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Best IKEA Beds UK (2024)

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Are you looking for a bed for your home?

IKEA has a wide selection of sleeping and furniture items.

They're a favourite among people seeking cheap and cheerful products.

But are IKEA beds worth buying with all the choices available today? 🤔

Here, we'll uncover the good, the bad, and the ugly of the top IKEA beds.

Let's see if IKEA has the right bed for you or if one of our favourite alternatives is a better match.

Off we go!

IKEA bed frames


  • Low-cost bed frames.
  • Beds are flat-packed for easier transport.
  • Assembly can be done at home.
  • Fast delivery and collection options.
  • Longer than average 90-day returns.


  • Delivery is not free.
  • Frames are often squeaky.
  • Slats often fall off rails.
  • No trial period for beds.
  • Returns and exchanges are only allowed if the bed is unused.
  • Made with low-quality materials.
  • Bed assembly can be complicated and time-consuming.

What makes an IKEA bed special?

  • IKEA is known for its affordable products.
  • You can find lots of types and styles of bed.
  • The build-it-yourself designs make transport a breeze.

The best IKEA beds

IKEA bed frames are both stylish and affordable.

Check out the best IKEA bed frames below. 👇

IKEA Malm Ottoman Bed

The IKEA Malm Ottoman bed is an excellent choice for those who need some extra storage.

IKEA Malm Ottoman Bed

IKEA Malm Ottoman Bed

Customers have rated the Malm Ottoman Bed highly, particularly marking it as relatively easy to build in comparison to other IKEA bed frames.

IKEA Malm Ottoman Bed
Materials: Particleboard, fibreboard, plastic, steel, epoxy, and beech or birch veneer
Size: IKEA bed single, IKEA bed double, IKEA bed king
Trial: None
Guarantee: 5-year guarantee
What makes this bed special? The IKEA Malm Ottoman Bed stands out because of its spacious storage and easy assembly.

IKEA Hemnes Bed

The IKEA Hemnes Bed is a bestseller crafted with solid wood. 🌳

IKEA Hemnes Bed

IKEA Hemnes Bed

The Hemnes Bed is available in white or black-brown, with a high headboard and with the option to add under-bed storage box drawers.

IKEA Hemnes Bed
Materials: Solid wood
Size: IKEA bed single, IKEA bed double, IKEA bed king, or IKEA bed super king (UK sizes)
Trial: None
Guarantee: 5-year guarantee
What makes this bed special? The IKEA Hemnes Bed is available with or without matching storage boxes.

IKEA Brimnes Bed Frame

The IKEA Brimnes compact bed frame has 4 under-bed drawers, adjustable bed sides, and headboard storage with holes for cables.

IKEA Brimnes Bed Frame

IKEA Brimnes Bed Frame

Customers can choose between purchasing the IKEA Brimnes bed with a standard Luroy slatted bed base, no base, or a Lönset slatted base for an additional cost.

IKEA Brimnes Bed Frame
Materials: Particleboard, fibreboard, galvanized steel, and wood veneer
Size: IKEA bed double, IKEA bed king, and IKEA bed super king (UK sizes)
Trial: None
Guarantee: 5-year guarantee
What makes this bed special? The IKEA Brimnes bed's headboard storage with built-in holes for cables provides extra storage for small spaces.

Types of IKEA beds

One thing IKEA certainly isn't short on is options.

The Swedish retailer has a wide selection of beds, from super cheap to not-so-cheap.

There are IKEA beds with storage, simple frames, and multi-purpose beds.

Let's take a look around. 👀

IKEA storage beds

Did you know that a cluttered space can negatively affect sleep?

Research from the Journal of Environmental Psychology [1] suggests that if we think of a room as messy or stressful, it can impact our rest.

Those running low on storage space or feeling cluttered may enjoy browsing IKEA beds with under-bed storage.

This selection can be broken into two main categories:

  • IKEA ottoman beds
  • IKEA divan beds

Each of these beds provides plenty of room to store and organise your things neatly.

So what is the difference between an ottoman bed and a divan bed?

While both beds provide storage, you typically access ottoman storage from above.

IKEA Malm Bed
You can access the IKEA Malm Ottoman Bed by flipping the bed base and mattress.

