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Best IKEA Day Beds UK (2024)

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A day bed is multi-use.

Many people choose an IKEA day bed because they want something cheap they can use for sitting, sleeping, and storing bits and bobs.

But is an IKEA day bed really the way to go? 🤔

Read our in-depth IKEA day bed review to see if you should shop at IKEA or if there's a better alternative for you.

Let's take a look! 👀

IKEA Day Beds UK

Our favourite UK alternative day beds

Happy Beds
Aurora Sofa Bed
Price from   £ 184.99 £ (269.99 )

Happy Beds Aurora Sofa Bed

The Aurora sofa bed is a convenient, minimalist option with an easy 'clic-clac' fold-out mechanism.

This simple and stylish 2-seater sofa bed comes with a 5-year guarantee. 

The Aurora Sofa Bed comes in a stylish contemporary design that will look great in any spare room or office space. 

It's available in one size and has the following dimensions:

  • Width: 178 cm (70 inches)
  • Depth: 94 cm (37 inches)
  • Height: 78 cm (30.7 inches)

When folded out, the sleeping surface measures 178 cm long (70 inches) and 105 cm (41 inches) wide. 📏

This fold-down bed option features a very simple clic-clac mechanism.

You can simply push the backrest down, which creates a larger surface suitable for sleeping. 

aurora sofa bed folded down

aurora sofa bed green close-up


Since the Aurora sofa bed doesn't have any armrests, there's also no added bulk, making this a great option for those after the minimalist feel. 

The sofa bed has been crafted with soft, velvet fabric with button detailing throughout, and the look is completed with sturdy black metal feet. 

It is available in three different colour options, including blue, grey, and green, and you can choose whether you want your Aurora to blend in or stand out as a statement piece. 🎨

Happy Beds offers free delivery, and the product comes with a 5-year guarantee.


  Aurora Sofa Bed
Composition: Soft woven polyester velvet fabric with metal legs
Colours: Grey, green, blue
Delivery & assembly: Free delivery but self-assembly required (very simple to do) 
Guarantee:  5 years
What makes this sofa bed special?  We love the soft-touch velvet fabric, which gives this minimalist sofa bed a more premium look.
Easy Assembly
Sofa Bed
Price from   £ 1,399.30 £ (1,999 )

Emma Sofa Bed

The Emma Sofa Bed combines comfort, quality and practicality.
  • Hardwood frame, sprung slats & polyester cover
  • 2 mattresses included 
  • 92 cm x 222 cm (36.2 x 87.4 inches)

Tell me more about the Emma Sofa Bed

Unlike traditional sofa beds, the Emma sofa bed pulls out into two single mattresses.

The two sections can be kept slightly separate to create two single beds, or you can push them together to create one double bed. 

It is worth noting, though, that the mattresses come in the European single size, which is slightly inconvenient when shopping for bedding. 

Nonetheless, this is still a great option if you're looking for something that's quick and easy to set up. 

The sofa also comes with 3 large backrest cushions filled with polyester, which retain their shape even with frequent use. 

The actual sofa fabric has a water- and stain-repellent coating, so you won't have to worry about movie night spillages or pets making a mess. 

Reasons to buy

2-year guarantee

200-night sleep trial 

Easy set-up 

Reasons to avoid

European single size can make shopping for bedding inconvenient 

Best For Long-Term Use
Sofa Bed
Price from   £ 1,395

Bruno Sofa Bed

⚠️Bruno has ceased all activities in the UK and their products are no longer available in this market⚠️
  • 100% polyester & pocket springs 
  • Firm feel
  • Customisable 

Tell me more about the Bruno Sofa Bed

The Bruno sofa bed is a high-quality product that relies on a pocket-sprung design and a convenient fold-out mechanism for the ultimate sofa bed luxury. 

It comes with an abrasion-resistant fabric cover that's easy to maintain and spot-clean.

The Bruno sofa bed can be transformed from a sofa to a double- or king-size bed in just 15 seconds. 

Bruno delivers the product free of charge within 1 - 2 weeks of ordering, and the sofa bed will be carried to your room of choice.

This is a self-assembly product, but it's easy to put together and shouldn't take more than 20 minutes - even if you're assembling it alone.

Reasons to buy

10-year guarantee

30-night trial period 

High-quality & convenient 

Reasons to avoid

The dimensions don't match UK sizes - which makes buying sheets difficult 

Quite heavy 

The best IKEA day beds

IKEA day beds in the UK are stylish, affordable and practical.

