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Emma Duvet Review UK (2024)

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Looking for a cloud-like sleep experience? ☁️

Our Emma Cloud duvet review might just have the answer for you.

With its 6.7 tog rating and breathable microfibre filling, it balances warmth and coolness for year-round comfort.

But how does it compare to other UK brands?

Find out in our Emma duvet review. 👇

Top features of the Emma Cloud Duvet

Light and Cosy
Money-back guarantee
Money-Back Guarantee
14-day trial period
14-Day Trial


  • A soft, cloud-like feeling of comfort
  • A lightweight 6.7 tog, making it suitable for all seasons
  • It's machine washable, ideal for those with allergies
  • Available in various UK sizes for any bed
  • Priced fairly; it offers decent quality without breaking the bank
  • Regular deals and discounts are available for savvy shoppers
  • Delivery is free and typically takes between 2 to 7 working days
  • Includes a 14-night sleep trial for those nervous about ordering online


  • Materials aren’t as luxurious as other alternatives (such as feather & down)
  • Its price point is higher than some other washable microfibre duvets on the market
  • It doesn’t include a warranty

Who is the Emma duvet suitable for?

  • Those looking for year-round cosiness
  • Hot/sweaty sleepers
  • Allergy sufferers (who need a washable option)
  • Those looking for a balance between quality and price

Emma duvet composition

Let's delve into the composition of the Emma duvet. 🧵

It’s made from soft microfibre fabric, so you'll feel like you are floating on a cloud.

One benefit of this material is its lightweight feel, making it highly breathable while keeping you snuggly and warm.


Emma duvet rolled up
The Emma duvet is made from microfibre.

The Emma Cloud duvet has a 6.7 tog rating, also helping to keep you cosy in the warmer months without overheating.

The Emma duvet is machine washable up to 60°C, which is ideal for those who want to keep things fresh. ✨

We’ll go into more detail about washing the Emma Cloud duvet in this section.

Cover & design

The Emma duvet cover is made of 100% polyester microfibre.

It has a simple, white design, with piping along the edge to keep the materials secure.

The circle-patterned stitching on the surface of the cover keep the fillings in place and prevent clumping.

Emma duvet close up

Emma duvet on bed

The Emma cover has a silky soft feel, so it’s gentle on the skin when not using a duvet cover. 🪶

However, we'd recommend pairing it with a breathable duvet cover for additional longevity and optimal hygiene.

Grab an Emma duvet cover:

Is the Emma Cloud duvet comfortable?

It’s safe to say the Emma Cloud duvet passed our comfort test. ✅

It feels soft and snuggly, providing that feeling of being wrapped up in a gentle cloud.

Holding Emma duvet

Holding Emma duvet

We particularly loved the lighter tog of the duvet, which helped prevent us from overheating at night.

It felt lightweight yet cosy and warm, which helped to balance the changing temperatures during the summer season.

But the Emma Cloud duvet also kept us warm and cosy on colder nights, making it the perfect all-season duvet for those looking for a lighter option.


Is the Emma Cloud duvet good for hot sleepers?

The Emma Cloud duvet is designed to be temperature-regulating.

It's constructed from light microfibre, which is airy and breathable. 🌬️

The Emma duvet also has a tog rating of 6.7, which is lighter than the standard 10.5 typically seen in many duvets.


Emma duvet
The Emma duvet has a 6.7 tog rating.

This lighter tog contributes to a cooler, more breathable sleep environment.

Testing the temperature regulation of the Emma duvet

To really see whether or not the Emma duvet regulates temperature well, we put it to the test using a thermal camera. 📷

Emma duvet temperature test

Emma duvet temperature test

The duvet had temperatures of around 29°C when our male and female testers woke up on a warm June morning (the room temperature was 24°C on the thermostat). 🌡️

For the most part, the Emma duvet felt light and airy and kept us cool at night.

But on particularly warmer mornings, we did sometimes wake up feeling a little toastier than usual.

