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Best Electric Adjustable Beds UK (2024)

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Searching for the best electric adjustable beds in the UK? 🤔

Look no further!

We’ve hand-picked the top 5 models to ensure your comfort and convenience.

Our guide helps you select the ideal bed for better sleep every night. 🌙

Let’s get into it!

Comfortable adjustable bed
Sleep Hero Favourite

Dreams Lucia Sleepmotion Adjustable Bed

The Dreams Lucia Sleepmotion Adjustable Bed is a best-seller which combines style and practicality.
  • 2 adjustable areas for the lumbar, back & feet
  • Controllable via app or wireless remote
  • Single, small double, double, king-size, super king

Tell me more about the Lucia Sleepmotion Adjustable Bed

The Dreams Lucia Sleepmotion Adjustable Bed offers personalised comfort to suit various needs.

Designed with Zero Gravity technology to ease pressure points, it ensures a more relaxed and restful sleep experience.

It is available with either the 200i base (with adjustable back and feet areas) or the 400i base (with 3 adjustable areas for back, lumbar, and feet, plus two massage units). 

Each adjustable area and massage unit can be controlled using the Napp by Dreams app or wireless remote.

Assembly is estimated to take about 1.5 hours for two people, but Dreams offers an assembly service for an additional fee.

The bed's weight limit is a robust 355kg (783 lbs), including the mattress weight.


Reasons to buy

Elegant sleigh-style design 

Highly adjustable 

Customers are impressed with the overall quality 

Reasons to avoid

Some customers complained the slats are a bit loose 

Only a 1-year guarantee 

Great For Couples

Dreams Sleepmotion 200u&i Adjustable Split Platform Bed

Dreams Sleepmotion 200u&i Adjustable Split Platform Bed allows you to move the left and right sides of the bed separately.
  • Adjustable areas for back & feet
  • Split base design 
  • King & super king 

Tell me more about the Dreams Sleepmotion 200u&i Adjustable Bed

The Dreams Sleepmotion 200u&i Adjustable Bed is a game-changer for couples with different requirements.

With independent motion features on both sides, you can adjust the back and feet areas of your side of the bed without disturbing your partner. 

The Napp by Dreams app and wireless remote allow you to adjust the bed with the press of a button.

Its sturdy metal legs and reinforced base promise durability, supporting a weight limit of up to 355kg (782 lbs), including the mattress.

Assembly is relatively straightforward, taking two people about 1.5 hours, or you can opt to have the Dreams team assemble the bed for an additional fee.

Overall, the Dreams Sleepmotion 200u&i bed stands out for its individualised comfort and robust build, making it a solid choice for couples seeking a tailored sleep experience.

Reasons to buy

Adjustable height 

Zero partner disturbance 

Reasons to avoid

Only a 1-year guarantee 

Delivery can take up to 12 weeks 

Luxury Option

Dreams Seoul Sleepmotion Adjustable TV Bed

The Dreams Seoul Sleepmotion Adjustable TV Bed comes with a choice of quality TVs and an adjustable frame.
  • Adjustable areas for back, lumbar & feet 
  • Double & king-size
  • Built-in massage unit & sound system

Tell me more about the Seoul Sleepmotion Adjustable TV Bed

The Dreams Seoul Sleepmotion Adjustable TV Bed is amazingly comfortable and tech-savvy.

The wireless remote makes the TV lifting mechanism seem like magic.

Boasting options of a 32-inch SMART LG LED HD TV, a 43-inch smart LG LED HD TV, or the vivid 43-inch smart 4K TV, binge-watching has never been this cosy. 

Its quilted headboard is comfortable with stylish vertical panelling.

However, the choice of adjustable Sleepmotion 200i or 400i bases really opens up the realm of possibilities.

You can also opt for a standard audio system or upgrade to a 2.1 sound system, complete with speakers, subwoofers, sleek silver speaker grilles, and 5.1 Bluetooth connectivity.

