Harrison Spinks Mattress Review

Harrison Spinks Mattress Review UK (2024)

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Looking for a sustainable and high-quality mattress?

Meet Harrison Spinks.

This Yorkshire-based brand has been making mattresses for 180 years with materials grown on their 300-acre farm.

But do their eco-conscious processes and innovative technologies really work?

In this Harrison Spinks mattress review, we dive into the nuances of Harrison Spinks mattresses and whether they are worth the cost.

harrison spinks mattress review
Highly Rated By Customers

Harrison Spinks Grassington 5750 Pocket Mattress

The Harrison Spinks Grassington mattress combines 5750 pocket springs with natural materials.
  • Pocket springs, Yorkshire wool, cotton, flax & hemp 
  • Medium firm
  • 28 cm (11 inches)


Tell me more about the Harrison Spinks Grassington Mattress

The Harrison Spinks Grassington 5750 Pocket Mattress combines 5750 pocket springs with a layer of 100% Yorkshire wool blended with cotton, flax, and hemp.

These natural materials offer softness, temperature regulation and hypoallergenic properties.

The Grassington mattress is hand-tufted, which typically binds all the materials together so the fibres don't shift around. 

This keeps your mattress evenly distributed so it doesn't accumulate into lumps and bumps after a month. 

However, a few Mattress Online customers found the mattress felt much softer after a few months and even sloped in places. 

Reasons to buy

5-year guarantee

60-night trial period 


Reasons to avoid

Some customers found it softened over time 

Best Orthopaedic Support

Harrison Spinks Knaresborough 3250 Pocket Ortho Mattress

This mattress is meticulously handcrafted for firmer, orthopaedic support.
  • Pocket springs, Yorkshire wool, cotton, flax & hemp 
  • Firm
  • 24 cm (9.4 inches)

Tell me more about the Harrison Spinks Knaresborough Mattress

The Harrison Spinks Knaresborough Mattress has 3250 pocket springs, which work independently to provide precise body adaption and a pressure-relieving feel. 

The Knaresborough mattress has a layer of natural materials that are breathable, hypoallergenic and antibacterial. 

The Knaresborough mattress comes equipped with four sturdy turning handles so you can rotate it easily instead of flipping it. 

This is ideal for elderly individuals or those with back problems. 

Mattress Online delivers the Knaresborough mattress rolled up so you can easily manoeuvre it into your bedroom.

Reasons to buy

5-year guarantee

60-night trial period 

Ideal for stomach sleepers 

Reasons to avoid

Too firm for side sleepers

Silky Soft

Harrison Spinks Saltaire 10750 Pocket Mattress

The Harrison Spinks Saltaire mattress is all about quality and luxury.
  • Pocket springs, silk, mohair, cashmere, Yorkshire wool, cotton, flax & hemp
  • Medium firm
  • 30 cm (11.8 inches)

Tell me more about the Saltaire Pocket Mattress

The Harrison Spinks Saltaire 10750 Pocket Mattress is a luxury double-sided mattress, so you can flip the mattress every few months. 

Both sides have a comfort layer made from high-end materials like silk, mohair and cashmere.

These natural materials are known for their soft, smooth and fine texture, creating a plush feel. 

They're also hypoallergenic, antibacterial and moisture-wicking, making it perfect for hot sleepers.

Furthermore, the Saltaire mattress features 10750 pocket springs, a significantly higher count than many other mattresses.

A higher number of pocket springs typically translates to better weight distribution, contouring, and overall support.

Reasons to buy

5-year guarantee

60-night trial period 

Double-sided design for extra longevity 

Reasons to avoid

Very expensive 

Luxury Option

Harrison Spinks Cotterdale 13250 Pocket Pillowtop Mattress

The Harrison Spinks Cotterdale mattress has an integrated mattress topper and 13250 pocket springs.
  • Pocket springs with Yorkshire wool, silk, mohair, cashmere, hemp, cotton & flax
  • Soft to Medium
  • 37 cm (14.5 inches)

Tell me more about the Harrison Spinks Cotterdale Mattress

The Harrison Spinks Cotterdale 13250 Pocket Pillowtop Mattress is exclusive to Mattress Online.

The pillowtop is made from various natural layers of Yorkshire wool, silk, mohair and cashmere. 

These materials typically have a soft texture and bouncy feel, making your mattress extra cosy.

The mattress has 13250 pocket springs, exceeding the market standard of 1000 to 2000 springs. 

A higher count of pocket springs ensures tailored support for specific body areas, such as hips and shoulders and provides excellent pressure relief.

A wool-viscose cover wraps these components neatly, encasing your pillowtop mattress. 

Reasons to buy

5-year guarantee

60-night trial 

Luxury natural materials 

Reasons to avoid

It may be too thick for standard fitted sheets

Some customers question the value for the quality 

Who is Harrison Spinks?

