Best IKEA Pillows UK

Best IKEA Pillows UK (2024)

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The right pillow can improve your sleep, banishing aches and pains. 😴

For those hunting down their dream pillow, IKEA has a range of affordable pillows available in various lofts (heights) and with a choice of synthetic or natural fillings.

The problem is that the quality of these pillows is quite unreliable.

So we've compiled a list of the best IKEA pillows to help you decide which (if any) you should try.

Let's take a closer look. 🔍

Best IKEA pillows

The best IKEA pillows

IKEA offers a range of pillows in different sizes, shapes, and materials for every sleeper.

We've unpacked the best IKEA pillows below. 👇

IKEA Mjölkklocka pillow

The IKEA Mjölkklocka pillow is made from memory foam with small holes for cool airflow.

IKEA Mjölkklocka Pillow
Whether you're a back or side sleeper, this pillow will keep you comfy.

The pillow has two sides, one with a gentle slope for back sleepers and another with a negative wedge space for side sleepers, providing neck and shoulder support.


IKEA Mjölkklocka pillow
Composition: Polyurethane memory foam filling and polyester cover
Firmness level: Firm
Trial period: None
Guarantee: 1 year
Advantages: Dual-sided, breathable memory foam and machine-washable cover.
Disadvantages: Too firm and high for some people and is likely to sag faster than higher-quality memory foam pillows.

IKEA Klubbsporre pillow

The IKEA Klubbsporre pillow is a memory foam pillow topped with a cooling gel layer, making it ideal for hot sleepers seeking ergonomic support.

IKEA Klubbsporre Pillow
The IKEA Klubbsporre pillow is the only IKEA cooling pillow featuring a cooling gel layer.

This firm, high loft pillow is best suited for side and back sleepers.


IKEA Klubbsporre pillow
Composition: Polyurethane memory foam filling and polyurethane, and 100% recycled polyester cover.
Firmness level: Firm
Trial period: None
Guarantee: 1 year
Advantages: Supportive and breathable memory foam, cooling gel layer, machine-washable cover.
Disadvantages: At 13 cm (5.1 inches), it's too thin for larger side sleepers and too firm for some.

IKEA Skogsfräken pillow

The IKEA Skogsfräken pillow is a soft, fluffy pillow filled with lightweight hollowfibre from recycled sources.

IKEA Skogsfräken Pillow
The IKEA Skogsfräken pillow is also machine washable up to 60°C.

It comes in both low and high-loft versions, with the low-loft option being suitable for stomach sleepers and the high-loft for back and side sleepers.


IKEA Skogsfräken pillow
Composition: Recycled polyester hollowfibre filling and lyocell and cotton cover.
Firmness level: Medium
Trial period: None
Guarantee: 1 year
Advantages: Breathable, affordable, recycled polyester filling, available in high and low lofts, washing machine, and tumble dry-friendly.
Disadvantages: Not great quality and may become lumpy over time.

IKEA Lundtrav pillow

The IKEA Lundtrav pillow is one of the few feather pillows offered by the Swedish store, ideal for those who enjoy a plush, traditional feather feel.

IKEA Lundtrav Pillow
The IKEA Lundtrav pillow is machine-washable up to 60°C for easy maintenance.

The pillow has a high loft, making it most suitable for back and side sleepers.


IKEA Lundtrav pillow
Composition: 90% duck feather and 10% duck down filling. Cotton and modacrylic cover and lining.
Firmness level: Soft
Trial period: None
Guarantee: 1 year
Advantages: Soft feather filling, breathable cotton lining, not too expensive
Disadvantages: Sinks too much for some side sleepers, and feathers clump if not plumped.

IKEA Nejlika pillow

The IKEA Nejlika pillow is a popular v-shaped pillow designed to provide optimal support for the back and neck.

IKEA Nejlika Pillow
The IKEA Nejlika pillow is made from recycled polyester.

However, its unique shape requires a special pillowcase, for which IKEA sells only one suitable option.


