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Everything You Need To Know About Dunelm Mattresses UK (2023)

Last updated: 31.10.2023 Reading time: 9 Min.

Dunelm stores have proudly provided the UK with sleep products for over 40 years. 🤯

But can we trust this UK-leading homewares retailer - or are they old hat?

We took a deep dive into the Dunelm shop in-store and online experience.

Here’s what we discovered. 👇

Dunelm store from the outside


  • Massive variety of homeware and furniture
  • Budget-friendly and high-end options are available
  • Excellent offers throughout the year
  • Top UK brands, including Panda and Eve
  • Highly accessible online and in-store
  • Supports local high-streets and British retailers
  • Easy delivery & returns process


  • Mattresses do not include sleep trials
  • In-store stock is somewhat limited and disorganised

What makes Dunelm special?

  • A trusted retailer since 1984
  • Wide variety of brands and products available
  • A good balance of affordable and up-market products

Who is Dunelm?

Dunelm is a British retailer that sells homewares throughout the UK.

It was founded by Bill and Jean Adderley in 1979, who traded textiles from their market stall in Leicester.

Who is Dunelm owned by?

In 2006, Dunelm was passed down to their son Will Adderley, who continues to be the director of the Dunelm Group.

Nick Wharton took over from Adderley as chief executive in 2009, and Nick Wilkinson is the CEO.

Most of the stake of Dunelm has been sold to Marks & Spencer.

However, the Adderley family still own around 43% of the shares.

Today, Dunelm has over 175 stores in the UK and a Dunelm website where orders can also be placed.

What does Dunelm sell?

The Dunelm Group PLC is most well-known for being a home furnishings retailer. 🏠

They sell a variety of large furniture items as well as small accessories to decorate the home.

Some of their products include:

  • Dunelm mattresses
  • Dunelm beds
  • Dunelm bedding
  • Dunelm chairs
  • Dunelm lighting
  • Dunelm blinds/curtains

We’ll go into more detail about the available sleep products further down.

Dunelm brands

Dunelm has also acquired the trademark of some long-standing British brands, such as Dorma and Fogarty. 💖

As you can see, Dorma has a dedicated section in the Dunelm store:

Dorma bedding brand
There is a vast choice of Dorma products in Dunelm.

These UK brands have a long history, with Fogarty originating in Lincolnshire in 1826 and best known for their pillows, duvets, and bedding.

Likewise, Dorma is another bedding brand established in 1921 and a staple part of the Dunelm range. 🌟

Other popular brands sold by Dunelm include:

Eve and Panda are amongst some of our top online UK brands.

Take a look at our favourite products below:

Are Dunelm mattresses good?

Dunelm hasn’t more than just sheets for your bed - but mattresses too! 😯

The mattress gallery at Dunelm
Dunelm has a varied selection of mattresses.

Their range includes popular brands as well as those less well-known.

Dunelm beds range from £79 - £1300. 💰

They’re great for those on a budget or looking for long-lasting quality.

But what else can we tell you about the different mattresses available? 👇

Bedmaster mattresses

Bedmaster is a Yorkshire-based bed manufacturer with various mattresses in the Dunelm range.

Their mattresses include supportive pocket springs, memory foam, or a combination of both.

Bedmaster offers affordable mattresses in a range of firmness options and includes a 1 - 5-year guarantee. 🤞

Comfortzone mattresses

The Comfortzone selection has memory foam bed-in-a-box mattresses.

These are budget-friendly, with the most expensive mattress being around £700.

We’d recommend these mattresses to kids and teenagers looking for a medium-feel mattress. 🧸

They also come with a guarantee of up to 5 years.

Fogarty mattresses

Fogarty is known for selling fantastic bedding products at Dunelm, but we think their mattresses are pretty great too. 😍

The Fogarty mattress collection comprises an open coil, pocket springs and hybrid memory foam mattresses.

They’re available in soft - medium-firm, making them an excellent option for side and back sleepers.

Fogarty mattresses feature traditional tufted covers that have a premium look.

Yet, they’re also affordable, between £100 - £600, and all include a 10-year-guarantee. 🤯

Sareer mattresses

Sareer mattresses are made up of some of the cheapest and most expensive in the Dunelm collection.

They have a mixed bag of open coil, pocket spring, memory foam, gel, and latex hybrid options.

Sareer mattresses have up to 4000 pocket springs, offering immeasurable support at a competitive price. 🏆

Their mattresses come with a 1 - 10-year guarantee depending on your choice.

What else?

Dunelm sells a wide variety of brands, and it would be impossible to talk about them all. ✔️

But you can find out about other brands, including Silentnight and Eve, in our more detailed reviews.

Alternatively, take a look at our favourite online mattresses:

Is Dunelm bedding good?

Our next stop is the Dunelm bedding aisle. 🥰

dunelm bedding aisle
Dunelm has a huge selection of bedding.

