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Best Emma Beds

Best Emma Beds UK (2023)

Last updated: 01.11.2023 Reading time: 10 Min.

Need a new bed frame that’s stylish and convenient? 🤔

Emma UK has got you covered.

The sleek & stylish designs of the Emma bed selection will liven up any bedroom space. ✨

They’re made with supportive slats with fantastic ventilation and space-saving solutions.

Need we say more?

Find out more about the best Emma beds below. 👇

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Emma bed frames


Our favourite Emma beds UK

Sleep Hero Favourite

Emma Signature Bed

The Emma Signature Bed is an elegantly designed platform bed frame that allows for good airflow and excellent support.

This bed is available in a dark grey or a light grey platform design with a headboard, which is perfect for any bedroom.

The Emma Signature Bed has a soft and effortless appeal, with an estimated assembly time of only 30 minutes.

Emma Signature Bed

It's available in a platform design with a headboard, providing a comfortable place to sleep or sit back and relax.

However, you can opt out of including the headboard for a more budget-friendly price. 

The bed has wooden slats to promote airflow in your mattress for breathable sleep. 

The slats also provide support for your back, shoulders, and hip and distribute your body weight evenly across the bed, according to Emma.

There are under-bed storage options available for your Emma Signature bed. 

You can purchase the bed with 2 drawers, 4 or no storage. 

emma signature bed underbed storage

You can also choose between a dark grey or light grey option, and these neutral colours will look great in most spaces. 

The Emma Signature bed includes a 10-year guarantee to protect you against manufacturing faults. 

The Emma Bed also offers free delivery and a 200-day risk-free trial period.


  Emma Signature Bed
Materials: Metal structure, plywood panels, polyester fabric
Sizes: Double, king, or super king
Trial: 200 nights
Guarantee: 10 years
What makes this bed frame special? The Emma Signature bed has a 10-year guarantee to outshine competitors.
Compact Design

Emma Divan Bed

The Emma Divan bed includes a solid base, headboard, and the option of integrated storage drawers.

You can choose between stylish beige or dark grey fabric for a bed that goes with almost any decor. 


The Emma Divan bed is a traditional yet trendy bed frame. 

It is handmade with close attention to detail and uses FSC-approved materials.

emma divan bed

The Emma divan bed provides sturdy support and a firmer base for sleep. 

In our test, we noticed it felt much sturdier than cheaper divans, such as IKEA bed frames. 

It includes a stylish headboard and comes with a choice of 2, 4, or no storage drawers. 

The drawers are well made, gliding effortlessly on their rollers and supporting a maximum weight of 12 kg (26.5 lbs). 

The divan is delivered in three pieces, including the headboard, and can be assembled within minutes.

emma bed chrome foot

The bed also has attractive chrome feet that keep it sturdy and still. 

However, you could replace the feet with wheels if you want a bed that can easily move around. 

The Emma divan bed also includes a 200-night sleep trial and a 2-year guarantee

Our in-depth review will tell you more about the Emma Divan bed and what we discovered in our test. 


  Emma Divan Bed
Materials: Scandinavian softwood, polyester upholstery 
Size: Double, king, or super king
Trial: 200 nights
Guarantee: 2 years
What makes this bed frame special? Space-savers will love the integrated storage drawers and compact design. 

Emma Platform Bed

The Emma Platform bed combines sturdy wooden slats and a contemporary metal design.

Emma Sleep created this platform bed with 3 comfort zones to help improve spinal alignment.  


The Emma Platform bed has a simple design without a headboard. 

emma platform bed

The comfort zone slatted structure provides additional support just where you need it. 

This means the bed is designed to be more supportive where the body is heaviest, so weight is distributed evenly across the bed. 

The slats also promote airflow, as excess heat can escape between the slats while you sleep. 

The Emma Platform bed has a compact design, ideal for those in smaller spaces. 

emma platform bed

The frame is flush with the mattress, similar to a divan, but without the extra bulk underneath. 

It's a great option for those who want a clean and minimalist look in their room.  

This is also one of the cheapest Emma beds available, so we recommend it to those on a budget

This minimalist bed comes with a 200-night trial and a 2-year guarantee


  Emma Platform Bed 
Materials: Metal structure, wooden slats
Size: Single, small double, double, king size
Trial: 200 nights
Guarantee: 2 years
What makes this bed frame special? This bed frame comes in various sizes, ideal for kids with small bedrooms. 
Best For Storage

Emma Ottoman Bed

The Emma Ottoman Bed offers up to 890 litres of discreet storage space.

The Emma Ottoman bed is a lifesaver for those with limited space but who don't want to compromise style. 

