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Best Storage Beds UK (2024)

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Ready to transform your bedroom?

Stop clutter from taking over with one of the best storage beds in the UK. 🇬🇧

Each of our top picks combines space optimisation and chic designs.

Keep reading to uncover detailed reviews and expert tips for choosing your perfect storage bed.

Say hello to a tidier bedroom! 🪄

Best Storage Beds UK

Best storage beds UK

Highly Rated By Customers

Nectar Ottoman Storage Bed

The super practical Nectar Ottoman Storage Bed offers ample storage space.
  • 100% hopsack polyester fabric & hardwood
  • Available in double & king size
  • Made in the UK

Tell me more about the Nectar Ottoman Bed Frame

The Nectar Ottoman Storage Bed Frame comes in an elegant design with a padded frame and headboard. 

The storage compartment underneath the bed is easily accessible via a side-lift mechanism and offers ample storage space for linen, pillows, or duvets. 

The Nectar Ottoman Bed comes with a decent 2-year guarantee and a 30-day return period.

Most customers find this frame relatively easy to assemble, which isn't always the case for ottoman beds. 

Nectar's top-notch delivery and excellent customer service are yet another reason to love this ottoman bed.

Reasons to buy

2-year guarantee

Excellent customer support

Free delivery & returns 

Reasons to avoid

Only available in 1 colour

Limited size options

Best Trial Period

Emma Divan Bed

The Emma Divan bed includes the option of integrated storage drawers.
  • Scandinavian softwood & polyester upholstery 
  • Double, king, or super king
  • Choice of 2 or 4 drawers 


Tell me more about the Emma Divan bed

The Emma Divan bed is handmade with close attention to detail and uses FSC-approved materials.

In our test, we noticed it felt much sturdier than cheaper divans, such as IKEA bed frames. 

It includes a stylish headboard and comes with a choice of 2, 4, or no storage drawers. 

The drawers are well made and glide effortlessly on their rollers, supporting a maximum weight of 12 kg (26.5 lbs). 

The bed also has attractive chrome feet that keep it sturdy and still. 

However, you could replace the feet with wheels if you want a bed that can easily move around. 

Reasons to buy

200-night trial 

2-year guarantee

Easy assembly 

Reasons to avoid

Not the best customer support 

Limited colour options 

Easy Assembly

DreamCloud Divan Bed

The DreamCloud Divan Bed has built-in storage and a wide range of sizes.
  • Timber and upholstered covering
  • Easy-access storage
  • Smoke, coal and biscotti

Tell me more about the DreamCloud Divan Bed

The DreamCloud Divan Bed has built-in drawers and a wide range of customisable options, including different colours, fabrics and sizes. 

The base and headboard are made from FSC-certified [1] timber, so you know they were sourced with the environment in mind.  

There is the option of two-drawer storage, with metal runners, to make them easily accessible.

The drawers arrive assembled, and the base has a simple clip-on method to fix it together.

Unlike the DreamCloud Ottoman Bed, the divan base is also available in a small double size, perfect for those who need a double bed but have a smaller bedroom. 

Reasons to buy

2-year guarantee

Free delivery & returns

Easy assembly

Reasons to avoid

No trial period

The DreamCloud Ottoman offers more storage capacity 

Best Guarantee

Happy Beds Sherlock Ottoman TV Bed

The Happy Beds Sherlock Ottoman TV bed is one of the most affordable and space-savvy TV beds in the UK.
  • Wooden slats, metal frame & velvet finish
  • Double, king, super king
  • Available in blue, dark grey, light grey & warm stone

Tell me more about the Happy Beds Sherlock Ottoman TV Bed

The Happy Beds Sherlock Ottoman TV Bed is functional, elegant, and affordable.

You can expect the footboard to comfortably house a TV up to 43 inches (109 cm).

Its remote-controlled TV lift mechanism ensures effortless functionality, with additional side-opening under-bed storage space. 

Its velvet finish adds a touch of luxury to any home.

Those daunted by the potential havoc of assembly will be relieved to know that the Happy Beds Sherlock Ottoman TV Bed is also supposed to be easy to build. 

While beautiful and straightforward to put together, potential buyers should note it comes with just one built-in plug socket.

