Flaxby Mattresses Review

Flaxby Mattresses Review UK (2024)

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In this review, we delve into the Flaxby mattress range created by Harrison Spinks for Dreams.

These mattresses are known for their pocket springs and use of natural materials like wool and cashmere. 🐏

We'll examine the different mattresses and their features to provide a clear understanding of what each offers.

In this Flaxby mattress review, we dive into the ins and outs of the Flaxby mattress range and whether they are worth the investment.

Flaxby Mattresses Review
Firmer Feel

Dreams Flaxby Oxtons Guild Pocket Sprung Mattress

The Flaxby Oxtons Guild Mattress combines pocket springs and natural materials, like wool and hemp.
  • 2000 micro pocket springs
  • Hemp and wool layers
  • Option for firm or very firm

The Flaxby Oxtons Guild Pocket Sprung Mattress, meticulously crafted in the UK by Harrison Spinks, has 2000 micro springs and a Cortech quad core.

These innovative, glue-free Cortec springs are recyclable and known to provide a pressure-relieving effect. 

The mattress also has layers of British wool and Yorkshire-grown hemp, which can help with temperature regulation and maintaining antibacterial freshness.

Flaxby's Oxtons Guild Pocket Sprung Mattress requires regular rotation to maintain its shape and extend its lifespan.

You can choose between firm and very firm with this mattress, and it comes with a 100-night Comfort Guarantee, so you can make sure it's the right fit. 

Reasons to buy:

Temperature-regulating natural materials

Durable and eco-friendly

100-Night Comfort Trial

Reasons to avoid:

Only available in firm and very firm


Best Orthopaedic Support

Dreams Flaxby Coltons Guild Pocket Sprung Mattress

The Flaxby Coltons Guild Pocket Sprung Mattress features advanced DNAir pocket spring technology and natural materials, like wool and hemp.
  • 2000 luxury DNAir springs
  • Firm or very firm options
  • Wool and hemp layers

The Flaxby Coltons Guild Pocket Sprung Mattress is handcrafted in the UK by Harrison Spinks.

It has 2,475 pocket springs, including 2,000 DNAir springs and a Cortech quad core. 

This mattress is available in firm or very firm grades and is enhanced with British wool and hemp for optimal temperature regulation.

Its single-sided design requires regular rotation and features traditional tufting and side stitching for durability and longevity.

Environmentally conscious sleepers will appreciate the recyclable, glue-free springs.

Plus, it has a 100-night Comfort Guarantee, so you can ensure the mattress is the right fit for you.

Reasons to buy:

Luxury DNAir springs for great support

High-quality, temperature-regulating materials

Luxury features, like side-stitching and traditional tufting

Reasons to avoid:

Only available in firm or very firm

Luxury Option

Dreams Flaxby Master's Guild 4450 Pillow Top Mattress

This mattress combines 4450 pocket springs, including DNAir and Posturfil, with a pillow top layer.
  • Blend of DNAir and Posturfil springs
  • 100-Night Comfort Trial
  • Pillow Top layer for extra softness

The Flaxby Master's Guild 4450 Pillow Top Mattress is handmade by Harrison Spinks in the UK.

It combines 2,700 DNAir pocket springs with a layer of Posturfil springs.

Its luxurious pillow top also contains adaptive micro springs that typically adapt to your body's contours, providing a pressure-relieving effect.

This mattress has multiple layers of natural materials like British wool, hemp, and cotton to help regulate your temperature effectively, and provide a comfortable sleep environment year-round.

It is single-sided and requires regular rotation to keep it in good shape. 

The Flaxby collection includes four more Master's Guild mattresses with varying numbers of pocket springs (up to 16150 pocket springs.)

With a 100-night Comfort Guarantee and a 5-year warranty, this mattress is a luxurious choice that should last for years. 

Reasons to buy:

Three types of pocket springs for extra support

The only Flaxby mattress with a pillow top layer

Natural temperature regulation with materials like wool, cotton and hemp

Available in medium and firm

Reasons to avoid:

Single-sided design

The Flaxby mattress range

The Flaxby mattress collection is made by Harrison Spinks for Dreams.

The collection is made from pocket springs and layers of high-quality natural materials, such as wool, hemp and cashmere. 🌿

There are subtle differences between each mattress in the collection, which is divided into three names.

  • The Flaxby Oxtons Guild Pocket Sprung Mattress is made from micro pocket springs and natural materials like wool and hemp.
  • The Flaxby Coltons Guild Pocket Sprung Mattress is made from DNAir pocket spring technology and wool and hemp layers.
  • The Flaxby Master’s Guild Mattress range features five mattresses with varying amounts of DNAir and Posturfil pocket springs, along with layers of cashmere, mohair, wool and more.

