Christmas Bedding

Christmas Bedding & Mattress Deals UK (2022)

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Last updated: 04.08.2022

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Christmas is around the corner, and we love to celebrate.

To get you into the festive mood, look at the best Christmas bedding options below. 🎄

We’ve also added some amazing Christmas mattress sales that you don’t want to miss out on!

Let’s get celebrating. 🎉

Christmas bedding deals

Our favourite adult Christmas bedding 2022

We won’t bore you with lengthy details - let’s get right to the point.

Here are our favourite Christmas bedding sets for adults:

Our favourite kids Christmas bedding 2022

Kids deserve special attention over the festive season - so why not decorate your child's bedroom?

Here are our favourite Christmas bedding sets for children:

Our favourite Christmas pillows 2022

Take a look at some of our favourite Christmas pillows:

Christmas bedding & decorations: Our favourite online retailers

Not sure if the above is the right choice for you?

You can browse some of the best online retailers for amazing Christmas sales. 💻 🎅

Some of our favourite online retailers include:

  • Happy Beds
  • Bedfolk
  • Silentnight
  • Graham and Green
  • Aeyla (formerly Mela Comfort)
  • The Fine Bedding Company
  • Amazon
  • Kally Sleep
  • Mattress Online
  • Furniture Village
  • Mattress Next Day

There are tons of options to choose from!

Take a look at some of our favourite Christmas retailers:

Happy Beds

Happy Beds

Happy Beds sells a wide range of mattresses, beds, pillows, and more.




Bedfolk sells a range of comfortable bedding, duvets, pillows, and bath accessories.




Silentnight sells a range of affordable mattresses, beds, duvets, pillows, bedding, and more.


Graham and Green Christmas

Graham and Green

Get the best Christmas decorations, wreaths, tableware, lighting, and more from Graham and Green.


aeyla bedding


Aeyla sells a range of luxe bedding and weighted blankets for any time of year.


Fine bedding company

Fine Bedding Company

Enjoy a wide selection of luxurious bedding, duvets, pillows, and more with The Fine Bedding Company.


Amazon UK


Amazon UK sells a great selection of Christmas bedding and decorations. You're also bound to grab a good deal or two!


Kally Sleep

Kally Sleep

Kally Sleep offers a wide range of affordable pillows.


Mattress Online

Mattress Online

Mattress Online sells a huge selection of bedding, mattresses, bed frames, and more.


Furniture Village

Furniture Village

Furniture Village sells a wide range of beds and mattresses for kids and adults.


Mattress Next Day

Mattress Next Day

You can get a wide selection of mattresses, bed bases, frames, and bedding at Mattress Next Day.


Christmas bed sales 2022

Festive bedding is great - but what if you’re looking for an actual bed?

Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. 🛏

We'll list Christmas bed sales here as soon as they're announced.

Christmas mattress sales 2022

Most of the best mattress sales in the UK go live for Boxing Day. 🎁

But that doesn’t mean you won’t find any great Christmas mattress sales!

We'll list Christmas mattress sales here as soon as they're announced.

Christmas sleep accessory sales 2022

Don’t despair if you’re looking to accessorise your bedroom in other ways.

For Christmas, you can also buy a range of bedroom and sleep accessories - including pillows, mattress toppers, duvets, blankets, and more. 🕯

We'll list Christmas sleep accessory sales here as soon as they're announced.

What to pay attention to when purchasing Christmas bedding & Christmas pillows

Usually, we’d advocate thinking long-term, investing in high-quality products that are likely to last you a very long time.

Of course, this is true of Christmas bedding and Christmas pillows as well. 🎄

But, you can get away with paying less attention to quality.


Unlike standard bedding, Christmas bedding is only intended to be used for a few weeks a year.

And unlike the best pillows, which have to be comfortable and supportive to give you a good night’s sleep, Christmas pillows are merely decorative.

So when it comes to Christmas, there’s no need to think twice. 🥳

But, you still want to get the right products, so here are a few key tips to guide you.

What quality do you want?

We mentioned that you don't have to focus on quality when it comes to Christmas bedding. 🤔

But, this doesn't mean that you shouldn't be aware of the quality you're purchasing.

If you're looking for a 400-thread-count cotton duvet set, you probably won't be satisfied with a polycotton cover.

Other factors to consider:

  • Would you prefer a reversible duvet cover so you can change your decorations?
  • Do you want a crease-free cotton duvet cover or is ironing not a factor?
  • What about faux fur or fleece bedding, which can look nice but may be more difficult to care for?

We don't think there's a right or wrong when it comes to Christmas bedding, but it is worth considering your budget, requirements, and personal preferences when choosing Christmas bedding. 🌲

If you're looking for quality all-year bedding, we'd suggest looking at Panda London's luxurious bamboo bedding.

It's divine!



