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Best Ottoman Beds

Best Ottoman Beds UK (2023)

Last updated: 31.10.2023 Reading time: 9 Min.

Need a bed with storage?

An ottoman bed with hidden storage beneath the mattress could be just what you're looking for.

They're space-efficient, easy on the eyes, and often affordable to boot. 🏆

Follow our guide (complete with product reviews) to find the best ottoman bed for your home.

Let's get to it! 🕵️

Ottoman bed with storage
Best For Storage

Emma Ottoman Bed

The Emma Ottoman Bed offers up to 890 litres of discreet storage space.

The Emma Ottoman bed is a lifesaver for those with limited space but who don't want to compromise style. 

The Emma Ottoman bed has a contemporary upholstered design with extra storage.

Depending on your style, you can choose between a light grey or dark grey fabric. 

The thick, upholstered headboard provides a comfortable headrest for who that sit in bed and read or browse on their phone before sleep. 

The Emma Ottoman bed has a slatted base for optimal airflow, as excess heat can dispel between the gaps. 

But one of the key features of this bed is the ample storage space available. 

emma ottoman bed with mattress

emma ottoman bed storage space


You can fit up to 890 litres of storage in the Emma Ottoman bed for your suitcases, shoes, handbags or extra bedding. 

For those with limited storage space available, this is a great solution to keep your home tidy and uncluttered. 

The base of the bed lifts with an easy-to-open mechanism using compressed air pistons that anybody can master. 

Your storage will remain dust-free as the floor encloses the bed and prevents dust from creeping in.

 The Emma Ottoman bed also includes a 3-year guarantee and a 200-night trial.


  Emma Ottoman Bed
Materials: 100% polyester, high-density recycled foam wadding, pinewood and MDF
Size: Double, king, or super king
Trial: 200 nights
Guarantee: 3 years
What makes this bed frame special? This bed frame has more storage than any other Emma bed in the range.
Best Trial Period

Nectar Ottoman Storage Bed

The super practical Nectar Ottoman Storage Bed Frame has a simple design and offers ample storage space.

The bed frame comes in an elegant upholstered design and offers ample storage space for all your bedding storage requirements.

The Nectar Ottoman Storage Bed Frame offers an excellent storage solution.

It comes in an elegant design with a padded frame and headboard in dark grey and pale wooden legs.

The storage compartment underneath the bed is easily accessible via a side-lift mechanism and offers ample storage space for linen, pillows, or duvets. 🎉

Unfortunately, this bed is only available in 2 sizes: Double or king-size.

nectar ottoman bed side lift
The Nectar Ottoman Bed's handy side-lift mechanism sets it apart from most other ottomans (which open from the end).

The Nectar Ottoman Bed comes with a decent 2-year guarantee and a 30-day return period.

Most customers find this frame relatively easy to assemble, which isn't always the case for ottoman beds. 🔧

Nectar's top-notch delivery and excellent customer services are yet another reason to love this ottoman bed.


  Nectar Ottoman Bed
Materials: Hardwood, iron, and 100% hopsack polyester fabric
Size: Double, king-size
Trial: /
Guarantee: 2 years
What makes this bed frame special? Aside from its attractive look, this ottoman bed also comes with Nectar's outstanding customer services and support.
Best Guarantee

Happy Beds Phoenix Wooden Ottoman Bed

The Happy Beds Phoenix Wooden Ottoman Bed is affordable and very highly rated by customers.

The rustic look of the Happy Beds Phoenix wooden bed can keep your bedroom aesthetic simple while helping to hide and organise all your bits and bobs.

The Happy Beds Phoenix Wooden Ottoman Bed comes highly recommended by customers.

Its slatted sprung base offers increased support.

And unlike most ottoman beds, this one has a unique rustic wooden finish. 👏

Plus, gas-powered pistons ensure easy access to your storage, meaning you don't have to worry about enlisting help every time you want to grab something from your bed.

The storage space is handily divided into 3 compartments, perfect if you want to keep your space extra organised.

Happy Beds wooden ottoman bed end-opening
The Happy Beds Phoenix Ottoman Bed offers ample storage and easy, piston-assisted access.