On the other hand, Divan beds usually have drawers on the sides, making them more convenient for storing things you want to access frequently.

Both beds are good storage options, depending on how much room you have and which style you like.

We'll look into each type of bed in more detail below. 👇

IKEA ottoman beds

There are just 2 different IKEA ottoman beds available in the UK.

These beds come in various colours and sizes, including standard singles, standard doubles, and standard king sizes.

IKEA's ottoman beds are not the cheapest, so you may want to consider something else if you're looking for a super low-cost option.

Bear in mind that if you buy an IKEA ottoman bed, you'll need to buy a mattress in IKEA or elsewhere separately. 💲

This can bring a whole new question to light: when shopping at IKEA, which mattress should you pick?

Truthfully, while there are several IKEA mattresses you could choose from, we'd recommend opting for a higher-quality alternative.

nectar memory foam mattress
The Nectar Memory Foam mattress is one of our favourite memory foam mattresses.

We recommend purchasing a lighter-weight mattress, like those made of memory foam, since you will need to lift the bed base and mattress to access the bed's storage. 💪

The Nectar Memory Foam mattress is high-quality, lightweight, and super comfy.


IKEA divan beds

If you don't like the idea of having to lift your bed top and mattress every time you want to get or put something in storage, a divan bed may be more up your street.

Divan beds usually come with drawers, so you can more easily store and access smaller items.

The IKEA divan bed range includes 4 models, each available in different colours and with different parts.

Headboards are available attached or separately if you buy the base model and change your mind later down the line. 👍

While IKEA has a decent range of divan beds, they are often lower quality, and many customers find assembling them tricky.

IKEA bed frame

Some people don't need extra storage, prefer the look of a simpler frame or want a cheaper bed, and that's where the classic bed frame variants enter.

There are a range of simple IKEA metal bed frames and wooden ones availalable.

You can always use storage boxes and place them beneath the bed if you choose a traditional open bed frame.

This section of IKEA's beds has the widest range of prices, making it a good pick when you need something cheap as chips. 🍟

If you're looking for a more luxurious-looking and long-lasting bed, something like the Simba Orion Bed Base may be a better fit.


IKEA day beds

IKEA day beds are multi-purpose.

IKEA day beds tend to function as couches, beds, and drawers. 🌛

Unlike most other bed frames, these come with a mattress.

This is both good and bad since you don't have to worry about shopping around for extras but have little say in what type of mattress you're buying.

IKEA Hemnes Daybed
The IKEA Hemnes Day Bed functions as a sofa and folds into a double bed.

One of the best-sellers is the wooden IKEA Hemnes bed frame, which has 4.2 stars [2] according to customer ratings. 🥇

However, there are also IKEA metal bed frames like the Fyresdal Day-bed.

IKEA cabin beds

IKEA cabin beds (bunk beds and loft beds) are typically used in children's rooms.

Cabin beds work well when space is limited.

If you need two beds, an IKEA bunk bed is ideal, while an IKEA loft bed is the best pick if you need plenty of room for storage or living.

For instance, the bestselling IKEA Smastad Loft Bed includes a loft bed, storage cubbies, and a built-in desk.

IKEA bunk beds and IKEA loft beds aren't the highest quality options, but they are pretty stylish and affordable. 💅

IKEA sofa beds

IKEA sofa beds range from small 1-seaters to massive 5-seaters, and the prices are equally as varied.

The IKEA corner sofa beds are trendy options for those searching for stylish and multi-purpose furniture.

Discover the pros and cons with our IKEA sofa bed guide.

IKEA sofa beds are best for those looking for a guest bed, not something for everyday sleeping. 🙅

You can also find a variety of IKEA chair beds online and in-store.

While not sold at IKEA, trundle beds are another great space-saving option, with a second bed on wheels that can be pulled out anytime.

The Happy Beds Tyler Day Bed is one of our favourites as it has the quality of an everyday bed but with the bonus of a pull-out.


How to choose an IKEA bed?

It can be hard to pick a bed with IKEA's range of options.

But part of the appeal of shopping at IKEA is the number of different items that can be found in one place. 🙌

Many shoppers also choose IKEA beds because of their low prices.

However, you should know that an IKEA bed can also have some negative points.