Reasons to buy

5-year guarantee

Excellent value 

Built-in ottoman storage

Reasons to avoid

TV not included 

Quite bulky 

Great For Kids

Happy Beds Jupiter Mid Sleeper Cabin Bed Frame

The Jupiter Mid Sleeper Cabin Bed Frame from Happy Beds is a great option for small kids' rooms.
  • Wooden particle board
  • Anthracite, grey oak, grey and white, oak and white
  • Ideal for small spaces 

Tell me more about the Jupiter Mid Sleeper Cabin Bed

The Jupiter Mid Sleeper Cabin Bed Frame from Happy Beds is a cosy and compact solution for small kids' bedrooms with little floor space. 

It has internal drawers, external shelving, a pull-out desk, and space for a single UK mattress. 

The desk has rubber caster wheels to make it easy to pull out, and the ladder has safety rails to help your child get into bed. 

The bed layout is fixed, so you can’t move the ladder to the other side or alter the position of the drawers. 

It also has a matching wardrobe and additional drawers to buy separately if you need further storage. 

Happy Beds offers free standard delivery and specific-day delivery at an additional cost. 

Reasons to buy

5-year guarantee

Lots of additional storage & pull-out desk 

Space-saving design 

Reasons to avoid

Quite complex to build 

Some customers say it doesn't feel very sturdy

What is a storage bed?

Storage beds are bed frames with built-in storage.

Typically, this storage space is hidden under the mattress and within the frame itself. 📦

Today, beds with storage are incredibly popular.

Recent research suggests that between 21 and 55% of homes in England do not meet internal space standards [2], so it's no surprise people are looking for new ways to maximise their room.

The best storage beds in the UK can help you get more from your home! ✨

Ottoman vs divan beds

Divan beds and ottoman beds are two of the most common and popular types of storage beds.

These space-saving beds are widely available from many UK brands.

While both are a type of bed with storage underneath, the capacity, organisation, and access are different.

Let's see which is a better fit for your home. 👇

Divan beds

Typically, divan storage beds have drawers.

Most models come with the choice of no drawers, 2 drawers, or 4 drawers. 🤔

Divan bed with storage drawers
Divan bed storage usually comes in the form of drawers, meaning you'll need space around your bed to access them.

A divan bed with drawers offer the easiest access and is ideal if you have room around your bed.

They also tend to be better for organising since they naturally section your items into smaller compartments, meaning you're less likely to lose something to the under-bed void. ✨

The Emma divan bed is our favourite.


Ottoman beds

Ottoman beds are best if you're looking for the type of bed with the largest storage space. 📏

Essentially, the entire frame (between the floor and your mattress) is the storage compartment.

To access your storage, you must lift from the side for a side-opening ottoman or lift the end for an end-opening ottoman (as pictured below).

Ottoman bed open
Ottoman beds offer the biggest compartment, ideal for storing larger items.

Most of the best ottoman storage beds in the UK are fitted with gas pistons.

These pistons aid the bed’s lift mechanism, ensuring you can more easily lift and close the ‘lid’ of the bed base. 💪

Just remember that even with these pistons, a very heavy mattress may make it more challenging to lift the lid of both end-lift and side-lift ottoman beds.

Simba Sleep has an excellent, high-quality option.


Storage beds for kids

Ottoman and divan bases are excellent options if you want a bed with storage for your child's room.

But your options don't end there. 😀

Popular kids' beds with storage include:

  • Cabin beds: These frames are taller than an ordinary single bed and are fitted with under-bed storage, usually drawers.
  • Mid-sleeper beds: Somewhere between the height of a cabin bed and a high-sleeper, a mid-sleeper bed has enough room to store a chest of drawers and a small desk or chair.
  • High-sleeper beds: This tall bed sits further from the floor, allowing you to store and even use items like a desk completely underneath the bed.

Alternatively, day beds and trundle beds are handy if you want a multipurpose bed (which often also features storage drawers).

If you're looking for something for a shared room, bunk beds are a great option. 🧒🧒

While they don't always offer built-in storage, bunk beds help create more floor space around your children's sleeping areas.

For the widest and most affordable range of children's storage beds, we'd suggest checking out Happy Beds.


Alternative bedroom storage solutions UK

There are many alternative storage options for those looking to maximise bedroom storage or who aren't quite ready to invest in a new bed frame.

Bedside tables, especially with built-in cupboards, offer convenient extra storage. ⭐

Bed and bedside table
Storage items like bedside tables are one of the most popular ways to keep small items tucked out of sight.

For those with a bit more floor space, ottoman boxes provide a charming and functional way to keep your belongings hidden.

