The Fine Bedding Company

The Fine Bedding Company Review UK (2024)

Last updated: 31.10.2023 Reading time: 7 Min.

The Fine Bedding Company has produced high-quality bedding for over two centuries. 🤯

They’re one of the most innovative bedding retailers in the UK to date.

But can they keep up with new-age brands?

And is their bestselling Night Owl duvet really that good?

Dive into our The Fine Bedding Company review to find out. 👇

The Fine Bedding Company


  • Over 100 years of experience far surpassing new-age brands
  • Huge selection of bedding products, including pillows, duvets, toppers, linen, and mattress protectors
  • Luxury & budget-friendly products available
  • Eco-friendly factory encourages sustainability
  • Highly innovative products
  • Fast & free delivery/returns
  • Excellent customer reviews & higher than average Trustpilot score
  • High-quality products backed up by customers
  • Recommending by trusted media outlets and magazines


  • No sleep trial available on products
  • A few complaints about delivery delays and wrong products ordered

Who is The Fine Bedding Company?

The Fine Bedding Company is a British bedding retailer with over 100 years of experience.

It started as a small family-run business in 1912, supplying cruise ships with all their bedding needs.

Today, this British bedding company provides luxury bedding to customers and 5-star hotels, including Intercontinental - O2 London [1] and Voco Milan Fiere [2]. 🏨

What does The Fine Bedding Company sell?

The retailer sells a variety of different bedding products and sleep accessories.

This includes:

  • Bed linen & pillowcases - including natural and synthetic options
  • Pillows - including back support pillows, V pillows, and memory foam pillows
  • Mattress toppers - including Smartfibre toppers and enhancers
  • Duvets - including all-seasons duvets, goose feather duvets, and coverless duvets
  • Mattress & pillow protectors - including waterproof and temperature management protectors

You can buy all these products from the FBC online website. 💻

One of their most popular items is the Night Owl coverless duvet, a machine-washable duvet that can be popped on the bed without needing a cover.

What are The Fine Bedding Company collections?

The Fine Bedding collections have a variety of options to suit all your bedding needs.

Whether you’re looking for luxury options, vegan-friendly bedding, or sheets that keep you cool, Fine Bedding Co. has it all. 👇

Boutique Silk

The Boutique Silk collection has exclusive silk pillows and duvets that supply some of Europe's leading 4 & 5-star hotels.

silk pillowcase
Silk pillowcases have many benefits, including improving hair and skin quality.

The Boutique Silk collection includes:

  • The Fine Bedding Company pillows
  • The Fine Bedding Company duvets

Made from advanced Smartfil fibres and pure silk, you’ll have a luxurious sleep with this opulent range of bedding. ✨

These products also include a 100% pure cotton cover for extra breathability.


Smart Temperature collection

Smart Temperature bedding uses a dynamic cooling system invented by Swiss textile innovators HeiQ [3] that helps to control temperature.

The Smart Temperature collection includes:

  • Smart Temperature bedding (sheets, pillowcases, duvet cover)
  • Smart Temperature cooling duvet
  • Smart Temperature mattress protector
  • Smart Temperature pillowcases & protectors

This collection is ideal for hot sleepers or those going through menopause who need help cooling down during sleep. 🌡️


Spundown collection

The Spundown collection is one of The FBC's bestselling ranges, including high-quality but not overly expensive pillows, duvets, and toppers.

The Spundown collection includes:

  • Spundown pillow
  • Spundown duvet
  • Spundown mattress enhancer
  • Spundown mattress protector

The Spundown collection is fully washable at 60°C and excellent for those who like to keep their bedding fresh and clean. 🧼

washing bedding
The Spundown collection is popular for its washing capabilities.

Washable bedding is a great hypoallergenic choice to prevent dust mites and bacteria.

These advanced fibres will ensure your bedding keeps its plump shape after multiple washes.


