 👇

man sitting on sofa bed

The best sofa beds in the UK

Easy Assembly

Emma Sofa Bed

The Emma Sofa Bed combines comfort, quality and practicality.
  • Hardwood frame, sprung slats & polyester cover
  • 2 mattresses included 
  • 92 cm x 222 cm (36.2 x 87.4 inches)

Tell me more about the Emma Sofa Bed

Unlike traditional sofa beds, the Emma sofa bed pulls out into two single mattresses.

The two sections can be kept slightly separate to create two single beds, or you can push them together to create one double bed. 

It is worth noting, though, that the mattresses come in the European single size, which is slightly inconvenient when shopping for bedding. 

Nonetheless, this is still a great option if you're looking for something that's quick and easy to set up. 

The sofa also comes with 3 large backrest cushions filled with polyester, which retain their shape even with frequent use. 

The actual sofa fabric has a water- and stain-repellent coating, so you won't have to worry about movie night spillages or pets making a mess. 

Reasons to buy

2-year guarantee

200-night sleep trial 

Easy set-up 

Reasons to avoid

European single size can make shopping for bedding inconvenient 

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Best For Long-Term Use

Bruno Sofa Bed

The timeless Bruno Sofa Bed transforms from a stylish sofa to a comfortable bed in just 15 seconds.
  • 100% polyester & pocket springs 
  • Firm feel
  • Customisable 

Tell me more about the Bruno Sofa Bed

The Bruno sofa bed is a high-quality product that relies on a pocket-sprung design and a convenient fold-out mechanism for the ultimate sofa bed luxury. 

It comes with an abrasion-resistant fabric cover that's easy to maintain and spot-clean.

The Bruno sofa bed can be transformed from a sofa to a double- or king-size bed in just 15 seconds. 

Bruno delivers the product free of charge within 1 - 2 weeks of ordering, and the sofa bed will be carried to your room of choice.

This is a self-assembly product, but it's easy to put together and shouldn't take more than 20 minutes - even if you're assembling it alone.

Reasons to buy

10-year guarantee

30-night trial period 

High-quality & convenient 

Reasons to avoid

The dimensions don't match UK sizes - which makes buying sheets difficult 

Quite heavy 

Stylish Choice

Dreams Gallway 3-Seater Clic-Clac Sofa Bed

The Gallway 3-Seater Clic-Clac sofa bed is so stylish you'd never imagine it could transform into a bed.
  • Pocket springs & velvet fabric
  • Green, grey, navy, orange
  • 89 x 218 x 87 cm (35 x 85.8 x 34 inches)

Tell me more about the Gallway 3-Seater Clic-Clac sofa bed

The Gallway 3-Seater Clic-Clac sofa bed is so stylish you'd never know that it converts into a bed with a convenient clic-clac mechanism.

Simply fold down the backrest, and you'll have a wide sleeping space that can accommodate up to two people.

When folded out, the sleeping surface stretches 112 cm x 190 cm (44 x 74.8 inches). 

This provides ample space for a luxurious bed, and with a pocket spring sleeping area, it's both stylish and comfortable. 

A Gallway chair and Gallway footstool are also available to complete the room's look.

Dreams will deliver the sofa bed for free to a room of your choice.

Reasons to buy

Sleeps up to two people

Stylish design 

Assembly available at extra cost 

Reasons to avoid

Delivery can take up to 12 weeks 

Only a 1-year guarantee

Luxury Option

Chesterfield Oxford Sofa Bed

The Chesterfield sofa bed is a custom-made luxury product with premium leather.

This made-to-order sofa bed is available in up to 100 premium leather styles and colours.

The Chesterfield Oxford Sofa Bed is custom-made in the UK using only the highest-quality materials. 🇬🇧

Customers can choose:

  • One of up to 100 premium leather styles and colours
  • The preferred colour of the wood stain
  • The preferred colour of the studs
  • Whether they want a 2-seater option or a 3-seater option

These sofa beds come in the traditional chesterfield style, with a low back and arms, single-buttoned border, beechwood frame, and removable seat cushions. 🤩

They're perfect for traditional settings but also work well as custom pieces in modern homes.

The Chesterfield Oxford sofa beds are available in two size options:

  • 2-seater: 162 x 73.5 x 89 cm (63.8 x 29 x 35 inches)
  • 3-seater: 198 cm x 73.5 x 89 cm (78 x 29 x 35 inches)

Made with a sturdy tubular steel frame, the sofa converts into a bed in a few simple moves.

chesterfield oxford sofa bed open with mattress
The Chesterfield Oxford sofa bed is available in a 2-seater and a 3-seater option.

