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Panda Hybrid Bamboo Mattress Pro Review UK (2024)

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There are plenty of reasons why you might opt for a bamboo mattress. 🐼

Not only is bamboo eco-friendly, but it’s also kind to the skin, antibacterial, and highly durable.

The Panda Hybrid Bamboo mattress is the world’s most advanced bamboo mattress with orthopaedic support and premium comfort layers.

The best news? 😅

The Panda mattress is UK-made, so you can sleep on one in just a few days!

Find out more in our Panda mattress review. 👇

Top features of the Panda Hybrid Bamboo mattress UK

100-day trial period
100-Night Sleep Trial
Highly Sustainable
10-year guarantee
10-Year Guarantee
Machine-Washable Cover


  • Super comfortable and supportive
  • Memory foam and pocket spring layers relieve pressure and support spinal health
  • Hypoallergenic and great for sensitive skin
  • Felt comfortable in every sleeping position
  • Low motion transfer (ideal for couples)
  • Bamboo cover wicks away moisture and prevents odours
  • The cover is fully machine-washable
  • Sustainable environmental policy
  • Old mattresses recycled free of charge
  • 100-night sleep trial for peace of mind
  • 10-year guarantee
  • Free room of choice delivery and mattress recycling
  • Delivered in a box for easy transportation


  • Felt a little warm at times
  • Strong chemical smell that took a few days to disappear

Who is the Panda mattress suitable for?

  • Side and back sleepers
  • Light to average-weight stomach sleepers
  • Couples & restless sleepers
  • Allergy sufferers
  • The eco-conscious

Panda Hybrid Bamboo mattress Pro composition

The Panda Bamboo mattress Pro combines snuggly, supportive foam and spring layers for one premium mattress of immeasurable comfort. 🥰

Panda Hybrid bamboo mattress composition
The Panda mattress is made up of multiple layers.

The mattress layers include:

  • A removable bamboo cover
  • BioCell foam
  • OrthoAlign foam
  • Multi-zonal spring layer
  • Comfort base layer

So, what benefits do these layers offer?

BioCell foam

The Panda Hybrid Bamboo mattress is topped with a BioCell foam layer for additional comfort. ☁️

Panda Hybrid Bamboo mattress foam layers
The top foam layer on the Panda mattress is soft and pressure-relieving.

This layer uses open-cell technology [1] to enhance breathability, which helps to disperse excess heat.

The open-cell foam moulds around pressure points to reduce aches in the joints. 🦵

The Panda memory foam layer is also infused with bamboo to minimise odours and further encourage temperature regulation.

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OrthoAlign foam

The OrthoAlign foam layer is made with orthopaedic-grade foam that works with the pocket springs to optimise spinal alignment and reduce aches and pains.

You can see the foam layers below:

Panda Hybrid Bamboo mattress foam layers.
Panda Hybrid Bamboo mattress has foam and spring layers.

Unlike the memory foam layer, the OrthoAlign foam layer has a firmer feel to help you stay supported. 🧱

Multi-zonal springs

The Panda mattress has 7 zones of full-size springs encased in individual pockets.

Panda Hybrid Bamboo mattress springs
You can see the pocket spring layer behind the foams.

You can even see the springs and their mesh fabric pocket when you peek behind the foam layers. 👀

Pocket springs reduce motion transfer by isolating movement and preventing you from being disturbed during sleep.

They also support the entire body, which helps to keep the spine and neck aligned throughout the night.

Panda mattress cover

The Panda mattress includes a zip-off cover made from plush organic bamboo fibres. 🎍

The cover has a quilted hexagon pattern that is thick and feels high-quality.

The Panda cover is antibacterial and hypoallergenic for a clean and healthy sleep.

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Panda cover

Panda mattress cover

You can even pop the bamboo cover in the washing machine at 30°C to reduce the build-up of dust mites and bacteria in the mattress. 🦠

The cover was stretchy and had plenty of space, so removing and zipping up the cover was not difficult.

However, we’d still recommend using a mattress protector to prevent stains and improve the longevity of your mattress.

What does sleeping on the Panda mattress feel like?

If you have a Panda pillow, you’ll know that Panda doesn’t slack off when it comes to comfort. 😏

But how did the Panda mattress compare?

Overall, we slept very well on the Panda Hybrid mattress.