Find out more about the best IKEA day beds below. 👇

IKEA Hemnes Day-bed

The IKEA Hemnes Day-bed serves as a sofa, single bed, or double bed with additional storage provided by three drawers.

IKEA Hemnes Day-bed

IKEA Hemnes Day-bed

Customers can purchase the IKEA Hemnes Day-bed with no mattress or choose between 3 foldable mattresses.


IKEA Hemnes Day-bed
Materials: Fibreboard, solid pine, particleboard, and polyester.
Size: 209 x 86 x 83 cm (82 x 34 x 33 inches)
Trial: None
Guarantee: 5 years
What makes this bed special? It's multi-purpose with 3 integrated storage drawers.

IKEA Brimnes Day-bed

The IKEA Brimnes Day-bed is ideal for small spaces, quickly transforming from a sofa to a double bed, best positioned with its back against a wall.

 IKEA Brimnes Day-bed

 IKEA Brimnes Day-bed

It features large drawers for convenient storage of linens and blankets and can be purchased with or without mattresses.


IKEA Brimnes Day-bed
Materials: Solid pine, particleboard, fibreboard, plastic edging, and paper foil.
Size: 205 x 86 x 57 cm (82 x 34 x 22.5 inches)
Trial: None
Guarantee: 5 years
What makes this bed special? Its simple design means it works well in almost any room.

IKEA Fyresdal Day-bed

The IKEA Fyresdal Day-bed is a stylish metal-framed sofa bed that converts into a double bed.

IKEA Fyresdal Day-bed

IKEA Fyresdal Day-bed

It lacks built-in storage, but you can easily fit additional drawers underneath.


IKEA Fyresdal Day-bed
Materials: Steel, epoxy/ polyester powder coating.
Size: 207 x 88 x 94 cm (81.5 x 35 x 37 inches)
Trial: None
Guarantee: 5 years
What makes this bed special? The stylish steel frame is sturdy.

IKEA Flekke Day-bed

The IKEA Flekke Day-bed is a contemporary wooden daybed with a unique raised corner, ideal for reading or watching movies.

IKEA Flekke Day-bed

IKEA Flekke Day-bed

This IKEA pull-out bed features a space-saving design with two integrated drawers for storage.


IKEA Flekke Day-bed
Materials: Particleboard, fibreboard, paper filling, and plastic edging.
Size: 207 x 88 x 86 cm (81.5 x 34.5 x 34 inches)
Trial: None
Guarantee: 10 years
What makes this bed special? The raised corner is perfect for creating a cosy space for relaxing.

IKEA Utåker Stackable Bed

The IKEA Utåker Day-bed is a versatile, space-saving option ideal for kids' rooms or if you want a cheap IKEA guest bed, though it is quite low to the ground.

IKEA Utåker Day-bed

IKEA Utåker Day-bed

Made of solid pine, the day bed can be stacked to serve as a sofa or unstacked to create two single beds or a double bed if the bases are pushed together.


IKEA Utåker Stackable Bed

Materials: Solid pine.
Size: 205 x 83 x 46 cm (81 x 33 x 18 inches)
Trial: None
Guarantee: 10 years
What makes this bed special: Lightweight and real wood day bed.

What is a day bed?

A day bed isn't meant to be used only during the day. 🌞

Day beds in the UK are multipurpose pieces of furniture that combine the benefits of a sofa and bed.

They can be folded and used for lounging during the day.

Or, you can pull a second bed base out to create a double bed for sleeping at night. 😴

A day bed could be perfect if you want something that works in a small space.

But it's not just day beds on the IKEA menu.

IKEA also sells a wide range of furniture like trundle beds and sofa beds.

What's the difference between day, trundle, and sofa beds?

Day beds, trundle beds, and sofa beds all have something in common: they're great beds for overnight guests or for a kid's room. 👪

Let's look at what each one is and what's the difference between them.

Sofa beds

Firstly, a sofa bed is primarily a sofa that can be pulled out into a bed.

The Happy Beds Aurora Sofa Bed is an excellent and incredibly affordable option.

You can simply pull down the back of the couch to instantly create a small double bed.


Trundle beds

On the other hand, a trundle bed usually transforms into two separate beds.

Trundle and day beds are very similar.

In fact, if you're looking for an IKEA trundle bed, you'll land on the IKEA day beds range.