The 6 cm (2.4 inches) foam mattress sits on a sprung polypropylene deck.

While the width of the mattress varies depending on the seating options, both types measure 183 cm (72 inches) in length. 📏

These sofa beds are designed for occasional use and, while stylish, won't work well if you're looking to sleep on your sofa bed as an alternative to a traditional bed.

In addition to the Oxford sofa bed, Chesterfield sofa beds are also available in various other classic styles. 

Chesterfield sofa beds are made to order within 2 - 6 weeks from the order time. 

Customers can also request sample swatches of the leather options and speak to a Chesterfield sales assistant about design options. 

Delivery is not free, but all customers receive a two-man, white-glove delivery service, and your product will be brought to the room of your choice. 🚛


  Chesterfield Oxford Sofa Bed
Composition: Beechwood frame and sprung slats with foam mattress and leather covering
Colours: Over 100 premium leather styles and colours are available.
Delivery & assembly: Two-man, white-glove delivery of the finished product. Shipping costs vary. 
Guarantee: 10 years
What makes this sofa bed special? This luxury sofa bed is hand-made with real leather.

What is a sofa bed?

A sofa bed does exactly what it says on the tin. 🥫

woman sitting on sofa bed
A sofa bed is a sofa that converts into a bed.

It turns an everyday sofa into a bed for sleeping.

Typically, a sleeper sofa has an integrated fold-out mattress or sofa base.

This can be converted into a wider sleeping surface by being unfolded or pulled out from under the sofa. 🤗

Do I need a sofa bed?

Do you need some extra sleeping space for yourself or your overnight guests?

But what if you haven’t got the space for an entire spare room?

Then a sofa bed could be for you!

We also think they're a great choice for:

  • Those who have regular guests
  • Children/teenagers who have sleepovers
  • People who work unsociable hours and don’t want to wake their partner
  • Those renovating who need a spare area to stay
  • Those hosting Christmas and other holidays
  • People with partners who snore
  • Those with elderly/sick relatives

We can’t always prepare for unexpected events that require additional sleeping space.

So, even if you don’t meet these criteria, a sofa bed could be a good idea. 💡

Types of sofa beds

Sofa beds come in all shapes and sizes.

Some people are looking for a comfortable sofa bed for everyday use, whilst others need a stylish design to suit their space.

The best sofa bed for you depends on your own individual requirements.

Check out our sofa bed buying guide below:

Corner sofa bed

Suitable for big families who need more sitting/sleeping space.

Ideal for living rooms.

Two-seater sofa bed

Great sofa bed for couples who live in a flat/small house.

Ideal for home offices/guest bedrooms.

Three-seater sofa bed

Ideal for small families who need a moderate amount of seating.

Suitable for living rooms, conservatories, or other lounge areas.

Sofa bed futon

Great for those who require a quick, fuss-free set-up.

Ideal for up to two people.

Suitable for any room.

Chair bed

Great for those who need to sleep one person and have limited space.

Great for any room.

Our article on the best chair beds can help those looking for a smaller type of sofa bed.

Click-clack vs pull-out sofa bed

Generally, there are two different configurations for sofa beds:

A click-clack sofa bed and a pull-out sofa bed.

So, what’s the difference? 🧐

Click-clack sofa beds

A click-clack (or clic-clac) sofa bed is named after the sound it makes when being put together. 👏

Click-clack mechanisms snap into place when being opened and closed.

click clack sofa bed
A click-clack sofa bed is easy to set up.

Usually, the backrest folds down, and the seat cushions act as the sleeping surface instead of having an integrated mattress.

Therefore, click-clack sofa beds tend to have a firmer feel, similar to a sofa cushion.

However, they’re often cheaper than pull-out sofa beds.

The Dreams Gallway 3-seater clic-clac sofa bed is an affordable and stylish option.


Pull-out sofa beds

A sofa bed pull-out is your more traditional-style sofa bed. 🛏️

This type comes with an integrated mattress, usually underneath the sofa’s base.

pull out sofa bed
A pull-out sofa bed includes a mattress.

They tend to have a softer, springier feel similar to a mattress, making them a more comfortable sofa bed option.

However, this type of mattress is generally much thinner than a standard mattress.

