Dunelm Mattress Reviews UK (2024)

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Dunelm stores have proudly provided the UK with sleep products for over 40 years.

But can we trust this UK-leading homewares retailer - or are they old hat?

We took a deep dive into the Dunelm shop in-store and online experience.

Here’s what we discovered in our Dunelm mattress reviews.👇

Dunelm store from the outside


  • Budget-friendly and high-end options are available.
  • Excellent offers throughout the year.
  • Top UK brands, including Panda and Tempur.
  • Highly accessible online and in-store.
  • Supports local high-streets and British retailers.
  • Easy delivery & returns process.
  • Massive variety of homeware and furniture.


  • Mattresses do not include sleep trials.
  • In-store stock is somewhat limited and disorganised.
  • No free delivery option on mattresses.

Who are Dunelm mattresses UK suitable for?

  • Those looking for a budget-friendly mattress
  • Customers who prefer the in-store experience
  • People who need a mattress quickly and easily

Who is Dunelm?

Dunelm is a British retailer that sells homewares throughout the UK.

They have a huge presence online, alongside superstores across the country. 🇬🇧

Marks & Spencer holds a significant stake in Dunelm, but it remains a family-run business for the most part.

Today, Dunelm has over 175 stores in the UK and a Dunelm website where orders can also be placed.


What brands does Dunelm sell?

Dunelm mostly sells products from its own brand and exclusive collections, like the Hotel Collection. 🛏️

They have also acquired the trademarks of some long-standing British brands, such as Dorma and Fogarty.

Alongside this, they also sell some big names in the mattress world, like Tempur and Panda.

Here is a quick overview of our favourite brands available at Dunelm.


The Fogarty mattress collection is budget-friendly and includes open coil, pocket springs and hybrid memory foam mattresses.

They’re available in soft to medium firmness, making them an excellent option for a wide range of sleepers.

customer reviews dunelm mattresses
Customers have mixed opinions on the Fogarty mattress collection.

There are mixed Fogarty mattress reviews on Authentic Reviews [1], with some customers praising the brand for being good value and others criticising the longevity of the mattresses.

Ultimately, a more affordable mattress is unlikely to last as long as a premium mattress with higher-quality materials and technology.

However, Fogarty has a great selection of mattresses for those on a budget. 💰


Dorma offers a range of premium Dunelm pocket sprung mattresses made from high-quality materials.

Each mattress is dual-sided, hand-tufted and designed with layers of natural materials, like wool, cotton and horsehair.

horsehair dunelm mattress
Natural layers made from materials like horsehair are often used in luxury mattresses to help with temperature regulation and comfort.

Some Dorma mattresses also come with vents to allow fresh air to circulate throughout the mattress and keep you cool.

Dorma also offers a fantastic guarantee period of up to 25 years on their premium mattresses, much longer than popular brands like Simba and Tempur.

The Dorma Dunelm mattresses are deeper than the average mattress, ranging from 27 to 35 cm (10.6 to 13.7 inches).

You may need a flat or deeper fitted sheet to fit over the mattress, such as the fitted sheets from Panda Bedding.

The Hotel Collection

Dunelm’s Hotel collection is designed to give a five-star experience across mattresses, bedding and room decor.

The Hotel collection offers low-mid-range pocket-sprung mattresses with a 15-year guarantee.

dunelm mattress with pillowtop
A pillowtop mattress has an extra layer of comfort on the top. It's a bit like a built-in mattress topper!

The collection has a choice of gel, memory foam and wool pillowtop layers that elevate the pocket spring base.

The Hotel collection is perfect for those looking to spend a little bit more on their mattress to access higher-quality materials without the £1,000 price tag.


If you’re looking for a Dunelm memory foam mattress, Comfortzone is a good place to start.

Comfortzone offers memory foam bed-in-a-box mattresses on Dunelm.

They are budget-friendly, with the most expensive mattress being just over £200.

comfortzone dunelm mattress
The Dunelm Comfort Zone mattresses are perfect for teenagers looking for their first double bed.

We recommend these mattresses to kids and teenagers looking for a medium-feel mattress. 🧸

Comfortzone also provides a guarantee of up to 5 years.

Dunelm kids mattress brands

Dunelm has a fantastic range of children’s mattresses, particularly from Jay-Be and Tutti Bambini.

Tutti Bambini specialises in crib and cot mattresses for your little ones, including hybrid, natural and foam mattresses.

