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John Lewis Mattress Reviews UK (2024)

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John Lewis & Partners is renowned for its luxury home products. 👑

But how do their mattresses hold up?

Sleep Hero has dug into all you need to know about the best John Lewis Mattresses.

Find out more in our John Lewis mattress reviews. 👇

John Lewis ultimate mattress


  • Luxury, mid-range, and budget-friendly mattresses available
  • Products are handmade
  • UK-made products support British workers and farms
  • A staple brand with over 150 years of experience
  • A keen focus on sustainability
  • Recycling options for mattresses available
  • 7-year guarantee on most mattresses
  • 60-night sleep trial


  • Sleep trial is exchange-only
  • Competitors have better guarantees

Origins of John Lewis

John Lewis & Partners is one of the UK’s biggest department stores.

But where did it all begin? 🤔

Who was John Lewis?

John Lewis was a linen draper apprentice who moved to London and worked his way up selling silk and woollen cloth.

Eventually, John Lewis opened his drapery shop in Oxford Street in 1864.

As his business grew, John Lewis expanded into neighbouring properties and widened his merchandise to women’s and children’s clothing and furniture. 🪑

john lewis timeline
John Lewis began as a drapery shop in the 1800s.

What is a John Lewis partner?

John Lewis had innovative ideas about his business model, signing away his personal ownership for the company’s growth. 🤯

He wrote a constitution with the basic principles that every employee is an owner.

The idea was that the more the employee gives to a company, the more they get back.

Today, John Lewis & Partners is the largest employee-owned business in the UK, with over 80,000 partners. 🙌


John Lewis mattress collections

You can get a range of different mattress brands at John Lewis.

However, John Lewis & Partners has an impressive range of mattresses manufactured exclusively for the store.

So, how do you decide between the hundreds of mattresses available?

Luckily, John Lewis has divided its best mattresses into separate categories.

The John Lewis mattress collections includes:

  • John Lewis & Partners Ultimate Collection
  • John Lewis & Partners Essentials Collection
  • John Lewis & Partners Eco Collection
  • John Lewis & Partners Climate Collection
  • John Lewis & Partners Classic Collection

So, which John Lewis Collection is for you?

Ultimate Collection

The Ultimate Collection includes luxury mattresses made with natural materials. 🌱

john lewis ultimate collection
The Ultimate Collection contains some of the highest-quality mattresses.

These mattresses are made with natural fillings, including British wool, Egyptian cotton, hemp, alpaca wool, and cashmere. 🐑

Some mattresses also come with a zip and link option for those with narrow entryways and stairwells.

For easier transportation, zip and link mattresses are divided into two halves and can be reconnected when placed on the bed.

We recommend the Ultimate Collection for anyone looking for the highest quality materials in a traditional-style mattress.

The John Lewis Ultimate Natural 43000 mattress is very popular.


Essentials Collection

On the (much!) cheaper end of the price scale is the Essentials Collection.

essentials collection mattresses
Essential Collection mattresses are more budget-friendly.

This collection ranges from traditional pocket-sprung mattresses to hybrid memory foam mattresses. 🧽

John Lewis pocket-sprung mattresses are also available in premium collections like the Ultimate Collection.

For those looking for the most affordable mattress, consider the John Lewis Anyday Pocket Spring mattress.


Alternatively, consider the Eve Lighter Hybrid mattress, an affordable choice made with Evecomfort foam and pocket springs.

Climate Collection

The Climate Collection features temperature-regulating technology. 🌡️

climate collection mattresses
Climate Collection mattresses provide a cooler sleep.

These mattresses combine various cooling materials for a fresher feeling of sleep. 🌬️

This includes graphite-based materials with phase-change crystals and copper beads that release heat.

This means the mattress cools you when you're too warm and heats you up when you're chilly.

We discuss cooling materials in more detail in our cool mattress article.

If you’re a naturally hot sleeper, consider the John Lewis Climate Collection 1200 mattress.


Classic Collection

The Classic Collection includes traditional pocket springs.

classic collection mattresses
Classic Collection mattresses offer a more traditional style.

This range can be divided further into the Classic Eco or Classic Wool range. ♻️🐑

The Classic Eco range focuses on sustainable materials whilst the Classic Wool range is made with an additional wool layer.

The Classic Collection is excellent for anyone after a traditional-feeling and supportive mattress without breaking the bank

Alternatively, consider the Simba Hybrid Pro, one of our favourite luxury mattresses with a natural wool layer:

Who makes John Lewis mattresses?

Multiple manufacturers make John Lewis mattresses across the UK. 🇬🇧

Are John Lewis mattresses made by Harrison Spinks?

Harrison Spinks is responsible for making John Lewis's own-brand mattresses.

A John Lewis mattress begins its journey on a 300-acre farm in Yorkshire.

These bespoke John Lewis Harrison Spinks mattresses are handmade and use fillings from British sheep. 🐑

organic wool mattress benefits
Wool mattresses are naturally cool and antibacterial.