The Emma Ottoman bed has a contemporary upholstered design with extra storage.

Depending on your style, you can choose between a light grey or dark grey fabric. 

The thick, upholstered headboard provides a comfortable headrest for who that sit in bed and read or browse on their phone before sleep. 

The Emma Ottoman bed has a slatted base for optimal airflow, as excess heat can dispel between the gaps. 

But one of the key features of this bed is the ample storage space available. 

emma ottoman bed with mattress

emma ottoman bed storage space


You can fit up to 890 litres of storage in the Emma Ottoman bed for your suitcases, shoes, handbags or extra bedding. 

For those with limited storage space available, this is a great solution to keep your home tidy and uncluttered. 

The base of the bed lifts with an easy-to-open mechanism using compressed air pistons that anybody can master. 

Your storage will remain dust-free as the floor encloses the bed and prevents dust from creeping in.

 The Emma Ottoman bed also includes a 3-year guarantee and a 200-night trial.


  Emma Ottoman Bed
Materials: 100% polyester, high-density recycled foam wadding, pinewood and MDF
Size: Double, king, or super king
Trial: 200 nights
Guarantee: 3 years
What makes this bed frame special? This bed frame has more storage than any other Emma bed in the range.
Stylish Choice

Emma Wooden Bed

The Emma Wooden bed is made with responsibly sourced wood and a durable slatted base.

We love that the Emma bed includes free delivery, a 200-night trial, and a 3-year guarantee. 


The Emma Wooden bed has a natural design to brighten any room. 

emma wooden bed
The natural wood of this Emma bed easily brightens up any room.

This eco-friendly bed has been crafted with FSC-certified materials that encourage sustainable manufacturing. 

The slatted base encourages optimal airflow as heat can disperse easily between the gaps of the slats.

We recommend this to those looking for a bed frame that has a beautiful design to create a relaxing environment in your bedroom. 

emma wooden bed

The bed frame is well made to be solid and sturdy and support your sleep for years to come. 

Furthermore, according to Emma, the slatted frame promotes spinal alignment and evenly distributes your weight for an undisturbed night of rest.

The Emma Wooden bed frame includes a 3-year guarantee and a 200-night sleep trial


  Emma Wooden Bed
Materials: Chipboard, natural oak, wooden slats
Size: Double, king, super king
Trial: 200 nights
Guarantee: 3 years
What makes this bed frame special? The Emma Wooden bed is made from sustainably sourced materials.
Great For Hot Sleepers

Emma Metal Bed

The Emma Metal bed has a sleek and minimalist design for a contemporary bedroom.

Emma Sleep offers a 5-year guarantee and a 200-night trial with the sleek Emma Metal bed. 

The Emma Metal Bed has a modern look that would suit most spaces. 

emma metal bed

The simple design offers a minimalist look for a clean and simple room design. 

We think this bed frame would look great in smaller spaces, as the less bulky frame will encourage the space to look larger and less cluttered. 

The Emma Metal bed frame will also fit seamlessly into most room styles, so an ideal option for those who aren't as confident with interior design. 

There is also plenty of space underneath the bed frame for storage.

emma metal bed wooden slats

The Emma Metal bed includes a slatted base, which encourages natural ventilation

This helps to keep you cool and encourages your mattress to last as long as possible by controlling moisture and preventing sagging.

The bed frame is competitively priced without compromising its stylish and contemporary design. 

The Emma Metal bed has a 5-year guarantee and a 200-night sleep trial


  Emma Metal Bed
Materials: Metal structure, birch plywood slats
Size: Double, king, or super king
Trial: 200 nights
Guarantee: 5 years
What makes this mattress special? We love that this bed frame combines style with convenience. 

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Why buy an Emma bed?

Many bed frames are available online, so why choose an Emma bed?

Every Emma bed includes a 200-night sleep trial.

While many mattresses include trials, getting a trial on a bed frame is unusual. 😮

This means you can fully try the bed, and if you don’t get on with it, you can send it back for a full refund. 💰

people trying beds
You can try an Emma bed before you commit to a purchase.

Emma bed frames are also much better quality than standard cheap frames, which means they should outlive their guarantee.

And while aesthetics isn’t the most important, they are some of the most stylish frames available without compromising too much space. 🌌

These options are particularly compact:

Which Emma bed should you buy?

Emma currently has multiple bed frames in the range.

But it’s not easy knowing which one to choose.

We’ll guide you through all the key factors to consider below. 👇

Divan vs bed frame

The first choice you need to make is whether you’d prefer an Emma bed base or a bed frame. 💭

Emma has only one divan base in the range, with the other options being a bed frame style.

So, what are some main differences between a divan and a bed frame?

