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Panda Memory Foam Toddler Pillow Review UK (2022)

Written by Holly

Last updated: 31.07.2022

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Is it time to buy your toddler’s first pillow? 👶

Watching our little ones grow into tiny toddling humans is exciting.

But finding products that are safe and suitable is never easy. 😤

The Panda Toddler pillow is made with hypoallergenic and sustainable materials to support your toddler’s sleep needs.

In fact, our 2-year-old Sleep Hero tester tried the Panda Memory Foam Toddler pillow for several months…

But what did we discover? 👇

Top features of the Panda pillow

Gentle on skin
Gentle on Skin
Machine-Washable Cover
30-day trial period
30-Day Trial Period
Value for money
Value for Money
  • Panda London
    Memory Foam Toddler Pillow
    Price from   £ 28.76 £ (31.95 )
    The Panda Toddler pillow is made with soft pressure-relieving memory foam to support your child's head and spine and prevent flat head syndrome.
    Panda London
    Memory Foam Toddler Pillow
    The Panda Toddler pillow is made with soft pressure-relieving memory foam to support your child's head and spine and prevent flat head syndrome.


  • Soft and comfortable pressure-relieving foam
  • Long-lasting material that keeps its original shape after long-term use
  • Gentle design to prevent flat head syndrome
  • Ideal size and depth for toddlers
  • Antibacterial cover to prevent dust mites, bacteria and improve longevity
  • Hypoallergenic and environmentally-friendly materials
  • Removable and machine-washable cover
  • 30-night sleep trial included
  • 10-year guarantee
  • Free delivery & returns
  • Outstandingly positive reviews


  • Pillow is not adjustable for different requirements
  • Toddlers will grow out of the pillow after a few years

What makes the Panda Toddler pillow special?

🧼 Easy-to-wash protective cover

🪶 Soft and comfy materials that are safe for sensitive skin

⌛ 30-night sleep trial

When to give a toddler a pillow

Before you embark on purchasing a pillow for your toddler, you should first consider toddler pillow safety. ⛑️

There is a lot of conflicting advice online, with some sites advising to wait until the infant is 18 months, whilst others suggest to wait until the child is 2.

The NHS recommends avoiding using pillows and duvets in your baby’s cot until they are over 1-year-old.


Baby sleeping on a cloud
Under 1-year-olds do not need a pillow or blanket for their sleep.

Using a pillow before this age increases the risk of suffocation, choking and SIDS.

So, when is the right time?

You should consider implementing a toddler pillow into your baby’s sleep routine when they show signs of being ready around 18 - 24 months old. ✅

If they are sleeping pillow-free or comfortably with a baby pillow without showing signs of discomfort, you should perhaps wait a while longer.

Alternatively, you could start using a toddler pillow when transitioning them from their cot to a toddler bed.

Mother with baby and child
Consider investing in a toddler pillow when your toddler gets their first bed.

What type of pillow is suitable for a toddler?

However, you need to ensure the pillow is appropriate for the child's age. 🤔

You should check that the pillow has been designed to accommodate your toddler's sleep needs.

The pillow should be:

  • Soft on the toddler’s head to prevent flat head syndrome
  • Supportive and high enough to keep the neck aligned with the spine
  • Highly breathable and made with the safest materials
  • Hygienic and washable to prevent bacteria and stains from accidents

These factors are why we think the Panda Memory Foam Toddler pillow is an excellent choice. 👇

Is the Bamboo Panda Toddler pillow comfortable?

We tested the Panda Toddler pillow thoroughly for several months on our 2-year Sleep Hero tester. 🧒

We asked the following:

  • How does it feel?
  • Are the firmness and loft suitable for the toddler?
  • Does it keep its shape?
  • Has it affected the toddler’s sleep?
  • Can the toddler move around on it easily?

Our tester found the Panda Toddler pillow comfy and supportive. 🙌

The soft material moulds around the head and helps to relieve pressure.

As a back and stomach sleeper who would typically need a soft and low pillow, our toddler found the Panda Toddler pillow to be the ideal height and firmness.


Pressing the Panda Toddler pillow
The Panda Toddler pillow is made with soft and adaptable memory foam.

The pillow kept the spine in a neutral alignment with the neck throughout the night.

It cushioned the head and shoulders without too much sinking, and the child could move around on it easily.

Were there any changes to the toddler’s sleep pattern?

Our tester had a calm and undisturbed night of rest. 😴

Previously, she would end up in a different sleep position and down the end of her cot by the morning.

However, she stayed in the same position and slept at the top of her cot throughout the night. 🧘

Does the pillow keep its shape?