Their mattresses are hypoallergenic, breathable and water-repellant to keep your child’s mattress in the best condition.

dunelm mattresses for kids
Tutti Bambini is a great choice for kids' cot and crib mattresses.

Tutti Bambini has a few eco-conscious mattresses that utilise natural materials, such as lamb’s wool and coir fibre.

Jay-Be also has a big focus on the environment, and their pocket spring, open coil, and hybrid mattresses are 100% foam-free and free from harmful VOC emissions.

What else?

Dunelm sells a wide variety of mattress brands, and it would be impossible to talk about them all.

But you can find out about the more well-known brands, including Panda, Silentnight and Tempur, in our more detailed reviews.

Unfortunately, Dunelm no longer sells Eve Sleep and the Dunelm Eve Mattress Topper.

Our favourite mattresses from Dunelm's top brands:

Are Dunelm mattresses good?

Dunelm mattresses have many benefits and are suitable for a wide range of people.

Let's dive into our favourite features of the Dunelm mattress collection. 👇



Dunelm is a great place to look for a mattress if you're on a budget, as they have a wide variety of reasonably priced designs.

For example, the Fogarty collection has plenty of affordable mattresses with different materials, firmness levels and features.

dunelm mattresses budget friendly
Head to the Dunelm site to browse their wide range of affordable mattresses.

In many Dunelm mattress reviews, Authentic Reviews [2] customers say the Fogarty mattresses are comfortable and good value for money. 💸

If you can't afford to purchase your mattress upfront, Dunelm also offers Klarna so you can split the payments over a few months.

Generous guarantee

Each brand on Dunelm comes with a different guarantee.

For the most part, Dunelm mattresses come with a great guarantee between 10 and 25 years, which is on the higher end of the scale compared to most mattress brands.

For example, Simba, Emma and Panda offer a 10-year guarantee.

The Dunelm mattress warranty covers your mattress against any manufacturing faults, so you can use it for years (or even decades) to come.

dunelm mattress guarantee
You can enjoy your mattress for a long time with an excellent guarantee period.

However, the more affordable Dunelm mattresses from Comfortzone and Silentnight offer much smaller guarantees, sitting between 2 and 5 years.

Plenty of options

Dunelm has a huge mattress collection, and there are plenty of materials, firmness levels and brands to choose from.

For example, if you're looking for a Dunelm memory foam mattress, check out Comfortzone and Tempur for two different price points.

Or, if you're after a wool mattress, head to Dorma and dive into their range of mattresses with natural layers.

They even have a Dunelm futon mattress from Mito, also known as a Dunelm roll up mattress.

dunelm mattresses in store
Browse Dunelm mattresses in-store to get a better idea of the different materials.

Head to a Dunelm store to feel the different mattresses and decide which one is right for you.

This is a great way to compare different mattresses side by side without purchasing multiple mattresses.

Are there any drawbacks to Dunelm mattresses?

Dunelm sells a wide range of mattresses that are budget-friendly and suitable for many people.

However, their luxury mattress collection is quite limited and does not provide much choice for those looking for a luxury mattress. 😴

The Tempur and Panda mattresses are the most luxurious options on the Dunelm site and are perfect for those looking for a higher-quality mattress.

luxury dunelm mattresses
Dunelm may not be the right fit if you're looking for a super-luxurious mattress with innovative technology.

Sadly, Dunelm only includes a small selection of Tempur mattresses, and you may find a larger array of luxury mattresses on Mattress Next Day, Mattress Online or the brand sites themselves.

We recommend checking out Harrison Spinks, Simba and the rest of the Tempur collection.

How much do Dunelm mattresses cost?

​Dunelm offers many different mattresses at different price points.

The Fogarty and Comfortzone mattresses are some of the most affordable, while Tempur and Dorma mattresses sit around the £1000 mark.

There are regular Dunelm online shopping sales that can help you save 50% or more on selected items. 🤯

Man sitting on coins
Dunelm has year-round sales with great discounts.

The Dunelm sale online can also be found in-store.

They have plenty of bargains throughout the year, including the Dunelm mattress sale, Dunelm pillow sale, and Dunelm bed sales.

You can also find some clearance stock available online in the sale category.


Do Dunelm have mattresses in store?

Dunelm has stores across the UK, alongside their online website.

We visited the Dunelm store, and overall, it was a pleasant experience, with a varied collection of mattresses to browse.

But can you try mattresses at Dunelm?