Divan base

A divan base is easier to put together and has more solid support.

This is because a divan comes with one platform base rather than individual slats.

Divans also the option to have storage integrated into the base itself.

You save a few inches of space in the room as a divan base is flush with the side of the mattress.

Unlike a bed frame, there is no additional frame around the edge, which can make a big difference in a small room.

benefits of divan base
Divan bases have many benefits.

Divans come in just two separate pieces (or three, including the headboard), making them easier to assemble but less suitable for small entryways.

Whilst divans are usually cheaper, headboards must be purchased separately, while with bed frames, the headboard is always included.


Bed frame

So, what about bed frames?

They tend to be more stylish when compared with the traditional design of a divan.

Most bed frames arrive flat-packed, making them ideal for tight spaces.

This is because bed frames come dissembled in multiple separate boxes that can easily fit into small entryways, such as loft bedrooms and flats.

Instead of one singular platform base, bed frames typically come with individually sprung or wooden slats to make up the base area.

This makes them highly breathable because the gaps between the slats allow optimal air circulation.

benefits of bed frames
A bed frame could be an excellent choice.

However, they are much more challenging to put together when compared with a divan.

They also provide a softer base for your sleep and aren't as sturdy as a divan.

A divan is generally a good option for heavier-weight people, those needing storage, and those not keen on DIY. 🛠️

Likewise, a bed frame suits lighter-weight people, those who value style, and hot sleepers.



Okay, so what about storage?

These days some beds come with integrated storage options.

Our article on the best trundle beds has excellent single bed storage options for kids’ bedrooms. ✅

Bed with storage graphic
Some bed frames include integrated storage.

Consider your current bed and whether that has storage. 🤔

If you opt for a bed without storage - will you be able to relocate those items?

And if you don’t currently have a storage bed, would a new bed with storage still be useful?

Some bed bases even come in an ottoman style, where the bed lifts with an easy-to-master hydraulic system.

ottoman bed opened
Ottoman beds offer the most storage space.

This is particularly useful for homes lacking in storage as the entire base of the bed works as a storage area.

We recommend ottoman beds for occasional-use items, such as winter bedding, spare towels, or suitcases so you don't have to lift the bed up every day.

The Emma Ottoman bed offers up to 890 litres of storage space.



Style is another important aspect of the bed to consider.

This includes:

  • The type of material (fabric, wood, or metal)
  • The colour of the bed
  • The shape of the bed

Most Emma beds are sleek and minimalist, giving your room a modern and clean look.

However, the material itself depends on your priorities.

Consider the following:

  • 🧵 Fabric beds: Soft and padded for those who like to sit up in bed and read, but they are also more susceptible to stains and tearing.
  • 🪵 Wooden beds: Less likely to stain but are uncomfortable on the head, and you may knock your legs on the corners.
  • 🦾 Metal beds: Versatile to a range of room styles but often creak when you move around.

The colour you choose also depends on your bedroom decor. 🖼️

A light bed frame can brighten up a dark room, but a dark bed frame creates more of a statement piece.

We think the Emma beds below look great in any room, no matter your decor:

How to assemble an Emma bed

Emma bed frames are all self-assembled. ✅

This means you will have to put the bed together yourself (or with a friend!).

There is no additional assembly option you can add at checkout.

Yet, Emma bed frames are relatively easy to assemble and should only take 15 - 30 mins.

The video below gives you an idea of how to assemble the Emma Signature bed:

If you’re not keen on DIY, consider the Emma divan bed instead.

Unlike Emma bed frames, this comes in two halves and just needs to be clipped together.

Take a look below:

How much do Emma beds cost?

Emma bed frames cost anywhere between £250 - £1600. 💰

Fortunately, both budget-friendly and high-end bed frame options are available with Emma Sleep and other brands.

For a more luxurious bed frame, you could also consider the Simba Orion bed, which has an elegant design and spill-resistant fabric.

And Happy Beds and Dreams Beds also have an entire selection of cheaper alternatives starting at £75.

However, we think Emma beds are reasonably priced and provide a good balance between cost and quality.

People celebrating savings
Emma beds are competitively priced.

Emma beds also come with fantastic guarantees and a 200-night sleep trial, which makes them better value for money.⌛

Emma bed discount codes

If you’ve got your eye on a particular Emma bed, you might be eager for a discount. 🏷️

Emma Sleep has regular promotions throughout the year.

You can get as much as 50% off your Emma bed during an Emma beds sale.


piggybank on mattress
Emma beds discount codes are available at Emma Sleep.

Bookmark our discounts page to stay on top of regular Emma mattress deals and bed offers.