They can also be much more expensive than some click-clack sofa bed options. 💰

The Chesterfield Oxford sofa bed is a premium traditional-style sofa bed that's well worth considering.


How to choose a sofa bed

There are many features of sofa beds available depending on what you need.

This can make choosing the right option even more difficult. 🤔

Price, comfort, and size can be some of the biggest dealbreakers.

We’ve narrowed down our favourite sofa beds for budget, everyday use, and space-saving below.

What is the best sofa bed on a budget?

If you’re on a tight budget, you’ll want to look at the best value sofa beds available. 🏷️

It’s essential to choose a sofa bed that is good value for money rather than choosing the cheapest sofa bed you find.

Man sitting on coins
When shopping for a sofa bed, find a balance between price and quality.

Don’t compromise on quality - there are still budget sofa beds that can be good quality! 🙌

If the sofa bed is only for occasional use, you can probably afford to go for a more budget-friendly option.

Futon-style and click-clack sofa beds are generally cheaper than traditional pull-out sofa beds.

The Aurora sofa bed is good quality and is one of the best sofa beds for under £500.


What is the best sofa bed for everyday use?

So, can you sleep on a sofa bed every night? 🤔

Generally, we wouldn’t recommend sleeping on a sofa bed too often.

Although some sofa beds can be more comfortable than others, they will never give you the same support as a real mattress. 🙁

Two men with back and neck pain graphic
A sofa bed doesn’t provide the best spinal support.

After sleeping on a sofa bed for some time, you’ll likely wake up with aches and pains.

Pull-out sofa beds are the most suitable for frequent use, as they usually come with a real - albeit thinner - mattress.

A pocket-sprung mattress will give you more support than a coil-sprung sofa bed mattress.

What is the best sofa bed for small spaces?

Perhaps you need some extra sleeping space, but you don’t have a lot of room.

Luckily, there are many sofa beds available that accommodate small spaces. 😍

sofa bed in apartment
A smaller-size sofa bed can be a perfect item for a cramped home.

Chair beds and compact two-seater sofa beds ensure you don’t compromise your space.

If space is tight but you need a sofa bed larger than a single size, consider a small double sofa bed.

These are smaller than a double bed but larger than a single, measuring around 120 cm x 190 cm. 📏

The Cork A-Frame sofa bed by Dreams is available in a small double size.


Are sofa beds comfortable?

Sofa beds cannot replace the feeling of a real bed.

But that doesn’t mean they can’t be improved to be more comfortable!

So, how can you make your sofa bed more comfortable?

Use a mattress topper

If your sofa bed feels too firm, we recommend using a mattress topper.

people relaxing on mattress topper
A mattress topper can increase the comfort of your sofa bed or mattress.

A mattress topper adds an extra layer of comfort to your sleeping surface. ☁️

One of our favourites is the Panda topper.

The Panda mattress topper is both affordable and high quality.

Made with luxurious memory foam and gel-infused technology, your guests will feel super comfortable on this mattress topper.


Invest in a coverless duvet

A coverless duvet is also a great addition to your guest’s bedding. 🙌

This helps save cupboard space as a coverless duvet doesn’t need a duvet cover.

Therefore, you can prepare your guests bed without the hassle of changing the duvet.

Once your guests leave, the coverless duvet can be popped into the washing machine! 🧼

woman putting coverless duvet in washing machine
Coverless duvets are machine-washable.

Not only that, coverless duvets are super comfortable! 🥰

The Night Owl coverless duvet is one of the most popular options available.

This tumble-dry-friendly coverless duvet is made from sustainable materials. 🧺

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Upgrade your pillows

Maybe you can’t change your sofa bed, but you can upgrade your pillows.

It’s crazy how much of a difference a good pillow can make to your sleep. 🤯

Memory foam pillows
A better quality pillow can provide a more comfortable sleep.

Everybody has different sleeping positions, so choosing a pillow that can be adjusted is essential.

The Emma Premium pillow is a great choice, since it comes with multiple layers that can be combined to best suit your sleeping position.

We recommend three layers for side sleepers, two for back sleepers, and one for stomach sleepers. 🤗

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Use a mattress protector

A mattress protector doesn’t affect comfort but is essential nonetheless.

If your sofa bed is part of your living space, you’ll want to ensure it is fully protected. ☔

Mattress protector benefits
A mattress protector can increase the lifespan of your sofa bed.

A mattress protector should be used every time your guests stay over.

If your guests are children, then a mattress protector can prevent accidents such as spilled drinks and bedwetting.