Natural collection

This British bedding company has two natural collections with a huge variety of different bedding to choose from. 🥰

The Natural collections include:

  • The Fine Bedding Company natural feather & down bedding
  • The Fine Bedding Company Nimbus Emporium bedding

Both collections include luxury duvets and pillows made from high-quality natural materials such as Hungarian goose down. 🦆


Breathe collection

The Breathe collection is made from Smartfil technology and Modal, a highly breathable fibre made from natural wood pulp. 🪵

The Breathe collection includes:

  • Breathe duvet
  • Breathe pillow
  • Breathe mattress protector
  • Breathe pillow protector

This naturally cool bedding helps to wick moisture away from the body and encourages you to stay at the perfect temperature throughout the night.

moisture wicking graphic
The Breathe collection has additional cooling properties.

If you're a hot sleeper, the Breathe collection can help regulate your temperature for a more refreshing sleep.


Biocrystal collection

The Biocrystal collection by The FBC combines 16 different crystals that encourage a calmer sleep. 😴

The Biocrystal collection includes:

  • Biocrystal cotton pillow
  • Biocrystal pillow protector
  • Biocrystal mattress protector

The collection is made from pure cotton and infused with crystals that promote a calmer environment, such as quartz, amethyst, citrine, and onyx.


Night Owl collection

The Fine Bedding Company Night Owl range is best known for its bestselling coverless duvet.

Made from Smartfil fibres, the Fine Bedding Company coverless duvet by Night Owl is fully washable and fast-drying.

The Night Owl duvets have expanded into the Night Lark collection, where all different patterns and styles are now available.

Our favourite products from this collection:

What makes The Fine Bedding Company special?

The Fine Bedding Company sets itself apart from other online bedding retailers.

But what makes this company unique? 🤔

100 years of innovation

This British bedding company has over 100 years of experience supplying the UK with the best bedding.

But it's not old hat.

These timeless innovators have revolutionary bedding options to suit your particular needs.

The Fine Bedding Company Night Owl duvet
The Fine Bedding Co. has practical solutions for everyday products.

The Fine Bedding Company developed the first home washable duvet. 🚀


And if you’re looking for traditional luxury bedding, this retailer has plenty of options.

Highly recommended

The Fine Bedding Company products have been featured in multiple media outlets.

This includes Country Living, Good Housekeeping, Cosmopolitan, and Evening Standard.

Two people reading a newspaper in bed
This British bedding retailer is highly recommended.

It was also awarded the Family Business Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2021 for the North West region. 🏆

The company also have one of the best Trustpilot scores we’ve ever seen by a sleep brand.

But more on that in the FAQ section later . . .

Eco factories

The Eco-factory was established in April 2000 as part of the company’s promise to be more sustainable. ♻️

This factory in Estonia produces over 80% of The Fine Bedding Company's products.

Using its own factories gives The Fine Bedding Company complete control over its products throughout the manufacturing process.


The Fine Bedding Company discount codes

The Fine Bedding Company sells a mixture of budget-friendly and premium products. 💰

Nonetheless, it’s only natural to want to grab a great deal and save some money on your bedding.

Discounts on select products are available throughout the year and seasonal periods such as Black Friday and Christmas.

people jumping with coins
We’ve got exclusive FBC discounts.

Sleep Hero also has an exclusive Fine Bedding Company discount code to help you keep within budget. 🏷️

You can get an extra 15% off all Fine Bedding Co. products by adding the code “SLEEP15” before you hit checkout.


You can also bookmark our discounts page with the latest mattress and bedding offers on our favourite brands.

Alternatively, sign up for our newsletter for info on the best offers throughout the year.

The Fine Bedding Company delivery & returns

The Fine Bedding Company comes with free delivery & returns.

Fine Bedding Co. dispatch all standard orders between 1 - 2 business days.

Orders are delivered by DPD, where you will receive an estimated delivery time and be able to track your parcel. 🚚


The Fine Bedding Company delivery
The Fine Bedding Co. has an easy delivery process.