IKEA Nejlika Pillow
Composition: 100% recycled polyester.
Firmness level: Firm
Trial period: None
Guarantee: 1 year
Advantages: Unique v shape offers superior back support, hypoallergenic, breathable, recycled polyester.
Disadvantages: Suitable IKEA Nejlika pillowcase is only available in one colour (white).

What types of pillows does IKEA sell?

IKEA sells pillows with several different fills.

These include:

  • Memory foam pillows.
  • Feather and down pillows.
  • Polyester pillows.

You can also find high-loft (thick) and low-loft (thin) IKEA pillows among these.

The various fills have different characteristics, making them more suitable for some sleepers than others.

Let's take a look at these pillow materials in more detail below. 🧐

IKEA memory foam pillows

Memory foam is made from a synthetic material that moulds to the body.

You'll find several memory foam pillows at IKEA, including the IKEA Näbbstarr Pillow, IKEA Rumsmalva Pillow, IKEA Rosenskärm Pillow, IKEA Mjölkklocka Pillow, IKEA Klubbsporre Pillow, and IKEA Kvarnven Pillow.

All memory foam pillows at IKEA are hypoallergenic.

Memory foam responds to heat and pressure, which allows it to conform to the shape of your body.

Memory foam pillow handprint
Memory foam responds to heat, adapting to the shape of your head and neck.

This contouring support relieves pressure, reducing neck and shoulder pain.

Unfortunately, memory foam pillows retain heat and sleep warm. 🥵

Some manufacturers now add gel to their memory foam pillows to combat overheating.

Ergonomic pillow
Ergonomic pillows like the IKEA Klubbsporre Pillow are shaped to offer additional neck support.

While IKEA memory foam pillows generally have positive reviews, they don't last long.

Some customers complained that their memory foam pillow from IKEA flattened and lost shape within just a few months. 👎

If you're looking for a better memory foam pillow, we suggest checking out the Panda Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow.

While it doesn't have a cooling gel layer, it's cheaper, lasts longer, and is sustainably made.


IKEA feather and down pillows

Most traditional pillows are filled with duck feathers or down, which are more expensive than modern alternatives.

But these pillows tend to be more breathable.

Plus, the soft, fluffy comfort is hard to beat. 🥰

Feather and down pillows IKEA
Feather and down pillows tend to be softer, fluffier, and more snuggly.

There are several IKEA feather pillows, each available with a high loft (for back and side sleepers) or a low loft (for smaller or stomach sleepers).

The feather and down IKEA pillows UK range includes the IKEA Lundtrav pillow, IKEA Gulkavle pillow, and IKEA Bergven pillow.

The Lundtrav pillow is IKEA's most popular and affordable duck down and feather option.

Having said that, many customers have found the lack of support disappointing.

This complaint is not entirely IKEA's fault since feather and down pillows generally offer less support than other pillows.

feather and down pillows pros and cons
While feather and down pillows have several advantages, they're not the right choice for everyone.

In general, feather and down fillings are biodegradable and usually last for years, but they're not suitable for everyone.

These types of pillows flatten over time, and you must fluff them regularly to maintain their shape.

They're also not always hypoallergenic and aren't vegan. ❌

If you're looking for a more supportive and hypoallergenic pillow, you may want to check out a memory foam pillow like the Panda Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow.


IKEA polyester pillows

IKEA sells several polyester pillows.

These pillows are generally the cheapest, most lightweight option and are almost always hypoallergenic.

However, they aren't very breathable and tend to retain moisture.

Additionally, cheap polyester pillows (like those sold at IKEA) aren't known for their longevity, with some lasting under a year. 😑

Generally, IKEA polyester pillows are best if you need something cheap and shorter-term.

There are several polyester IKEA pillows in the UK, including the IKEA Sandgräsmal Pillow, IKEA Lapptȧtel Pillow, IKEA Vildkorn Pillow, IKEA Skogsfräken Pillow, IKEA Nejlika Pillow, and IKEA Grönamarant Pillow.

The Nejlika Pillow is a body-hugging IKEA v pillow and one of the top-selling polyester pillows.