It is available in 5 colour options (classic oak, navy blue, pearl grey, stone great, and white) to better suit your bedroom aesthetic.

Unfortunately, it comes in only 3 sizes (small double, double, and king-size). 😞

On the bright side, the Happy Beds Phoenix Wooden Ottoman Bed comes with a 5-year guarantee for better peace of mind.


  Happy Beds Phoenix Ottoman Bed
Materials: Rubberwood, MDF oak veneers
Size: Small double, double, king-size
Trial: /
Guarantee: 5 years
What makes this bed frame special? The 5-year guarantee is outstanding, as is the beautiful, rustic look.
Stylish Choice

Argos Pandora Ottoman Bed

The Argos Habitat Pandora Ottoman Bed has a luxurious velvet appeal and an attractive range of colour options to suit any bedroom décor.

It has an end-opening design, with pistons for assisted lifting, and a generous storage space.

The Argos Habitat Pandora Ottoman Bed is beautiful, with a luxurious velvet finish and deep vertical stitching in the headboard, available in blue, pink, or grey. 😍

This bed offers an impressive 524 litres, with an end-opening ottoman design and pistons to make lifting the top of the bed easier.

It is perfect for smaller rooms, where every inch of space counts.

Argos Pandora ottoman bed end-opening
The Argos Pandora Ottoman bed is end-opening with pistons for easier access. 

The bed has a sprung wooden slat base, which provides a springier feel and promotes air circulation.

The bed can comfortably support up to 220kg (485 lbs), though some customers have not found it to be weaker than stated.

While assembly is recommended as a two-person job, most people comment that it's straightforward and quick to do.

The bed comes with a manufacturer's 1-year guarantee.

Though that's not the best guarantee around, it's a nice little bonus for the price. 🎁


  Argos Pandora Ottoman Bed
Materials: Metal frame, wooden sprung slats, velvet fabric
Size: Single, small double, double, king-size
Trial: /
Guarantee: 1 year
What makes this bed frame special? Highly affordable, luxurious look, and comes in many colours and sizes. 

Argos Habitat Lavendon Ottoman Bed

The Argos Habitat Lavendon Ottoman Double Bed is one of the cheapest storage beds around and is available in an end or side-opening style.

The Lavendon is one of the very few ottoman beds to come in a wider range of sizes, including single beds - perfect for kids' rooms and smaller spaces.

The Argos Habitat Lavendon Ottoman Double Bed has a sleek, faux leather design (available in black or grey) tailored for smaller spaces. 

And an impressive 95% of customers in the Argos Lavendon reviews recommend this bed. 🌠

It is available in a range of sizes, including single, small double, double, and king-size - which is more than most ottomans offer.

The padded headboard adds comfort while the sprung wooden slats provide a springy and breathable base to help ensure a good night's sleep.

Argos Lavendon side-opening ottoman bed
The Argos Lavendon Ottoman Bed is available in an end- or side-opening design.

It comes in both end-opening and side-opening styles, so you can choose the option that best suits your space.

The Argos Lavendon features a gas-powered lift that makes accessing the 534-litre storage area effortless - ideal for storing clothes, spare blankets, or bed linen. 🧣

This bed is designed for self-assembly, and it's recommended to have two people for the job.

While most customers have no trouble with the assembly process, several have commented that the instruction manual can be confusing

But at least the Argos Habitat Lavendon comes with a helpful 1-year guarantee.


  Argos Pandora Ottoman Bed
Materials: Metal frame, sprung wooden slats, faux leather fabric
Size: Single, small double, double, king-size
Trial: /
Guarantee: 1 year
What makes this bed frame special? Unique faux leather look, hidden storage, and incredibly affordable price.

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What is an ottoman bed?

An ottoman bed is a type of bed that offers a large storage space tucked away beneath the mattress. 🛏️

This extra storage can keep your bedroom neat and tidy, which studies suggest can improve our sleep.

This space is accessed by lifting the top of the bed and mattress.

Modern ottoman beds have a built-in mechanism, often gas-powered or hydraulic, that makes it easy to open the bed, even with the mattress in place.🌟

The critical difference between an ottoman bed and other storage bed frames, like divans, lies in the amount and accessibility of storage.

woman confused
Finding the right bed doesn't have to be confusing: Ottoman beds lift and offer more extra storage space.

