The Best Storage Bags For Duvets

The Best Storage Bags for Duvets UK (2024)

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Drowning in a sea of duvets?

Most people have spare duvets lying around, and these bulky items can quickly lead to clutter in your home. 😣

Now, meet the ideal solution: storage bags for duvets!

We've gathered a selection of the best storage bags for duvets in the UK to help you save space and protect your precious duvets.

Say goodbye to chaos and mess and hello to the perfect organiser.

Let's get straight into it! 👇

Storage bags for duvets and pillows

SpaceSaver Vacuum Storage Bags

The SpaceSaver Vacuum Storage Bags are reusable and transparent.
  • Double-zip seal
  • Triple-seal turbo valve
  • 26.2 x 22.6 x 6.1 cm (10.31 x 8.89 x 2.4 inches) 

Tell me more about the SpaceSaver Vacuum Storage Bags

The SpaceSaver Vacuum Storage Bags pack includes up to 10 jumbo-sized vacuum bags and is perfect for storing larger items. 

Each jumbo bag holds an impressive amount (four pillows or an entire Queen bedding and duvet set).

You simply need to place your items in, seal the bag, and use the included vacuum pump (or your own vacuum cleaner) to suck out as much air as possible.

This can reduce storage volume by as much as 80%

The double-zip seal and triple-seal turbo valve ensure no air gets back in. 

The bags are sturdy and transparent, meaning customers can reuse them and easily find items as and when needed. 

Reasons to buy



Free delivery & returns 

Reasons to avoid

Some customers have experienced small tears or ineffective seals

Viridescent Vacuum Storage Bags

The Viridescent Vacuum Storage Bags use 35% thicker plastic to keep your items protected.
  • 90 Micron plastic
  • 5-pack set with 3 jumbo bags & 2 large bags
  • Travel pump included 

Tell me more about the Viridescent Vacuum Storage Bags

The Viridescent Vacuum Storage Bags are a handy space-saving solution. 

Unfortunately, several customers did not receive the advertised hand pump and those who did say it was not easy to use. 

Customers can use 80% less space by using these vacuum bags.

When compacted, the bags can be stored flat, folded, or stacked, making them ideal for smaller houses. 

The bags are crafted from premium 90 Micron plastic, making them 35% thicker than most other brands

While they don’t quite hit the 'heavy-duty' mark of 125 microns, most customers find the quality of these bags to be more than satisfactory. 

Reasons to buy

Compatible with most vacuums 

Airtight and waterproof 

Free delivery & returns 

Reasons to avoid

The hand pump isn't the easiest to use 

Argos Jumbo Vacuum Storage Bags

The Argos Protect & Store Easi-Vac Jumbo Vacuum Storage Bag 2 Pc Set works seamlessly with most household vacuums and is ideal for storing bulky items compactly.

These sturdy, sealed vacuum bags also protect your items from dirt, dust, and moisture.

The Argos Protect & Store Jumbo Vacuum Storage Bag 2 Pc Set is a practical solution for storing bulky items

Each bag, measuring 74cm in length and 110cm in width, can accommodate up to 6 standard-size pillows or 12 jumpers.

It is ideal for storing items in limited spaces. 👏

The process is simple, just pack the bag and use your household vacuum cleaner hose to remove the air

Argos jumbo vacuum storage bags
The Argos Jumbo Vacuum Storage Bags are a handy solution for storing large items in small spaces.

Just make sure not to overfill the bag as this may cause damage, meaning your vacuum storage bags won’t last as long as they should.

In addition to saving space, these bags offer the added benefit of protecting contents from dirt, dust, and moisture, an excellent feature for long-term storage. 🎉

However, customer feedback suggests that some bags may gradually re-inflate after sealing.

Despite this, the Argos Protect & Store Easi-Vac Jumbo Vacuum Storage Bags are generally well-liked by customers for their excellent size and quality


Zober Underbed Storage Bags

Zober Premium Underbed Storage Bags have a practical, slim, breathable design.
  • Non-woven polypropylene material
  • Zip enclosure 
  • 106.6 x 45.7 x 15.25 cm (42 x 18 x 6 inches)

Tell me more about the Zober Underbed Storage Bags

The Zober Premium Underbed Storage Bags have a slim, flat, rectangular design, which helps them fit perfectly under the bed.

