Holly Matthews

Holly began as a sales consultant in one of the leading UK bed stores, where she learned about the sleep needs of the British public and worked with some of the top UK brand representatives.

Now, as senior content writer for Sleep Hero UK, Holly is determined to focus her writing on helping people make better sleep choices.

When not researching the latest sleep products, Holly enjoys reading, crocheting, playing video games and hanging out with her cats.


Holly is a seasoned sleep product reviewer with an MA degree in literature and extensive experience in the UK market and its products.

She has personally tested and reviewed many sleep-related products, including some of the top-selling mattresses and pillows in the UK.



RSPH: Understanding SleepCPD-accredited.

In the RSPH: Understanding Sleep course, Holly gained knowledge and a broad understanding of a range of sleep issues. She learned about the public health implications of sleep, the role of melatonin, the impact of drugs and alcohol on sleep, cultural perspectives on sleep, and various sleep disorders. 

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You can contact Holly via LinkedIn.

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