Reasons to buy

Customisable TV & sound system 

Luxury option

Great for the tech-savvy 

Reasons to avoid

Only a 1-year guarantee

Very expensive 

Customisable Comfort

Dreams Sleepmotion 800i Adjustable Bed

The Dreams Sleepmotion 800i Adjustable Bed has a total of 4 mobile areas, including the head, back, lumbar, and feet.
  • Adjustable areas for head, back, lumbar, & feet
  • 2 massage units for the back & feet
  • Double, king or super king 

Tell me more about the Dreams Sleepmotion 800i Adjustable Bed

The Dreams Sleepmotion 800i Adjustable Bed is an updated version of the 900i, now including additional features like a beautiful under-bed light and sync cables. 

It offers a personalised relaxation experience that is controllable via the Napp by Dreams app or the included wireless remote.

These 4 adjustable areas allow you to rest in the zero-gravity position with your legs and head slightly elevated.

The bed also features massage units for the back and feet for an even more relaxing bedtime experience. 

For those concerned about snoring, the adjustable head end can help keep airways open, effectively reducing snoring.

While the 800i isn't cheap, its robust build quality and added features, such as USB ports, under-bed lighting, and massage units, justify the investment. 

Reasons to buy

Includes massage units & USB ports 

Great for snoring 

Reasons to avoid

Only a 1-year guarantee 

Headboard is not included in the cost 

Delivery can take up to 12 weeks 

How to choose an electric adjustable bed

Unlike traditional beds, electric adjustable bed frames can be re-positioned to make you more comfortable. 😊

These mobile areas typically include the back and feet.

Some, including the Dreams Sleepmotion 800i adjustable bed models, have even more adjustable areas, including the head, back, lumbar, and feet. 👇

Some frames also have adjustable legs that can alter the height of the bed.

But what should you consider when choosing a new adjustable bed?

Things to think about:

  • Which areas of the bed do you want to be able to adjust?
  • Do you need to be able to alter the height of the bed?
  • Are you interested in any additional features?
  • How confident are you with operating an electric adjustable bed?
  • What bed size do you need?
  • Are there any weight limitations to consider?
  • What is your budget?

Let’s delve into these questions in a little more detail. 🔎

Select your adjustable areas

Electric beds allow you to change the shape of the bed.

You can usually adjust the areas at the top of the bed and the bottom. 🔼🔽

Some, like the Dreams Sleepmotion 400i and 800i, split the top of the bed into smaller adjustable sections, including the head and back (and lumbar for 800i models).

These allow you to perfect your positioning, for instance, by raising the lumbar area higher to better support your back and reduce pain.

Woman with back pain
Adjustable beds, particularly those with more nuanced adjustability, can help soothe back pain.

If you often suffer, particularly with lower back pain, an electric bed with an adjustable lumbar section, like the Dreams Sleepmotion 800i, could be worth the investment. 👍


Customisable height

Some electric profile beds also have adjustable legs.

These legs allow users to change the bed height.

Those with medical conditions or mobility issues can struggle to climb into and out of bed if they sit too high or low. 😞

Altering the height of a bed can make it as easy as possible to get into and out of bed.

Elderly man sat on bed
People with mobility difficulties, including older individuals and those with physical disabilities, may find getting into and out of bed tricky.

Unfortunately, not all electric beds have adjustable legs. 🙅

If you want a bed that can be made higher or lower, the Dreams Sleepmotion 200u&i Adjustable Bed legs can be set to 20 or 28 cm (8 or 11 inches).


Additional features

Exploring additional features can enhance your adjustable bed experience.

Massage features, typically foot and leg massagers, are ideal for relaxation. 💆

Adjustable massage beds can increase circulation, reduce tension, and improve mobility.

Alternatively, electric beds with split adjustment areas are a practical choice for couples with different comfort needs. 👫

They allow individualised settings.