Dunelm has a dedicated section for all the soft furnishings you could need.

This includes:

  • Dunelm duvet covers
  • Dunelm deep fitted sheets
  • Dunelm bedding sets
  • Dunelm bedspreads
  • Dunelm mattress toppers
  • Dunelm mattress protectors

You can dive into our Dunelm bedding review for an even closer look at these products.

Dunelm bedding sets

Bedding sets include sheets and pillowcases.

These are designed to protect your mattress and pillows and provide a soft surface for your sleep.

Sheets made with natural materials are of better quality but more expensive.

Alternatively, sheets made with synthetic fibres may not last as long but are considerably cheaper.

You can also choose between Dunelm deep fitted sheets or flat sheets.

flat sheet vs fitted sheet
Unlike a flat sheet, a fitted sheet has elasticated corners.

Some of the most popular sets include Dorma, Fogarty, and the Simply range.

Dunelm pillows

The Dunelm pillow collection has both affordable and luxury pillows in-store and online.

Some of the most popular products include Dunelm Dorma pillows and Fogarty pillows.

Pillows graphic
Dunelm has pillows suitable for all sleepers.

They contain various materials such as memory foam, polyester, wool, and duck feather. 🦆

But what kind of pillow do you need?

  • Side sleepers: Choose a high-loft and firm pillow that fills the space between the neck and shoulders.
  • Back sleepers: Choose a medium height and feel pillow that supports the head without bending the neck.
  • Stomach sleepers: Choose a soft and low pillow for the head to sink into without adding tension to the spine and neck.

Every Dunelm pillow is labeled with a firmness rating and the type of sleeper it is suitable for, making it easier to choose. ✅

Alternatively, try an adjustable pillow suitable for every type of sleeper:

These are our favourites:

Dunelm duvets

Dunelm duvets range from around £7 - £350. 💰

Dunelm stores also have a rack of duvet samples, so you can give them a feel and see what you prefer.

All Dunelm duvets are labelled with their tog size and recommended season.

All-season duvets are great for those looking for year-round comfort. ☀️🍂☃️🌼

All-seasons duvet graphic
An all-seasons duvet is suitable for every season.

There are plenty of duvet brands available at Dunelm, including Dorma, The Edited Life, Fogarty, and Panda.

However, when you buy the Panda Cloud duvet directly from Panda London, you also get a 30-night sleep trial and 5-year-guarantee. 🤞

You can have a closer look below:

Dunelm mattress protectors

Dunelm mattress protectors safeguard your mattress against stains and moisture build-up over time. ☔

This helps your mattress stay in a new condition for as long as possible.

We highly recommend a waterproof mattress protector to anybody purchasing a new mattress.

Mattress protectors benefits
Mattress protectors are an essential item for every bedroom

Dunelm stores have a rack of sample mattress protectors to give you an idea of their texture.

There are also plenty of pillow protectors in the Dunelm collection for additional protection.

We’ve also reviewed the best mattress protectors in the UK.

Take a look at our top recommendations:

Dunelm mattress toppers

Mattress toppers work a bit differently from mattress protectors. 🤔

They are designed to enhance the comfort of your mattress.

We recommend a mattress topper to those who find their mattress too firm or unsupportive but aren’t able to replace the mattress. ☁️

We were pretty impressed with the Dunelm mattress toppers online and in-store.

Dunelm bedding aisle
Dunelm has a varied selection of suitable mattress toppers.

The Dunelm collection includes some of our favourite brands for mattress toppers, such as Eve, Panda, and Dormeo. 🤯

Dunelm furniture

Dunelm also has large furniture items and home accessories to spruce up your living space. ✨

This includes:

  • Dunelm sofas
  • Dunelm armchairs
  • Dunelm sofa beds
  • Dunelm lamps
  • Dunelm ottomans
  • Dunelm blinds
  • Dunelm tables

Unfortunately, many of these items weren’t available to view in the actual store.

Dunelm did have stock of some chairs, lamps, and rugs.

But much of the larger stock can be viewed in the Dunelm online shop. 💻

Dunelm sales

Dunelm sales can be found both in-store and online.

Dunelm has plenty of bargains throughout the year, with Dunelm bedding sales, Dunelm Black Friday deals, and more.

You can also find some clearance stock available online in the sale category. 🏷️

Man sitting on coins
Dunelm has year-round sales with great discounts.

You can save 50% off or more on selected items with Dunelm offers.

Dunelm discount codes

Is the product you want not in the Dunelm sale? 😔

Not to worry!

You can also find plenty of Dunelm voucher codes for additional discounts.

Piggybank on the mattress
Dunelm discount codes can give you extra savings.

However, Dunelm promo codes are only available online and cannot be used in-store. 👎

During Covid, a Dunelm NHS discount was available where you got an extra 5% off online purchases.

However, this discount has now come to an end.

