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Best Bed Frames UK (2022)

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The bed frame is the final piece that completes your whole set, keeping your box spring and mattress in one place, and adding an aesthetic appeal to your bedroom as a whole.

There are a wide variety of bed frames available.

You’ll find dozens in different materials, different colours, and different aesthetic designs.

Some offer headboards, some offer storage units, and some are as minimalist as they come.

In this article, we’ll guide you through how to choose the perfect bed frame for your needs and offer our recommendations of the best bed frames available in the UK.

Best Bed Frames

Our top bed frame recommendations

Nectar Headboard Bed Frame

The Nectar Luxury Headboard Bed Frame has a classic, retro-inspired look for a timeless feel.

This retro-inspired bed frame offers a simple padded look with pale wooden legs.

The Nectar Luxury Headboard Bed Frame is a timeless frame to suit any bedroom.

Nectar Luxury Headboard Bed Frame

It features a simple padded frame, covered with a smart grey hopsack, and pale wooden legs.

The headboard is buttoned for a modern style.

The Nectar Luxury Headboard Bed Frame is a perfect fit for the Nectar memory foam mattress.


Emma Signature Bed

The Emma Signature Bed is an elegantly designed platform bed frame that allows for good airflow and excellent support.

This bed is available in dark grey or light grey platform design with a headboard, which is perfect for any bedroom.

The Emma Signature Bed is an elegantly designed platform bed frame that allows for good airflow and excellent support.

Emma Signature Bed

It's available in a dark grey platform design with a headboard, perfect for any bedroom.

FlexiSlats provide additional support for your back, shoulders, and hips, enhancing the mattress's support.

The Emma Bed comes with free delivery and a 200-day risk-free trial period.

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  Emma Signature Bed
Materials: Metal structure, plywood panels, polyester fabric
Size: Double, king, or super king
Trial: 200 nights
Guarantee: 10 years
What makes this bed frame special? The Emma Signature bed has a 10-year-guarantee to outshine competitors.

Eve Minimal Bed Frame

The Eve Minimal Bed Frame combines a classic minimalist design with top quality birch.

Rounded birch legs, solid birch back, and everything coated in exquisite white - the Eve Minimal Bed Frame is classic and stylish in one.

The Eve Minimal Bed Frame combines solid birch with a fresh coat of white paint to bring you a simple design that's chic and stylish.

Eve minimal bed frame

The frame has over 20 sprung birch plywood slats to support your back and allow your mattress to breathe.

The Eve Minimal Bed Frame comes with a 5-year guarantee.


Otty Bed Frame

The Otty Bed Frame is made from environmentally-crafted rubberwood and features a dark grey, luxurious polyester headboard.



DreamCloud Ottoman Storage Bed

The DreamCloud Ottoman Storage Bed offers ample space to keep your duvets, linen, and more.

This bed frame comes in an elegant upholstered design and offers ample storage space for all your bedding.

The DreamCloud Ottoman Storage Bed is a practical addition to any bedroom.

DreamCloud storage bed frame

It has been elegantly designed with a padded frame and headboard in dark grey and pale wooden legs.

The storage compartment underneath the bed is easily accessible via a side-lift mechanism and offers ample storage space for linen, pillows, or duvets.

It opens on the long side of the bed for easy access.

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Key criteria for choosing your perfect bed frame

There are a few key criteria you can follow to help you select the best bed frame for your bedroom.

Consider the below:


Is the bed frame for an adult or a child? Is it meant for one or two people? What size mattress do you have?

These are all important questions to ask as your bed frame would have to match your sleeping requirements.

Of course, a primary factor to consider is the size of your room as well.

There is no need in contemplating a large 200 x 200 cm bed frame if your room won’t accommodate that.

Style and aesthetic design

Do you want a headboard? Do you prefer a minimalist style? Do you want a storage unit?

You can look for bed frames in a variety of different styles and designs.

Material-wise, you can look for solid wood, upholstery, or even metal.

Different materials will provide a different look and ambience to your room.

You can also select different types of styles.

For children, you can opt for bunk beds, cabin beds, or even pull-out beds.

For adults, you can choose platform beds, four-poster beds, storage beds, and so much more.

There literally is a world of choice available.

What else do I need for my bed frame?

You can choose to purchase a bare bed frame or one equipped with everything you’d need.

Other essential accessories to complete your bed frame include:

Box spring or slats

This is where you’ll place your mattress on top off.

You can choose a base with slats, usually part of the bed frame, or you can opt for a box spring.

In some cases, the best type of base will be influenced by your choice of mattress.


You certainly don’t need a headboard but it can complete your whole set-up.

Headboards add a certain elegance to your bed frame.

They are available in a variety of different styles and can be made of different materials.

You can choose quilted fabric, velvet, leather, wood, or metal.

The important thing is to go for a design that matches your room.

Storage drawers

While some bed frames are designed as storage beds, you can also add storage drawers underneath your bed frame.

These are great to store duvets, blankets, pillows, and more.

You'll need to choose drawers that would fit underneath your frame, so definitely don't consider these before you've decided on a suitable frame.

Best pillows

Looking to upscale your bedroom as a whole and invest in some great new pillows?

Check out our selection below.

Which material should you choose for your bed frame?

There are dozens of different materials available for bed frames. And there are sub-categories within each of these.

The most common types of bed frames include wooden bed frames and metal bed frames.

Wooden bed frames

If you choose a wooden bed frame, you’ll have to think about whether you want solid pine, oak, teak, bamboo, or something else entirely.

Are you okay with choosing a wooden frame that needs to be varnished?

Do you want a no-fuss frame?

Do you prefer a wooden frame that’s covered in fabric?

These are all questions that are worth considering before your purchase.

Wooden bed frames offer a timeless feel. They can be robust and elegant.

Metal bed frames

If you go for a metal bed frame, you can choose between steel, aluminium, iron, brass, and more.

A wrought iron bed frame remains a classic and works well for children and adult bedrooms.

These are often simpler frames, more minimalistic, that are less imposing than wooden frames.


There are dozens of different bed frames available and there isn't necessarily a wrong choice.

Ultimately, the right bed frame for you depends entirely on what aesthetic design you'd like to go for.

As always, though, remember that you're wanting to make a quality investment, so choose something that's likely to last you a long time.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Can I buy a sofa bed?

    Sofa beds are a convenient solution if you have a small space.

    You shouldn't use these in the long-term but they're a great solution for guests.

    Check out some of the best IKEA sofa beds


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