We felt:

  • Supported and secure throughout the night
  • Relief on our hips and shoulders, even when sleeping on our side
  • No disturbance from our partner getting in and out of bed

In fact, we found the Panda mattress so comfortable, we didn’t want to get out of bed in the morning.

But is the Panda mattress suitable for every type of sleeper? 👇

Side sleeping

Like most of the UK population, our sleep testers are side sleepers.

Luckily, the Panda Hybrid Bamboo mattress felt very comfortable in this position. ✔️

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Panda Hybrid Bamboo mattress and female side sleeper

Panda Hybrid Bamboo mattress and male side sleeper

The top layer of memory foam moulds around the hips and shoulders, preventing joint aches and pains. 💪

Simultaneously the OrthoAlign foam and pocket spring layer support the entire body, keeping the spine aligned.

After two weeks of sleeping on the Panda Hybrid Bamboo mattress, our bodies completely adapted to these foam layers.

Back sleeping

We also tested the Panda Hybrid Bamboo mattress in the back sleeping position.

Panda Hybrid Bamboo mattress and female back sleeper

Panda Hybrid Bamboo mattress and male back sleeper

Back sleepers typically need a medium-feel mattress with an equal balance of firmness and contouring. 😍

As you can see, the Panda mattress moulds around the heavier regions of the body whilst keeping the spine neutral with the neck.

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Stomach sleeping

Stomach sleeping isn’t the best for spine health, but a suitable mattress can make this position more comfortable.

We tested the stomach sleeping position for both our female and male tester. 🙆‍♀️🙋

Panda Hybrid Bamboo mattress and female stomach sleeper

Panda Hybrid Bamboo mattress and male stomach sleeper

The spine remained straight for both testers in the stomach sleeping position.

However, heavier-weight sleepers may find the Panda mattress less suitable. 😟

This is because the heavier parts of the body sink into the mattress more, which can create a bend in the spine.

Our sleeping position test is a general guide on suitability, as everybody comes in different shapes and sizes.

The 100-night sleep trial will help to determine if the Panda mattress is suitable for your body shape and sleeping position. 🤝

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How firm is the Panda mattress?

The Panda Hybrid Bamboo Pro mattress is rated a 7/10 by Panda London.

This categorises it as a “medium-firm” mattress.

We’d rate it slightly firmer at a 7.5/10 on our Sleep Hero Firmness scale, where 1 is the softest and 10 is the firmest.

panda mattress firmness

We felt it was a bit firmer than the Hypnia Hybrid mattress we’d previously tested and comparable with the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid mattress.

Edge support

We were impressed with the edge support on the Panda Hybrid Bamboo mattress. 😅

Good edge support on a mattress is essential for those who regularly sit on the edge of the bed.

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Kneeling on Panda Hybrid Bamboo mattress

Sitting on Panda Hybrid Bamboo mattress

The images show how the mattress has very little sinkage when sitting and kneeling on the edge.

Overall, the Panda mattress has good edge support.

Sinkage depths

We performed various tests to determine how much the Panda mattress sank when weight was concentrated in one area. ⚓️

First, we stood in the middle of the mattress:

Panda Hybrid Bamboo mattress sinking depth test
We stood in the middle of the mattress to test the sinking depth.

The tester had reasonable sinkage when standing in the middle of the mattress. 📏

The foam layers absorbed all the weight in this concentrated standing position.

We didn’t feel like we sank that far into the mattress and couldn’t feel any springs.

We also analysed the sinkage in each sleeping position.

The side sleeping position had a fair amount of sinkage, showing the mattress moulds around these pressure points well. ✅️

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spinal alignment graphic
There was decent sinkage in the side position.

There was less sinkage in the back and stomach sleeping position, where the joints didn’t need to be absorbed as much.

This is another good indicator that the Panda mattress is suitable for light to average-weight stomach sleepers.

However, heavier-weight sleepers are likely to see much higher sinkage levels.

If you weigh more than 82.5 kg (13 st. / 182 lbs), we would recommend choosing a firmer mattress option.

The Origin Hybrid mattress may be a good option.

Does the Panda Hybrid Bamboo mattress Pro sleep cool?

For hot sleepers, a warm mattress can be a dealbreaker.

Memory foam is reputed for retaining heat, creating a warmer sleeping environment for many people (mainly if you run hot). 🥵

Temperature scale
Memory foam is one of the warmest mattress materials.

Yet, the Panda London mattress includes open-cell foam, which has much better airflow properties when compared with traditional foam. 🧽

Likewise, bamboo helps to combat heat problems by regulating body temperature.