Typically, divan beds have drawers built into the base.

Ottoman beds, on the other hand, offer unobstructed storage space covering the entire base.

Therefore, ottoman beds are an ideal choice if you're looking to maximise storage and floor space in your bedroom without sacrificing aesthetics or comfort.💫

Plus, with ottoman storage beds available in various sizes, materials, and designs, there's something to suit most style preferences and storage needs.

Types of ottoman beds

Ottoman beds come in a variety of types, each offering unique features.

The opening mechanisms, bed bases, materials, and styles may differ. 🛏️

We'll discuss each of these variations in more detail just below.

Ottoman bed openings

You'll find two primary types of ottoman beds.

These include:

  • Side-opening ottoman beds.
  • End-opening ottoman beds.

Side-opening (or side-lift) beds offer access from the long side of the bed, a great choice if your bed is against a wall.

On the other hand, end-opening beds lift from the foot of the bed, which is ideal if space is limited at the sides.

Regardless of the type of opening, most ottoman storage beds use an assisted lift mechanism. 🏋️‍♀️

These can be gas-powered pistons or hydraulic systems, which make it a breeze to lift the ottoman bed and access your hidden storage.

Some beds, like the Argos Lavendon Ottoman Bed, are available in side-opening or end-opening models.


Ottoman bed bases

There are two main types of ottoman bed bases: sprung slats and boarded bases.

Sprung slats are made from flexible wooden slats, often curved to give a slight 'spring' effect.

This creates a comfy base for your mattress and promotes better airflow around it, which can help increase its lifespan.

On the flip side, a boarded base, as the name suggests, is a solid wooden base. 🌳

Boarded bases may not offer the same springiness as sprung slats, but they can be a good choice for those seeking a solid and firmer feel.

man with thumbs up
Your choice of a slatted or boarded base is a matter of preference.

Ultimately, whether you prefer a sprung slat base or a boarded base depends on your personal comfort preference and your mattress's specific requirements.👌

In general, sprung slatted bases like that in the Nectar Ottoman Bed are best for those seeking more flexible support for themselves and their mattresses.


Ottoman bed styles

When it comes to ottoman beds, the style and material can really set the tone for your entire bedroom aesthetic.

Fabric ottoman beds with an upholstery finish are the most popular and offer a blend of comfort and elegance that fits seamlessly into almost any home. 🏠

Or, if you fancy a dash of rustic charm and Scandi minimalism, a wooden ottoman bed frame could be just the thing.

Alternatively, those craving a touch of luxury often pick velvet ottoman beds for a plush, hotel-like vibe. 🏩

Velvet fabric ottoman beds are also often available in a wider array of bright and pastel colours with retailers like Dreams.


The range of ottoman beds doesn't end there.

You can also find leather ottoman beds if you want a more classic and timeless feel that won't overwhelm the rest of the room. 🛏️

happy woman with heart
Ottoman beds come in many styles, so there’s something for everyone.

While most ottoman storage beds have no footboard, some, like the Wilson Upholstered Ottoman Bed (a sleigh ottoman bed), have a headboard and footboard.

You can even find some ottoman TV beds, with space to house a TV at the foot end of the bed.

We suggest checking out the expansive Happy Beds range if you want one of these less commonly sold ottomans. 👏


How to choose an ottoman bed

With so many ottoman beds on the market, offering different styles, prices, and more, how do you pick the best one for you?

It can feel like a big decision to make. 🤔

Luckily, our buying guide breaks it down to make your choice as simple as possible.

Ottoman bed quality

Like anything, with different products, the quality will vary.

A good quality ottoman bed can serve you for many years, while a poorly made one may not.

Looking at things like customer reviews, construction, and materials used will help you work out if a bed is worth buying. 💻

For excellent quality, take a look at the Nectar Ottoman Bed, which is well-made, using solid materials.

It also comes with a 2-year warranty and a very helpful customer service team if you are worried about it lasting!


Ottoman bed price

There's no ignoring your wallet when choosing an ottoman storage bed.