But it’s not just John Lewis branded mattresses available at a John Lewis store.

What other mattress brands does John Lewis sell?

John Lewis sells a range of fantastic well-known brands too. 😱

These include:

From pillow tops, memory foam and even latex mattresses, John Lewis & Partners offers a huge selection of mattresses for every sleeping position. 😍

John Lewis memory foam mattresses are great, but we're excited to see there are some of our favourite memory foam brands stocked by John Lewis.

As Simba and Emma are primarily online, we think it’s fantastic that John Lewis also has these brands to try in-store. 🏬

Find out more about these premium bed-in-a-box mattresses:

John Lewis mattress sizes

Mattresses at John Lewis come in a variety of sizes.

UK mattress sizes

These include:

  • John Lewis small single mattress - 75 x 90 cm (2’4” x 6’3”)
  • Single mattress John Lewis - 90 x 190 cm (3” x 6'3")
  • Double mattress John Lewis - 120 x 190 cm (4” x 6'3")
  • John Lewis double mattress - 135 x 190 cm (4'6" x 6'3")
  • John Lewis king size mattress - 150 x 200 cm (5” x 6’6”)
  • John Lewis super king size mattress - 180 x 200 cm (6” x 6’6”)
  • John Lewis emperor size mattress - 215 x 215 cm (7” x 7”)

Tempur and Vispring mattresses also come in special EU mattress sizes.

You should check the size you need before placing an order. 📏

John Lewis mattress prices

John Lewis mattresses range anywhere between £80 - £12,800. 💰

As John Lewis stocks some of the most high-end mattresses in the UK market, they can come at a premium price.

Price-performance ratio graphic
You must determine your budget for the mattress you need.

We advise you to find a balance between a realistic budget and the kind of quality you desire. ⚖️

John Lewis finance

If a John Lewis mattress is out of your price range, you’ll be happy to hear they offer interest-free credit finance. 💳

As long as you spend over £1,000, you will be eligible to spread the cost over 12 or 24 months.

So, for a £3000 mattress, you can choose to spread the cost over 12 months (£250 per month) or 24 months (£125 per month) without paying any interest.

However, it's up to you to decide if you're ready to take on the responsibility of a finance contract or save up the money to pay it in full.


John Lewis mattress sale & discount codes

You can find John Lewis discount codes online for an even better deal. 😱

man jumping with coins
You can find a mattress sale John Lewis offers online.

As well as interest-free finance options, John Lewis has regular promotions on its mattresses. 🏷️

If you’re waiting for a John Lewis mattress sale, we recommend checking around Black Friday, Boxing Day, and Easter.

Alternatively, bookmark our discounts page for updates on all the latest mattress offers.

You can also sign up for our newsletter for seasonal news on the latest deals:

John Lewis bedding

Perhaps you need some sleep accessories to go with your John Lewis mattress?

woman with sleep accessories
You can get a full bedding set at John Lewis.

Luckily, John Lewis provides an entire range of high-quality bedding to upgrade your bedroom. ✨

The John Lewis bedding range includes:

  • John Lewis pillows
  • John Lewis bed linen
  • John Lewis duvet covers
  • John Lewis mattress toppers
  • John Lewis mattress protectors

John Lewis bedding is a mix of John Lewis own-brand bedding and long-standing British manufacturers such as Bedfolk, Fine Bedding Company and Cath Kidston.

John Lewis mattress toppers and pillows include a mix of brands such as Hypnos, Vispring, Tempur, and Kally Sleep.

They also have their own branded bedding and sleep accessories.


Who makes John Lewis bedding?

John Lewis has been partnered with Herbert Parkinson textile factory in Lancashire since 1953. 🤯

The team at Herbert Parkinson ensure all the feather and down used is a by-product of food production, so no animals are unnecessarily harmed.

They create customised tog ratings and pillows firmnesses depending on your needs cased in the highest quality of fabric. 🧶

Dunelm bedding is also a great alternative for those who want more budget-friendly options.

What else does John Lewis sell?

John Lewis & Partners isn’t just a bed manufacturer.

They’re one of the largest home and furniture retailers in the UK.

You can find other home products at John Lewis, including:

  • John Lewis divan bases & bed frames
  • John Lewis furniture
  • John Lewis home appliances
  • John Lewis sofa beds
  • John Lewis cushions & beanbags
  • John Lewis wardrobes

As well as home and furniture products, John Lewis also stocks various clothing brands, perfume, and electrical gadgets. 📺

John Lewis delivery

John Lewis offers free delivery for orders over £50.

Smaller items like bedding generally arrive within 5 working days, with deliveries taking place from Monday to Saturday between 7.30am and 6.30pm.

Once dispatched, you'll receive a tracking email, with carriers including Royal Mail, Evri, DHL, and DPD handling the transport.

order and delivery process
Purchasing a mattress at John Lewis is fairly straightforward.

For larger purchases like mattresses and other large furniture, you can pick your delivery slot.