If you are looking for reading pillows at IKEA, the Nejlika v-shaped pillow at IKEA is an excellent option.

These types of pillows are popular for those looking for nursing or pregnancy pillows at IKEA.

V-shaped pillows
V-shaped pillows can support a wide range of sleep and resting positions.

V-shaped pillows offer excellent neck support for back sleepers and can even reduce snoring by helping keep your airways open.

Of course, the Nejlika v-shaped pillow at IKEA isn't the only v-shaped pillow around.

Many people prefer the Fine Bedding Company Back Support V-Shaped Pillow, which can be bought with or without a fitted pillowcase.

It has a breathable cotton cover, a firm and supportive microfibre filling, and is 100% machine-washable. 😍


How to choose an IKEA pillow

While you don't have to use a pillow, many people sleep better with one.

Pillows provide additional comfort and support optimal spinal alignment, reducing the risk of neck, shoulder, or back pain. 🤩

Back and neck pain
Pillows can support spinal alignment, helping prevent back, neck, and shoulder pain.

A good pillow can even help prevent snoring by elevating the head to keep airways open.

But making a decision can be overwhelming with so many pillows, including over 16 IKEA UK pillows. 😵‍💫

Aside from pillow filling, several other things may also impact your choice.

These include the following:

  • Your preferred sleeping position.
  • How hot or cold you sleep.
  • How much you are willing to spend.
  • If you need a washable pillow.
  • If you suffer from any allergies.
  • If you are concerned about the environmental impact.

We'll dive into each of these in a little more detail below. 👇

Sleeping positions

The right pillow will help keep your head, neck, and spine aligned however you sleep.

For instance, back sleepers usually prefer medium-loft and medium-firm pillows.

Whereas side sleepers generally fare better with high-loft, firm pillows.

Pillow spinal alignment
Your pillow should offer the proper support for your head and neck, keeping your spine neutral.

In particular, sleeping on your side puts extra pressure on areas like your shoulders. 💥

A taller and firmer pillow will help reduce this pressure by filling the space between your neck and mattress.

Meanwhile, a soft, low-loft pillow is the go-to for stomach sleepers (though some may prefer sleeping with no pillow at all).

Given that no two people are exactly the same when it comes to their sleeping positions, preferences, or size, what works well for someone else may not work for you. 🙌

Adjustable pillows are a great option and allow you to adjust your pillow to find the perfect fit.

The Kally Sleep Adjustable Pillow is one of our favourites and is both affordable and super convenient.


Your sleeping temperature

While studies [1] suggest that our bodies should drop between 1 and 2°C for a good night's sleep, you won't sleep well if you get too cold or hot.

Actually, being too hot or cold can cause us to wake up more frequently during the night. 🥵

Unfortunately, many people are prone to overheating, resulting in a sweaty and less than-peaceful night's sleep.

Sleeping temperature
Your pillow should help you maintain a comfortable sleeping temperature throughout the night.

If you're prone to overheating and this disturbs your sleep, consider a pillow with cooling features.

Unfortunately, there's only one IKEA cooling pillow: the IKEA Klubbsporre Pillow, which has a cool gel layer.

Alternatively, you could spend less on the higher-quality Kally Sleep Cooling Pillow. 🤩

It's a great pillow with a breathable cover and cooling gel foam core and comes with a handy 14-night trial (unlike the IKEA Klubbsporre).


Of course, most people find their sleeping temperature changes depending on the season. 🍁

Pillow temperature regulation

A temperature-regulating pillow is perfect for those who struggle to find something that suits them year-round.

Unfortunately, IKEA doesn't have any temperature-regulating pillows in their range. ❌

While it's more expensive, the Simba Hybrid Pillow uses temperature-regulating technology that absorbs, stores and releases heat as needed.


As an added bonus, the shredded memory foam filling is adjustable.

So you can alter the pillow height to better fit your body and sleeping position, and it will adjust itself to the right temperature.

How much do you want to spend?