Trundle bed
When you pull out the second bed from a trundle bed, you are usually left with two single beds, which often sit at different levels.

Usually, a trundle bed slides out on wheels from underneath a single bed. 🛌

The Home Treats Upholstered Trundle Bed is a fantastic option for those looking for a plush single bed that won't leave guests having to top and tail it.


Day beds

Finally, day beds in the UK usually come with a mattress base and also commonly have just 2 or 3 raised sides.

Pillows and blankets are generally added to a day bed to create a comfortable lounging space. 💗

Usually, a day bed pulls out to create a double bed.

Some trundle beds from IKEA UK are also day beds.

IKEA Fyresdal daybed
The IKEA Fyresdal Day-bed pulls out to create a double bed.

The IKEA day bed Hemnes and Brimnes could be considered as day beds or trundle beds since they can function as a bed or sofa when folded.

Why buy an IKEA day bed?

There are so many multipurpose furniture options from IKEA and elsewhere. 💫

So why might you want to buy one of the best IKEA day beds?

IKEA day bed storage functions

The best IKEA day beds, including the IKEA Hemnes day bed, IKEA Brimnes day bed, and IKEA Flekke day bed, come with integrated drawers.

An IKEA day bed with drawers offers neat storage space for people who like to keep things tidy.

IKEA Brimnes daybed
The IKEA Brimnes Day-bed comes with two large storage drawers, perfect for keeping small spaces tidy.

Studies [1] have found we sleep better if we see our environment as well-organised.

A day bed with integrated drawers can help keep your space clean and your mind at ease. 😇

Ottoman beds and divan beds are also great options for storage.

Our testers loved the sleek look and handy storage of the Emma Divan Bed.


Other day beds like the IKEA Fyresdal or IKEA Utåker have room underneath the beds where items can be stored, but this doesn't always look very orderly.

Customers who want an ordinary day bed with room under the bed can always check out storage boxes.

IKEA and online stores like Happy Beds offer lots of storage options that match their beds. 🙌

Happy Beds has some especially beautiful and well-made large drawers and ottomans of various sizes.


IKEA multipurpose furniture

Sometimes you need something that doubles as a daytime lounging space and comfortable sleeping space.

That's why day beds work well in kids' and teens' rooms. 👦

As you can see from our IKEA day bed review, day beds can be tucked away and used for extra storage during the day.

IKEA Hemnes daybed folded
The IKEA Hemnes Day-bed can be pushed to look like a single bed or couch.

And it can be pulled out and set up for sleepovers whenever needed.

Similarly, a day bed can work well for accommodating overnight guests when you don't have a spare room or bed. 💤

Some people also like day beds for studio flats.

You can transform the day bed into a sitting area and back into a bed.

It allows you to create a differentiation between day and night within a single space. 🌞🌛

Cheap IKEA day beds

Not everyone has a lot to spend on furniture, especially when it's something you might not use every day.

IKEA is a great place to look for cheap day beds. 💸

They are ideal for people looking for a non-permanent and inexpensive solution for their sleep and lounging needs.

While day beds can technically be used daily, it's not recommended to do so over an extended period.

IKEA day bed mattresses tend to be thinner and often don't provide the support needed for everyday use.

We suggest checking out a good affordable mattress if you want something you can sleep on daily.

IKEA day bed reviews show that some customers find IKEA day bed mattresses like the Åsvang uncomfy and too firm.

Mattress thickness
Thicker mattresses are generally more comfortable, but one that's too thick won't fit well on an IKEA daybed.

But remember that a thicker mattress may not work well on an IKEA day bed.

Our favourite cheap mattresses:

Why should you avoid IKEA day beds?

As great as IKEA day beds are as short-term, multipurpose, and cheap furniture, they're not suitable for everyone. 🙅

There are several reasons why even the best IKEA day bed might not be the right choice for you.

Let's look at some of the most common IKEA day bed complaints.

Poor quality

Like most IKEA products, the IKEA day beds aren't known for their high quality.

Customers often find IKEA day beds last only a short time and can't hold heavy weights. 😞

Some have found their base slats sagging in the middle within the first year of use.

Optimal spinal alignment
A good mattress will help keep your spine aligned.

A sagging bed can cause spinal misalignment, which can be both uncomfortable and aggravate back pain.

Lacklustre designs

Many people have also raised issues with various IKEA day bed designs. 👎

Other customers have noted that the IKEA Hemnes bed has a relatively small floor clearance, and the second slatted base frequently gets caught when pulled out.