An alternate brand bed may be better for you if you want a higher-quality bed frame.

So, how do you choose an IKEA bed for your home?

Who is the bed for?

You'll likely want a different bed depending on whether you are buying for a couple, an adult, or a child.

If you are looking for a bed for a couple, you'll want an IKEA double bed or something larger like an IKEA king-size bed. 👑

An IKEA single bed will likely be fine for one adult, although those on the taller or larger side may still want to consider buying a double bed to ensure their comfort.

Trundle bed for children
IKEA sells day beds, bunk beds, loft beds, and classic beds for children.

Those searching for an IKEA children's bed can find a range of IKEA daybeds and bunk beds, many of which provide extra storage space.

How much space do you have?

Not everyone shopping for a bed has lots of space.

Of course, choosing a smaller bed is one way to go, but it's not the only option. 🙅

IKEA's divan and ottoman beds often have the option to buy with built-in storage so people can make the most of their room.

Beds with built-in storage are also excellent for those who prefer a tidier-looking space.

Alternatively, trundle beds, bunk beds, or sofa beds can be good choices for those who need an extra bed and want to make the most of their space.

Bunk beds are most popular for children. 🧒

Trundle beds are great for adults and kids since the secondary bed can be kept away within the first bed frame when not in use.

Trundle beds
Trundle beds can operate as one or two beds.

Sofa beds are best for people searching for a guest bed but want something they can use and enjoy outside of this purpose.

Knowing how much space you have and how you want to use it will help you choose the right bed for you.

Do you already have a mattress?

Several of IKEA's ottoman and divan beds have a mattress attached.

While buying the two together can make things easier, it's not ideal if you already have a mattress (especially if you're happy with your current one). 💞

Happy woman sleeping
You don’t want to swap your mattress for a lower-quality version.

Of course, you can buy an IKEA bed frame that doesn't come with a mattress.

Watch out when looking at IKEA beds so you can choose one that suits your needs. 🔭

If you want a higher quality (and easier to build) bed, we'd suggest checking beyond IKEA.

For example, the Emma beds range offers some gorgeous classic and storage-friendly bed options.

Our favourite Emma beds:

IKEA bed sizes explained

IKEA sells beds in all sorts of sizes, including:

  • IKEA beds single
  • IKEA beds double
  • IKEA beds king size
  • IKEA beds super king

The store also sells smaller IKEA children’s beds.

But are IKEA beds standard sizes? 😖

IKEA beds and IKEA mattresses can be a little confusing because they sometimes come in European sizes, which are slightly larger than UK ones.

For instance, a European IKEA double mattress would be 140 x 200 cm, while the UK double is 135 cm x 190 cm.

Most IKEA beds on the UK site are UK sizes, so this shouldn't pose a problem.

But it's always worth checking measurements before you buy (especially if you already have a mattress). 📏

The table below shows the UK vs European mattress sizes.

Mattress size UK sizes European sizes
Standard single mattress 90 x 190 cm (3' x 6'3") 90 x 200 (3' x 6'6")
Small double mattress 120 x 190 cm (4' x 6'3") -
Standard double mattress 135 x 190 cm (4'6" x 6'3") 140 x 200 cm (4'7" x 6'6")
Standard king-size mattress 150 x 200 cm (5' x 6'6") 160 x 200 (5'3" x 6'6")
Super king mattress 180 x 200 cm (6' x 6'6") -

As you can see, the UK and European mattress sizes aren’t vastly different.

For instance, the IKEA single mattresses only differ in length, with UK ones measuring slightly shorter than a European IKEA single mattress.

It is important to note that beds will often measure a little wider and longer than mattresses. 🛌

How much a bed frame differs from its matching mattress will depend on the frame itself, but it's usually just a few centimetres.

How much does an IKEA bed cost?

One of the main appeals of IKEA beds and furniture is their relatively low price.

This caveat is that you'll have to build the bed yourself. 🔨

IKEA is renowned for having particularly hard-to-build furniture.

If you aren't a confident bed builder and don't have a day or two to work things out, something like the Emma Divan Bed may be a better choice.

Emma Divan Bed
The Emma Divan Bed is super quick and easy to build.

We put this bed together in under an hour and only needed a screwdriver to get the job done.