You can also keep tabs on the latest discounts and any exclusive codes with our newsletter.

In what sizes are Emma beds available?

Emma beds come in standard sizes suitable for UK mattresses.

UK mattress sizes

These include

  • Emma bed single: 90 x 190 cm (3' x 6'3")
  • Emma bed small double: 120 x 190 cm (4' x 6'3")
  • Emma bed double: 135 x 190 cm (4'6" x 6'3")
  • Emma bed king size: 150 x 200 cm (5' x 6'6")
  • Emma bed super king: 180 x 200 cm (6' x 6'6")

However, Emma bed frames will be slightly wider and longer than a mattress to account for the extra frame around the edge.

You should consider this when checking if the bed frame will fit into your bedroom.

On the other hand, the Emma Divan bed is flush with the side of the mattress, so it won't take up any additional space around the edge.

Most Emma bed frames are double, king, and super king. 👍

However, the Emma Platform bed is also available in single and small double sizes.


Is there a weight limit for Emma beds?

You might be wondering if Emma beds can support all body types.

We contacted the Emma support team, who advised that none of the Emma beds has a maximum weight capacity.

This means that Emma beds are suitable for all body weights.

Mattress and bed weight limit graphic
Mattress and bed weight limit graphic

However, if you are a heavier body type and are concerned about using a slatted base, we recommend the Emma divan bed instead. ✅

Divans can usually handle heavier weights as they have a more solid and stable base structure.


If the weight limit is a concern, you should also check the weight limit of your mattress.

Some mattresses have weight limits, and exceeding this limit may cause damage and void your warranty.

What else does Emma sell?

Although we think the Emma beds are great, the Emma mattress is their best-selling product.

The Emma Original mattress is the UK’s most awarded mattress and made from pressure-relieving foam layers.

These comfort layers contour around your body shape and support the spine to relieve tension in the lower back and joints.


Man laying on Emma mattress

Emma Original mattress

Emma Sleep also sells various accessories, including extra breathable pillows, a waterproof mattress protector, a temperature regulating duvet, and more.

The Emma mattress topper is popular for those struggling with comfort but aren’t ready to commit to a new mattress.

Take a look at our favourite Emma sleep accessories below:

How are Emma beds delivered?

Emma beds are delivered fast and free in 1 - 3 working days. 🚚💨

Emma bed frames will arrive flat-packed, making them easy for those with tight entryways.

The Emma divan bed will be delivered in two halves with a separate headboard (if you select this option), which you can see below in our test:

emma divan bed in pieces
The Emma divan came in three separate pieces.

This is the easiest option for those who don’t fancy assembling a new bed in multiple parts. 🛠️

The delivery team will also bring the bed parts to your room of choice, so you don't have to worry about lugging these large items up the stairs.

To assemble your divan bed, simply attach the two halves, screw on the feet and fasten on the headboard struts.

fixing the emma divan bed together

fixing on the headboard struts

Overall, unpacking the bed and fixing it together took less than 20 minutes.

Since we haven't tested the Emma bed frames, we can't say for certain if the process will be equally hassle-free.

If you're looking for a no-fuss option, we suggest opting for an Emma divan bed.

Emma bed sleep trial

Just like the Emma mattress, every Emma bed includes a 200-night trial.

So, what does this mean exactly?

It means you can test your Emma bed or send it back for a full refund.

emma bed trial
It's easy to return an Emma bed during your trial.

If you decide you don't want your Emma bed within the 200 nights, contact Emma via the returns portal, and they'll arrange a collection.

Why is a trial on a bed frame important?

When visiting a store, it's difficult to tell if a bed frame will suit the bedroom.

Often a bed showroom has special LED lighting without natural light, which can change how the bed frame or divan looks.

A sleep trial means you can physically see how your new bed frame fits into your own space before making a final decision.

Remember: A showroom has a lot of open space, meaning the bed frame could look completely different once you set it up in your bedroom.
bed in room
A sleep trial allows you to view the frame in your bedroom space.

It also means you can see if the new bed frame affects the comfort of your mattress.

Slatted bed frames create a softer feel, while divans provide firmer comfort.

Emma bed guarantee

A trial is all well and good - but how can you ensure the bed will last?

Fortunately, every Emma bed is covered by a warranty.

This protects you from manufacturing faults that may crop up long after you receive your Emma bed.

Every Emma bed has a different guarantee, so you should consider this when choosing.

Take a look at the table below for a breakdown:

Warranty length
Emma Signature Bed 10 years
Emma Metal Bed 5 years
Emma Wooden Bed 3 years
Emma Platform Bed, Emma Divan Bed, Emma Ottoman Bed, Emma White Bed 2 years

You should compare the guarantee against the cost to determine its value.