Harrison Spinks is a fifth-generation business based in Yorkshire, not to be mistaken for Spink and Co mattresses, which are a US brand.

Harrison Spinks specialises in handcrafted mattresses made from natural materials like Yorkshire wool, silk and mohair.

They source some of their natural fillings from their 300-acre farm in Yorkshire. 🧑‍🌾

This farm produces hemp fibres, linen flax, and even houses a flock of sheep for British wool.

lady sleeping with sheep
Harrison Spinks mattresses use wool from the sheep on their farm!

They use an in-house weaving team in North Yorkshire and produce their own award-winning pocket springs.

The company's ethos revolves around sustainable practices and a commitment to craftsmanship, with sleep as its primary focus.

The Harrison Spinks mattress range

Harrison Spinks offers a range of mattress types divided into four categories. 🐏

The distinctive features of each collection:

  • Harrison Spinks Seasonal Turn Collection: Double-sided mattresses with one side that is warm for winter with wool blends and the other is cool for summer with cotton blends.

  • Harrison Spinks Pillowtop Collection: Softer mattresses with an integrated Harrison Spinks mattress topper filled with cashmere, silk, mohair and Yorkshire wool.

  • Harrison Spinks Optimum Support Ortho Collection: Firm orthopaedic mattresses with a needle hemp layer and micro pocket spring technology.

  • Harrison Spinks Turn Free Mattress Collection: Mattresses designed with built-in handles so you can rotate them instead of flipping them every few months.

We explore the features of each collection and the best Harrison Spinks mattresses in more detail further down.

How comfortable are Harrison Spinks mattresses?

Harrison Spinks is known for their sustainability ethos, but are their mattresses actually comfortable?

Let’s take a closer look at the different qualities.

Pressure relieving

The Harrison Spinks Ortho collection has multiple features known for providing excellent pressure relief and orthopaedic support.

The collection combines their high-density (HD) pocket spring technology with their Cortec™system to create a supportive and comfortable mattress.

individual pocket spring
Each one of these pocket sprungs works independently.

The Cortec™system is made up of HD micro springs that work independently from one another without any glue.

Each spring responds exactly where the pressure is applied and provides precise body adaption and lumbar support.

This pocket spring system adapts to your body shape and relieves pressure while you sleep.

pocket spring in mattress
Harrison Spinks takes pocket spring technology to a new level.

When it comes to the number of springs in a Harrison Spinks mattress, it varies across the different collections.

As a general rule, the more pocket springs, the better the support and pressure relief.

The luxurious collections, like the Harrison Spinks Pillowtop mattresses, go up to 13250 pocket springs.

While the more affordable mattresses, like the Knaresborough Ortho mattress, only have 3250 springs.

However, this is still far above the industry standard of 1000 to 2000 pocket springs in a mattress. 🎉


Temperature regulating

The Harrison Spinks mattresses feature multiple temperature-regulating materials to keep you comfortable.

The Harrison Spinks Seasonal Turn mattress collection has a wool side for winter and a cotton side for summer.

Unfortunately, this collection is unavailable on Mattress Online and is more difficult to come by.

double sided mattress
Wool is naturally temperature-regulating.

However, you don't really need the double-sided feature, as wool is known to be insulating and breathable.

A wool one-sided mattress, such as the Harrison Spinks Grassington 5750 Pocket Mattress, will serve you year-round, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.


Many Harrison Spinks mattresses also include a blended layer of cotton, flax and hemp, known for their moisture-wicking, hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties.

When you sweat, these materials wick away the moisture and stop it from producing bacteria later on.

person on moisture wicking mattress
Stay cool with a wool mattress.

The more expensive mattresses, like the Pillowtop collection, also include a luxury comfort layer with silk, mohair, cashmere and Yorkshire wool.

Besides their softness, silk and cashmere [1] are also known for their temperature-regulating qualities.

Finally, Harrison Spinks uses airflow pocket springs to encourage breathability within the mattress.

harrison spinks mattress air vents
Harrison Spinks mattresses have air vents to encourage ventilation inside the mattress.

There is space between each pocket spring and special air vents, as pictured above, that allow air to flow and keep the fibres fresh and dry.

Supportive edges

Harrison Spinks uses three rows of side stitching to secure their mattress edges and prevent sloping.

A mattress with good edge support doesn't sink when you sit or lie on the edge of the bed.

This is ideal for the elderly who struggle to get out of bed or couples who need to utilise the full surface area of their mattress.

mattresses for elderly
Edge support makes it easy to get out of bed in the morning.

In their Harrison Spinks reviews, a few Trustpilot customers said their mattress quickly deteriorated after a few months, producing a sloped effect and a dip in the middle.

This is disappointing as the Harrison Spinks mattresses are hand-tufted and side-stitched to keep the materials in place over time.