This makes them roomy enough for stowing away duvets, bedding, or seasonal clothes. 

Their zip closures ensure your items stay secure, while the see-through cover allows you to find items quickly. 

But bear in mind that these storage bags are not waterproof and should only be used in dry spaces.

Although not the strongest bags on the market, customers find them good value for their price.  

Plus, when not in use, these bags collapse flat, allowing for easy storage. 

Reasons to buy

Prevents dust mites 

Easy opening 

Free delivery & returns 

Reasons to avoid

Some customers reported broken zips 

GoMaihe Storage Boxes

The GoMaihe Storage Boxes are the go-to choice for smart decluttering and organising.
  • 84-litre capacity 
  • Max weight 30 kg (66 lbs)
  • Prevents dust mites & moisture 

Tell me more about the GoMaihe Storage Boxes

If you’re looking for effortlessly stylish storage, the GoMaihe Storage Boxes are an excellent option. 

These boxes offer a generous 84-litre capacity and are the perfect wardrobe organiser for duvets, pillows, and blankets. 

Each box is made from a breathable three-layer non-woven fabric that protects against dust and moisture.   

They also come with a transparent window and stainless steel zip, which make it easy to find and access your stored items. 

Plus, it's easy to get your hands on the GoMaihe Storage Boxes since they come with free delivery and returns

Reasons to buy

Great for moving, storage & organisation 

Prevents dust mites & moisture 


Reasons to avoid

Some found them to be flimsier than expected

What is a storage bag?

So, what exactly is a storage bag? 🤔

In its simplest form, a storage bag is a versatile and efficient solution for keeping items organised.

These bags can save much-needed space and protect your belongings from dust, dampness, and more. 👏

Commonly used for clothing and bedding items, they are an excellent solution for keeping your favourite duvets tidy and safe.

You've got two main options when it comes to popping your duvets in storage bags, which we’ll get into below. 👇

Types of storage bags for duvets

Storage bags for duvets come in two main categories: vacuum and non-vacuum bags.

You can choose a bag that best suits your storage needs. 💼

Typically, vacuum storage bags are crafted from plastic and have a zip-lock seal.

On the other hand, non-vacuum storage bags tend to be made from synthetic fabric mixes (like polypropylene linen) and tend to have a non-airtight zip closure.

The cheapest versions of either of these bags are often plagued by issues of materials ripping. 😥

Good or bad
Luckily, there are many affordable storage bags that are more long-lasting.

But you can also find reasonably priced options crafted with heavy-duty materials.

For instance, the Viridescent Vacuum Storage Bags are crafted from premium 90-micron plastic.

The thickness of the plastic in storage bags for duvets is often overlooked, but it can impact the usability of the bags. 🤔

Thicker plastic bags are less likely to tear, making them perfect for reusing and among the best vacuum storage bags for duvets in the UK.

Vacuum storage bags for duvets

Vacuum pack storage bags are the most popular storage solution.

These bags essentially squish your items like little marshmallows. 🤗

You can remove excess air and compress your items by attaching a household vacuum, using a hand pump, or simply squeezing the bags.

Man with thumbs up
Vacuum storage bags for duvets are often low-cost and great for making the most of your space.

Vacuum packing shrinks the overall size of the items, making them incredibly space-efficient.

When it comes to value for money and overall effectiveness, the SpaceSaver is one of the best vacuum storage bags for duvets in the UK. 🏆


Non-vacuum storage bags

Not everyone wants to vacuum-pack their duvets or other items.

Non-compression fabric storage bags provide a still-effective storage solution.

They help organise and protect your items against dust mites. 💪

In addition, these breathable storage bags for duvets can prevent condensation and mould.

Happy woman with heart
Non-compression storage bags can help organise and protect your items.

The GoMaihe Storage bags are among the most highly rated, handy, and breathable storage bags for duvets.


Storage bags like these are also ideal if you have items to store that may be damaged by compression.