So, how did we sleep on the Panda mattress? 👀

Overall, we didn’t feel excessively hot or wake up sweaty and uncomfortable, except on nights when we used a winter duvet (13.5 tog or higher).

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We felt cool going to bed, but by the morning, we could feel the warmth retained in the mattress.

man sleeping temperature
We felt a little warm on the Panda mattress.

However, when using a 10.5 tog and lower duvet, we slept at the perfect temperature and woke up feeling cool and comfortable. ❄️

We suggest pairing your Panda Bamboo mattress with a 10.5 tog duvet or less to prevent heat from building up at night.

Try these popular duvets:

Is the Panda mattress good for couples?

The Panda Hybrid mattress is what we would refer to as “low motion transfer”.

Motion transfer benefits
Low motion transfer mattresses are ideal for couples and restless sleepers.

This means a mattress absorbs movement and prevents disturbance. ⛵️

The bottom layer of the mattress is a comfort base foam layer, using high-density foam to absorb extra movement.

The pocket springs and foam layers work together to isolate movement across the surface of the mattress.

The mattress also has excellent edge support, which is great for couples as they can use the full width of the mattress.

Overall, the Panda mattress had very little motion transfer and would make an excellent choice for couples and restless sleepers.

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Panda mattress sizes

The Panda Hybrid Bamboo mattress Pro is available in all standard UK sizes.

Panda Hybrid Bamboo mattress sizes

These include:

  • Panda mattress single mattress - 90 x 190 cm (3' x 6'3")
  • Panda mattress small double mattress - 120 x 190 cm (4' x 6'3")
  • Panda mattress double mattress - 135 x 190 cm (4'6" x 6'3")
  • Panda mattress king size mattress - 150 x 200 cm (5’ x 6’6”)
  • Panda mattress super king size mattress - 180 x 200 cm (6’ x 6’6”)

Even better, you can also buy a Panda mattress in EU sizes. ✔️

If you have an old IKEA bed frame in standard EU sizes, you’ll be glad to know the Panda mattress can accommodate you.

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Panda Hybrid Bamboo mattress Pro depth

The Panda Hybrid Bamboo mattress is 27 cm (10.6”) deep.

Panda Hybrid Bamboo mattress depth
The Panda mattress is reasonably deep.

It’s a reasonably heavy mattress, but handles are underneath to help you move it around more easily. 🏋‍♂️

In fact, we recommend rotating your mattress every couple of months to help the surface of the bed stay evenly balanced.

How much does the Panda mattress cost?

The Panda Hybrid Bamboo mattress Pro is a little on the pricey side. 💰

In fact, hybrid competitors such as Simba, Emma Hybrid, and Otty are slightly cheaper.

price performance ratio
The benefits of the Panda mattress outweigh the cost.

But it’s important to point out this isn’t just any hybrid mattress.

The Panda mattress has some great unique selling points, including the washable cover and how above and beyond the brand goes to be sustainable.

Panda also prizes itself on comfort and is one of the best brands for customer support.

In short, you get precisely what you pay for with this mattress.

The price should not put off those looking for a luxury mattress by a brand that cares. ✨️

(Note: prices listed below are standard prices excluding any current coupons & discounts)

£ 950
Small Double
£ 1,250
£ 1,290
£ 1,390
Super King
£ 1,550
£ 1,750

Panda mattress discount codes

The Panda Hybrid Bamboo mattress Pro isn’t the cheapest.

Panda Hybrid Bamboo mattress discounts
Panda mattress discounts are available online.

Therefore, we completely understand if you’d like to get a discount on your new Panda mattress. 🏷

You can expect the best sales for Panda products around Black Friday, Christmas, and Easter.

Our discounts page will keep you up-to-date with all the latest Panda offers.

And we’ll let you know throughout this article of any great Panda mattress deals.

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Alternatively, sign up for our newsletter for regular updates on our favourite deals.

Panda mattress delivery

The Panda Hybrid Bamboo mattress Pro can be delivered in just 3 - 5 working days. 🚚💨

Panda Hybrid Bamboo mattress box

Panda Hybrid Bamboo mattress box

This is much faster than traditional brick-and-mortar retailers, which typically take around 14 days to deliver a new mattress.

Delivery and returns are free in the UK, and you can choose a suitable delivery date.

Our Panda Hybrid mattress was delivered after just a few days and was kindly taken to our room of choice.