It's also possible to find beds with features like under-bed lighting for practical, low-level illumination, ideal for nighttime safety.

Electric beds with built-in TVs are an excellent choice if you want the ultimate comfort at all times. 📺

Tv bed
Adjustable TV beds like the Dreams Seoul Sleepmotion bed allow you to enjoy premium comfort when you’re relaxing and sleeping.

These allow you to relax in bed, enjoy your favourite shows, and adjust the bed into a more comfortable position.



Adjustable beds are generally easy to use,

Most electric beds in the UK are adjusted with the touch of a button on a remote control.

However, some beds also allow users to control their bed via a phone app. 📱

It's worth considering a Dreams Sleepmotion model if you like the idea of using an app to control your bed.



As with any bed, you’ll need to consider both your (and your partner's) needs and the space you have available.

Couple in bed
It’s important to choose a large enough bed if you are sleeping with a partner.

A single electric bed is ideal for those sleeping alone and with limited space. 🛌

Alternatively, those sharing a bed will likely want an adjustable double bed or something larger.

Weight limitations

Weight limits of adjustable bed frames can vary.

Most Dreams Sleepmotion beds have weight limits of 355 kg (782 lbs), including the mattress. 🏋️

Typically, mattresses weigh between 22 and 68 kg (50 to 150 lbs), meaning you and your partner can weigh up to 333 and 287 kg (732 to 632 lbs) combined.

This weight limit is on the higher end of the spectrum.


In general, electric mobility beds are more expensive than traditional bed frames.

But within these adjustable frames, there is still a lot of price variation.

The cost will largely depend on factors like the brand you buy and the features you desire. 💷

Beds with more features tend to cost more, as do those from brands such as Tempur UK.


When buying online, it can be tricky to tell if a product is truly durable. 🤔

However, reviews, materials used, and guarantees will all give you a better idea of whether an electric adjustable bed is built to last.

People holding stars

In general, customers suggest that Dreams Sleepmotion beds last well.

What happens if something goes wrong?

As well as choosing a durable bed, it’s worth thinking about what happens if something goes wrong.

While, ideally, your bed will be fault-free, that’s not always the case.

It’s worth buying from a company with reputable customer service so you know you’ll be supported if anything goes wrong.

Dreams has an impressive 4.8 stars on Trustpilot, at least partly because of its excellent customer service. 🏆


Adjustable bed positions and their benefits

You can get more from your adjustable bed if you know how to use it.

So, let's look at some of the most commonly used bed positions you can try! 🤔

Electric bed positions

One popular option is the zero gravity setting, which involves lifting the head and legs to create a 120-degree angle at the hips. 🚀

This position distributes your weight evenly, alleviating pressure from common stress points

For those with circulatory issues or leg swelling, a bed with an adjustable feet section can raise the legs to promote better circulation.

Sleeping with feet elevated
For those who don't have an adjustable bed, legs can be raised by placing a pillow beneath them.

Lying with your legs raised can even alleviate lower back pain and sciatica symptoms, which are linked to difficulties falling asleep [1] and reduced sleep quality.

Using an electric bed to elevate the head can improve breathing and digestion. 🫁

An inclined position can reduce snoring [2] and offer relief for those with respiratory issues or who suffer from acid reflux by opening the airways and nasal passages.

Electric adjustable bed benefits

Now that we've seen some of the most commonly used electric bed positions let's summarise the key advantages.

Benefits include:

  • Making getting into and out of bed easier.
  • Soothing back pain and other pains by alleviating pressure points.
  • Improving circulation and potentially relieving swelling.
  • Reducing snoring, sleep apnoea, and other breathing difficulties by lifting the head and clearing the airways.
  • Easing acid reflux by elevating the head and body.

The right adjustable bed and positions will help you get the maximum benefits.

Cost of an electric adjustable bed

Electric adjustable beds cost more than most standard beds because of their electric and moving components.