What size bedding do you need?

Luckily, you can get Christmas bedding sets in all standard UK bedding sizes. 🇬🇧

Popular UK sizes include:

  • Christmas bedding single
  • Christmas bedding small double
  • Christmas bedding double
  • Christmas bedding king-size
  • Christmas bedding super king

Of course, you need to choose the size that matches your bed, duvet, and pillows.

UK duvet sizes

Do you need a bedding set or individual items?

You can choose to get a whole duvet cover set that will include everything you need for a Christmas-style bedroom. 🕯

But you may also only require individual items.

  • Do you only need a duvet cover?
  • Do you only need a few pillowcases?
  • Do you need a matching fitted sheet?
  • Do you want additional items like Christmas jumpers, pyjamas, wall art, or even tableware?

You may be able to get duvet sets that include everything​​.

And you don't necessarily have to spend a fortune. 💰

Sure, you can get many luxe Christmas sets that will set you back a fair bit, but you can also get just as many value-for-money bestsellers via Amazon.

As a year-round option, we'd recommend investing in a bedding set like the one Nectar sells.

It has everything you need - a mattress protector, duvet, duvet cover, fitted sheet, and pillowcases.


Wake up feeling refreshed

What type of decorations do you want?

Do you want smart-casual festive or all-out-there Christmas?

Are you equipping an adult bedroom, a child's room, or a guest room? 🧒

Some of the most common Christmas bedding motifs include:

  • Santa and his reindeer
  • Christmas trees, snowmen, snowflakes, stars, and polar bears
  • Winter wonderlands with icy Nordic or Scandi landscapes
  • Advent calendars, nutcrackers, and Christmas cookies
  • Christmas gifts and standard decorations like Father Christmas, gonks, garlands, candles, wreaths, and mistletoe

Of course, you can also get single duvet covers with more exotic decorations like Christmas dinosaurs for the little ones, or more classic adult options in Fairisle or tartan patterns. 🎨

You'll get the best options on Amazon!


What type of Christmas pillow should you decide on?

Luckily, there’s no need to fuss about this too much - simply choose what you like best!

You can also consider the following:

  • Are you looking for a single Christmas pillow or do you want to put together a set?
  • Are you looking for new Christmas pillows or do you have decorative pillows and simply need a new pillowcase set?
  • Do you want to use these to lie on or snuggle with?
  • Or are they purely decorative for your bed or sofas?
  • Do you have small children or pets that may stain the pillows?

Different pillows

Asking yourself these questions may help guide your purchase.

Happy shopping! 🛍

What to pay attention to when purchasing Christmas beds

While running wild with Christmas bedding and Christmas pillows is okay, we would suggest spending a little bit of time planning your bed purchase this Christmas. 🧐

A bed is one of the most expensive items you’ll purchase for your bedroom, so it makes sense to consider it more carefully.

After all, you’d want your new bed to last a very long time. 🗓

Here are a few things to consider:

Bed frame criteria

For more information on choosing the perfect bed, read our article on the best bed frames in the UK.

What to pay attention to when purchasing a mattress this Christmas

A mattress is probably the most important bedroom purchase. 🏆


Because your mattress directly influences the quality of your sleep.

And we all know that waking up cranky and stiff is not an option. 🙅‍♀️

Here are a few things to consider when looking at new mattresses:

Mattress criteria

Read our full article for more information on how to choose a new mattress.

Should you buy beds and bedding this Christmas?

The real question is - what's holding you back?

Spicing up your bedroom this festive season is a fantastic idea. 🎊

It'll put you straight into the holiday mood!

Christmas bedding is also a great gift idea! 🎁

And if you're looking to buy a bed, mattress, or other sleep accessories - why not?

You're bound to find some great Christmas bed sales and Christmas mattress sales! 🥳

Browse our favourite festive options, add them to your wishlist, and hit that checkout button when you're ready to spice up your season with Christmas decorations!

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Frequently asked questions:

  • On what day is Christmas in 2022?

    Christmas Day falls on Sunday, 25 December 2022.

    Most people will be able to enjoy a lengthy Christmas weekend from Friday 23 December until Tuesday 27 December 2021.

  • When can I get the best Christmas sales?

    You can enjoy some of the best Christmas bedding, Christmas pillow, and Christmas mattress sales from 1 December onwards, leading right up until Christmas day.

    After Christmas, you can continue to enjoy the festivities with many Boxing Day sales.

  • Can I return Christmas bedding?

    Bedding often doesn't come with free returns but many brands and online retailers offer extended returns over the Christmas period.

    This makes it easier to return unwanted gifts. 🎁

    Remember, though, that items generally have to be unused in order for you to return them.

    This is due to hygienic reasons. 🧼

    Only mattresses commonly come with risk-free trial periods that allow you to test the product.


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