Panda is one of the few brands that will take the mattress to your room of choice without an additional charge.

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Panda Hybrid Bamboo mattress box on bed
We love how Panda products are packaged.

The Panda Hybrid Bamboo mattress came rolled up in a recycled and recyclable cardboard box. 📦

This is part of Panda’s Pro-planet packaging initiative.

The packaging is biodegradable and compostable, disintegrating naturally without poisoning the soil.

Unboxing the Panda mattress

First, we carefully unboxed the Panda Bamboo mattress and removed the outer layer of the packaging.

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Panda Hybrid Bamboo mattress rolled up

Panda Hybrid Bamboo mattress unpacking

After removing this first layer of plastic, we unrolled the mattress on the bed. 🗞

Make sure the mattress is the right way up, as this will save you from having to move it again once it has fully expanded.

The white side of the mattress should be facing up, and the fire safety tag on the mattress should be at the headboard end of the bed.

You can then start cutting away the second layer of plastic. ✂️

Panda Hybrid Bamboo mattress unrolled

Panda Hybrid Bamboo mattress being opened

After cutting away this layer, the mattress will immediately begin to expand.

You should remove all the plastic to allow the mattress to decompress fully.

Make sure the mattress has space to continue expanding over the next couple of hours. 🌌

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Panda Hybrid Bamboo mattress
Our Panda mattress expanded after a few hours.


You’ll notice that the Panda Bamboo mattress has an odd chemical smell when first unboxed. ♨️

This is typical with memory foam mattresses and is not harmful.

However, we recommend opening up a few windows to help remove the odour as quickly as possible.

Off-gassing graphic
We experienced some off-gassing with the Panda mattress.

Memory foam mattresses have different levels of off-gassing that can vary in intensity.

We found the Panda mattress off-gassing to be noticeably stronger than some other mattresses we’ve tested in the past.

Unlike other mattresses, the smell remained for a couple of days rather than disappearing after a few hours.

Again, this isn’t harmful, but it can be slightly irritating if you have an extra sensitive nose. 👃

Can Panda take away the old mattress?

Panda offers free mattress recycling of your old mattress when you purchase a Panda mattress directly through them.

And unlike most brands and retailers, you don’t have to pay a penny for this extra service!

Old mattresses are recycled, and the materials will be used to create other products such as sofas and decorations.

This is another great example of how Panda keeps their brand sustainable by encouraging recycling and preventing fewer mattresses from ending up in landfills. ♻️

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Does the Panda mattress include a sleep trial?

The Panda Hybrid Bamboo mattress includes a 100-night trial.

This is slightly shorter than other brands like Hypnia, which offers a 200-night trial, or Nectar, which offers a 1-year trial.

But 100 nights is a decent trial period. ⏳️

Up to -25% off sitewide

Panda Hybrid Bamboo mattress trial period
The Panda Hybrid mattress includes a trial.

In fact, it should only take about a month for your body to adapt to a new mattress.

If you find the Panda London mattress isn’t comfortable within those 100 nights, you need to get in touch with the Panda team.

They’ll arrange a collection and issue a full refund once they get the mattress back (they even cover the postage costs).

We took a look at Panda mattress reviews on TrustPilot, which were highly positive (91% 5-star) in regards to the customer service experience.

Should you buy a Panda mattress?

Panda is one of our most-loved sleep brands at Sleep Hero, and it’s safe to say their new Panda Hybrid Bamboo mattress has not let us down.

We highly recommend the Panda mattress for its supreme comfort, supportive feel, and practical bamboo cover.

The Panda mattress is a fantastic choice for side and back sleepers, couples, and those who suffer from allergies.

Panda London has great values when it comes to sustainability and has an excellent reputation in aftercare with its customers.

If you have the budget, then we think this mattress could make someone a happy panda. 🐼

Up to -25% off sitewide


  • Material

    High-quality & long-lasting

  • Comfort

    Slept like a baby

  • Off-gassing

    Took a couple of days to disappear

  • Breathability

    Good breathability when paired with a 10.5 tog duvet or less 

  • Motion transfer & support

    Excellent choice for couples & restless sleepers

  • Delivery & returns

    Highly efficient delivery process with easy returns

  • Value for money

    Premium product that is great value

Motion transfer & support
Delivery & returns
Value for money

Contact Panda London UK

Customer service: To contact Panda Life directly for complaints, support, or queries, please e-mail them at, call them on +44 208 935 5380, or visit their live online chat.