The price of these beds can climb even higher for beds from premium brands, those packed with extra features, or larger bed sizes. 💷

Price-performance ratio
While electric beds aren’t the cheapest, they’re worth the price for many people.

Electric beds are still worth the investment for many, especially those with mobility issues.

The right electric bed can significantly improve your life and sleep.

Our favourite affordable electric adjustable beds:

Electric adjustable bed sizes

Like most bed frames, adjustable beds come in a range of sizes. 📏

These include:

  • Electric single beds
  • Electric small double beds
  • Electric double beds
  • Electric king-size beds
  • Electric super king beds

Some adjustable beds offer more limited options.

UK Mattress sizes
You can find electric beds in the UK in 5 main sizes, from single to super king.

For instance, some beds, like the Sleepeezee Adjustable Divan Bed, are only available as a single electric bed.

Alternatively, split frames like the Dreams Sleepmotion 200u&i Adjustable Bed only come in larger king-size and super king sizes.

You may want to filter your searches accordingly if you’re looking for a specific size.

By searching for specific sizes, you can ensure you only see beds that fit your criteria.

Electric adjustable bed trials and guarantees

Navigating the world of electric adjustable beds can be tricky, especially with varied guarantees and the lack of trials.

There's always a chance that something will go wrong with a recliner bed's moving components and powerbase.

A decent warranty can offer peace of mind in case something goes wrong. 😌

Let's get into what some of the most popular UK retailers offer.

Woman confused
Navigating electric bed guarantees can be confusing as they vary between retailers.

Dreams offers some of the best electric adjustable beds in the UK, but they only come with a free 1-year warranty. 1️⃣

While this 1-year warranty is disappointing, the good news is that customers can upgrade to an 8-year guarantee under the Dreams Bedcover plan.

Alternatively, Bensons for Beds provides a reassuring free 5-year warranty.

Those eyeing the more expensive Tempur Genoa adjustable bed should know that it has an outstanding 10-year guarantee, though we were disappointed by the lukewarm customer reviews. 💰

Mattress Next Day offers a 10-year guarantee with their Sleepeezee range, which is especially impressive considering the more affordable price.

Remember, these powerbase reclining beds, including options for disabled beds, are long-term investments.

The warranty period can be a crucial factor in your decision-making. 🤔

Electric adjustable bed delivery and assembly

Electric beds can be heavy, making delivery and assembly more challenging.

Luckily, most reputable bed brands offer delivery to the room of your choice. 🚚

Remember that you may need to pay extra for this service, so it’s best to check the details of the retailer's delivery service before you order.

Assembling an adjustable bed

Assembling an electric bed will typically require 2 people.

Bed assembly
Dreams offers an assembly service, which is particularly helpful if you don’t think you can manage the process by yourself.

If you are concerned about building an electric bed, we suggest ordering from Dreams.

They offer a bed assembly service, which could save you time and stress, ensuring your bed is expertly put together. 😀


Should you buy an electric adjustable bed?

Electric beds can be game-changers whether you want a recliner for relaxing, have mobility difficulties, or are experiencing frequent pain.

While they're not the cheapest option on the market, the benefits far outweigh the cost.

The best electric adjustable beds in the UK make getting in and out of bed easier, enhance comfort, and alleviate pain and pressure points! 🌟

Our favourite electric adjustable beds:

Frequently asked questions

  • Are adjustable beds worth it?

    Adjustable beds offer enhanced comfort and support for various needs, making them a worthwhile investment for many. 

    They can help alleviate health issues like acid reflux, snoring, and mobility challenges, so they are an excellent match for those looking for suitable disability beds.

    They are also well-suited for those who enjoy relaxing in bed. 

    Electric adjustable beds provide customisable sleeping positions to improve sleep quality and comfort.

  • Where can you get an electric adjustable bed?

    Many retailers sell electric adjustable beds in the UK.