However, these bags tend to be bulkier. 🐘

So you may prefer a vacuum storage bag if you are very tight on space.

How to choose a storage bag

While a storage bag isn't a major purchase, the range of options might leave you in a pickle.

Knowing what you want will ensure you walk away with a storage bag that's not just fit for purpose but is also a treat to use. 🎁

So, let's look at how you can go about choosing the best storage bag for your duvets.

Storage bag sizes

Large vacuum storage bags can usually fit regular duvets.

However, this doesn't mean a large storage bag will always suit you. 🤔

You'll want to check out extra-large or jumbo storage bags if you're dealing with a large duvet or are planning to store multiple duvets in one bag. 📏

Winter vs summer duvets
Winter duvets tend to be thick and heavy, meaning you'll need larger bags to store them safely.

Extra-large and Jumbo storage bags can accommodate larger items, making them ideal for storing those bulky winter duvets or several lightweight summer duvets. 🛏️

Of course, not every large or jumbo storage bag for duvets will be exactly the same size. 😬

So, before you rush off and add any old storage bag to your cart, look at the product measurements.

We also suggest quickly browsing customer reviews to see how true-to-size the product is and whether it's up to the task at hand.

By checking reviews and measurements, you'll get something that fits your duvets like a glove! 👌

Storage bag prices

Happily, storage bags are typically budget-friendly.

Of course, rock-bottom prices can be tempting, but tread carefully as some of these products skimp on quality.

Poor-quality storage bags can break and may not be up for multiple uses. 😥

Never fear, though!

Man saying all good
While very cheap storage bags can be poor quality, you can find ones that are both affordable and good quality.

There are plenty of reasonably priced, robust storage bags out there.

For instance, the Amazon Zober Storage Boxes are famous among customers for their low price and easy use. 🎉


Storage bag durability

Poorly crafted storage bags can be a thorn in your side. 😫

They're prone to tearing, snapping, or even re-inflating after a single use, which nobody wants.

The dream is not to shell out for a new storage bag whenever you need to switch up your duvet.

Man sleeping with duvet
Switching up your duvets doesn't have to be complicated if you have a well-made and easy-to-use storage bag.

Well-made storage bags crafted from durable materials are game-changers.

They're the gift that keeps on giving - continually allowing you to organise, save space, and protect your beloved items. 🏆

The Amazon Viridescent Vacuum Storage Bags are an excellent option to reuse year after year.


Storage space

How much storage space do you have, and where? 🤔

It's critical to consider your storage space before diving in and buying new storage bags for your duvets.

Woman confused
Your storage space will help you decide which storage bags are best for you.

For instance, if you have minimal storage space, vacuum pack storage bags for duvets are the way to go.

Some of the best vacuum storage bags for duvets can reduce the volume of your stored duvets by as much as 80%. 👏

On the other hand, you may prefer non-vacuum pack storage bags for duvets if you want quick access without the faff of re-vacuum packing.

Additional tips for choosing the best storage bags for duvets

You should consider a few more things when selecting a storage bag for your duvet.

These include:

  • Do the storage bags have a transparent panel to make finding specific items easier?
  • Is the storage bag nozzle compatible with your vacuum?
  • Does it have carry handles to make it simpler to move?

Considering these factors will ensure you get the best storage solution possible.

Check out our favourite storage bags for duvets in the UK:

Why should you use storage bags for your duvets?

Storage bags are handy tools, and you might want to add them to your wish list for several reasons.

These include:

  • Space-savvy storage.
  • Protect items from mould, mildew, and dust mites.
  • Keep everything neatly organised.
  • Store all sorts of sleep accessories, bedding, clothes, and more.

Overall, storage bags are a highly affordable way of storing items.

Since they help protect against moisture, dust mites, and odours, you shouldn't need to put your duvets in the laundry basket before using them again.

And they may have more significance than you think. 🤔

Woman hugging herself
Storage bags for duvets can offer several benefits, including keeping your home tidy, which can improve your mood and sleep.

You can easily achieve a cleaner space by storing extra items out of the way, and tidy spaces have been linked to improved moods [1] and better sleep!