The Panda Memory Foam Toddler pillow stayed in its natural shape without the need to fluff or puff. ☁️


Panda Toddler pillow from side
The Panda Toddler pillow keeps its original shape.

Even though the Panda Toddler pillow is used throughout the day and night, it has not become flat or lumpy like previous pillows.

Does the Panda Toddler pillow sleep hot?

Memory foam is typically warmer than other pillow materials. 🌡️

Temperature regulation scale
Memory foam is generally not the most breathable material.

This might make some parents wary, as toddlers can’t regulate heat like adults. 🥵

However, we found our tester slept cool and comfortable throughout the night.

There was no noticeable change in temperature–which may be down to the temperature-control capabilities of the bamboo cover. 🎍

Panda Toddler pillowcase cover

The Panda Toddler pillow comes with a removable and washable bamboo cover. 🧼


Panda Toddler pillow with cover
One of our favourite features is the luxurious removable cover.

The bamboo pillowcase is soft and thick, with a gentle, high-quality feel on a toddler’s skin.

The Panda Toddler pillow has a cute panda logo on the front, which has been a loved feature for toddlers and kids.

However, if you choose to use a light coloured pillowcase on the Panda Toddler pillow, the logo might show through, which can be slightly inconvenient. 🙁

Panda Toddler pillow cover

Panda Toddler pillow cover up close

However, we found it was the perfect size for toddler pillowcases.

One of the best features of the toddler pillow cover is that it’s removable and washable.

So, how do you wash the Panda Toddler pillow cover?

How to wash Toddler pillow cover

You can unzip and remove the bamboo fabric cover easily for a fuss-free clean.

Woman removing pillow cover
The Panda pillow cover is removed easily with a zip.

Simply pop the anti-allergy cover into the washing machine with your regular baby-safe detergent at 40℃.

Overall, we found the cover easy to remove and wash.

You should check the care instructions for more advice on caring for your Panda Memory Foam Toddler pillow. 👀

Does the Toddler pillow cover keep the pillow protected?

The thick removable cover kept the Panda Toddler pillow protected throughout the night. ☔


Panda Toddler pillow cover zip
The removable cover offers fantastic protection.

The antibacterial and moisture-wicking properties in the bamboo fibres encourage a long-lasting and cleaner sleep.

We also noticed a stain on the cover after our toddler tester had used the pillow.

However, the cover protected the pillow from the stain, and once the cover was washed, it was as good as new. ✨


Panda Toddler pillow uncovered
The mesh fabric pillow protector offers even more protection.

The attached mesh fabric cover on the pillow provides additional protection from dust mites and bacteria.

Panda Toddler pillow composition

The Panda Toddler pillow has been made with safe and cosy materials for your toddler. 🧸

This includes:

  • 3rd generation memory foam
  • In-built pillow protector
  • Bamboo viscose pillow cover

The soft, pressure-relieving memory foam is gentle enough to support your baby’s head and neck and prevent a flat head. 🥰


panda pillow composition
Memory foam responds to heat and adapts to the body.

Yet, it has the right degree of firmness to encourage the neck to stay lifted and aligned with the spine.

The hypoallergenic materials will help to prevent dust mites and keep your baby’s skin safe throughout the night.

The odour-resistant and washable bamboo cover also encourage the pillow to stay clean and prevent allergies. 🤧

Panda certifications

But how do we know these materials are safe?

Well, every thread, dye, and material inside the pillow has been rigorously tested to ensure it meets the highest health and safety standards.

The Panda Toddler pillow is Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® and REACH certified to ensure no harmful chemicals have been used to manufacture this product. ✅


Panda Toddler pillow box corner
The Panda Toddler pillow has been thoroughly tested against harmful chemicals.

What size is a toddler pillow?

The Panda Toddler pillow measures 53 x 38 x 6 cm. 📏

The depth is slightly lower than the Panda Kids Bamboo pillow as it has been designed specifically to accommodate the smaller head and neck shape.


Panda Toddler pillow measurements
The Panda Toddler pillow is much thinner than a regular pillow.

In fact, Panda has an entire range of their pillows in different sizes to accommodate your individual needs. 👇

Other Panda pillow sizes include:

We recommend switching to the Panda Kids pillow once your little one becomes too big for the Panda Memory Foam Toddler pillow.

How much is a Panda Toddler pillow?

The Panda Toddler pillow is competitively priced compared to other memory foam pillows and baby products.


Man sitting on coins
The Panda Toddler pillow is excellent value for money.

