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Best Chair Beds UK (2022)

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Last updated: 19.07.2022

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Need a new chair bed to impress your guests?

A chair bed is a great space-saving solution that can be stylish as well as functional.

Whether you have frequent guests or need an occasional place to kip, we’ve found the best chair beds in the UK. 🔥

Is a chair with a bed the answer to better sleeping arrangements?

Find out in our chair bed buying guide! 👇

jaybe retro chair bed open



  • More compact than a sofa bed
  • Affordable and high-end options
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes in a variety of styles and colours
  • Suitable for adults and kids
  • Fuss-free design to quickly put up guests for the night
  • Most come with free and fast delivery
  • Some chair beds have sleep trials


  • Can typically only fit one person
  • Not as comfortable as a guest bed
  • Only guaranteed for up to 5 years

What makes chair beds special?

⛺ Compact design great for limited spaces

🛠️ Easy to assemble

✨ Stylish options for the designer-savvy

Our favourite chair beds in the UK

Silky Soft

Amazon Vonanda Sofa Bed

The stylish Vonanda sofa bed is made with high-grade velvet and is available in a range of bold colour options.

The Vonanda sofa bed has a durable design that should outlast its 3-year guarantee. 


The Vonanda chair bed is made with high-grade velvet material that is kind to skin

 Vonanda Sofa Bed

This velvet sofa bed measures around the same size as a single bed, making it suitable for adults and children. 🙍‍♀️🧒🙍‍♂️

It has a firmer feel, providing optimal support for your overnight guests. 

This chair bed comes in a variety of bold colours for those looking to brighten up their living room furniture. 

The Vonanda sofa bed is easy to set up and should take less than 15 minutes to assemble. ⏰

It also comes with a removable foam back cushion


  Vonanda Sofa Bed
Materials: High-grade velvet upholstery, solid wood frame, industrial-style metal legs, high-density sponge, serpentine springs
Colours: Black, blackberry, grey, hunter green, salmon pink

Closed: 90 cm x 89 cm (35.4 x 35 inches)

Open: 90 cm x 192 cm (35.4 x 75.5 inches)

Delivery & assembly: Free delivery for Amazon Prime members
Guarantee: 3-year guarantee 
What makes this sofa bed special?  This stylish sofa bed includes a 180-day trial.

Happy Beds Farrow Grey Fabric Sofa Bed

The sleek and modern design of the Farrow sofa bed is ideal for those who want to combine style and comfort.

The Farrow Grey Fabric Sofa Bed opens easily for a fuss-free stay.

We love the contemporary design of the Farrow Grey Fabric Sofa Bed.

Farrow Grey Fabric Sofa Bed

We think this chair bed would look great in a home office or spare room. 🖥

You just need to push back the back support to open up the level sleeping surface.

The foam base provides a comfortable feel, which will impress your overnight guests.

For those looking for even more space, there is a larger sofa bed version available in the same sophisticated design. 


  Happy Beds Farrow Grey Fabric Sofa Bed
Composition: Upholstered fabric, soft foam base, wooden legs
Colours: Grey

Closed: W 89 cm x L 192 cm (35 x 75.5 inches)

Open: W 115 cm x L 154 cm (45.2 x 60.6 inches)

Delivery & assembly: Free delivery/ N/A
Guarantee: 5 years
What makes this sofa bed special?  We love the sleek and contemporary design of this stylish chair bed. 

Amazon Fold-Out Guest Chair Z Bed

The budget-friendly Natalia Spzoo fold-out chair bed offers an extra-firm feel and is great for guests!

This nifty little chair bed is a great pick for those looking to save pennies.

The Natalia Spzoo Fold-Out chair bed is our top budget-friendly chair bed choice.

natalia spzoo fold out chair bed

It is extra long for those taller guests who need a place to kip overnight.

The polyester cover can be removed and washed to keep it looking fresh for longer. 🛀

The mattress has an extra-firm feel that supports both light and heavier weights. 

If space is tight, then this compact chair bed is a great option. 