Your budget will impact which IKEA pillow you'll want to buy.

If you want the cheapest pillow, IKEA's polyester range is a good place to look.

Or you can also find highly affordable pillows with brands like Kally Sleep.

The comfy Kally Ultimate Side Sleeper Pillow is better quality and cheaper than IKEA's polyester pillows, with an anti-allergy treated, 100% cotton outer cover for protection against bacteria. 👏


Those willing to spend a bit more on an IKEA pillow will likely be drawn to either memory foam or feather and down pillows.

While some in the IKEA range are highly rated, they don't offer the best value for money. 🙅

Washable pillows

Most IKEA polyester and feather pillows are machine-washable.

On the other hand, memory foam pillows aren't washable. 🚫

You can avoid worrying about how to clean your memory foam pillow if you use a pillow protector.

Unfortunately, IKEA pillow protectors are not currently sold in the UK.

IKEA pillow covers
Pillow protectors like the Silentnight Anti-Allergy Pillow Protectors can save your pillow from dirt, bacteria, allergens, and more.

But there are plenty of other pillow protectors sold in the UK.

For instance, the Silentnight Anti-Allergy Pillow Protectors fight against dust mites and bacteria, which can trigger or worsen allergic reactions.


Hypoallergenic and anti-allergy pillows

Synthetic pillows like memory foam or polyester tend to be a safe option for allergy sufferers.

This is because synthetic materials are usually hypoallergenic, meaning the cover and filling aren't made of known potential allergens like feathers, wool, or latex.

However, allergens (like dust mites) can still exist and develop in a hypoallergenic pillow. 🤧

If you often suffer allergic reactions, you should check out anti-allergy pillows, which are treated with chemicals that combat allergens.

Woman with allergies
Anti-allergy pillows can help prevent the build-up of allergens.

Those wanting an anti-allergy-treated pillow will have to look beyond IKEA's collection.

While something like the Emma Original Pillow is hypoallergenic and has a washable cover, you may want a little extra protection if you have severe allergies, asthma, or eczema.

An anti-allergy-treated pillow protector is a good idea for anyone with more severe allergies. 👍

The Silentnight Anti-Allergy Pillow Protectors are highly affordable and offer the extra protection you need.


Environmentally-friendly pillows

IKEA sells a range of 100% recycled polyester pillows, including the IKEA Skogsfräken Pillow.

These are kinder to the environment yet still affordable.

Alternatively, feather and down pillows, while not vegan, are biodegradable.

Of course, you may want to opt for a more overall environmentally-focused brand if you are concerned about your eco-footprint. 🌳

Latex pillows are durable, sustainably harvested, and growing increasingly popular.

Unfortunately, there are currently no IKEA latex pillows in the UK. 🙅

Alternatively, Panda London has a range of sleep products made from bamboo using eco-friendly methods.

Bamboo pillow
Bamboo pillows are a more sustainable option.

Bamboo is fast growing [2], requires less water, and has a high regeneration capability, making it a more sustainable choice.

Our favourite sustainable pillows:

IKEA pillow sizes

Most IKEA pillows are standard rectangles, usually 50 x 80 cm (19.5 x 31.5 inches).

Most standard pillow covers fit these pillows. 🛌

You can also find a range of small and long pillows at IKEA.

These pillow sizes include:

  • IKEA pillows 33 x 50 cm (13 x 19.7 inches).
  • IKEA pillows 39 x 69 cm (15.4 x 27.2 inches).
  • IKEA pillows 41 x 70 cm (16.1 x 27.6 inches).
  • IKEA pillows 65 x 65 cm (25.6 x 25.6 inches).
  • IKEA pillows 74 x 75 cm (29.1 x 29.5 inches).

Unfortunately, if you purchase one of IKEA's more unusually sized or shaped pillows, you'll be limited in your choice of pillowcases.

Pillow sizes
None of IKEA's pillows are exactly standard, so this may make finding the perfect-fit pillowcase a challenge.