Other brands compromise on quality to keep their prices low, but the Panda Toddler pillow is high-quality and affordable. 💰

Unlike other toddler pillows that have to be constantly replaced, the Panda Toddler pillow will keep its shape.

In fact, it’s guaranteed for a full 10 years–so you could even pass the pillow down to your younger children once they are at the appropriate age.

Panda bamboo pillow discount code

Despite the fair price of the Panda Toddler pillow, it’s only natural you want to try and get a great deal if you can.

The best Panda London deals are around Easter, Christmas, and other key bank holidays.

Bookmark our discounts page to stay up-to-date on all Panda offers. 🏷️

Panda delivery conditions

The Panda Memory Foam Toddler pillow is delivered in a neat recyclable cardboard box. ♻️


Panda Toddler pillow box angled

Delivery is free for all orders over £30 and should arrive within 2 - 3 working days.

Our Panda Toddler pillow was delivered by DPD, who gave us an hour time slot on the day of delivery to let us know when they would arrive. ⏲️

You can see the unboxing process below!

Overall, we were delighted with the seamless delivery process.

Often, memory foam products experience off-gassing, creating an unpleasant smell when first opened.

However, we experienced little to no off-gassing from the Panda Toddler pillow,

Does the Panda pillow come with a trial period?

The Panda Toddler pillow comes with a 30-night sleep trial. ⌛

This allows your toddler to thoroughly test the pillow for a month before deciding if it’s a good fit.


Pillow trial periods graphic
The Panda Toddler pillow comes with a fuss-free sleep trial.

If, after the trial period, you feel this isn’t the right pillow for your tiny tot, then you can send it back for a full refund. 💳

We were super impressed to see a pillow with this generous trial period, especially considering most pillow brands don’t offer a trial.

However, if you would like to consider some more pillows that include a trial, check out the following products:

Panda Bamboo pillow guarantee

Not only does Panda offer a 30-night trial period with their pillow range, but also a 10-year guarantee.

Even some of the most luxurious pillows will go flat after a year and are typically only guaranteed for as much as 3 years.


Woman confused graphic
Pillows usually come with very short guarantees or none at all.

However, Panda has complete confidence in the lifeline of their pillows.

In fact, our Panda Toddler pillow still looks as new as when we first got it. ✨

All Panda pillows bought directly through the Panda site will qualify for the 10-year guarantee, whilst others will need to be registered.

What else does Panda sell?

Enough pillow talk; what else does Panda London have that might take your fancy?

Check out the best Panda products available right now:

Like the Panda Toddler pillow, these products come with a 30-night sleep trial and a minimum 2-year guarantee. 🤞

Panda Baby and Toddler pillow
The Panda Baby pillow is smaller than the Panda Toddler pillow.

If you think your little one may not be quite ready for the Panda Toddler pillow, why not consider the Panda Baby pillow instead?

The contour-curve design and low loft of the pillow make this a suitable choice for babies older than 1-year.

The concave shape ensures minimal pressure on the back of the head to prevent flat head syndrome.

Should I buy the Panda Toddler pillow?

If you are looking for your toddler’s first pillow, we highly recommend the Panda Toddler pillow. ✅

Our experience testing this pillow and the overwhelmingly positive customer reviews suggest this could be the best pillow available for toddlers.

And you can always send it back within 30-nights if you prove us wrong!


Contact Panda London

Customer service: To contact Panda Life directly for complaints, support, or queries, please e-mail them at, call them on 0208 935 5380, or visit their live online chat.

Registered office: Panda Life Ltd, 447 High Road, N12 0AF, London, UK

Frequently asked questions:

  • Are pillows bad for toddlers' posture?

    A pillow's effect on your toddler’s posture depends on the type of pillow you use.

    We would not recommend using an adult-size pillow for a toddler.

    This will likely be too high for the toddler, putting a strain on the neck and spine. 

    Instead, opt for a toddler pillow that is low enough to keep the neck and spine neutrally aligned.

  • What tog should a toddler duvet be?

    Toddlers and children under 4 should have a tog size of 4 and under.

    This is because young children and toddlers are unable to regulate their body temperature.

    A lighter duvet cover will prevent them from overheating and becoming uncomfortable during the night.

    You should also ensure the products you use are made with breathable materials such as bamboo and cotton.

  • Are Panda products good for the environment?

    Panda products are an eco-friendly alternative to some other memory foam products available.

    Panda materials are derived from ethically sourced organic bamboo, a sustainable resource that has been grown pesticide-free.

    They are also delivered in a recycled and recyclable box with minimal packaging.

    Once you’re done with your Panda pillow, it can also be recycled through the Circle of Life recycling initiative.


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