Several people also comment that their IKEA bed base slopes down. 🎿

For a day bed that's better quality but still not too expensive, you can shop for several well-known brands with Argos.


Difficult assembly

Another thing that IKEA is known for is its complicated assembly.

People can spend anywhere from an hour or two to seven plus hours trying to build an IKEA day bed. 🤯

IKEA day beds assemble
IKEA furniture is known for being slow and difficult to assemble.

The process can be time-consuming and stressful despite the assembly instructions.

Some customers even noted that they were sent products missing pieces and struggled to rectify this through IKEA customer services.

If you want something simple to build (that doesn't give you a heart attack in the process), then shopping from a brand like Dreams might be a better bet.

Dreams offers 'room of choice' delivery and assembly services with their furniture.

Dreams worker assembling bed
Dreams workers can deliver your bed to any room and assemble it, too.

We love the Dreams Gallway Sofa Bed for people looking for the best sofa-bed combo. 💝


Unsatisfactory customer service

IKEA customer services can be hard to get a hold of, unresponsive, and generally not very helpful.

Unfortunately, with brands this large, it can be hard to keep track of all customer queries and complaints.

Realistically, you might not have the best experience with IKEA customer support if you run into any issues. 😤

On the bright side, IKEA's customer services have relatively long operational hours between 7 am and 8 pm Monday through Saturday and 7 am to 7 pm on Sundays.

If you want better customer support, we found brands like Nectar much more responsive.


Unsuitable for taller and heavier people

Perhaps unsurprisingly, IKEA day beds aren't designed for frequent use by taller or heavier individuals.

Several IKEA day beds, including the Hemnes, Brimnes, and Fyresdal Day beds, come with 3 high sides.

These sides limit the available space, which can be a problem for taller individuals. 😬

For instance, the IKEA Fyresdal Day-bed has a bed length of just 207 cm (81 inches) and is blocked off on either end.

When expanded, the bed is only 164 cm (65 inches) wide, which also doesn't provide much space for tall people.

The lower-quality IKEA day bed frames can also sag over time, especially when used regularly or by heavier people. 😣

Can be uncomfortable

IKEA's day bed selection comes in a range of wooden and metal frames. 🌳

You can purchase an IKEA day bed mattress separately or together with the bed.

The mattresses are relatively comfortable to sleep on but are fairly thin, so they are only suitable for lighter-weight individuals.

Most day beds are best used against a wall so you have something to lean on when sat. 😊

Of course, a wall is only comfortable to sit against for a short time.

Some IKEA day beds have frames with higher edges, but these tend to be hard and uncomfortable to lounge on.

Back pain
Leaning against a wall or hard daybed edge is uncomfortable and can cause back pain.

You'll need to add plenty of pillows and blankets to create a comfortable seating area.

Alternatively, sofa beds provide a more cushioned option. 🤩

So why not check out the affordable and cosy Happy Beds Aurora Sofa Bed?


Can look messy

With just the mattresses on, a day bed can look messy.

Carefully arranged pillows, quilts, and blankets are basically a must if you want your IKEA day bed to look welcoming and comfortable.

IKEA day bed ideas
IKEA day beds can look messy if you're not careful and on top of keeping them tidy.

It can be annoying having to constantly remake a day bed to keep it looking good. 😒

We prefer sofa beds for something that looks good as soon as it's folded back to its sofa position.

Chesterfield Sofa Beds come in a range of stylish options.


Guide on choosing the right IKEA day bed

We've pre-selected the 5 best IKEA day beds, but how do you choose out of these options?

Let's take a look at some things you should consider. 🤔

Questions to ask:

  • Do you want lots of storage?
  • Who will be using the bed?
  • What colour do you want?
  • What style do you prefer?
  • Do you want a stackable or pull-out bed?
  • Do you need a day bed with a back or sides?

Once you have answered these questions, you'll find it easier to choose the right IKEA bed for your home.

IKEA day bed costs

People often choose IKEA furniture because of its affordable price tag. 💰

The IKEA day bed range is no exception.

You can buy the cheapest day bed without the attached IKEA day bed mattress for just under £200.

The most expensive IKEA day bed would be the Hemnes Day bed (IKEA) with a Vannareid pocket spring and firm foam mattress.

Even this option is a pretty cheap day bed.