Fortunately, when you purchase Harrison Spinks on Mattress Online, you get a 60-day comfort trial and a five-year guarantee.

So, you are covered if you discover the same issues as these customers.

We also recommend turning your mattress every three months with the built-in handles to encourage even distribution.


Harrison Spinks is on the luxury end of the price scale, so durability is key.

The Ortho collection has a needled hemp layer blended with cotton, flax and wool.

natural mattress
These natural materials improve the durability of the mattress.

Hemp [2] typically has a much stronger structure, improving the durability and firmness of the blended layer while keeping the softness of the other materials.

Furthermore, the organic materials used in this blended layer are naturally fire retardant.

The Harrison Spink's mattress cover is made from their fire-retardant modal viscose fibre derived from the cellulose of beech trees.

Between the organic materials and this cover, Harrison Spinks meets flammability standards without any additional chemical treatments, so you don't need to worry about your mattress catching light anytime soon.

Who is a Harrison Spinks mattress suitable for?

When it comes to the best Harrison Spinks mattress, it depends on your needs and preferences.

Here is an overview of who the mattresses are most suitable for.

Those with back problems

The Harrison Spinks Ortho collection is designed for those with back pain.

They are very firm mattresses with a micro pocket spring system designed to provide targeted lumbar support.

man sleeping on back
The Ortho collection is ideal for back sleepers.

We delve into the Harrison Spinks pocket spring technology above.

These firmer designs, like the Knaresborough mattress, keep your spine aligned and prevent arching of the lower back when you sleep on your back or front so you can wake up ache-free.


Older individuals

As we discussed earlier, Harrison Spinks mattresses offer edge support to make it easier for older individuals to get out of bed.

They also offer an entire Turn Free collection for those unable to flip their mattress.

Instead, these mattresses have handles to rotate the mattress every few months.

rotate mattress

This still involves a lot of physical exertion, and elderly individuals may need some assistance.

For older people looking for a comfy mattress that doesn't need flipping, we recommend a Harrison Spinks pillow top mattress, like the Cotterdale design, with the integrated Harrison Spinks mattress topper.



Harrison Spinks mattresses have multiple rows of side-stitching to provide edge-to-edge support.

This is particularly important for couples sharing a bed so you can use the mattress's full surface area.

couple lying in bed
Finding the right mattress as a couple can be very tricky.

Furthermore, individual pocket springs, like the Harrison Spinks Cortec™ system, typically have motion isolation capabilites.

When your partner moves around in the night, your side of the mattress shouldn’t move too much.

These two features make Harrison Spinks mattresses great for couples, especially if you have a restless sleeping partner! 🥳

Eco-conscious people

Harrison Spinks is all about sustainability.

They grow their own materials locally and use an in-house sustainability team to improve skills and economic opportunities.

Plus, natural materials tend to be more biodegradable, so less waste ends up in landfill.

woman on ecofriendly mattress
Harrison Spinks is committed to sustainability.

Harrison Spinks mattresses are foam-free, glue-free and chemical-free. ♻️

They are a great brand if you’re looking for a high-quality, sustainable mattress.

Hot sleepers

Harrison Spinks incorporates many temperature-regulating features into their mattresses.

From airflow technology to breathable materials, their mattresses, like the Saltaire design, focus on keeping you cool and refreshed at night.

Harrison Spinks uses more natural materials, which are generally more breathable and temperature-regulating than other mattress materials, like memory foam.

We get into the details here.


Who is a Harrison Spinks mattress not suitable for?

Harrison Spinks is a high-end brand with high prices, ranging from £950 to £2750 for a double.

Generally, in Harrison Spinks' reviews on Mattress Online [3] and Trustpilot, customers say the mattresses are worth the premium cost. 💰

However, a few Harrison Spinks mattress reviews (UK) say the mattresses are no different than more affordable brands, and they would not pay the Harrison Spinks mattress prices again.

If you're looking for a luxury natural mattress that's slightly more affordable, we recommend checking out Hypnos mattresses.

money in piggy bank
Investing in a Harrison Spinks mattress is a big decision.

Fortunately, with Mattress Online, you can trial your mattress for 60 days and determine whether it is worth the cost for you.

We discuss the details of the trial period and returns process here.

Harrison Spinks mattresses also come with a five-year guarantee.

Other more affordable mattress brands, like Panda London and Simba, offer a ten-year guarantee.

For the price point, we would expect a longer guarantee from Harrison Spinks.

Harrison Spinks delivery & returns

There are several Harrison mattress stockists in the UK.

But with Mattress Online, you can get your Harrison Spinks mattress with free next-day delivery services or on the day you choose if you order 60 days ahead. 🚗

They deliver it to the room of your choice within a two-hour delivery slot and call to let you know they're on their way.

Some of the Harrison Spinks mattresses, like the Knaresborough design, are delivered rolled up.