    You can purchase these bed frames from reputable online retailers like Tempur UK, Opera Beds, Beds Online, the Luxury Bed Company, Willowbrook Beds, or Get Laid Beds, all of which have positive reviews.

    We wouldn’t recommend buying electric beds from companies like Leggett, Smart Beds UK, or Adjustamatic Beds, as these retailers have more negative reviews.

    You can also shop for electric beds in Argos, but you will likely have fewer options for in-store shopping or home delivery.

  • What are the disadvantages of an adjustable bed?

    Disadvantages of adjustable beds include the cost, as they are often a significant initial investment

    They can be heavy and challenging to move. 

    In addition, they may require more maintenance and repairs than standard beds. 

    You will also need a compatible adjustable bed mattress as some regular mattresses, particularly spring ones, are unsuitable for use on electric beds.

    Sizes and aesthetic designs are more limited, and some models may produce noise. 

  • Can you use any mattress on an electric adjustable bed?

    Unfortunately, not all types of mattresses are suitable for use on an adjustable bed.

    Compatibility depends on flexibility and material

    Memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses, and some hybrid mattresses adapt well to the bed's movements. 

    Traditional innerspring mattresses are generally not recommended due to their rigidity. 

    We recommend checking with mattress manufacturers before using them with electric beds in the UK.

    Alternatively, you can opt to purchase adjustable beds with mattresses.

    A bed frame and mattress set will guarantee you get a mattress that suits your adjustable bed.

  • Can you get help buying an electric adjustable bed?

    You might qualify for help purchasing adjustable electric beds for the elderly or those with disabilities. 

    You can visit this UK government web page [3] or go straight to your local council's website for information. 

    Councils usually arrange a home assessment to evaluate your situation and recommend suitable mobility equipment.

    These mobility aids may or may not include electric disability beds, depending on your location and available resources.

  • How much are electric adjustable beds in the UK?

    Electric adjustable bed prices vary, but they are more expensive than traditional bed frames.

    Most electric beds UK cost over £1,000.

    Budget-friendly options may set you back as little as £500, while more luxury options could cost over £2,000.

    You should expect to pay more if you shop from well-known, high-end brands like Tempur UK or choose a bed with more features.

    If you have a limited budget, you may want to look at cheaper electric beds from Argos or the Luxury Bed Company, but make sure you check reviews, as these can be a mixed bag.

    You can also expect to pay slightly more for electric double beds, king-size beds, or super king beds than electric single beds. 

  • How do adjustable beds work?

    An adjustable bed frame operates using motor-powered sections.

    These change the bed's shape to suit your needs. 

    The sections of an electric bed move independently, allowing you to adjust the head, back, and leg areas for optimal comfort. 

    Some beds also come equipped with luxury additions such as built-in foot and leg massagers for added relaxation and pain relief.

  • What is the best bed with an adjustable base?

    There are several high-quality beds with adjustable powerbases in the UK.

    Sleepeezee’s adjustable divan bases are British-made and among the most affordable options.

    However, they are only available as single adjustable beds.

    If you want a double electric bed or something larger, we suggest looking at the Dreams Sleepmotion adjustable bed collection.

    Most of these electric beds are highly rated by customers and offer a choice of adjustability areas and other features.

  • What can you use instead of an adjustable bed?

    Electric beds are an investment, putting them out of some people’s price ranges.

    More affordable options include body pillows, wedge pillows, and knee pillows.

    These can be used as head or leg elevation pillows or supportive leg pillows for side sleepers.

    They offer similar benefits as adjustable beds by allowing you to stay comfortable, add support, or elevate your head or legs.

    Alternatively, if you want something to alleviate discomfort during the day, you may prefer massage guns or massage couches (such as well-rated Willowbrook chairs).

    We wouldn’t recommend cheap fold-up beds as an electric bed replacement if you have any mobility difficulties, though these can be ideal as a short-term bed for guests.

  • References

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