We concluded that the Emma duvet has good temperature regulation, but you may want to switch out for an even lower tog (or just a light blanket) during a heatwave.

Conversely, a higher tog duvet might provide more warmth and cosiness during the colder winter season.

The duvet you use can affect your sleeping temperature, but you should also consider your other sleep accessories, such as pillows, sheets and pillowcases.

Our favourite sleep accessories for hot sleepers:

Is the Emma Cloud duvet machine-washable?

Yes! The Emma duvet is machine-washable.

Simply pop the duvet into the washing machine at a temperature of up to 60°C using your regular laundry detergent. 🧼

Emma duvet washing instructions
The Emma Sleep all seasons duvet is machine-washable.

A washable duvet is an excellent option for those who often sweat during sleep.

It’s also beneficial to allergy sufferers, as regularly washing your duvet will reduce the build-up of bacteria and other nasties.

You can tumble-dry the duvet on a low setting, but avoid ironing or bleaching the Emma Microfibre duvet. ❌


Emma duvet sizes

Before you buy a new duvet, it’s essential to get the sizing correct.

The Emma Cloud duvet is available in standard UK duvet sizes.

These include:

  • Emma single duvet: 135 x 200 cm (4'6" x 6'6")
  • Emma double duvet: 200 x 200 cm (6'6" x 6'6")
  • Emma duvet king size: 230 x 220 cm (7'5" x 7'2")
  • Emma duvet super-king: 260 x 220 cm (8'5" x 7'2")

It's common practice to pick a duvet that matches your bed size.

However, opting for a larger size can be a game-changer.

A larger duvet gives your bed that draped hotel look, making it more visually appealing.

It also means there's more duvet to share, making it the perfect peace treaty for those duvet tug-of-war nights. 💑

Emma duvet prices

Let's talk about the pricing for the Emma Sleep duvet. 💰

Rest assured, this duvet isn't going to empty your pockets, nor is it marketed as a luxury item.

It comfortably nestles itself in that sweet spot in between.


Man holding scales
The Emma all seasons duvet is reasonably priced.

When looking at the competition, Emma duvets are cheaper than Simba duvets.

However, they are pricier than other favoured washable duvets, like the Night Owl or the budget-friendly Silentnight Dual Tog duvet.

Emma duvet discount codes

There are ways to get more bang for your buck when shopping for your perfect duvet.

Shopping online has the advantage of deals and discount codes, which Emma takes full advantage of. 🏷️

They offer frequent deals throughout the year, allowing you to get up to 55% off during an Emma duvet sale.


Our exclusive code “SLEEPHEROUK” can also save you an additional 5% off your purchase.

Consider bookmarking our discounts page to ensure you get all the great deals.

Also, sign up for our newsletter to stay informed about all the latest seasonal deals and events. 👇

Emma duvet delivery

Emma provides free delivery on all orders, typically arriving at your doorstep within 2 to 7 working days.

The trusted carriers include DPD, UPS, and Rhenus.

The duvet arrives in a user-friendly cardboard box, making gift wrapping an easy task if you plan on presenting it to someone special. 🎁

Emma duvet in box

Emma duvet in box

Simply take the duvet out from the box and remove the plastic wrap, and you're all set.

If, for any reason, you need to return your duvet, Emma makes it simple through their online returns portal. 💻

Returns are completely free of charge.


Emma duvet sleep trial

Emma Sleep is a brand that values customer satisfaction.

Because of this, your Emma Cloud duvet comes with a 14-night trial.

This gives you two weeks to cosy up with your new duvet and determine if it fits your sleep needs. 📆

Emma duvet sleep trial
The Emma Cloud duvet includes a 14-night trial.

Two weeks might seem short compared to the 200-night trial offered with Emma mattresses. 🤔

But many duvet brands don't offer a trial period at all!

If you don’t get on with your duvet within the two weeks, contact a member of the Emma support team via the returns portal on their website.