You'll want to find something that suits your budget. 💰

Budget beds
The right ottoman bed will work with your budget.

It can also help to look at competitors to ensure you get the best value for your money.

Price-wise, it's hard to beat the Argos Habitat Lavendon Ottoman Bed.

This is one of the cheapest ottoman beds we've seen and comes with a 1-year manufacturer's guarantee, and is recommended by 95% of customers.


Ottoman bed styles

Ottoman beds can transform your bedroom. 💫

The most popular versions are the upholstered ones, which add a comfortable and warm touch to any room.

Meanwhile, velvet ottoman beds like the Argos Pandora can bring a dash of colour and are often selected for their luxurious feel. 🛌

Alternatively, there are also wood and leather options.

It all depends on what aesthetic you prefer.

If you're more of a minimalist and love the clean, Scandinavian look, we suggest checking out the affordable Happy Beds Phoenix Wooden Ottoman Bed.


Ottoman bed assembly

Assembling an ottoman bed can feel like a mammoth task.

Luckily, that's not always the case.

Most models are designed for two-person assembly to make the process smoother. 😊

While some brands, like Argos, might leave you scratching your head with complex instructions, others keep things surprisingly simple.

Ottoman bed assembly
Some ottoman beds are simple to assemble, while others can be more complicated.

For example, the Emma Ottoman Bed is known for its straightforward assembly that takes around an hour. 🕑


Ottoman bed bases

When considering the base of your Ottoman bed, it's worth noting the differences.

Boarded bases provide a firmer feel, great for folks who lean towards a more solid sleeping foundation. 🛏️

Conversely, slatted bases offer improved airflow and a springier feel.

The Nectar Ottoman Bed offers a solid slatted base, ideal for those who want something secure that still promotes better airflow.


Ottoman bed sizes

When picking an Ottoman bed size, you'll find most options in double and king-size dimensions. 👑

But what if you're looking for the best super-king ottoman bed or are on the hunt for the best single storage beds in the UK?

Luckily, you'll still be able to find what you need with retailers like Argos.

The Argos Habitat Lavendon Ottoman Bed comes in single, double, small double, and king sizes, providing handy storage in a more compact format. 👍


Ottoman bed opening mechanism

It's always worth checking the strength needed to open the bed and whether you are comfortable with it.

Luckily, most ottoman beds have gas lift pistons to assist with opening and closing the bed, which makes a big difference.

Man saying all good
Most ottoman beds are designed to be easy to lift.

For instance, the Happy Beds Phoenix Wooden Ottoman Bed uses gas-powered pistons to provide an easy lift. 💪


Ottoman bed storage capacity

You probably won't be surprised to hear that larger ottoman beds offer more storage.

You'll generally get more storage with a king-size ottoman bed than with a double or single bed.

But even within ottoman beds of the same size, some may have a larger storage space.

For instance, the double Emma Ottoman Bed has a storage capacity of 637 litres. 🤯

This is over 100 litres more than most other double ottoman beds, which have capacities of around 500 litres.

When it comes to storage, the Emma Ottoman is one of the best ottoman double beds we've seen.


Access to storage

Typically, you will access your ottoman storage from the foot end or side of the bed (depending on if it has an end-opening or side-opening design).

You'll need to ensure you have enough room to fully open the bed for easy access to the storage area. 📏

man confused yes or no
It’s always good to check if you’ll have enough space to open your desired ottoman bed.

End-opening ottoman beds are great if you have space at the sides of the bed.

However, this design can make it tricky to reach things if the long side of your bed is placed against a wall. ✋

If you plan to place your bed against a wall length-wise, you'll have much easier access if you select a side-lift ottoman bed.

Both the Nectar Ottoman Bed and Argos Habitat Lavendon Ottoman Bed are excellent options for this.

Our top picks for the best side-opening ottoman beds:

Advantages of an ottoman bed

The advantages of an ottoman bed are plentiful. 🙌

Not only do they provide a clean look, but their hidden storage features also help maximise room space.

With a larger storage capacity than other bed types, you can easily stash away plenty of items. 📦

From sleek leather designs to rustic wooden options, ottoman beds come in various styles, sizes, and prices to suit all tastes and budgets.