We dive into the benefits of these features further down. 👇

How comfortable are Flaxby mattresses?

The Dreams Flaxby mattresses are made from innovative pocket spring technology and premium natural materials.

Let’s find out whether these features make them comfortable.


The Harrison Spinks Flaxby mattresses use a sophisticated pocket spring system, which includes DNAir, Cortec, and micro springs.

The Cortec springs are exclusive to Harrison Spinks and are designed to provide stability, durability, and support.

Their glue-free design allows for individual movement so that they can provide targeted support and pressure relief. 🎯

Individual pocket springs adapt to your body precisely, providing a weightless feeling.

They work alongside Harrison Spink’s micro springs, which are even more precise in adapting to your body and providing lumbar support.

Together, these springs work to distribute your weight evenly, alleviating pressure points and enhancing the overall comfort of your mattress.

Temperature-regulating properties

Some of the Harrison Spinks Flaxby mattress range, such as the Flaxby Coltons Guild Pocket Sprung Mattress, incorporates DNAir technology and natural layers like wool, hemp [1], and cotton to regulate temperature. ❄️


Flaxby DNAair mattresses have perforated sides that encourage airflow through the mattress.

This allows heat and moisture to escape from the mattress, keeping you cool and the mattress in good condition.

Flaxby mattresses also include multiple layers of wool and hemp, which are naturally breathable and insulating materials. 🐑

wool flaxby mattresses

The more expensive Dreams Flaxby mattresses, such as the Flaxby Master’s Guild 16150 Pocket Sprung Mattress, include mohair, silk and cashmere [2].

These materials are known for their moisture-wicking and breathability properties, along with their superior softness.


Flaxby mattresses are side-stitched and traditional hand-tufted to encourage longevity.

flaxby mattress side stitched
Side stitching and hand tufting help to improve the durability of a mattress.

Tufting prevents the internal materials from shifting and helps to maintain the mattress's shape and structural integrity over time.

Side stitching enhances edge support, preventing sagging and extending the mattress's lifespan.

However, a few Authentic Reviews customers found the Flaxby Pillow Top Mattress became quite uneven after a few weeks, and the stuffing separated around where they slept.

Fortunately, the Flaxby collection comes with a 100-night Comfort Guarantee, so if you find the stuffing dips over a few weeks, you can exchange your mattress for a different one on the Dreams site.

flaxby mattress rotate every 3 months
Regularly rotating your mattress can make a big difference in longevity.

We also recommend turning your Flaxby mattress every 3 to 6 months with built-in handles to keep the materials evenly distributed.

Who is a Flaxby mattress suitable for?

Flaxby mattresses are versatile and suitable for a wide range of people.

Here are a few examples.


For couples, a Flaxby double mattress is an excellent choice with its edge support features. 💑

The side stitching ensures that the edges remain firm, preventing any sensation of rolling off.

couple on flaxby mattress
Flaxby mattresses are a great match for couples.

This feature allows couples to utilise the entire surface area of the mattress, maximising space and comfort.

If one person is a restless sleeper, the Flaxby mattress provides a stable and supportive sleep environment that accommodates the needs of both partners.

There are quite a few Flaxby mattress reviews that praise the Flaxby Oxtons Guild Pocket Spring Mattress for being comfortable and supportive for two people.



Older individuals can particularly benefit from a Flaxby mattress, given its pressure-relieving capabilities.

The pocket springs, including DNAir and Cortec springs, offer targeted support and adapt to the body's contours, reducing pressure on joints and easing aches like back pain.

elderly people flaxby mattresses
Flaxby mattresses are firm and supportive, making them ideal for elderly people.

For those with orthopaedic concerns, the firmer Flaxby mattresses can provide the additional support needed to maintain proper spinal alignment and comfort throughout the night.

For example, the Flaxby Coltons Guilt Pocket Sprung Mattress is available in firm and very firm.


Eco-conscious people

Eco-conscious individuals will appreciate the sustainable aspects of Flaxby mattresses. 🌱

The Cortec springs are glue-free, reducing the use of chemicals and making the mattress more recyclable at the end of its life cycle.

environmentally friendly flaxby mattresses
Flaxby mattresses include many eco-friendly features.

Moreover, natural materials like wool, hemp, and cotton are sustainable, biodegradable and non-toxic, making them better for your carbon footprint. ♻️

These sustainable materials contribute to the mattress's overall performance, making Flaxby an ideal choice for those who prioritise the environment in their purchasing decisions.

Who is a Flaxby mattress not suitable for?

While Flaxby mattresses offer exceptional comfort and quality, they might not align with everyone's needs or preferences.

