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Nicky's travelled the world and slept on a fair number of beds - from luxurious king sizes in five-star hotels to creaky, worn innerspring mattresses in dodgy hostels.

Now she's on the hunt to find the best in the sleep world in the UK and beyond, and share it all with the Sleep Hero team.


While an expert sleeper, Nicky is also a certified sleep coach and works on understanding how sleep problems arise from hormonal, environmental, and comfort-based perspectives, particularly as part of stress and anxiety management.

Sleep certifications

SleepmeU: Sleep Coach. ACSM-, AFAA-, NASM-, and NSCA-accredited.

The SleepmeU course is an accredited sleep coaching certification that focuses on everything related to healthy sleep habits, including hormones, homeostasis, the physical and psychological effects of sleep, sleep cycles, chronotypes, CBT-i, performance enhancement, diseases, and sleep trackers.

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RSPH: Understanding SleepCPD-accredited.

The RSPH: Understanding Sleep course offers a specific UK perspective on sleep, considering the public health implications of a lack of sleep, the impact of drugs and alcohol, various sleep disorders, and how we can achieve better sleep. 

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Articles by Nicky

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