Our top picks for the best storage beds in the UK:

Disadvantages of an ottoman bed

Of course, it's not all rainbows and sunshine. 👎

Lifting the top of an ottoman bed can be heavy, especially with a mattress sitting on the bed base, which is also the storage lid.

Most avoid this problem by using gas-powered pistons to assist with lifting.

Some people also find the assembly process tricky, typically requiring two people to get the job done. 🛠️

Of course, this isn't always the case!

The Nectar Ottoman bed is generally considered easy to assemble and dismantle, coming with all the tools required to do so.


Additionally, since ottoman beds are reasonably solid, they can be difficult to move once assembled.

Lastly, although they offer abundant storage, items stored inside may be harder to access than in other storage beds, like divan beds with drawers.

Our favourite divan beds:

Ottoman bed sizes

When it comes to ottoman beds, you have a variety of size choices.

These include:

  • Single ottoman beds.
  • Small double ottoman beds.
  • Double ottoman beds.
  • King-size ottoman beds.
  • Super-king ottoman beds.

You'll most commonly find ottomans in double and king-size varieties.

So you should have no trouble if you want the best king-size ottoman bed or double ottoman bed.

For those needing something a bit different, there are still options in single, small double, and even the expansive super-king. 📏

But bear in mind that ottoman beds will naturally be larger than the mattresses they house due to their built-in storage capabilities.

So, don't forget to measure your space and confirm that your chosen bed will fit and have room to open fully. 🏡

Bed in nice room
It’s always good to check if the ottoman bed you want will fit before you buy.

If you're looking for a large ottoman bed with tonnes of storage, the Emma super-king ottoman bed offers a whopping 891 litres of storage.

Alternatively, if you're in the market for the best single ottoman bed, you can check out the Argos Habitat Lavendon Ottoman Bed.

Our favourite small and large ottoman beds:

Ottoman bed prices

The costs of ottoman beds can vary significantly.

Higher-priced options tend to come with better guarantees and use high-quality materials. 💎

However, don't be put off if you're working with a tighter budget!

It's entirely possible to find affordable ottoman beds that don't compromise on quality or durability. 👍🔍

Our top picks for the cheapest ottoman beds in the UK:

Choosing a mattress for an ottoman bed

Typically, ottoman beds don't come with a mattress.

However, brands like Emma, Nectar, and DreamCloud do sell bed bundles.

Bed bundles typically include at least the bed and mattress, and some also add sleep accessories like pillows, duvets, and mattress protectors to the mix.

Bundles usually have discounted prices, meaning you can get more for less! 💷

Nectar has one of our favourite ottoman bed bundles, including everything you need for your bed set-up.


You can also buy a mattress separately if the ottoman bed you want isn't available as part of a bundle.

Choosing a mattress for your ottoman

So when choosing a mattress for an ottoman bed, you can either use your current one or choose a new one that suits your needs. 😴

You don't have to pick a mattress designed specifically for an ottoman bed.

So how do you choose a mattress?

You might prefer a spring mattress for its breathability or lean towards memory foam for its contouring support and pressure relief. 🛏️

Best mattress
The right mattress will ensure you get the best night’s sleep.

One thing you must factor in when selecting a mattress for your ottoman bed is weight and size constraints. 📏

It's also worth noting that some very heavy mattresses may not be suitable for an ottoman.

A heavy mattress could make lifting your ottoman bed lid more challenging, and most pistons have a weight limit on the amount they can safely lift.

As long as you consider these aspects, you can ensure your ottoman bed and mattress are the perfect pair! 👌

Our favourite mattresses:

Alternative bed storage solutions

If an ottoman bed doesn't quite hit the mark, there are alternative storage solutions!

Consider divan beds with drawers, like the grey fabric Emma Divan.

Divan beds like this are excellent for easy-to-access hidden storage and are very popular in the UK. 🛌

Alternatively, you can use other bedroom furniture like under-bed storage compartments, bedside tables, or ottoman boxes.

These offer flexible and easy-to-access storage solutions, perfect for keeping your bedroom tidy. ✨

You can even find some of the best storage bunk beds or trundle beds with storage if you're looking for something for a child's bedroom.