Plus, with vacuum storage bags and ordinary storage boxes available, it's easy to find something that matches your needs perfectly.

What should you be careful of when using storage bags?

It can be tricky to find specific items if you have several storage bags, and you may end up opening multiple bags to find what you need. 😖

Of course, bags with transparent panels and transparent plastic vacuum storage bags for duvets do make finding things somewhat simpler.

It's also good to know that some items are not well-suited to vacuum packing!

Vacuum packing can:

  • Cause wrinkling.
  • Damage some materials if compressed too much.

Items like clothes will often need ironing after storage.

In general, materials like memory foam or latex don't compress well. 🙅

While you can store feather and down duvets in vacuum storage bags, you should leave some air in the bag.

Over-compressing delicate feather and down items, including duvets, pillows, and winter coats, may damage the feathers.

It may be worth opting for a storage box or bag that won't compress your things if you're worried about damaging them.

All-season duvet
An all-season duvet can keep you comfortable year-round and mean you have fewer items to store.

You can also check out all-season duvets if you want to eliminate clutter, not just store it!

We'd recommend taking a look at the Panda Cloud or Simba Hybrid Duvet if you're interested in trying an all-season duvet. ⭐

Our favourite all-season duvets

How to use storage bags for duvets

When it comes to storing duvets in storage bags, the process varies slightly depending on whether you use a vacuum or a non-compression storage bag.

Let's dive into the details. 🏊‍♀️

How to use a vacuum storage bag

Using a vacuum storage bag is as simple as making a cuppa. ☕

Firstly, pack your items into the bag.

You can put all sorts of things in a vacuum bag, from bedding to duvets, pillows to coats, other clothes and more.

Typically, storage bags for pillows and duvets will be slightly larger to accommodate these fluffier items, while clothes storage bags or totes may be a little smaller.

A quick warning: Be careful not to overfill your storage bags, as this may damage the seal. 😣

UK duvet sizes
If you're storing larger-sized duvets (or winter ones), you'll likely need a larger storage bag.

So, if, for instance, you're looking for vacuum storage bags for king-size duvets or thick winter ones, you'll likely want to get a large, extra-large, or jumbo storage bag.

Once your items are neatly packed in the right-sized bag, it's time to seal the bag.

Next, attach your vacuum cleaner to the nozzle on the bag, switch it on and watch as the air goes out and your items are compressed. 🌬️

Some vacuum storage bags come with a pump, which you can use to remove air instead of a vacuum.

Alternatively, you can leave the bag slightly unsealed and compress it manually, for instance, by sitting on it if you're in a pinch.

And voila, your duvet is snug as a bug in a rug! 🐞

How to use non-vacuum storage bags

For non-vacuum bags, the process is even simpler.

All you need to do is open the bag, neatly pack your items away, and zip the bag shut.

Again, even though stuffing as much as possible into the bag might be tempting, don't overfill it!

Trying to fit too much in may damage the zip or the bag.

And there you have it, an organised and neat storage solution for your duvets. 🛏️

What size storage bag do you need for a duvet?

As we said before, you must choose the right-size storage duvet bags.

Using a bag that's too small may lead to rips or tears and, ultimately, a storage solution that's no longer solving anything. 😭

While large storage bags are usually big enough for regular-sized duvets, jumbo storage bags may be better if you have thicker duvets or need to store more than one duvet.

Additionally, measurements may differ from one product to another.

So just because one large storage bag fits a double duvet doesn't mean another will.

Man with laptop
Checking online product measurements and reviews is the simplest way to ensure your duvets fit in your new storage bag.

It's always best to check product measurements and browse user reviews before you buy to ensure you're getting a storage bag with the large capacity needed to fit your duvets. 💻

Our favourite jumbo storage bags for large duvets:

Storage bag costs

Great news!

Storage bags are generally an inexpensive investment!

But beware of the cheapest of the cheap - their bargain price may come with a side order of tearing or spontaneous re-inflation. 😱

Of course, more expensive doesn't always equate to better, either.

Man sitting on coins
While some cheap storage bags are a poor choice, there are plenty of low-cost and high-quality options out there.