Budget-Conscious Shoppers

One significant consideration is the price point. 💰

Flaxby mattresses fall on the luxury end of the price spectrum due to their advanced technology, quality materials, and eco-friendly features.

For individuals or families who are particularly budget-conscious, the investment in a Flaxby mattress might seem daunting.

flaxby mattress price range
Flaxby mattresses are on the more expensive side.

While the quality and durability can justify the cost over time, the initial expense may not be feasible for those who are looking for a more economically priced option.

We recommend the Simba Hybrid if you’re looking for a more affordable pocket spring mattress.

People Who Prefer a Money-Back Guarantee

Another aspect to consider is the 100-night Comfort Trial offered by Dreams.

While this trial allows customers to experience the mattress in their home environment, it is important to note that it only offers exchanges, not refunds. 🔄

This means that if the mattress does not meet your expectations, you can swap it for another model on the Dreams website, but you cannot get your money back.

For shoppers who are hesitant about their choice and prefer the option of a full refund if the product doesn't suit them, this policy might make Flaxby mattresses less appealing.

Especially for those who like to thoroughly test out a mattress with the security of a money-back guarantee, this exchange-only trial may not align with their purchasing preferences.

If the trial period is a big factor, we recommend the Emma Luxe mattress instead, which offers a 200-night trial period and free returns.

Flaxby delivery & returns

Dreams ensure a seamless delivery and returns process for your mattress purchase in the UK.

They deliver your mattress delivered straight to your chosen room, with the flexibility to select a delivery date and time between Monday and Saturday, 7 am to 6 pm.

Dreams can also dispose of your old mattress with their mattress recycling service when they deliver your new one. ♻️

flaxby mattresses recycling service
Dreams can recycle your old mattress at their specialised centre.

The 100-night Comfort Guarantee allows you to test your mattress for 30 to 100 nights, and you must use a mattress protector from day one.

The Flaxby mattress protector has great customer reviews and you can purchase it in one go with your mattress.

If you're not satisfied, you can exchange it for any mattress on the Dreams site.

If you choose a more expensive mattress, you must pay the price difference.

If you choose a cheaper mattress, the price difference will be refunded to you.

Are Flaxby mattresses good?

All in all, Flaxby mattresses have great customer reviews and innovative pocket spring technology behind them.

They use natural materials like wool, hemp, and cashmere and offer mattresses with varying numbers of pocket springs for different levels of support.

However, they are more expensive, and Dreams does not offer a traditional sleep trial, in which customers can try a Flaxby mattress and get a refund if they don’t like it.

Instead, their comfort trial is exchange-only, which may dissuade some customers from making such an investment.

Before you invest in a Flaxby mattress, we recommend checking out the Harrison Spinks mattress range first.

They are the manufacturer of Flaxby mattresses and offer a much wider range with different firmness levels and features.

Our favourite Harrison Spinks mattresses:

Frequently asked questions

  • What do Flaxby mattress reviews say?

    Most Dreams Flaxby mattress reviews say the range is comfortable, supportive and luxurious. 

    A few customers commented that the mattresses are very firm, and some people said this took a few nights to get used to. 

    There are also a few Flaxby 4450 mattress reviews that mention the pillow top stuffing became uneven after a few weeks. 

    We discuss this further above.

    Unfortunately, the Flaxby Nature's Finest 4450 Pillow Top Mattress reviews and the Flaxby Nature's Finest 9450 Pillow Top Mattress reviews are redundant as these mattresses have been discontinued. 

  • What is the Flaxby Nature’s Finest Mattress range?

    The Flaxby Nature’s Finest Mattress Range has been discontinued. 

    This includes the following mattresses:

    • Flaxby Nature's Finest 4450 Pillow Top Mattress 
    • Flaxby Nature’s Finest 4450 Mattress
    • Flaxby Nature's Finest 8150 Mattress (also known as Flaxby Nature's Finest 8150 DNAir Mattress)
    • Flaxby Nature's Finest 9450 Pillow Top Mattress
    • Flaxby Nature’s Finest 9450 Mattress
    • Flaxby Nature's Finest 14450 Pillow Top Mattress
    • Flaxby Natures Finest 4500 Mattress
    • Flaxby Nature's Dawn All Seasons Pocket Sprung Mattress
    • Flaxby Nature’s Dusk Mattress (also known as Flaxby Nature's Dusk All Seasons Pocket Sprung Mattress)
  • Who is the Flaxby mattress manufacturer?

    Harrison Spinks is the Flaxby mattress manufacturer, and we have a whole article reviewing their brand! 

    They are known for luxurious mattresses that utilise innovative pocket spring technology and natural materials.

  • References

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