For instance, you’ll only find one white IKEA pillowcase for the Nejlika pillow (74 x 75 cm). 😞

If you buy a regular IKEA pillow, you’ll have hundreds of pillowcases to choose from (including the Dvala, Trädkrassula, Dytåg, and more).

IKEA pillow prices

IKEA is predominantly known for selling low-cost home goods.

In fact, you can buy a polyester IKEA pillow for less than £10, which is very cheap.

Unfortunately, these pillows tend to be low quality. 👎

When it comes to IKEA's more expensive pillows, you could end up paying closer to £100.

If you're willing to spend that kind of money and want quality goods, we'd recommend shopping outside of IKEA.

Celebrating savings
You can pay less for better quality pillows by shopping outside of IKEA.

For instance, IKEA's memory foam pillows are comparably priced to more comfortable and long-lasting alternatives.

Our favourite affordable pillow alternatives:

What else does IKEA sell?

IKEA is a shop of many wonders.

The Swedish store sells everything you need to complete your bedroom.

IKEA bedroom sleep accessories:

The range of goods (and their relatively low prices) are a big part of the brand's popularity. 💸

Plus, it can be convenient to buy everything you need all from one place.

IKEA delivery

IKEA provides delivery and in-store collection for most sleep accessories, including pillows.

However, these options are both subject to product availability.

Unfortunately, unlike other large brands, IKEA doesn't offer free delivery. 🚚

Couriers carry out all IKEA deliveries and are available 7 days a week.

But IKEA isn't known for its quick delivery, so consider shopping elsewhere if you need pillows fast.

Many well-known stores like Argos and John Lewis offer next-day delivery services.

Alternatively, you could check out sleep specialists for high-quality products, free delivery, and better guarantees. 👏

Our favourite free delivery pillows:

IKEA returns

IKEA has a 365-day return policy for all its products.

However, this is only for unopened goods and requires customers to sort the return themselves (either by heading into their local store or organising and paying for shipping).

IKEA pillow returns
Customers must arrange all IKEA returns themselves.

If you've opened the packaging, you can't return your IKEA pillow.

It's worth considering other brands if you want to try a new pillow and aren't sure it'll be the right fit. 🤔

For instance, Emma offers an outstanding 200-night trial for their Original Pillow.

So you can sleep safe and sound, knowing it's a stress-free return if you don't love it.


Should you buy an IKEA pillow?

We'd only really recommend IKEA pillows as a cheap, short-term solution for those with a local IKEA store.

Overall, there are far better quality, affordable pillows available.

You can find similarly priced pillows made from more breathable and longer-lasting materials, with better delivery and return options, elsewhere. 👇

Our favourite affordable pillows:

Contact IKEA UK

Customer service: To contact IKEA directly for complaints, support, or queries, please call them on 0203 645 0000, visit their live online chat [3], or try their customer service robot [4]. The IKEA customer support centre is open between 7 am and 8 pm on Monday to Saturday and from 7 am to 7 pm on Sundays.

Registered office: IKEA United Kingdom, 7th Floor, 100 Avebury Boulevard, Milton Keynes, MK9 1FH

Frequently asked questions

  • Can you buy cushions from IKEA?

    You'll find an impressive range of cushions at IKEA.

    The IKEA cushion collection includes:

    • IKEA floor cushions.
    • IKEA chair cushions.
    • IKEA sofa cushions.
    • IKEA bolster pillows and cushions.

    You can also find IKEA cushion covers and IKEA cushions sold separately.

    While most of these cushions are simple squares, you can find some more exciting options, including cute IKEA round cushions.

    IKEA cushions are used for decoration or comfort (usually when you're relaxing).

    Some of the best IKEA cushions include IKEA cushion pads like the IKEA Fjädrar or IKEA cushion covers like the IKEA Gurli.

    A bolster pillow from IKEA is ideal if you are looking for a firm cushion that you can use for head, upper back, lower back, or arm support.

    If you're looking for support while you sleep, you should look for pillows, not cushions.

  • How to pick a pillow at IKEA?

    IKEA sells over 20 pillows, which makes deciding on one quite the challenge.