This is handy if you're storing the mattress for a later day and don't want it to take up an entire room.


Always double-check with the retailer to ensure you know how your mattress will be delivered.

Mattress Online also offers a 60-day comfort trial to test the mattress and decide if you like it.

If you don’t like it, you can swap it for another one on their site from a different brand.

They will send you a mattress bag to re-package your mattress ready for collection.

mattress online return process

They will not refund you the difference if your replacement mattress is a lower price.

However, if it’s up to £100 cheaper, they will give you the difference between the prices in credit on the site.

This is definitely something to consider before investing in a Harrison Spinks mattress, as there are very few mattresses on Mattress Online at such a high price point.

Are Harrison Spinks mattresses good?

Our Harrison Spinks mattress review concludes that this is a premium brand with sustainable, luxury mattresses.

They offer a wide range of mattresses for hot sleepers, couples, older people and eco-conscious individuals. 🌱

However, Harrison mattress reviews include doubts about the durability of their mattresses and whether they are worth the cost.

All in all, Harrison Spinks is making strides in the mattress industry with new natural material combinations and innovative technology that provides a luxury sleep experience.

Contact Harrison Spinks UK

Customer service: To contact Harrison Spinks directly for complaints, support, or queries, please e-mail them at info@harrisonspinks.co.uk, visit their live online chat, or complete their online contact form.

Registered office: The Innovation Centre, Westland Road, Leeds, LS11 5SB, Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Frequently asked questions

  • How often do you turn a Harrison Spinks mattress?

    Harrison Spinks pocket-sprung mattresses are designed with top-notch materials and craftsmanship. 

    Typically, turning and rotating your mattress every 2–4 months is advised. 

    This ensures even wear and prolongs the lifespan of the mattress. 

    However, the frequency might vary if you've paired it with a divan bed or certain bed frames. 

    Always refer to the specific care instructions provided by the bed manufacturer or the bedmakers.

    For example, Harrison Spinks recommends using a mattress protector with their mattresses alongside turning them.

  • Where are Harrison Spinks mattresses made?

    Harrison Spinks mattresses proudly originate from North Yorkshire, UK. 

    They are renowned bedmakers with a rich heritage in creating high-quality bedroom furniture. 

    Each mattress is meticulously crafted by expert hands, ensuring you get a piece of British luxury in your bedroom.

  • What sizes are Harrison Spinks mattresses available in?

    Harrison Spinks offers a versatile range of UK sizes to cater to diverse sleeping needs. 

    They offer: 

    • Harrison Spinks single mattress: 90 x 190 cm (3’0” x 6’3”)
    • Harrison Spinks double mattress: 135 x 190 cm (4’6” x 6’3”)
    • Harrison Spinks king size mattress: 150 x 200 cm (5’0” x 6’6”)
    • Harrison Spinks super king size mattress: 180 x 200 cm (6’0” x 6’6”)

    Unfortunately, they do not have a small double size.

  • Are there custom options for bed frames and headboards with Harrison Spinks?


    Harrison Spinks, an elite bed manufacturer, provides custom options for bed frames, divan bed bases and headboards. 

    The Harrison Spinks beds range from the classic to the contemporary, ensuring that every bedroom aesthetic is catered to. 

    The Trustpilot Harrison Spinks beds reviews are generally positive and recommend the brand to others.

  • How much is a Harrison Spinks mattress?

    The Harrison Spinks mattress price list indicates that their mattresses are positioned at a higher price point in the market.

    While you can often find discounts during a Harrison Spinks mattress sale or Harrison Spinks mattress clearance,  it's important to note that these are premium products

    Those interested in purchasing or exploring the range can visit Harrison Spinks mattress stockists, which often have showrooms that allow potential buyers to experience the luxury firsthand. 

    For example, there is a great range of John Lewis Harrison Spinks mattresses.

  • What other Harrison Spinks mattresses are there?

    There are many Harrison Spinks mattresses on the market, sold by various retailers. 

    There are countless Harrison mattresses reviews to go alongside them, helping new customers get a better idea of what each mattress is like.

    Here are some of the most popular Harrison Spinks mattresses: 

    • Harrison Emerald Mattress
    • Harrison Spinks Yorkshire 13500 Mattress
    • Harrison Spinks Lavender Mattress 
    • Harrison Spinks Levisham 3250 Pocket Mattress
    • Harrison Spinks Yorkshire Ortho Mattress
    • Harrison Spinks 5750 Bergamot Mattress
    • Harrison Spinks 5900 Copenhagen Mattress
  • Where can you buy Harrison Spinks mattresses?

    Harrison Spinks mattresses are widely available in the UK. 

    A few examples of Harrison mattress stockists include: DFS, Furniture Village, My Next Mattress, Prestige Beds and many more.

  • References

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