To maximise under-bed storage for your current bed, consider storage drawers or boxes.

Under-bed drawers can be a game changer in utilising the often-wasted space beneath your bed, keeping your room neat and orderly. 😀

You may also want to consider a bed frame headboard with storage.

While these are less common and offer limited storage compared to other options, they are a smart addition and can be found at major retailers like Amazon, IKEA, or Happy Beds.

These furniture items can complement your bedroom's aesthetic while boosting its storage capacity. 🗄️


How to choose the best storage bed

We're big fans of storage beds!

They’re a great way to maximise available space and help keep things neat and tidy. 🧺

And organised space may be more important than you think.

Studies actually suggest that clutter can negatively impact our quality of life [3]. 💗

Happy woman with heart
Clearing clutter can help us feel more comfortable and less stressed in our homes.

But with so many beds on the market, how can you choose the best bed with storage in the UK?

Bed frame quality

When it comes to selecting a bed frame with storage, quality is crucial to ensure smooth operation and longevity.

While it can be challenging to gauge the quality of a bed when shopping online, there are indicators you can look out for. 🤔

Brand reputation, materials used, and guarantee provided are strong indicators of bed quality.

We'd also suggest paying close attention to customer reviews for real-life insights into the bed's durability and functionality.

Women in bed on laptop
Finding a quality storage bed online can be tricky, but checking things like storage bed reviews can help.

Needless to say, our picks for the best storage beds in the UK rank well across these quality measurements. 🌟

Storage access

Typically, you'll be able to access your under-bed storage via drawers or by lifting your bed 'lid' depending on whether you have a divan or ottoman bed.

We'd recommend opting for an ottoman bed if:

  • You have limited floor space in your bedroom and are concerned you won't be able to open the drawers fully

  • Want the largest storage capacity

But bear in mind that ottoman beds can be more challenging to lift. 💪

They also involve lifting and tilting your mattress, meaning you may have to re-make your bed after accessing your storage to keep things as neat as possible.

You may prefer a divan bed if you:

  • Want to access your stuff without disturbing your bed or bedding
  • Like to have your items divided and organised in smaller compartments

Just remember that divan beds won't offer you quite as much storage capacity as an ottoman bed.

But the Emma divan bed is one of our favourites for people looking for a sturdy frame with easy-to-access storage drawers.


Bed base

When choosing a bed with storage, don't forget to look at the bed base.

Storage beds usually have flexible sprung slats or a more solid box spring base. 🤷

Most people prefer beds with slatted bases, which are more breathable and provide more tailored, less rigid-feeling support.

Styles and materials

As with all the best bed frames, storage beds come in a range of materials, aesthetics, and colours.

luxury bed
Storage beds come in various styles, so it's easy to find your perfect match, whether you want something clean and simple or more luxurious.

It's easy to find something that's just your cup of tea! ☕

There's something for you, no matter whether you're looking for a minimalist bed with storage, classic faux leather style, or a more sumptuous crushed velvet bed.

The most popular finishes include simple upholstery, velvet fabric, or wood.

Additionally, while many storage beds come in neutral colours, you can find them in brighter and bolder shades.

We'd suggest looking at large retailers like Bensons for Beds or Happy Beds for the best range of vibrantly stylish beds. 🎨

Additional features

Some of the best storage beds offer more than just space to stash your belongings.

For instance, more and more people want a smart bed with storage in the UK.

If you're seeking unique and tech-savvy options, you may want to check out an ottoman TV bed for the perfect balance of seamless tidying and pure relaxation. 📺

remote control TV lift Tv bed
TV beds are ideal for tech lovers who want to keep their bedrooms tidy with minimal effort.

Alternatively, those with mobility difficulties or back pain can opt for adjustable beds with storage. 🎉

These enhance comfort while still providing convenient hidden storage.

While these innovative beds come at a slightly higher price point, they can be a fantastic investment for maximising comfort and utility in your bedroom space.

The Dreams Sleepmotion Seoul is an all-in-one adjustable ottoman TV bed with a large hidden storage compartment and retractable TV lift within the foot end of the bed.


Storage bed sizes

Beds with storage underneath come in a range of sizes.

In the UK, you’ll most commonly see double, king, and super-king storage beds. 📏

While less common, you can also find smaller options, including kids' storage beds, single storage beds, or a small double bed with storage.

