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Meet The Team

Our team stretches far beyond the borders of the UK and consists of over 50 collaborators and independent experts from all corners of the globe.

We work with writers and editors passionate about sleep, product testers who try products in real conditions from a consumer point of view, and sleep experts who provide specific advice on a variety of different needs.

Our global heritage gives us a unique perspective, and we understand that different people need different products.

Let's find out more about the team behind the Sleep Hero UK website.

sleep experts doing research

Introducing our experts

We have one goal: To help you sleep better!

To help us achieve our goal, we've partnered with a team of international sleep experts, who offer us training and advice to enhance our content and test products to provide valuable feedback for our in-depth product reviews.

Here, you'll get to learn more about our international sleep experts.

Andrew Green is a Bristol-based occupational therapist specialising in adult sleep and sleep problems. He remained attached to a sleep clinic until 2016 and now has a private practice working with clients worldwide through Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I).

Read our interview with Andrew on CBT-I.

Andrew Green

Sleep Therapist

Walter Braun is a German mattress and ergonomics expert, with an insightful history as a mattress shop owner. He shares tips on ergonomic alignment and healthy sleeping with partners from across the globe, training mattress consultants and offering courses for doctors and physiotherapists.

Walter Braun

Mattress Expert

Björn Steinbrink is a certified sleep coach based in Germany. He works predominantly with athletes to teach them how healthy sleep affects performance, and offers an online sleep course via the Fit for Sleep programme, together with Dr Michael T. Coll Barroso.

Read our interview with Björn on sleep quality.

Björn Steinbrink

Sleep Coach

Caroline Rolland is a French physiotherapist and osteopath with over a decade of experience. She works with patients suffering from rheumatism, neurological conditions, and respiratory problems, but also has a keen interest in preparing athletes for all aspects of the competitive field.

Read our interview with Caroline on sleep apnoea.

Caroline Rolland


Susanne Willekes is the first certified Dutch sleep coach for children. She trained as a Gentle Sleep coach in America, started her practice, The Sleep Agency, in 2015, and has since helped thousands of families and children through her coaching - both at home and abroad.

Read our interview with Susanne on sleep coaching for children.

Susanne Willekes

Sleep Coach for Children

Pâmela Peixoto is a massage therapist based in Portugal. She specialises in post-operative rehabilitation, lymphatic drainage, and sports, with many of her methods promoting deep relaxation, which can improve sleep quality and help clients sleep like a baby.

Pâmela Peixoto

Massage Therapist

Nacho Lacomba is a physiotherapist and personal trainer based in Spain. He focuses on invasive physiotherapy, ultra-sound, and injury rehabilitation, combining physiotherapy with physical training to work with people of all ages on a range of ailments.

Nacho Lacomba


Our sleep experts have been instrumental in shaping our understanding of a wide variety of sleep-related matters, from ergonomics to mattress materials and holistic approaches to sleep.

While we adhere to strict research and testing policies, our experts are also only one call away from providing the medical and scientific background we strive for in giving our readers the best advice.

Introducing our team

Despite working with various experts and external collaborators, we have a solid core of content creators, product testers, developers, and designers who make this website possible.

Here is an overview of the Sleep Hero UK team.

Nicky is an experienced writer and editor with BA, BA(Hons), and MA qualifications. As a certified sleep coach, her interests lie in understanding how sleep problems arise from hormonal and environmental issues, particularly as part of stress and anxiety management.

Read more about Nicky.


Editor & Certified Sleep Therapist

Holly has been a content writer at Sleep Hero since 2021. With an MA degree in literature and previous experience working at a leading UK bed retailer, she is committed to using her skills to guide others towards making better sleep choices.

Read more about Holly.

Holly Matthews

Senior Content Writer

Constanza is the Airi SleepLab product testing manager. Her attention to detail and use of the latest fancy gadgets and testing methodologies give her the unique ability to sift through products and ensure reviews are both thorough and transparent.

Read more about Constanza.

Constanza Colombo

Testing Manager

Maryna is the Sleep Hero resident graphic designer. She brings words and articles to life with the best-quality graphics and original designs - all while travelling the world and gaining creative inspiration from the people she meets and places she sees.

Read more about Maryna.

Maryna Lievshyna

Graphic Designer

A website without developers is like a house without a foundation - that's why Sleep Hero couldn't do without Pawel. He's in charge of web development, and always looking for the most efficient solutions to whatever life throws at him.

Read more about Pawel.

Pawel Nowak

Web Developer

Michal is a full-stack developer who ensures the Sleep Hero website runs smoothly. He loves solving problems and sees an opportunity to learn something new everywhere - perfect qualities for an all-round software engineer.

Read more about Michal.

Michal Matej

Web Developer

Nimbus is Sleep Hero's designated "Head of Cuteness", testing mattresses and sleep accessories to ensure they're safe and comfortable for our furry friends. He also helps test the product's durability against kitty claws and dirty paws.


Head Of Cuteness

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We're always keen to work with more sleep experts from around the world!

Our teams publish content in a variety of languages - English, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, and more - and we'd be happy to work with all sorts of experts.

If you're interested in joining our team, please email us at or reach out via our Contact form, and we'll be able to send you full details of this amazing opportunity.

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