  Natalia Spzoo Fold Out Guest Chair Z Bed
Materials: Polyester cover with a foam core
Colour: Grey

Closed: L 60 cm x W 70 cm (23.6 x 27.5 inches)

Open: L 200 cm x W 70 cm (78.7 x 27.5 inches)

Delivery & assembly: Free delivery for Amazon Prime members
Guarantee: 3-year guarantee with a 180-day sleep trial period
What makes this sofa bed special? We love that the polyester cover is removable & machine-washable.
Premium Choice

Jay-Be Retro Chair Sofa Bed

The Retro Fabric chair bed by Jay-Be offers a luxury feel to impress your guests.

The stylish design of this chair bed will look great in any home office or living room. 

The Retro chair sofa bed by Jay-Be is our luxury choice

jay-be retro sofa bed

The easy roll-out mechanism means you can put up your guests without all the fuss! 

This premium chair bed is made with the highest quality materials that are kind to the environment. 


The deep sprung core mattress is composed of a wool performance layer, a breathable e-fibre comfort layer, and a supportive sprung mattress interior. 

The price may seem excessive, but there are regular discounts and offers on this chair bed, slashing the price up to 50%.


  Jay-Be Retro Chair Sofa Bed
Composition: Recyclable steel, FSC certified wood, foam-free e-fibre, deep sprung core mattress
Colours: Autumn, dove, mink, raven, sonata 

Closed: W 100 cm x L 129 cm (39.3 x 50.7 inches)

Open: W 214 cm x L 129 cm (84.2 x 50.7 inches)

Delivery & assembly: Free delivery/ N/A
Guarantee: 5 years 
What makes this sofa bed special?  We love that this chair bed is made with sustainable products. 

Dreams Cork A-Frame Sofa Bed

The contemporary Cork A-Frame sofa bed is available in a single, small double and double size.

 This chair bed is made with high-quality materials for optimal comfort and support. 


The Cork-A-Frame sofa bed is one of our favourites

Cork-A-Frame sofa bed

We love the contemporary design, which will look great in any modern living space

This sofa bed is available in 4 different colours including cream, grey, silver, and even plum

The Cork-A-Frame sofa bed by Dreams is easy to open with a clever A-frame mechanism, which will set your chair bed up in minutes. 

The chair bed is available as a single, small double, or double, and can sleep up to two people.


  Cork A-Frame Sofa Bed
Composition: Responsive foam, woven fabric material, sprung slatted base
Colours: Cream, grey, plum, or silver

Closed (single): W 59 cm x L 84 cm (23 x 33 inches)

Open (single): W 192 cm x L 84 cm (75.5 x 33 inches)

Delivery & assembly: Free delivery/assembly available at additional cost
Guarantee: 1 year 
What makes this sofa bed special?  We love that this chair bed comes in multiple size options 

What are chair beds?

A chair bed is a single chair, armchair, or 2-seater love seat that also functions as a bed. 🛏️

They usually follow a click-click design where the backrest and seat is the sleeping surface or have a hidden mattress that folds out from underneath.

Typically they sleep just one single person and can seat up to two. 🧑🏼‍🤝‍🧑🏼

Are chair beds the same as sofa beds?

A chair bed is usually much smaller than a sofa bed.

A sofa bed has a larger sitting and sleeping surface area that can usually accommodate two or more people.

chair bed vs sofa bed
A chair bed is smaller than a sofa bed.

Sofa beds can come as a two, three, or four-seater sofa bed or even as a corner sofa bed. 🙌

The Limerick 3-seater sofa bed is a great comfy corner sofa that pulls out into a double bed.


Dreams limerick 3 seat corner sofa bed closed

Dreams limerick 3 seat corner sofa bed open

A chair bed is typically a single chair that can transform into a bed. ✨

However, the term chair bed is used intermittently and can be a way to describe any type of sofa bed.

Other terms to describe a chair bed or sofa bed include; armchair bed, sofa chair beds, foldout beds, sleeper chair beds, futons or chaise.

Who are chair beds for?

Chair beds could be an excellent choice for anyone looking for more sleeping space without taking up too much room. 😍

However, we think they’re especially suitable for:

  • Those with limited space available
  • Single adult guests
  • Children who have regular sleepovers
  • Those looking for an occasional or frequent use extra bed
  • Those who need a sofa bed that folds out easily
  • Budget-buyers who can’t afford an expensive sofa bed

Chair beds are also designed to accommodate various comfort preferences. 👇

Are chair beds comfortable?

Chair beds can be a comfy option for those who need a compact spare bed.