Bed sizes
Storage beds come in various sizes, including single, small double, double, king-size and super king.

The best single storage beds in the UK can revolutionise small bedrooms.

They are an especially popular choice for kids' rooms and spare rooms. 🧒

Of course, don’t forget that your bed size will also impact storage space - so a king-size bed with storage offers you more space than the average single bed.

If you're looking for a quality single bed with storage, the DreamCloud divan bed is one of our favourites. 🏆


Alternatively, you can check out Happy Beds or Bensons for Beds for a wider choice of options if the DreamCloud divan isn't quite your style or you'd prefer a single ottoman bed.

Storage bed costs

Storage beds are typically a tad pricier than their simple platform counterparts. 💷

However, don't let the idea of a higher price tag deter you.

Man sitting on coins
There are storage beds for every budget, whether you're looking for something cheap or are ready to splash some cash.

In reality, storage beds are rarely much more expensive and present excellent value for money.

There are lots of cheap storage beds in the UK. 👌

It's easy to find something that suits your needs and budget since pricing is competitive for many of the best divan beds and ottoman beds!

Just be aware that the size of your bed will also affect your price, so expect to pay slightly more if you want a super king rather than a double bed with storage.

Storage bed delivery, trials, and guarantees

When it comes to choosing a storage bed, you can't forget about delivery, trials, and guarantees.

Storage bed delivery

Luckily, many retailers now offer free delivery. 👍

Companies like Mattress Online and Mattress Next Day go a step further to provide free next-day delivery across the UK.

Delivery process
Most retailers offer straightforward delivery services.

You can also pay to have your storage bed delivered to the room of your choice.

We recommend this service if you're worried about potential heavy lifting. 💪

While most bed frames are delivered in parts, making them easier to move, these sections can still be heavy and sometimes awkward to manoeuvre.

For a completely stress-free new bed experience, consider shopping with Dreams, as they offer bed assembly for an additional fee.


Don't forget to look at delivery times, especially if you're in a rush to get your new bed home.

Some brands have longer timelines, meaning you could wait up to a month from ordering your storage bed to having it delivered. ⏱️

Storage bed trials

Unfortunately, not all brands offer bed trials.

A trial allows you to test your new bed at home and return it if you don't love it. 🙅

Trial period process

We suggest shopping with Emma if you're concerned that a bed with storage might not be quite right for you.

Emma is one of the only brands to offer a home trial for its bed frames. 👏

The Emma divan and Emma ottoman bed are some of the best storage beds in the UK and come with a 200-night trial.

Storage bed guarantees

Bed guarantees protect you against potential faults.

If anything breaks or goes wrong with your storage bed frame while it is under guarantee, you should be able to contact customer support for a repair or replacement. 🔨

All of our recommendations for the best beds with storage come with at least a 2-year warranty.

Happy Beds goes above and beyond to offer an impressive 5-year guarantee for its affordable bed frames. ✅


Who are storage beds best for?

Storage beds are a popular choice and practical solution.

These versatile bed frames are ideal for:

  • Those living with limited space

  • Tidiness enthusiasts

Whether you live in a compact city apartment or a spacious home, these beds can transform your bedroom into a more functional and aesthetically pleasing space. 🏙️

Let’s take a closer look at the pros (and cons) of having a storage bed!

Storage bed benefits

If your bedroom feels cramped or cluttered, a storage bed could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Storage beds help:

  • Maximise space by doubling as storage units

  • Keep room looking tidy by keeping items hidden out of sight

  • Enhance your bedroom’s aesthetic

  • Free up floor space

  • Keep items safe and within reach

Beds with storage also offer excellent value for money. 💷

Many high-quality frames are affordable, often similarly priced to classic bed frames.

Storage bed cons

While storage beds offer numerous benefits, they’re not all sunshine and rainbows. 🌈

Why might you not want a storage bed?

  • Storage beds can be pretty heavy and bulky, making it hard to move the bed.

  • Dismantling them can be a challenge.

  • Storage beds can sleep hot, especially if they don’t have a slatted base.

  • For some, having additional storage space can encourage them to accumulate more unnecessary items.

So, while they're fantastic for space-saving and organisation, they’re not suitable for everyone.

Check out our favourite bed frames article for more alternative options.

Should you buy a storage bed?

Storage beds are an excellent addition to most homes!

These beds don’t just provide a place to rest your head; they help maximise space and keep your bedroom tidy.