For example, if you keep your Emma Signature bed for the full 10 years, this works out at just £60 per year.

Even though the Emma Platform bed is cheaper, in the long term, it works out more expensive.

It will cost over £130 per year if it only lasts up to its 2-year guarantee.

We recommend the Emma Signature bed for those looking for a long-lasting product:

Are Emma beds good?

We think Emma has a great selection of beds that will be suitable for most people. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

But it’s up to you to decide your budget, storage needs, style, and assembly options.

The Emma Signature bed is the most popular, while the Emma Platform bed is a great budget-friendly choice. 💰

Remember, you have 200 nights to decide if the bed frame is right for you and your space.

Here’s a reminder of our favourites from the Emma bed collection:

Contact Emma UK

Customer service: To contact Emma UK directly for complaints, support, or queries, please e-mail them at, visit their live online chat, or complete their online contact form.

Registered office: Emma Matratzen GmbH, Wilhelm-Leuschner-Str. 78, 60329 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Frequently asked questions

  • Can you put an Emma mattress on a divan base?

    You might be wondering if a memory foam mattress, such as the Emma Original mattress or Emma Premium, is suitable for a divan base.

    Memory foam and hybrid mattresses are suitable for divan beds.

    As divans have a solid base rather than slats with gaps for excess heat to pass through, they're not the best option for airflow. 

    Memory foam can create a warmer sleep and is not great at dispersing heat, so we’d recommend using a memory foam mattress on a slatted base if you get hot easily. 

    However, memory foam isn't ideal for slatted frames with wide slats, and shouldn't exceed 7 cm (2.8 inches). 

    This will ensure the foam doesn't sink between the gaps and lose any of its original structure.  

    Our Emma bed frame reviews at the top of the article provide more advice on what option will be most suitable for your sleep. 

  • Can you flip an Emma mattress?

    As Emma mattresses are designed with a layered structure, they cannot be flipped.

    Instead, you should rotate the mattress every 3 - 6 months to ensure an even weight distribution across the mattress.

  • What is the best Emma mattress?

    The best mattress for your sleep depends on your sleeping position.

    The Emma Original mattress, made with Airgocell and HRX foam layers, is a medium on the firmness scale, making it a good choice for side sleepers.

    However, the Emma Premium, which has additional pocket spring layers and a medium-firm feel, would be an excellent option for back sleepers.

    Both mattresses also include a machine-washable cover.

    These mattresses also have low motion transfer, absorbing movement across the entire mattress, making them suitable for couples and restless sleepers.

    But this also depends on your body weight and preferences, so we can’t speak for everyone.

    That’s why the 200-night trial comes in handy!

  • Where can I buy an Emma bed?

    You can buy any of the Emma beds from the Emma UK website.

    For other bed frame options, take a look at the following retailers:

    For those looking for guest bed frames, take a look at our guide on the best sofa beds

  • What is the best bed frame for the Emma mattress?

    Are you looking to get an Emma bed and mattress?

    The bed frame you need for your Emma mattress depends on the mattress material and your firmness preference. 

    Generally, memory foam mattresses are more suited to slatted bed frames for hot sleepers.

    This is because excess heat that builds up inside the mattress can easily disperse between the slats. 

    However, you should ensure your slats are no wider than 7 cm (2.8 inches) so that memory foam doesn't sink between the gaps. 

    Divan beds will not circulate air as well as bed frames, so they will be more suited to an Emma mattress with better breathability, such as the Emma Cooling mattress.

    The advantage of divan beds with a memory foam mattress is that they generally create a sturdier and more supported feel, whilst slatted frames can feel noticeably softer. 

    But an Emma mattress and bed frame should work fine together without any issues. 

    If unsure, check with Emma UK or the bed frame manufacturer

    Our Emma bed reviews at the top of the article also provide more advice on suitability. 

  • Who is Emma Sleep UK?

    Emma Sleep originally began in Germany in 2015. 🇩🇪

    Max Laarmann, the founder of Emma, wanted to create an uncomplicated mattress brand that consumers could trust.

    This is why Emma Sleep offers a sleep trial on all their products, even pillows and mattress protectors! 🤯

    Why we love Emma Beds UK

    Emma is one of our most tried & trusted sleep brands. 💖

    They have an excellent reputation (a testimony backed up by their many awards) with a keen focus on sustainability. 

    We’ve tested many of their products and found them among some of the best on the market. ✔️

    This includes:

    We go into more detail about each of these products in our reviews. 

  • Where are Emma beds made?

    All Emma products, including the bed frames, are manufactured within the UK.

  • References



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