The John Lewis delivery team provide a free 10-hour standard delivery slot and a 2-hour window the night before. 🌙

The delivery crew will also call about 30 minutes prior to their arrival.

The delivery team will take your order to your preferred room and, if requested, remove the packaging. 📦


Given that many John Lewis mattresses are handcrafted, delivery might take longer compared to other online brands.

If you're in a hurry to get a new mattress, you might want to explore other options.

Our top picks, such as the Hypnia Essentials Hybrid and Panda Hybrid Bamboo mattress, can be at your doorstep within 5 working days.

Our favourite alternatives for fast delivery:

John Lewis sleep trial

Some mattresses at John Lewis may be eligible for the 60-day mattress trial. ⏳

To qualify for the sleep trial, you must purchase a mattress protector with your new John Lewis mattress.

The terms state a mattress protector must be purchased in the same transaction, which we think is a little unfair to those who already own a mattress protector.

You should check the product page to see if your chosen mattress is eligible for the sleep trial.

Trial period graphic
John Lewis mattresses include a 60-night trial.

The trial date starts on the day your new mattress is delivered, and if you don’t find the mattress comfortable within 60 nights, you can exchange it for a new one.

Unfortunately, you can't get a full refund like other mattress brands.

This means if you don't like your John Lewis mattress, you'll have to choose another one from John Lewis.

We haven't found information about a sleep trial for other brands John Lewis offers, such as Simba and Emma.

So, it might be best to purchase directly from these brands to benefit from a 200-night trial and a full refund.

Our favourite Simba and Emma mattresses:

John Lewis mattress guarantee

Most John Lewis mattresses come with a 7-year guarantee, with a selection only guaranteed for 2 years.

This means you’ll be covered against manufacturing faults (such as mattress dipping) within this time frame.

mattress dipping
Your mattress will be protected against unexpected faults, such as dipping.

This applies to all John Lewis own-brand mattresses, while other manufacturers have their own guarantees.

However, most mattresses should last anywhere between 8 - 10 years. ⏲️

We think that the John Lewis mattress guarantee could do more to match competitors, particularly on their higher-end products.

Nectar and DreamCloud both include a "Forever Warranty", which means your mattress will be protected for a lifetime.

Find out more about these brands below:

Are John Lewis mattresses any good?

John Lewis & Partners is an established UK brand that has been around since 1864.

Unlike these newer bed-in-a-box brands, many of which are less than 10 years old, John Lewis is a veteran in selling mattresses and other home products. 🙌

They’re responsible for some of the highest quality mattresses available in the UK with an awareness of sustainability, as well as supporting British workers and local farms.

But can an old dog learn new tricks? 🐶

We think John Lewis could do a bit more work regarding sleep trials and guarantees to match current online competitors.

Our favourite mattresses:

Contact John Lewis & Partners

Customer service: To contact John Lewis & Partners directly for complaints, support, or queries, please call them on 03456 080675, or complete their online contact form [1].

Registered office: John Lewis PLC, 171 Victoria Street, London, SW1E 5NN.

Frequently asked questions

  • Does John Lewis recycle mattresses?

    When you buy a John Lewis mattress, you can add a recycling option

    John Lewis will collect your old mattress when your new mattress is delivered.

    John Lewis works with TFR Group [2] to ensure that old mattresses are sustainably recycled in their recycling facilities. 

  • Where are John Lewis beds made?

    John Lewis beds are manufactured in the UK

    Harrison Spinks manufactures own-brand John Lewis mattresses on a 300-acre farm in Yorkshire. 

    John Lewis also sells other UK brands, including Simba, Hypnos, and Silentnight

  • Can you return John Lewis mattresses?

    John Lewis mattresses come with a 60-night trial

    This means you can sleep on the mattress for 60 nights before deciding if it’s right. 

    Unfortunately, this policy is exchange-only, and you will not be able to get a full refund. 

    John Lewis mattress return policy

    John Lewis offers returns on some large furniture items. 

    However, they state that mattresses cannot be returned unless indicated in a supplier promotion. 

    Small items can be returned unused in their original condition with proof of purchase within 35 days.

    Visit their website to learn more about the John Lewis mattress return policy. 

  • John Lewis Trustpilot

    John Lewis has a 4.0 rating on Trustpilot [3] with over 50,000 reviews. 

    This is much higher than some UK retailers like Dunelm (3.0) and Wayfair (2.1). 

    However, Argos (4.1), Dreams (4.8) and Bensons for Beds (4.5) have a higher rating with many more 5-star reviews. 

    We encourage you to read John Lewis mattress reviews and John Lewis delivery reviews before making a purchase to get a better idea of what kind of customer experience you can expect. 

  • Does John Lewis sell the Eve mattress?

    John Lewis sells the original Emma and Simba mattresses. 

    However, the popular Eve Premium Hybrid mattress John Lewis and other Eve mattresses are not currently stocked. 

    To find out more about the mattresses John Lewis sells, scroll to the top of our article

    We've got a consecutive list of the popular own-brand mattress John Lewis collections. 


  • References


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