Price-wise, IKEA beds can range from under £100 to over £1,000.

If you want more storage, then the price of the bed will usually go up. 💰

Most customers consider an IKEA bed a short-term investment designed for just a few years.

IKEA beds are handy for people in rentals who plan to move within the next few years and who aren't sure if they'll be able to bring a bed along.

However, it's worth noting that you can get similarly priced beds from other brands known for their superior quality.

Happy Beds, for instance, has many options, some of which are incredibly affordable.


IKEA bed alternatives

If you're looking for a bed for occasional guests or a spare room, a multi-purpose piece of furniture might be the perfect fit.

A sofa bed, trundle bed, or even a foldaway bed are all handy options.

Beds take up a fair amount of space, so what if you're short on space and don't necessarily need a bed for everyday use?

In such cases, a foldaway bed could help save space. 💛

Jay-Be Folding Bed With Mattress
The Jay-Be Folding Bed can be stored in a cupboard whenever it’s not in use.

We love the Jay-Be Foldaway bed, which can be used for guests and camping.


You can simply fold beds like this up and pop them in a cupboard out of the way.

Alternatively, a sofa bed can be popped into any living area and used daily.

When someone's over, you can pull a bed from the sofa and give your guest a great night's sleep.

You won't just find sofa beds from IKEA UK; plenty of other stores sell gorgeous sofa beds too.

Dreams offer a range of choices, including the high-quality Dreams Cork A-Frame Sofa Bed. 😴


Of course, you might prefer to furnish your home with a classic bed.

There are plenty of gorgeous, well-built, and affordable beds from other manufacturers.

Check out our top bed picks below.

Our favourite beds:

What else does IKEA sell?

Of course, IKEA doesn’t only sell beds.

The Swedish store also provides a range of home furniture and accessories like bedding.

IKEA furniture

From IKEA bedside tables to lamps, storage boxes, and shelving units, there’s almost everything you need to make a house a home. 🏡

IKEA products allow you to build the home you desire.

For instance, the IKEA Malm bed frame and Malm storage boxes can be bought and used separately or together.

Like IKEA beds, other IKEA products and furniture can also be difficult to build and aren’t always very high quality.

IKEA mattresses

IKEA mattresses can work decently for people in need of a short-term solution.

If you are planning to shop at IKEA, which mattress should you buy?

You can find everything from latex and memory foam mattresses to pocket-sprung mattresses with the Swedish furniture giant.

Spring mattresses remain the most widely purchased mattress in IKEA and the most used type of mattress in the UK. 🏆

The IKEA Morgedal is an extremely firm memory foam mattress that offers minimal pressure distribution.

Our sleepers have previously tested the IKEA Hövåg and IKEA Morgedal mattresses with mixed reviews.

Ultimately, IKEA mattresses aren’t generally the highest quality, which is concerning since we spend nearly a third of our lives [3] sleeping.

If you want something truly comfy and don’t mind spending a little more, we’d recommend checking out the Simba Hybrid. 💝


IKEA bedding

Did you know that IKEA also offers a range of bedding options?

Like the furniture, IKEA bedding is affordable and stylish.

Happy wake up
The right bedding choices can help you sleep even better.

Much of the bedding range, including IKEA mattress toppers, duvets, and pillows, is sustainably sourced.

Unfortunately, a good deal isn’t guaranteed since customers have found the quality of items varies drastically from product to product. 😞

IKEA children's beds

While IKEA isn't known for having the highest quality products, their goods are still reliable, so you won't need to worry about the safety of an IKEA bed.

IKEA furniture might not last that long, but it works well for growing kids.

IKEA children's beds and cot beds in IKEA come in a wide selection of styles, many of which can be bought with helpful storage options.

The range is affordable, relatively sturdy, and clean-looking.

Shoppers can browse the IKEA bunk beds and IKEA day bed ranges if they are looking for space-saving beds for more than one child.

Beds for toddlers and children
Some beds are made to grow with your child.

The IKEA Minnen bed [4] is a particularly well-liked cot bed in IKEA, especially for toddlers, since it can be extended and the bars removed to accommodate growing children.

Parents looking for a bed with bars should note that not all IKEA children's beds come with these, and you may need to buy bars separately, increasing the overall cost. 💸

Alternatively, you could get a more reliable children's bed frame for a similar price.