A mattress protector also safeguards the sofa bed against moisture and bacteria build-up over time. 🦠

Check out our favourite mattress protectors:

Sofa bed sizes

Sofa beds come in all shapes and sizes.

What size you need depends on your living space and how much sleeping room you need. 🤔

You can find sofa beds with the following mattress sizes:

  • Sofa bed single: 90 x 190 cm (3' x 6'3")
  • Sofa bed small double: 120 x 190 cm (4' x 6'3")
  • Sofa bed double: 135 x 190 cm (4'6" x 6'3")
  • Sofa bed king size: 150 x 200 cm (5’ x 6’6”)
  • Sofa bed super king size: 180 x 200 cm (6’ x 6’6”)

The most popular sizes are single sofa beds and double sofa beds.

UK mattress sizes

Sofa bed sizes are also sometimes determined by their seats.

You can find sofa beds in the following sofa sizes:

  • Sofa bed one-seater
  • Sofa bed two-seater
  • Sofa bed three-seater
  • Sofa bed corner/ sofa bed L-shape

The size of the sofa bed depends on the thickness of the armrests, the sofa’s overall shape, and whether or not it includes a corner piece.

Sofa bed prices

So, the big question is - how much do sofa beds cost?

This depends on how much you’re willing to spend. 💰

Price-performance ratio graphic
Find a balance between price and quality.

Cheap sofa beds are available online.

Generally, sofa beds cost around an average of £300 - £1500.

We advise investing in a high-quality sofa bed if it will be used regularly.

When deciding your budget, you should also consider any extras (such as mattress protectors, mattress toppers, and spare sheets). 🛒

Sofa bed discount codes

Luckily, some of the best sofa beds offer regular sales, discounts and finance options. 💳

Shop around to find the best sofa bed discounts.

The best time to get a great sofa bed deal is Black Friday, Boxing Day and Easter. 🐰

You can find the best deals on our discounts page.

If any deals are currently running on our favourite sofa beds, you'll see them advertised on this page.

You can also sign up for our mailing list to get all the best deals straight to your inbox.

Sofa bed alternatives

Not sure if a sofa bed is right for you?

Not to worry! 😅

There are other ways to create extra snoozing space for a good night's sleep.

Consider trundle bed frames, footstool beds, and floor mattress options!

Should you buy a sofa bed?

A sofa bed can take away the stress of accommodating guests.

But a sofa bed may not be for everyone.

Consider your budget, space, and whether or not a sofa bed is a necessity for your home.

Consider making up a guest room instead if you have the extra space for even more comfortable accommodation. ✔️

Take a look at our favourite mattresses ideal for any guest bedroom:

Frequently asked questions

  • What materials are sofa beds made from?

    Sofa beds can come in various upholstery, similar to a traditional sofa. 

    You'll want to ensure this furniture matches the rest of your decor.  

    Sofa bed materials include:

    • Velvet upholstery sofa bed
    • Leather sofa bed
    • Woven fabric sofa bed

    Choose what suits your style best.

  • What is the best sofa bed for everyday use?

    We don't recommend using a sofa bed every day.

    A sofa bed cannot provide the same support as a standard mattress

    Whilst a sofa bed may initially feel comfortable, you'll likely experience some discomfort in your sleep over time. 

    If you need to use the sofa bed frequently, we recommend investing in a high-quality sofa bed.

    You should also consider sofa beds with a pocket-sprung mattress or base. 

  • Who makes the best sofa beds?

    There are a variety of different sofa bed brands available. 

    Some of our favourites include:

    • Dreams sofa beds
    • Jay-Be sofa beds 
    • Snug sofa beds (sofa-beds-in-a-box) 
    • Made sofa beds (including Made Haru sofa bed)
    • Brook + Wilde sofa beds

    You'll also find sofa beds at a variety of online retailers.

  • Where can I buy a sofa bed?

    You can buy a sofa bed from furniture and bedroom retailers online and in-store

    This includes:

    Many physical stores can take up to ten weeks to deliver your new sofa bed.

    Luckily, online retailers such as Amazon can take as little as three days! 🚚💨

  • What is a sofa bed for dogs?

    Humans aren't the only couch potatoes at home. 

    In fact, dogs often spend more time on the sofa than we do. 

    A sofa bed for dogs is a bed for a dog designed to look like an actual sofa

    This miniature sofa means your dog can have his own couch to sleep and sit in, and you can get your favourite seat back on your own sofa. 


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