You won’t find better value for money than a quality bed with storage underneath.

Here’s a recap of our favourites!

Our top picks for the best storage beds UK:

Frequently asked questions

  • Where to buy the best storage beds in the UK?

    You can buy the best beds with storage from various online and physical retailers in the UK.

    Where to buy the best storage beds UK:

    You'll be able to find excellent options from any of these retailers if you're looking for a quality ottoman bed double or the best king-size beds with storage UK.

    However, if you're on the hunt for a single bed with storage, we'd recommend looking at larger retailers like Happy Beds, which usually offers a good range of large and small storage beds. 

    If you're seeking custom storage beds in the UK, consider opting for a divan bed. 

    Companies like Bensons for Beds allow you to tailor your bed, including the colour, material, number of drawers, and headboard, to better suit your home.

  • Which beds have the most storage?

    Ottoman beds are renowned for their superior storage capabilities.

    They tend to be deeper and utilise the whole area beneath the mattress. 

    The best ottoman beds maximise available space, making them the best option for those seeking extensive storage without increasing the bed's footprint.

    For instance, you’ll get more storage space with a single ottoman bed than a single bed with drawers.

    Likewise, an ottoman king-size bed has more storage capacity than a king-size bed with storage drawers.

    But also bear in mind that the larger the bed, the more storage you’ll have.

    So you’ll get more storage space with a super-king ottoman than a king-size or double ottoman bed.

  • Are beds with storage a good idea?

    If you’re looking for a practical space-saving solution, we’d recommend multifunctional furniture in the UK, including items like storage beds. 

    They combine sleeping comfort with efficient storage

    If you’re wondering if storage beds are worth the investment - we’d say yes!

    Smaller bedrooms, particularly, can benefit from the best single beds with storage UK.

    If you have enough floor space and want easy access to your items, we’d recommend opting for the best divan beds with storage in the UK.

    Or, browse for an ottoman bed if you want the largest storage capacity.

    Storage beds can replace or be used in addition to furniture like chests, ensuring you can store everything from bedding to duvets or seasonal clothes without over-cluttering your room.

    Consider using storage bags to keep your items organised and fresh and to fit more into your storage bed.

  • Is it good to sleep on a storage bed?

    It is okay to sleep on a bed with storage so long as the frame is well-made and used correctly.

    Studies show that limiting clutter and keeping your bedroom tidy is good for your mental well-being [3], which, in turn, is great for your sleep.

    This is particularly true in the UK, where many homes are short on space.

    Bedroom furniture with storage, particularly space-efficient bed designs, can help us get more from the room we have.

  • What mattress should I use on a storage bed?

    You can use any mattress on a storage bed.

    Ultimately, for the best night’s sleep, you should prioritise your comfort needs, quality, and budget when choosing a mattress.

    Memory foam mattresses, Pocket spring mattresses, and hybrid mattresses are among the most popular options.

    Check out our review on the best mattresses for our favourite products and advice on how to choose your dream match.

    Whichever type of mattress you want, choose one the same size as your storage bed.

    We’d also recommend not selecting a mattress that is too deep as storage bed frames already tend to be taller, and the combination may mean you have to literally climb into bed.

    A medium-thickness mattress often works best, providing comfort without making the storage bed and mattress combination too bulky.

  • How do I maximise storage space in my bedroom?

    Bedroom furniture with storage inside helps maximise bedroom storage space.

    Beds with storage underneath are one of the best ways to increase your room’s storage capacity without losing any more floor space.

    If you’re interested in hidden and easily accessible storage - consider a storage bed and bookcase headboard set. 

    We’d suggest looking for storage headboard ideas on Pinterest [4] before shopping for your dream storage solution on Amazon, Argos, or IKEA.  

    This combination allows you to tuck away larger and less commonly used items under the bed while keeping your favourite bits and bobs close to hand.

  • How do storage bed mechanisms work?

    Ottoman storage bed mechanisms typically operate using a hydraulic lift system. 

    This system involves gas-lift pistons or springs, which aid in effortlessly lifting the bed base. 

    This mechanism allows easy access to the storage area beneath the bed, securely holding the weight of the mattress and ensuring safe and convenient use of the storage space.

    Ottoman beds also come in a wide range of styles.

    So you should be able to find something you love, whether you’re looking for a Scandinavian-style wood, masculine faux leather, or softer fabric ottoman bed.

  • References

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