It's also possible to find an IKEA day bed for sale for less on second-hand sites, though these items cannot usually be returned.

Price-performance ratio
IKEA beds are cheap but also poor quality.

Unfortunately, as seen in IKEA day bed reviews, lower prices can also mean lower quality when shopping for IKEA day beds.

But that's not the case with every cheap day bed.

You can find affordable but better quality day beds with brands like Happy Beds. 🥳


IKEA day bed ideas

In most IKEA day bed reviews, customers complain about the IKEA day bed's lack of comfort.

But there are ways to make them more comfortable.

An IKEA day bed with a trundle can be slotted away, leaving an IKEA single day bed or couch (depending on how you style it) on show.

If you don't add anything to a day bed, you'll likely end up with an unmade bed that offers no real back support when you sit on it. 👎

But there are some things you can add to a day bed IKEA to transform it. 🪄

Let's take a look at how you can make your IKEA day bed look best.

Add pillows to your IKEA day bed

Firstly, you'll need plenty of pillows.

Choose some that match your day bed and room decor.

We recommend adding a range of larger pillows to lean on and smaller pillows for better lower back support.

Lower back pain
Using pillows can help prevent and alleviate back pain.

Pillows can help provide proper lumbar support [2], improving back posture and reducing back pain.

You could even try an orthopaedic V-shaped pillow for additional support when sitting.

We love the Fine Bedding V pillow.


Add blankets to your IKEA day bed

Underneath the pillows, we suggest keeping things simple.

You can keep things clean by covering your bed with a fitted bedsheet and removing any other linens or duvets. 😍

If you want to keep the duvet on, make the bed and tuck in the duvet corners for a tidier appearance.

Many people alternatively like to add a throw to give the day bed a cosy sofa look.

Coverless duvets are a great option if you want something warm and easy to wash.

The 100% recycled Fine Bedding Night Owl Duvet is one of our favourites. 🦉

It is washing machine and tumble drier-friendly.


You can even add a weighted blanket to your set-up to keep you warm, calm, and relaxed.

Weighted blanket benefits
Weighted blankets have many benefits.

Weighted blankets, like the Simba Orbit, have been found to have a calming effect, which can help reduce anxiety [3].


Our favourite sleep accessories for your IKEA day bed:

What else does IKEA sell?

Of course, IKEA is known for much more than just its day beds.

What else can you find at IKEA? 🤷

IKEA's most popular products:

But IKEA isn't the only place to go if you are looking for cheap home furnishings.

Argos is also well known for its range of affordable home goods and superior quality items.


Should I buy an IKEA day bed?

An IKEA day bed could be the right answer for people looking for a temporary solution that triples as a guest bed, sofa, and storage.

However, there are better options if you're looking for something comfier and longer lasting. 🥰

Brands like Dreams and Happy beds sell stylish, high-quality, cosy sofa beds and day beds.

Check out some of our favourite sofa beds and day beds:

Contact IKEA UK

Customer service: To contact IKEA UK directly for complaints, support, or queries, please call them on 0203 645 0000 or visit their live online chat [4]. You can reach IKEA customer support between 7 am and 8 pm Monday to Saturday and from 7 am to 7 pm on Sundays.

Registered office: IKEA United Kingdom - 7th Floor, 100 Avebury Boulevard, Milton Keynes, MK9 1FH.

Frequently asked questions

  • Has IKEA discontinued Hemnes?

    IKEA discontinued their Hemnes dressers in 2016.

    However, they have now redesigned and released new versions of these items.

    The rest of the Hemnes furniture line is still sold.

    In fact, the Hemnes Daybed in grey and white is one of the store's best sellers.

    You'll find Hemnes IKEA daybed with a trundle and several others if you search for "trundle bed IKEA" or "day bed IKEA".

  • How can I assemble an IKEA day bed?

    All IKEA furniture items come with assembly instructions.

    The exact IKEA day bed instructions for how to build an IKEA day bed will vary depending on the model you purchase.

    For instance, IKEA Hemnes Day Bed instructions won't be the same as those for the IKEA Fyresdal Day Bed.

    Whichever bed you have, the first thing to do is familiarise yourself with the manual and unpack the parts.

    If you get stuck, there are several assembly videos on YouTube that will help you out.

  • How can I dismantle an IKEA day bed?

    If you want to move or return your day bed to IKEA, you'll need to dismantle it.

