Emma Ottoman Bed Review

Emma Ottoman Bed Review UK (2024)

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Thinking about buying the Emma Ottoman Bed?

Well, our experts tried and tested this Product of the Year 2024 winner [1].

Check out our Emma Ottoman Bed review to decide if it’s worth your hard-earned cash. 🤔

We’ll tell you everything you need to know before you buy, from the quality to assembly woes and beyond.

Let’s dive right in. 🕵️

Top features of the Emma Ottoman Bed

200-day trial period
200-night trial
2-year guarantee
2-year guarantee
Free delivery & returns
Free delivery and returns


  • Outstanding storage capacity.
  • Beautiful design, available in two chic shades of grey.
  • Comfortable padded headboard.
  • Breathable wooden slats.
  • Excellent 200-night trial.
  • Great 2-year guarantee.


  • Emma Ottoman Bed assembly was difficult and time-consuming.
  • It didn’t come with the instruction manual or all the tools needed to build the bed.
  • The frame quality did not meet our expectations.
  • Delivery boxes are large, heavy, and hard to manoeuvre.
  • The lid of the ottoman (the slatted bed base) does not stay closed without a mattress on top of it.

Who is the Emma Ottoman Bed most suitable for?

  • People who need some extra storage space.
  • Anyone who likes to keep their bedroom neat and tidy.
  • Lovers of sleek design.
  • People who want to chill out against a comfortable padded headboard.

Emma Ottoman Bed delivery and assembly

Where better to start our Emma Ottoman Bed review than discussing the bed’s delivery and assembly?

These areas are also some of our least favourite parts of the bed. 👎

So, what should you expect from Emma’s delivery services, and how easy is it to assemble the Emma Ottoman Bed frame?

Emma bed delivery

Unfortunately, Emma has been having lots of problems with their UK delivery. 🚚

Many customers have complained about slow or no-show deliveries in Trustpilot Emma Ottoman Bed reviews.

While ours wasn’t the slowest, we did experience other issues.

The Emma Ottoman Bed comes in 3 large, very heavy packages.

These are a nightmare to carry through narrow halls or stairways.

Emma ottoman bed boxes
The Emma Sleep Ottoman Bed arrives in 3 challenging-to-manoeuvre boxes.

So, it may not be the bed frame for you if you live above the second floor and do not have access to a lift.

If you’re concerned about getting a new bed into your home, you may prefer the Simba Orion, which is packed in smaller boxes that are significantly easier to manoeuvre.

Next up, let’s talk about assembling the Emma Ottoman Bed. 👇

Emma Ottoman Bed assembly

Assembling the Emma Ottoman Bed was far from straightforward.

Unfortunately, we weren’t alone in this experience. 😥

Many customer Emma Ottoman Bed reviews echo our struggles with putting the bed together.

No Emma Ottoman Bed instructions

The first problem was that no Emma Ottoman Bed instructions came with our bed.

Fortunately, you can now find the Emma Ottoman Bed assembly instructions PDF [2] online (which was not the case when we tested the bed).

Complicated assembly

Contrary to claims, assembling this bed was neither quick nor easy.

The process, which was supposed to take under an hour for two people, took almost five hours before our experienced testers threw in the towel.

We actually had to enlist the help of a handyman to finish the assembly - who equally muttered about the complicated assembly. 🧑‍🔧

Key issues included the necessity for tools that were not provided or were of poor quality.

Emma ottoman bed allen key
The Allen key we received with our Emma Ottoman Bed wore out during the assembly.

Given our experience, we’d also argue that an electric screwdriver is necessary to assemble the bed effectively.

Additionally, the pre-drilled holes were misaligned, complicating the attachment of screws and parts.

The spring structure was particularly complicated to fit.

It required one person to hold things in position so we could attach the springs and slats correctly.

On top of this, the wood split when we attached a support slat to the back part of the bed. 👎

Emma ottoman bed wood breaking

This ordeal highlights the importance of clear and accurate Emma Ottoman Bed assembly instructions, which are now thankfully available online.

We’d still give a word of warning, though.

The complexity of assembly could affect the bed's guarantee if done incorrectly. 📜

For a less stressful experience, we suggest choosing a bed that is easier to assemble or opting for a bed from Dreams, with its handy bed assembly service.

Try the below instead:

Emma Ottoman Bed storage

The storage space is the highlight of the Emma Ottoman Bed frame! 🏆

Its huge hidden space helps reduce clutter, which studies suggest can improve our quality of life [3] and mental well-being.

Its generous storage capacity surpasses many competitors in the ottoman bed market.

You can expect up to 890L of storage with a super king, 744L with a king-size, and 637L with a double Emma Ottoman Bed. 📦

Our super king Emma Ottoman Bed had ample space for various items, from smaller suitcases to bedding.