For even more online discounts, bookmark our discounts page with a list of all the latest offers.

Dunelm deliveries and returns

So, you’ve decided on a product - but how will it be delivered? 🤔

Your Dunelm home delivery experience depends on the type of product that you order.

Dunelm bedding & small item delivery

Small items such as bedding, pillows, and mattress protectors typically come with standard delivery for £3.95 (or free if you spend £49.) 📦

Woman with sleep accessories
Sleep accessories can be delivered quickly.

You can also add on express delivery on accessories to fast-track your order. 💨

Express delivery costs £5.95 and usually comes the next day.

You can see an estimated delivery date when you check out.

Dunelm furniture & large item delivery

Large items such as mattresses, sofas, and made-to-order items cost £9.95 to be delivered. 🚚

However, they will be delivered on your chosen day from Monday - Saturday (7 am - 8 pm).

Furniture items can usually be delivered within a week, provided that they’re in stock.

Two men carrying a mattress
Large items can be delivered to the required room.

You’ll get a phone call before the delivery team arrives. ☎️

White-glove delivery service stopped during the coronavirus pandemic, but Dunelm will once again now take the items up to your room of choice.

However, made-to-order furniture will cost 5 - 10 weeks to be delivered.

Are Dunelm returns free?

Dunelm returns are free via Evri (previously known as Hermes.)

Returned items should be in their original condition (packaging and tags) with proof of purchase.

You’ll need to contact Dunelm before you return your items.

Returns policy graphic
Dunelm products come with free returns.

The Dunelm returns process is pretty straightforward.

Items must be returned within 28 days of delivery, and you can either return the items to the store online or arrange a collection. ✅

Dunelm online shop vs in-store

We visited the Dunelm store to better understand what they’re all about.

Overall it was a pleasant experience, with a varied collection of items to browse. 😍

Dunelm lighting

Dunelm bathroom section

However, it did feel somewhat disorganised and cluttered in places (not dissimilar to most Primark stores.)

The particular branch we visited didn’t have the best layout, and we missed certain areas of the store. 😕

Once we circled around the second time, we stumbled upon sections we hadn’t previously seen.

Therefore, we think shopping online is easier - particularly if you’re looking for something specific.

Dunelm online vs in-store
The Dunelm online shop was an easier shopping process.

The Dunelm website is highly accessible, with items organised within categories.

You also can filter items by brand, size, material, colour, and other options depending on the item category. 💻

We recommend visiting the Dunelm store if you are just out having a browse.

We ended up finding a lot of useful items that we probably wouldn’t have stumbled across online. 🛒

Supporting brick-and-mortar stores also helps high streets compete with the online market and prevent them from closing down.

Take a look at our other guides for popular retailers:

It often helps to shop around at different stores to compare the best deals.

Should you shop at Dunelm?

Overall, we think Dunelm is a worthwhile store, whether online ( or in-store. ✅

They have a vast selection of products for the home, and we’re confident they’ll have something you may need.

However, there are plenty of fantastic online brands to consider too. 😱

If you’re thinking about buying a new mattress, you should have a good browse at all the options available to you.

That way, you can make an informed decision that will prevent you from making a purchase you might later regret.

Take a look at our top mattress recommendations:

Contact Dunelm UK

Customer service: To contact Dunelm directly for complaints, support, or queries, please call them on 0345 165 6565 or complete their online contact form.

Registered office: Dunelm (Soft Furnishings) Ltd, Watermead Business Park, Syston, Leicestershire, LE7 1AD.

Frequently asked questions

  • Where are Dunelm products manufactured?

    Most products that Dunelm sells are manufactured within the United Kingdom.

    Dunelm supports UK brands such as Dorma, Fogarty, Panda, and Eve. 

    The company headquarters is in Syston, Leicestershire, with a distribution centre in Stoke-on-Trent, England.

  • Why did Dunelm Mill change its name?

    Did you know that Dunelm was originally called Dunelm Mill until 2013?

    Dunelm rebranded to its simplified name “to reflect what customers had been calling the company for years.” 

    However, they’re not the first retailer to rebrand this way. 

    In 2012, Wilkinsons rebranded to “Wilko”  after being known more commonly by this name by customers. 

    We think it’s great that these retailers pay close attention to how their customers recognise them.

  • What time does Dunelm close?

    The Dunelm closing time depends on the specific store you are shopping at. 

    Some Dunelm stores are closed by 6 pm, with others staying open until as late as 9 pm

    You can find the closing time for your store easily with a Google search. 

    For example, type “Dunelm Lakeside closing time” or “Dunelm Brighton closing time” into the search bar.

    Alternatively, you can also use the store finder tool on the Dunelm website to find out the latest news concerning this popular retailer.  

  • Is Dunelm on the stock market?

    Dunelm is on the London Stock Exchange and constitute of the FTSE 250 Index.

  • References



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