Different types of chair beds offer different comfort levels. 🤗

Different comfort levels graphic
Sofa beds come in varying levels of comfort.

How much you spend on your chair bed can depend on how comfortable it feels. 🤔

Cheaper chair beds are usually made with low quality foam, low-support spring units, and thin mattresses.

Higher-end chair beds are much deeper and use higher-quality materials designed to emulate an actual mattress as much as possible.🥰

Pull-out vs click-clack chair beds

However, the different comfort levels can also depend on the type of chair bed you need.

A pull-out chair bed offers a more traditional style, whilst a click-clack chair bed is easy and convenient.

Pull-out chair beds

Most people will recognise a pull-out sofa bed.

These chair beds are designed with an integrated mattress hidden underneath the sofa's base.

pull-out chair bed
A pull-out chair bed includes a mattress.

They usually come with a foam or spring mattress or both.

Because of this, they typically offer the best levels of comfort.

They have a softer feel than futons, making them a better option for side sleepers.

The Jay-Be Retro chair bed is an excellent fold-out option. 😍

This chair bed includes a bespoke mattress with wool, e-fibre, and spring layers for superior comfort.


jaybe sofa bed closed

jaybe sofa bed open

Click-clack or futon chair beds

Click-clack and futon style beds are designed a little differently. 🧐

The sleeping surface comprises the backrest and seating area that can be folded out to create a larger sleeping space.

click clack chair bed
Click clack sofa beds can be set up in seconds.

But they have a much firmer feel. 🧱

However, they can feel more supportive and sturdier to lay on than a pull-out mattress, ideal for back and stomach sleepers.

They are usually more compact, and the sleeping area can be low to the ground, making them a safer choice for small children.

We love the HappyBeds Farrow Grey Fabric sofa bed. 💖

This nifty little click-clack chair bed is easy to put up for those last-minute guests.


happybeds farrow sofa bed

happybeds farrow sofa bed

Combination chair beds

Some chair beds come with a click-clack and pull-out option.

This helps to keep the chair bed compact whilst creating even more sleeping space.

Check out the below video to see how this multifunctional method works! 👇


How to make a chair bed more comfortable

Perhaps you’ve already bought a chair bed, but it’s giving your guests aches and pains...

So, what can be done? 🤔

There are ways to improve the comfort of your sofa bed chair without replacing it.

Invest in new pillows

One amazing pillow can be a game-changer for your sleep. 🤯

Buying better quality bedding sets, duvets, and pillows will improve the quality of your sleep.

So, instead of forking out on a new sofa bed, why not invest in one great pillow? 🙌

woman hugging pillow
A decent pillow can make a huge difference to your sleep.

The Whole Night’s Sleep pillow by Nectar is a great option for guests.

This pillow is made of removable memory foam layers. 🧽

Therefore, your visitors can choose whether they want a deep, medium, or low pillow depending on their sleeping position.


You can find out more about choosing a pillow based on your sleeping position in our best pillow article.

Buy a mattress topper

A mattress topper is a fantastic way to enhance the comfort of a sofa bed mattress. ☁️

Man and woman relaxing on mattress topper
A mattress topper can be a great addition to any mattress or chair bed.

Perhaps your chair bed came with a thin mattress and needs some extra support to improve how it feels.

Or maybe your futon feels a bit on the firm side, and you’d like to add a softer memory foam layer to make it more comfortable.

The Panda Mattress Topper is a great choice. 🐼

This gel-infused memory foam mattress topper comes with a breathable bamboo cover.

The materials in the Panda topper are OEKO-TEX certified and safe for the environment. 🌎

Despite being made with high-quality materials, it’s one of the most affordable memory foam toppers available.


You can find out more about this in our best mattress toppers in our article.

Update the chair bed mattress

A mattress is usually included with a fold-out chair bed.

However, this is typically a cheap and low-quality mattress.

Instead of replacing the whole chair bed, why not consider just replacing the mattress? 👀

Woman laying on an old mattress that needs replacing
A cheap or old mattress offers very little support.

Chair bed prices

Prices for chair beds range depending on the quality of the materials. 💰

Typically, chair beds can be found anywhere between £50 - £2500.

How much you spend on your chair bed depends on how often it will be used.

We recommend spending more on a chair bed that will be used regularly for sitting or sleeping.