Yes! You can lie down and test different mattresses side by side to see which one is right for you.

The stores also have a huge range of bedding and homeware to browse.

Dunelm lighting

Dunelm bathroom section

However, it did feel somewhat disorganised and cluttered in places (not dissimilar to most Primark stores.)

The particular branch we visited didn’t have the best layout, and we missed certain areas of the store.

Once we circled around the second time, we stumbled upon sections we hadn’t previously seen.

Therefore, we think shopping online is easier - particularly if you’re looking for something specific.

Dunelm online vs in-store
The Dunelm online shop was an easier shopping process.

The Dunelm website is highly accessible, with items organised within categories.

You also can filter items by brand, size, material, colour, and other options depending on the item category.

We recommend visiting the Dunelm store if you are just out having a browse.

We ended up finding a lot of useful items that we probably wouldn’t have stumbled across online. 🛒

Supporting brick-and-mortar stores also helps high streets compete with the online market and prevent them from closing down.

Take a look at our other guides for popular retailers:

It often helps to shop around at different stores to compare the best deals.

How are Dunelm mattresses delivered?

Dunelm offers home delivery on mattresses for an added cost. 🚚

They offer multiple types of delivery options, including next-day, chosen-day and standard-day delivery.

Unfortunately, there is no free delivery option for large items, like mattresses, but there is free delivery for smaller packages.

dunelm mattress delivery
Dunelm offers a two-man delivery service to get your mattress into your bedroom easily.

You can also choose for your mattress to be delivered to your room of choice by Dunelm’s two-person team.

This is great for people who may not be able to carry the mattress into their bedroom.

When it comes to who does Dunelm use for delivery, it depends on your order and area.

They will notify you of your delivery partner once you have placed your order.

Does Dunelm take your old mattress away?

If you're purchasing a new mattress, it can be tricky to dispose of your old one.

The Dunelm mattress recycling process makes things a little easier.

Dunelm partners with the British Heart Foundation and Clearabee to remove your old mattress and give it a second life.

You can arrange for free collection from your home.

The British Heart Foundation only accepts unsoiled mattresses with the fire safety label attached, while Clearabee accepts them in any condition. 🙌


How are Dunelm mattresses returned?

Dunelm offers free returns and a full refund.

However, the mattress must be in its original condition with packaging, tags, and proof of purchase.

Dunelm also does not offer a trial period, which means you can’t test this mattress and decide if it’s for you.

dunelm mattresses return period
The Dunlem returns process is quick and easy.

You can test the mattresses briefly at a Dunelm store, but this doesn’t provide the same experience as a 200-night mattress trial, which is common with other brands.

If you would like to purchase a mattress with a 365-night trial period, we recommend:

Should you shop at Dunelm?

Overall, we think Dunelm is a worthwhile store, whether online (dunelm.com) or in-store. ✅

They have a vast selection of products for the home, and we’re confident they’ll have something you may need.

However, there are plenty of fantastic online brands to consider too.

If you’re thinking about buying a new mattress, you should have a good browse at all the options available to you.

That way, you can make an informed decision that will prevent you from making a purchase you might later regret.

Take a look at our top mattress recommendations:

Contact Dunelm UK

Customer service: To contact Dunelm directly for complaints, support, or queries, please call them on 0345 165 6565 or complete their online contact form [3].

Registered office: Dunelm (Soft Furnishings) Ltd, Watermead Business Park, Syston, Leicestershire, LE7 1AD.

Frequently asked questions

  • Does Dunelm offer any other sleep products?

    Dunelm has a huge range of sleep products aside from the mattress collection. 💤

    This includes:

    • Dunelm pillows
    • Dunelm divan beds
    • Dunelm mattress protectors
    • Dunelm mattress toppers
    • Dunelm mattress covers
    • Dunelm bedding
    • And much more! 

    For example, the most popular pillows include the Dunelm Memory Foam Pillow and the Dunelm Comfort Zone Firm Pillow. 

    We dive into the Dunelm mattress toppers and mattress protectors in the next FAQs,

  • Does Dunelm sell mattress toppers?

    The Dunelm mattress topper range offers an impressive variety to enhance your sleeping experience. 

    The most popular Dunelm mattress toppers UK include:

    • Dunelm Memory Foam Mattress Topper
    • Dunelm Rebound Mattress Topper
    • Dunelm Bamboo Mattress Topper, like the Dunelm Panda Mattress Topper.
    • Dunelm Dorma Mattress Topper 
    • Dunelm Teddy Mattress Topper
    • Dunelm Gel Mattress Topper
    • Dunelm Feather Mattress Topper, like the Hotel Duck Down Mattress Enhancer.