For example, Happy Beds sells an enormous range of low-cost children's beds that range from sleek and simple to some more out there designs.

Our favourite Happy Beds children's bed:

IKEA bed delivery

With numerous physical stores around the UK, you can collect an IKEA bed straight from your local store.

But the store pick-up option is not always available if the bed is not in stock locally.  ⛔

While IKEA offers quick delivery times, they also charge for the service.

IKEA bed delivery costs around £40 to £50.

You will find that most mattress and bed brands offer free delivery services since customers are spending a significant sum.

Luckily, like many other brands, IKEA offers to deliver larger items to the room of your choice, so you won't need to worry about lugging the bed upstairs alone. 😰

Bed delivery
Happy Beds offers free delivery on all beds and mattresses.

If you're interested in an affordable (and higher quality) bed but don't want to worry about extra delivery fees, then Happy Beds is worth checking out.


Returning an IKEA bed

It's not impossible to return an IKEA bed, but it's not the easiest process either.

Returns policy no trial
The IKEA returns process forces customers to pay the return shipping fee.

Customers have 365 days to return an IKEA bed, which is a decent return policy.

However, a return can only be made if the item is unused. 👎

Trial periods

There's no trial period to help customers decide if an IKEA bed is right for them.

If you want to try a bed and still have the opportunity to return it, you'll be better off checking out another brand.

For example, Emma beds come with a 200-night trial, and returns are free, unlike with IKEA, where customers must pay for return collections. 👏


Is an IKEA bed right for you?

If you want to get something fast that won't break the bank (and still looks good), then an IKEA bed could be for you.

For something that's built to last and easier to build, we'd suggest looking at some of our favourite alternative brands. 🏆

Our favourite beds:

Contact IKEA UK

Customer service: To contact IKEA directly for complaints, support, or queries, check out the website’s contact us page [5] for live chat services or call 0203 645 0000. IKEA’s phone support centre is open from 07:00 till 20:00 Monday to Saturday and from 07:00 till 19:00 on Sunday.

Registered office: IKEA Limited, Floor 7, 100 Avebury Boulevard, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom, MK9 1FH and company number 01986283.

Frequently asked questions

  • Are IKEA bed frames stable?

    IKEA beds are built to withstand normal use.

    This means most people, including couples, can use the beds comfortably without worrying. 

    However, some customers find IKEA slatted bed bases break easily or don't fit the bed frame well.

    Slats are wooden planks that support the mattress.

    Poor quality slacks can make the bed feel unstable and uncomfy.

  • Where can I buy an IKEA bed?

    IKEA beds can be bought from any IKEA store or IKEA online.

    Currently, IKEA only has 27 stores [6] in the UK, so your nearest store might not be that close.

    Alternatively, you can buy a new bed from IKEA on Amazon.

    Or, you can buy second-hand IKEA beds online via eBay or Gumtree.

  • What is the IKEA family?

    The IKEA family is simply a type of membership.

    It is free to join, and members of the IKEA family receive discounts, seasonal offers, and special prices.

    You don’t need to have an IKEA family membership to buy new products from IKEA.

  • Are IKEA day beds any good?

    IKEA day beds are some of the most popular in the IKEA collection.

    In particular, the IKEA Hemnes Daybed is a bestseller.

    It is ideal for those who are short on space and want a spare bed that doubles up as a couch and storage space.

  • Does IKEA sell wall beds in the UK?

    Unfortunately, you won't find any wall beds in the UK IKEA collection.

    Wall beds, also known as Murphy beds, are hinged on the wall, where they can be stored vertically between uses.

    Instead of wall beds, IKEA sells a range of other space-saving guest beds, including IKEA day beds.

    Day beds fold into a couch and usually contain drawers for storage.

    Alternatively, a sofa bed is often more stylish and provides a comfortable lounging space.

  • Can you find zip and link beds at IKEA?

    Zip and link beds have two bed bases that can be locked together and two mattresses that can be zipped.

    They are most commonly used in hotels.

    There are currently no zip and link beds on the IKEA site.

    The closest match would be something like the IKEA Utaker Day-bed, which includes two single wood bed frames that can be stacked or placed next to one another.

  • References

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