Unlike some ottoman beds that reduce usable space with where the springs sit or built-in dividers, Emma’s bed allows you to use the entire area. 👏

Emma ottoman bed sheet half in
The bottom of the bed is only covered with a fabric sheet.

It is worth noting that the storage compartment's base is a piece of fabric, which fits well enough but never quite aligned perfectly (you have to velcro-attach it to the sides).

We found it could hold most items without issue, but it's not great in terms of convenience, sturdiness, or for dust-proofing.

Emma Ottoman Bed design

The Emma Ottoman Bed is undeniably beautiful.

It offers a blend of aesthetically appealing and practical features, but it’s not without its drawbacks.

What we love about the design

During our extensive Emma Ottoman Bed review, we found plenty to love. 💞

Its ottoman storage utilises every inch of available space, ensuring no area is wasted.

This excellent under-bed storage solution is ideal given that there’s a significant shortage of space in homes in England [4].

The ottoman mechanism operates smoothly, facilitated by compressed air pistons.

It also has a lift handle on the footboard, ensuring easy access to the under-bed storage area.

Emma ottoman bed pull-up handle
We love the thoughtful addition of a handle on the Emma Ottoman Bed.

The fabric upholstery finish looks and feels soft and luxurious. 🤗

It is available in stylish light and dark grey shades, and while these go well with most decors, it would be nice to see Emma branch out to a broader colour selection.

The bed also comes with a large, padded headboard.

Emma ottoman bed headboard
The Emma ottoman bed headboard is very plush, but some people may find its size a little overbearing.

This looks fantastic and provides comfortable support for sitting up in bed. 📖


What we DON’T love about the design

Now that we’ve covered the best bits, let’s see where the bed fell short of expectations. 🕵️

Post-assembly, the bed's stability was questionable.

This did improve once the mattress was placed on the slats, but it still wasn’t the best quality, especially considering the price.

While the slats offer improved breathability, they pose several issues. 😣

These included:

  • The slats popped up without the weight of a mattress.
  • They were thin, leading to near-breakage during assembly.
  • They had minimal support of one metal pole running through the centre
  • The rounded edges of the slat system allows dust to fall into the under-bed storage area.

In addition, the bed was fairly squeaky, though this has lessened over time. 📣

Emma ottoman bed corner
As you can see, the corners of the bed stick out quite a bit.

The final point of contention was the sharp edges around the bed.

We found these edges unsafe, leading to scratches and bruises, and we wouldn’t recommend this if you have children (or are clumsy, like our tester).

If these negatives put you off, don’t worry: We can suggest some excellent alternatives.

The best alternative ottoman beds:

Emma Ottoman Bed sizes

The Emma Sleep Ottoman Bed comes in three sizes.

These include:

  • Emma Ottoman Bed double
  • Emma Ottoman Bed king-size
  • Emma Ottoman Bed super king

These sizes are ideal for most adults, offering ample space for storage and comfort. 😀

Just remember to choose a bed size that matches your mattress.

For those searching for a single ottoman bed or a small double, retailers like Bensons for Beds, Dreams, Happy Beds, or Argos offer the best size ranges. 🛍️

How much is the Emma Ottoman Bed?

The Emma Sleep Ottoman Bed isn’t cheap, and, through our tests for this Emma Ottoman Bed review, we found the quality of the bed did not fully justify the high cost. 😞

However, frequent Emma discounts and sales mean you can get an Emma bed for less.

Price-performance ratio
We didn’t think the bed’s quality measured up to its higher price.

If there are any discounts currently running, you’ll see them advertised throughout this page

Don't forget that we also have a Sleep Hero exclusive coupon that you can use for an additional 5% off your purchase. 🤫

Simply apply code "SLEEPHEROUK5" on checkout to get an extra 5% off.

This coupon code can be used together with standard promotions, but you won’t be able to apply it with other exclusive codes.

Should you buy an Emma Ottoman Bed?

The Emma Ottoman Bed stands out for its impressive uninterrupted storage space, stylish design, and comfortable headboard. 👍

Winner of the Product of the Year 2024 award [1], it also comes with a generous 200-night trial and a decent 2-year guarantee.


However, we didn’t love everything.

The Emma Ottoman Bed assembly process was a nightmare. 😱

Overall, it is not the best ottoman available for the price, especially when it comes to the quality of the frame.

Our favourite alternative ottoman beds:

Contact Emma Sleep UK

Customer service: To contact Emma Sleep UK directly for complaints, support, or queries, please e-mail them at support@emma-mattress.co.uk, complete their online contact form, or call them on +44 330 818 1710. Lines are open Monday - Friday from 08:00 - 13:00.

Registered office: Emma Matratzen GmbH, Wilhelm-Leuschner-Str. 78, 60329 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

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