    The exact steps required will depend on your IKEA day bed UK model, but you can expect the basic steps to be similar.

    1. Remove the pillows, bedding, and mattresses.
    2. Unscrew and take off the cross-braces.
    3. Remove the mid-beam.
    4. Unscrew and remove the headboard and footboard.

    You can find more detailed instructions [5] on the IKEA website or tutorials on YouTube.

  • What are the IKEA Hemnes Day-bed mattress options?

    You can buy a Hemnes Day bed with a mattress or without one.

    The IKEA Hemnes Sofa bed/Day-bed comes with three different Hemnes Day bed mattress options.

    The cheapest is the polyester and viscose foam Agotnes IKEA Hemnes Daybed mattress.

    The mid-range option is the 100% polyester 33kg polyurethane Åsvang foam IKEA daybed mattress.

    The most expensive is the Vannareid mattress, which has a pocket spring design and 100% cotton composition.

    Alternatively, you can check out a better-quality and longer-lasting bed-in-a-box mattress to use with the Hemnes Day-bed.

  • Can you use your own mattress on the IKEA Hemnes Day bed?

    You can use your own mattress with the IKEA Hemnes Sofa bed/Day bed.

    Using your own mattress may be a better option, given the low quality and potential sagging you get with most IKEA mattresses.

    If you decide to purchase a mattress, be aware that you'll need a daybed mattress 80 x 200 IKEA for day beds.

    Given that this is an uncommon sizing, you may find it easier to buy an IKEA day bed with a mattress.

  • Who does IKEA use for delivery?

    IKEA uses a range of third-party businesses to deliver items to customers.

    Smaller items are usually sent with DPD.

    Larger items like day beds or trundle beds from IKEA UK are sent with approved carriers.

    For instance, TaskRabbit is frequently used for London deliveries.

    Customers can get cheaper delivery if they are an IKEA family member or opt for click-and-collect.

  • Can a daybed be used as a regular bed?

    You can use a daybed as a regular bed when it's in couch form and when it's pulled out.

    Of course, a cheap day bed won't be the comfiest option, particularly for taller or heavier individuals.

    If you're shopping for a guest bed, IKEA daybeds are an okay solution.

    IKEA sells a variety of options suited for occasional use rather than everyday use.

    If you want something you can use more regularly, we recommend checking out a higher-quality option.

  • Can adults use a daybed?

    Adults can use daybeds.

    However, they might not be the comfiest option for long-term sleeping.

    Daybeds are smaller and usually use two single mattresses to create a double bed when pulled out.

    A single bed is fine for someone on the shorter side, but many adults will find it cramped.

    Likewise, people may find they can feel the gap between the two single mattresses when sleeping on a day bed. 

  • How do I make my IKEA daybed more comfortable?

    A mattress topper can help transform the comfort level of a mattress, no matter if you're sitting or sleeping on it.

    Most people also like to add blankets and plenty of pillows to their day beds IKEA.

    Since most daybeds have either no back or a wooden back, you'll need to cover this area with pillows if you want to lean back comfortably.

  • How big is an IKEA daybed?

    IKEA pull-out beds, like those in the day bed range, are usually either singles or doubles, depending on whether they are pulled out or not.

    Normally, IKEA day beds are single-sized.

    But when pulled out, you'll be left with an IKEA double day bed

    The IKEA double day beds usually have a bed width of just over 200 cm (78.7 inches) and a bed length of a little over 160 cm (63 inches), not including the drawers.

    For instance, the IKEA day bed Hemnes is 209 cm (82.25 inches) wide and 162 (63.75 inches) long when pulled out.

    If you're looking for a king-size bed or something larger, you may want to consider alternatives such as sofa beds instead of day beds IKEA.

  • What size are IKEA day bed mattresses?

    IKEA day bed mattresses are slightly narrower and longer than a UK single bed.

    An IKEA day bed mattress is 80 x 200 cm (31.5 x 79 inches).

    You'll need 2 of these small mattresses if you intend to use your day bed as a day bed double for yourself or guests.

    A UK single mattress is 90 x 190 cm (35.5 x 75 inches), whereas an EU single is 90 x 200 cm (35.5 x 79 inches).

    So, a standard UK single would be a little too long for the IKEA day bed.

    This may also make finding the right bedding more challenging.

    Luckily, you can find some 80 x 200 cm (31.5 x 79 inches) fitted sheets on Amazon and IKEA, like the IKEA Dvala.

  • References

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