Chair bed discount codes

Luckily, chair beds are often on sale where you can take advantage of all the offers.

Piggybank graphic
Chair beds have regular discounts.

Chair beds can be as much as 50% off their original price. 🏷️

If you find a good deal on a chair bed, it might be worth placing an order, even if you don’t need it for a while.

Alternatively, bookmark our discounts page to keep on top of regular offers.

Don't forget to add any discounts or offers at checkout. 🛒

Chair bed sizes

A chair with a bed is available in all different sizes. 🐁🐘

As chair beds are more compact than sofa beds, they are a great option for those short on space.

The sofa section usually measures around the same width as an armchair or loveseat. 💗

The mattress sleeping area is often available in UK sizes.

People laying on different mattress sizes
Sofa bed mattresses come in different sizes.

The following UK mattress sizes are below:

  • Single chair bed - 90 x 190 cm (3' x 6'3")
  • Small double chair bed - 120 x 190 cm (4' x 6'3")
  • Double chair bed - 135 x 190 cm (4'6" x 6'3")
  • King size chair bed - 150 x 200 cm (5’ x 6’6”)
  • Super-king chair bed - 180 x 200 cm (6’ x 6’6”)
These sizes are for the mattress only, and the armchair and backrest should also be considered when measuring your space.

Do chair beds come with a sleep trial?

Some chair beds even come with a sleep trial.

trial period chair bed
Some sofa beds include a trial.

This means you can test the chair bed for a set amount of time before deciding if it’s right for you. ⏳

You can refund or exchange your chair bed for a different option depending on the trial conditions.

This helps to give some extra peace of mind for those ordering online. 💻

These stylish sofa beds include a 180-day trial and 3-year guarantee:

Chair bed alternatives

Not sold on a chair bed?

Nevermind! 😅

We have plenty of alternative options for you.

If you need something more compact, then a floor mattress or trundle is a great option, or if space is no issue, a full-sized sofa bed could be better.

Check out our favourite guest bed options below! 👇

Should I buy a chair bed?

A chair bed is a great way to add extra sleeping options to your home without compromising space.

Whether you’re planning for guests or your kid’s sleepovers, a chair bed can be a great option.

Here’s a reminder of some of the best chair beds available:

Frequently asked questions:

  • What is a chair bed called?

    A chair bed is an intermittent term often used to describe sofa beds.

    They are also known as futons, folding beds, and sleeper beds.

    These sofas or chairs can double up as a bed using a fold-out mattress or click-clack design. 

  • Is it okay to sleep on a sofa bed all the time?

    Sofa beds and chair beds are typically designed for infrequent use. 

    Sleeping on a sofa bed every day could eventually lead to back or neck pain.

    They should feel comfortable for one or two nights, but their structure means they cannot offer the same support as a regular mattress. 

  • How do I take out a sofa bed?

    You can usually open up your sofa bed using two methods. 

    • Click-clack method - This consists of pulling the backrest and/or armrests forward to release the mechanism, which will then allow you to lay it out flat.  
    • Fold-out method - The mattress is hidden inside the sofa bed. Remove the cushions and unfold the metal frame until it lays flat like a bed frame. The mattress folds out with the frame. 
  • Who sells chair beds near me?

    If you’re looking to buy a chair with a bed or other bedroom furniture from a brick-and-mortar store, then check out the following retailers:

    • Dreams chair beds
    • Bensons for Beds chair beds
    • Argos chair beds
    • Dunelm chair beds
    • IKEA chair beds
    • John Lewis chair beds
  • What types of chair beds are there?

    When most people think of “chair bed”, they typically imagine a standard sofa bed style.

    However, there are all different types of chair beds available. 🧐

    These include

    • Garden chair beds
    • Inflatable chair beds
    • Recliner chair beds
    • Bean bag chair beds
    • Pet chair beds (dog chair beds and cat chair beds)
    • Futon chair beds
    • Folding chair beds
    • Hospital chair beds

    When it comes to chair beds, you're a bit spoilt for choice!

  • Where can I buy a chair bed?

    Chair beds are available for purchase from a variety of online bed and furniture retailers.

    You can find chair beds at the following online stores: 

    We recommend having a rough idea of the type of chair bed you need before stepping into a store. 


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