The easiest way to ensure you get a good storage bag is to check which materials are used and what product reviews say before diving in wallet-first.

Of course, like anything, you can spend that little bit extra to get a piece that functions well, looks fabulous, and can be personalised to suit your taste. 😎

The GoMaihe Storage Boxes are a gorgeous yet affordable storage solution.


Delivery and returns for storage bags

The delivery and returns process for storage bags will depend on which shop you buy them from.

For instance, Amazon products often come with free delivery and returns! 🚚

This makes getting your storage bags and potential refunds as easy as can be.

Meanwhile, Argos storage bags for duvets and other items may have a small delivery fee but are often available for same-day or next-day delivery.


With so many options available, finding products with an easy delivery and returns process is simple.

Should you buy storage bags for your duvets?

If you're looking for a handy way to safely store your duvets (or other items), it's time to shop for storage bags.

Storage bags are highly affordable and easy to use.

They are an ideal way to save space and protect your duvets until you're ready to use them again. 🏆

Just ensure you're not over-compressing items, and if in doubt, check with the manufacturer to ensure storing your duvet in a vacuum bag won't damage it.

Check out our top picks for the best storage bags for duvets in the UK:

Frequently asked questions

  • What are the best duvet storage bags?

    The best storage bags for duvets will depend on your duvets and how much space you have.

    Those with limited space may prefer durable vacuum storage bags for duvets, which can reduce item sizes by up to 80%.

    However, non-vacuum storage boxes are best if you have a little more space or are worried about damaging more delicate duvets.

    Under-bed storage bags and boxes are a great way to protect and organise items without compressing them.

  • Are vacuum storage bags good for duvets?

    Generally, vacuum storage bags are fine for duvets.

    These bags remove all the air, shrinking your duvet to a highly compact size for storage

    When you're ready to use your duvet again, just shake it out to restore its original fluffiness

    However, you should be careful of over-compressing your duvets, especially if you have a down and feather duvet, as this may damage it. 

    Overall, storage bags are a neat, tidy, space-saving storage option that helps maintain the integrity of your duvets. 

  • What is the best way to store duvets when not in use?

    Vacuum storage bags are the best way to store duvets when not in use. 

    These bags allow you to remove air, reducing the space your duvet takes to a manageable size for easy storage. 

    Your duvet should return to its natural state of fluff with a quick shake.

    However, you'll need to be wary of over-compression and may prefer to avoid vacuum storage if you have a delicate down and feather duvet.

    For instance, some people prefer the neat organisation of fabric or plastic storage boxes.

    If you can't get hold of vacuum storage bags or under-bed storage boxes, you can always use something like bin bags to cover and protect your duvets in storage.

  • How do you store a big duvet?

    If you're dealing with a bulky duvet, worry not! 

    There are boxes and vacuum storage bags for king-size duvets and even the thickest winter duvets.

    Jumbo storage bags for duvets and extra large vacuum storage bags for duvets can make even the biggest duvets more manageable.

    These can comfortably hold large items and are the ideal protective storage bags for duvets.

    In particular, vacuum bags for storage for duvets can help save a lot of space, meaning you can fit more in!

    But sizing can vary between products, so checking the product measurements and customer reviews is crucial to ensure the fit is right for your duvet. 

    A too-small storage bag will likely not fit your duvet or may break, leaving your duvet unprotected!

  • Where can you buy the best storage bags?

    If you’re looking for a storage bag, there’s good news - these items are available in many online and high street retailers in the United Kingdom.

    For instance, you can find fairly cheap vacuum storage bags for duvets at B&M.

    Alternatively, Argos vacuum storage bags for duvets tend to be of higher quality.

    Argos and IKEA storage bags for duvets are great options for those who want something cheap and reusable, though we’d still recommend checking reviews for individual products for the best bag.

    You can also shop online or in-store for a range of non-vacuum and vacuum storage bags for duvets at Dunelm.

    But there’s no better place to shop than Amazon for vacuum storage bags for duvets in all shapes, sizes, styles, and prices.

    Retailers like Amazon also offer free delivery for select storage bags for duvets.

  • References

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