Registered office: Panda Life Ltd, 447 High Road, N12 0AF, London, UK

Frequently asked questions

  • Does the Panda mattress include a guarantee?

    Every Panda mattress includes a 10-year guarantee

    This protects you from material defects caused by faulty workmanship for an entire decade. 

    So, if you find a fault within those 10 years, Panda will have to repair or replace the mattress free of charge. 

    You’ll have to register for your guarantee via the Panda website to qualify for the full 10-year warranty and contact customer service if you have a problem with your Panda Hybrid mattress.

    Panda mattress reviews on TrustPilot are extremely positive, with many customers raving about the customer service experience. 

  • What else does Panda sell?

    The Panda Hybrid Bamboo mattress is an excellent choice for anybody seeking to upgrade their sleep. 

    But there are other ways to do that before splashing out on a new bed. 💰

    In fact, Panda is most known for their bestselling Panda Memory Foam Bamboo pillow,  Panda bamboo duvet and Panda mattress topper.

    The Panda pillow and Panda mattress topper also include snuggly memory foam and a washable bamboo cover. 

    And there’s more where that came from.

    Check out these reviews:

    We’ve got in-depth reviews for all these products that you can pair with your new Panda mattress.

  • Are Panda mattresses safe?

    Panda London mattresses are OEKO-TEX-certified [2], ensuring no harmful substances can be found in any fabric, thread, or dye of Panda products. 

    The Panda Hybrid Bamboo mattress has an additional REACH certification, and the foams are CertiPUR-approved. 

    This means the foams have been tested against containing heavy metals, carcinogenic or allergy-inducing dyes, and plasticisers. ✅️

  • Panda Circle of Life programme

    Panda works hard to make its products and manufacturing process as sustainable as possible. 

    In fact, that’s one of the main reasons bamboo is such an essential material in their pillows and mattresses.

    Not only that, but the Panda environmental policy ensures Panda is accountable for the effects its products have on the environment at every step. 

    They do this by:

    • Using organic pesticide-free bamboo
    • Protecting worker's social and economic welfare
    • Only using ethical factories that protect human rights
    • Using a closed-loop water recycling system
    • Protecting animal habitats with FSC-approved [3] forests
    • Using recycled, reusable, and biodegradable packaging 

    In fact, they do much more than this - but this gives you an insight into how much they care about their environmental impact. ♻️

    The Panda Circle of Life initiative also means that any Panda products can be returned at the end of their lifecycle, where they will be repurposed or donated. ❤️

    Learn more about Panda materials in our Panda Hybrid Bamboo mattress review.

  • How thick is a Panda mattress?

    The Panda mattress is 27 cm (10.6") deep. 

    However, thicknesses can vary slightly between mattresses.

    Our Panda mattress measured about 26 cm (10.2") deep once it had fully expanded.

  • Where can I buy a Panda mattress?

    Currently, you can only buy a Panda mattress directly through Panda London. 

    However, other Panda accessories (such as the Panda mattress topper) can be purchased through other retailers, including John Lewis, Dunelm and Very.

  • How long does it take for a Panda mattress to expand?

    Bed-in-a-box mattresses such as the Panda mattress typically take a couple of hours to expand fully. 

    We recommend unboxing your Panda mattress as early as possible, so it has time to expand fully by bedtime. 

    You should also wait a couple of hours before putting sheets and other bedding on your Panda mattress.

    Read our Panda mattress review to learn more about the delivery and unboxing process. 

  • How long does a bamboo mattress last?

    The amount of time bamboo mattresses can last can vary depending on what other materials are in your bamboo mattress.

    The Panda Hybrid Bamboo mattress has a 10-year guarantee, meaning it should last a minimum of 10 years, but hopefully even longer. 

    Bamboo mattresses with latex may last as long as 15 - 20 years

    Bamboo mattresses made with the most premium-quality materials will last longer than cheap mattresses. 

    A long guarantee is a good indicator of a high-quality mattress that will last a long time.

    Read our Panda Hybrid mattress review about to learn more about this bamboo mattress. 

  • Are Panda pillows good?

    We love the Panda London mattress but first fell in love with Panda pillows.

    The original Panda memory foam pillow is a great memory foam pillow option with a removable and washable bamboo cover.

    The Panda Hybrid pillow is a more premium choice, with charcoal-infused memory foam and a plush BambooCloud quilted cover.

  • References


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