If you need your order quickly, you can opt for Priority Next Day delivery for an additional charge.

Your order will be shipped the same day if you order by noon between Monday - Friday.

The Fine Bedding Company returns

All products by The Fine Bedding Company come with a 30-day return policy. ✅

The product must be in an unused condition and sent back undamaged in its original packaging.

The company covers the return costs and will issue you with a pre-paid Royal Mail returns label for you to send the goods back.

The Fine Bedding Company returns
FBC orders include 30-day returns.

Once Fine Bedding Co. receives the items, they will issue a full refund.

You can find more information about how to return items on the FBC website.


Is The Fine Bedding Company good?

The Fine Bedding Company is one of our go-to options for luxury and everyday bedding items. 💞

We’ve already tested many items by Fine Bedding Co. and have been impressed with the quality of each product.

The Fine Bedding Company bedding offers innovative and practical alternatives to the standard bedding that can be bought in a supermarket.

We highly recommend this retailer for anyone looking to support a long-standing UK business with an excellent reputation with their customers.


Contact The Fine Bedding Company

Customer service: To contact The Fine Bedding Company directly for complaints, support, or queries, please e-mail them at or complete their online contact form [4]. Customer service is available Monday - Thursday from 9 am to 5 pm and Fridays from 9 am - 3 pm.

Registered office: Cobra Court 10 Blackmore Road, Stretford, Manchester, M32 0QY

Read our Fine Bedding Company interview for more information.

Frequently asked questions

  • The Fine Bedding Company reviews

    The Fine Bedding Company certainly has some highly innovative products.

    But what do their customers make of them?

    The retailer has a staggering 4.8/5 star rating on Trustpilot, with over 6,000 reviews in total. 👍

    Customers are generally pleased with the quality of the products.

    We compared reviews with other popular bedding retailers. 

    The company had a higher TrustPilot score than all other bedding retailers we compared, including Aeyla, The White Company, John Lewis and Bedfolk. 

    We also looked at some of the negative reviews (though few there are) to see any potential issues you might face. 

    Most comments revolve around the ordering and delivery process, with the wrong items being delivered or delayed delivery

    However, with below 5% negative reviews, it’s doubtful you will experience any of these problems when ordering. 

  • Where can I buy The Fine Bedding Company products?

    You can buy all Fine Bedding Co. products directly from The Fine Bedding Company website

    However, some other UK retailers now stock FBC products. 

    Argos, John Lewis and Amazon have a selective range of Fine Bedding Co. products for you to purchase. 

  • Where is The Fine Bedding Company based?

    The Fine Bedding Company is based in the UK.

    However, their eco-factory is based in Estonia

    All orders are dispatched from The FBC UK warehouse.

  • What size duvets does The Fine Bedding Company sell?

    The Fine Bedding Company duvets are available in standard UK sizes.

    These include:

    • Single duvet - 135 x 200 cm (4'4" x 6'6")
    • Double duvet - 200 x 200 cm (6’6” x 6’6”)
    • King duvet - 230 x 220 cm (7'5" x 7'2")
    • Super king duvet - 260 x 220 cm (8'5" x 7'2")

    You can also purchase duvets in different tog ratings, such as a duvet 10.5 tog, which is ideal for spring and autumn.

    We’d recommend a higher-tog duvet for winter and a lower-tog for the summer season.

    You can also purchase natural down duvets or synthetic options, depending on your preference.

  • Who sells the best bedding?

    The best bedding is subjective, depending on your individual needs.

    Alternatively, the eco-conscious may prefer natural biodegradable bedding.

    Hot sleepers will generally have a preference for bedding with temperature-regulating properties.

    Those with a mattress that is too firm might consider bedding, such as memory foam toppers, which can improve the feeling of the mattress. 

    The Fine Bedding Company has different bedding collections for each individual, but you must know your own individual requirements to know the best bedding options for you.

  • References


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