If you like the free-range style of simply sliding things under the bed but don't love the messy look it leaves, you can easily hide your under-bed grotto with a valance sheet.

The key is to find a storage solution that suits your needs.

Our favourite alternative storage bed solutions:

Should you buy an ottoman bed?

You should always consider factors like size and access to storage before taking the plunge of buying a new ottoman bed.

But out of all the storage beds available, ottoman beds have the largest storage capacity.

They also come in a wide range of styles and prices.

If space-saving and hidden storage are your top priorities, an ottoman bed is a perfect solution for a cleaner space and a great night's sleep. 😴

Our top picks for the best ottoman storage beds:

Frequently asked questions

  • Are ottoman beds any good?

    Ottoman beds are an excellent choice for maximising bedroom storage without compromising on style or comfort. 

    They're available in various sizes, from single to small double, double, king-size, and super-king.

    These beds offer a generous hidden storage area perfect for keeping your room tidy and clutter-free. 

    Generally, you can also find good quality ottoman beds that will last for years.

    In the end, whether an ottoman bed is a 'good' choice for you largely depends on your personal requirements, taste, and budget. 

  • Where can I buy ottoman beds?

    You can buy ottoman beds from various online and in-store retailers.

    However, you'll usually find ottoman beds in a broader range of styles and prices online.

    Sleep companies like Emma, Bensons for Beds, and Nectar have tonnes of stylish options if you're interested in getting an ottoman bed.

    Alternatively, you can also check stores like Argos or IKEA for budget-friendly beds.

  • Are ottoman beds dangerous?

    A common question we see is if ottoman beds are safe to use.

    The best ottoman bed frames are designed for frequent use and won't break or be unsafe.

    While ottoman beds are not usually dangerous, their safety can depend on their quality, how well they're assembled, and how they're used

    For instance, you should not let children play with the bed or climb into the storage area.

    As with any product, ensure you choose a reputable retailer, don't overload the bed, and follow the manufacturer's instructions for use and assembly.

  • What's the best mattress for ottoman beds?

    You can use almost any mattress with an ottoman bed.

    Which mattress you select is largely a matter of personal comfort preference.

    For instance, some people prefer the breathability of a spring mattress, while others favour the contouring support of memory foam.

    However, it is important to remember not to overload the weight capacity of an ottoman bed and its pistons. 

    This means some very heavy mattresses may not be a good fit for an ottoman bed.

    Keeping within the recommended weight limit will ensure your ottoman bed functions properly and lasts longer

  • Are ottoman beds comfortable?

    The comfort of an ottoman bed is primarily determined by your mattress choice, not the bed frame itself. 

    You can always make your mattress and bed even more comfortable with sleep accessories like mattress toppers, duvets, and pillows.

    Having said that, your bed base can affect comfort to a lesser extent. 

    For instance, a bed base with sprung slats offers a more springy feel, whereas a boarded base provides firmer support.

    In addition, some ottoman beds feature padded headboards, which can provide a cosy space to lean back and relax when you're not sleeping.

  • Do ottoman beds have a base?

    Yes, ottoman beds typically come with two bases. 

    The upper base supports the mattress, ensuring a comfortable sleep. 

    Meanwhile, the lower base forms the bottom of the storage area, protecting your items from dust and dirt. 

  • Are ottoman beds long-lasting?

    With high-quality ottoman beds, you can expect them to serve you well for many years.

    Remember, though, that the lifespan might be slightly less than traditional bed frames.

    This is due to the pistons, which are used for the easy-opening mechanism. 

    But the good news is that with proper use and maintenance, these pistons can function smoothly for a long time!

    As with any purchase, it also helps to look at the reputation of the retailer and what other customers say.

    We always suggest reading some of the best ottoman beds (UK) reviews before buying to ensure you're getting what you want.

  • Which is better, an ottoman or a divan bed?

    Neither an ottoman bed nor a divan bed base is inherently better.

    It's more about what suits you and your needs! 

    If you're after organisation and easy access, a divan bed with drawers might be your cup of tea. 

    However, if it's space you're after, the ottoman bed's full bed storage can be a real game-changer.

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