    They sell these Dunelm mattress toppers, also known as Dunelm bed toppers, in a wide range of sizes to fit your bed perfectly, including Dunelm single mattress toppers.

    Unfortunately, they do not offer Dunelm small single mattress toppers.

    If you’re looking to save some money, look out for the Dunelm mattress topper sale or the Dunelm Black Friday sale to grab yourself a bargain.

    Just make sure to research a Dunelm mattress topper review before purchasing.

  • Does Dunelm sell mattress protectors?

    Dunelm mattress protectors safeguard your mattress against stains and moisture build-up over time. ☔

    This helps your mattress stay in a new condition for as long as possible.

    The most popular Dunelm mattress protectors include:

    • Dunelm Waterproof Mattress Protector
    • Dunelm zipped mattress protector, such as the Freshnights Anti Allergy Zipped Mattress Protector.
    • Dunelm bamboo mattress protector, such as the Panda Bamboo Mattress Protector.

    There are also plenty of other Dunelm mattress protectors and Dunelm mattress covers that may fit your requirements

    Unfortunately, they do not sell Dunelm pillow top mattress protectors or Dunelm wool mattress protectors. 

  • In which sizes are Dunelm mattresses available in?

    Most Dunelm mattresses are available in UK sizes.

    This includes:

    • Dunelm cot mattress: 60 x 120 cm (1'9" x 4'0")
    • Dunelm cot bed mattress: 70 x 140 cm (2'3" x 4'6")
    • Dunelm single mattress: 90 x 190 cm (3’0” x 6’3”)
    • Dunelm small double mattress: 120 x 190 cm (4'0" x 6'3")
    • Dunelm double mattress:135 x 190 cm (4’6” x 6’3”)
    • Dunelm king size mattress:150 x 200 cm (5’0” x 6’6”)
    • Dunelm super-king mattress:180 x 200 cm (6’0” x 6’6”)

    You can also purchase Dunelm travel cot mattresses, Dunelm mattress toppers and Dunelm mattress protectors in similar sizes.

  • Why did Dunelm Mill change its name?

    Where did Dunelm originate? Dunelm is a family brand that was established back in 1979.

    They were originally called Dunelm Mill until 2013, and they sold Dunelm Mill mattresses, Dunelm Mill mattress protectors, Dunelm Mill beds, Dunelm Mill mattress covers and much more. 

    Dunelm rebranded to its simplified name “to reflect what customers had been calling the company for years.” 

    However, you may still find people referring to the 'Dunelm Mill mattress topper', 'Dunelm Mill memory foam pillow,' or 'Dunelm Mill pillow protectors' from time to time.

    Dunelm is not the first retailer to rebrand this way. 

    In 2012, Wilkinsons rebranded to “Wilko”  after being known more commonly by this name by customers. 

    We think it’s great that the Dunelm customer service team pays close attention to how their customers recognise them.

  • Are there any Dunelm mattress reviews?

    Dunelm provides customer reviews on each product page, courtesy of Authentic Reviews. 

    You can find Dunelm memory foam mattress reviews, Dunelm mattress topper reviews and much more. 

    On Trustpilot, Dunelm generally has good reviews for its customer service, delivery, and product range.

  • When does the Dunelm sale end?

    Head to Dunelm's website to find out when their latest sale ends, whether it's the Dunelm sale online or in-store.

    This could include the following:

    • Dunelm single mattress sale
    • Dunelm mattress topper sale
    • Dunelm sheets sale
    • Dunelm foam sale
    • Dunelm dog beds sale
    • Dunelm chair bed sale
    • Dunelm beds sale
    • Dunelm sale pillows
    • Black Friday Dunelm sale
    • Dunelm sale home accessories

    The Dunelm sale is a great opportunity to save some money on your new sleep accessories.

  • What time does Dunelm close?

    The Dunelm closing time depends on the specific store you are shopping at. 

    Some Dunelm stores are closed by 6 pm, with others staying open until as late as 9 pm

    You can find the closing time for your store easily with a Google search. 

    For example, type “Dunelm Lakeside closing time” or “Dunelm Brighton closing time” into the search bar.

    Alternatively, you can also use the store finder tool [4] on the Dunelm website to find out the latest news concerning this popular retailer.  

  • References


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