    The most important things to consider are:

    • What position do you sleep in?
    • What material would you prefer?
    • How much do you want to spend?

    IKEA sells both low-loft pillows, which are best for stomach and (smaller) back sleepers, and high-loft pillows, more suitable for side and back sleepers.

    When it comes to materials (pillow fillings), you have 3 main choices.

    These include:

    • IKEA feather and down pillows.
    • IKEA ergonomic pillows and memory foam pillows.
    • IKEA polyester pillows.

    Polyester pillows are the cheapest and are usually hypoallergenic but can trap heat, causing you to feel warmer.

    Alternatively, feather and down pillows feel soft and plush but aren't vegan or very supportive.

    The most popular modern material is memory foam, which contours to the head and neck, providing excellent pressure relief.

    However, memory foam pillows tend to trap heat and feel firmer, so not everyone loves them.

    Sleepers wanting an IKEA body pillow should check out the Nejlika V-shaped IKEA body pillow.

    This pillow is well-suited to those looking for an IKEA pregnancy pillow or a reading pillow from IKEA.

    Alternatively, if you're looking for a non-sleep accessory to support your neck or lower back, you can check out the Raggarv IKEA neck pillow.

    There is a good range of IKEA pillows (UK), so most people will be able to find something that suits there needs.

  • What is the most comfortable pillow?

    Comfort is highly subjective, so it depends on what you like.

    Some top-rated pillows that are widely considered the most comfortable include:

    The Simba and Panda pillows are both on the firmer side but have soft covers and temperature-regulating properties.

    These are best for those with neck, back, or shoulder pain.

    Alternatively, while it offers less support, the Littens Duck Feather and Down Pillow is softer and naturally temperature regulating.

    A feather and down pillow like the Littens one is best for those who want something extra snug.

  • Are IKEA orthopaedic pillows good?

    Some IKEA orthopaedic pillows are good quality, though not outstanding.

    For instance, the IKEA Mjölkklocka and Klubbsporre pillows have among the highest customer ratings.

    However, in IKEA pillows reviews, several customers remark that this comfort didn't last longer than a year or two.

    Some also complain that their IKEA ergonomic pillow feels too firm - though this is usually the case with ergonomic and memory foam pillows.

    Those looking for a softer feel tend to prefer IKEA feather pillows.

    Alternatively, brands like Tempur offer much better, longer-lasting ergonomic pillows.

    Or, for a more affordable option, there's the Groove Pillow, with a comfy ergonomic, temperature-regulating design that many sleepers love.

  • Do you wash IKEA pillows?

    Most IKEA pillows with feather or polyester fillings are machine-washable up to 60°C.

    However, you cannot machine wash IKEA pillows with memory foam fillings.

    Though, this only applies to the pillow insert.

    Most IKEA pillowcases and covers are machine-washable (usually up to 60°C) and tumble-dry friendly (up to 80°C).

    Of course, it's always best to check the instructions on pillows from IKEA before washing to be safe.

  • Where can I buy the IKEA Jordrok pillow?

    Unfortunately, the Jordrok pillow from IKEA is no longer sold in UK stores or online.

    The Jordrok Pillow IKEA was a soft, down and feather pillow.

    Luckily, IKEA has some new products and alternatives available for those interested in the IKEA Jordrok Pillow.

    For instance, the cheaper IKEA Lundtrav and more expensive IKEA Gulkavle pillows are both best sellers with a soft feather and down filling.

  • Are IKEA pillows good?

    While IKEA is one of the most popular places to buy bedding, some people have doubts about their quality.

    So, are IKEA pillows good?

    If you're looking for a very cheap pillow, and aren't worried about it lasting too long, then IKEA pillows are good, budget-friendly options.

    However, it may be worth looking elsewhere if you are willing to spend a little more.

    You can find longer-lasting pillows with better delivery, guarantees, and customer services by shopping from a range of UK sleep brands.

    Some of the best alternatives in the UK are Panda, Groove, or Simba.

  • References

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