Once your duvet has been returned, you’ll receive a full refund.


Does the Emma duvet come with a warranty?

A warranty serves a different purpose than a trial.

It protects the buyer against manufacturing faults that may result from faulty workmanship or defective materials. 🛠️

Unfortunately, Emma Sleep doesn’t offer a guarantee on their Emma Cloud duvet.

If a warranty is a dealbreaker for you, we have some alternatives.

The Panda Cloud duvet is one of our favourites and includes a 5-year guarantee.

Alternatively, the Simba Hybrid duvet is an excellent option for hot sleepers that offers a 1-year guarantee.

Find out more below:

Should you buy the Emma duvet?

The Emma Cloud duvet seems to hold its own in the bedding realm.

It's not too hot or cold and is pretty good at pretending to be a cloud. ☁️

We think it’s an excellent option for:

  • Year-round cosiness
  • Hot/sweaty sleepers
  • Those with allergies
  • Those looking for a balance between quality and price

With regular discounts, the Emma duvet is great value, and the 14-day sleep trial makes it a sound investment. 👍

Add the Emma duvet to your wishlist:



  • Material

    Decent quality

  • Comfort

    Very comfortable

  • Breathability

    Fairly breathable

  • Delivery & returns

    Risk-free trial period

  • Value for money

    Good balance between quality and price

Delivery & returns
Value for money

Contact Emma UK

Customer service: To contact Emma UK directly for complaints, support, or queries, please e-mail them at support@emma-mattress.co.uk, visit their live online chat, or complete their online contact form. You can also call them on +44 330 818 1710, Monday - Friday from 08:00 - 13:00.

Registered office: Emma Matratzen GmbH, Wilhelm-Leuschner-Str. 78, 60329 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Read our interview with Emma Sleep.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is the Emma Cloud duvet good for winter?

    The Emma Cloud duvet has a 6.7 tog rating, making a lighter all-season duvet suitable for warm and cooler nights. 

    It's a perfect choice for those who feel warm during the night, even in the winter months. 

    We go into more detail about the temperature capabilities in our Emma Cloud duvet review

    However, if you feel the cold, a duvet with a higher tog rating between 10 and 15 may be more appropriate during winter. 

    Our guide on the best winter duvets has some excellent options. 

  • What size duvet is best for a double bed?

    When selecting the best duvet size for a double bed, you should aim to match your mattress dimensions.

    A double duvet measuring 200 x 200 cm (6'6" x 6'6") is suitable for a standard double bed. 

    However, you might want to consider sizing up if you prefer a more luxurious, draped aesthetic or if you often struggle with a duvet-hogging partner.

    In that case, opt for a king-size duvet, which measures 230 x 220 cm (7'5" x 7'2"). 

    Find out more about the Emma duvet sizes in our Emma 4 Season duvet review

  • Should a duvet cover be the same size as the duvet?

    Yes, the dimensions of your duvet cover should match your duvet size.

  • What else does Emma Sleep sell?

    The Emma Cloud duvet is just one of the excellent products manufactured by Emma Sleep.

    We have many reviews on Emma products.

    Our Emma reviews:

    Reading our in-depth reviews alongside customer reviews is a great way to get more product information about the Emma Sleep range and find out if they’re right for your sleep wellness.

  • Emma Sleep customer reviews

    We took a look at some Emma duvet reviews to get a better idea of the customer experience with Emma Sleep. 

    Emma Sleep has a 3.7 average rating on TrustPilot, which is a lower rating than Simba Sleep (4.5) and Nectar (4.2). 

    So, what do people think of the Emma 4 Season duvet? 

    Most customers are pleased with the overall quality of the Emma duvet.

    In fact, most of the Emma Cloud duvet reviews are complaints about late delivery and unhelpful customer service.

    If you experience an issue with your order, you should reach out to Emma Sleep as soon as possible so that it can be resolved. 


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