The Best TV Beds

The Best TV Beds UK (2024)

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Searching for the best TV beds in the UK to transform your bedroom into a luxury cinema experience?

Look no further!

We'll uncover the top picks for combining entertainment and relaxation, all from the comfort of your bed. 📺

Available in numerous sizes and styles and with various intriguing features, there’s something for everyone.

Dive in to find your match. 💗

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Highly Rated By Customers

Happy Beds Sherlock Ottoman TV Bed

The Happy Beds Sherlock Ottoman TV bed is one of the most affordable and space-savvy TV beds in the UK.
  • Wooden slats, metal frame & velvet finish
  • Double, king, super king
  • Available in blue, dark grey, light grey & warm stone

Tell me more about the Happy Beds Sherlock Ottoman TV Bed

The Happy Beds Sherlock Ottoman TV Bed is functional, elegant, and affordable.

You can expect the footboard to comfortably house a TV up to 43 inches (109 cm).

Its remote-controlled TV lift mechanism ensures effortless functionality, with additional side-opening under-bed storage space. 

Its velvet finish adds a touch of luxury to any home.

Those daunted by the potential havoc of assembly will be relieved to know that the Happy Beds Sherlock Ottoman TV Bed is also supposed to be easy to build. 

While beautiful and straightforward to put together, potential buyers should note it comes with just one built-in plug socket.

Reasons to buy

5-year guarantee

Excellent value 

Built-in ottoman storage

Reasons to avoid

TV not included 

Quite bulky 

Stylish Choice

Dreams Drift Ottoman Gaming TV Bed

The Dreams Drift Ottoman Gaming TV Bed comes with hidden storage and a designated space for your console.
  • Faux leather or woven fabric finish
  • Small double, double, king size
  • Side-opening ottoman storage 

Tell me more about the Drift Ottoman Gaming TV Bed

The Dreams Drift Ottoman Gaming TV Bed is equipped with mood lighting, storage for consoles, USB-C ports, and headset holders on each side.

It has a winged padded headboard and side-opening ottoman storage.

Customers can choose between a 32-inch smart LED HD, a 43-inch smart LED HD, or a 43-inch Smart 4k TV. 

Colour-wise, customers can choose between the sophisticated black faux leather complete with blue mood lighting or the classy grey woven model adorned with pristine white lighting.

A slatted base ensures improved cushioning, shock absorption, and breathability.

Assembly is easy, or you can have the Dreams team do the job for you for a fee. 

Reasons to buy

TV included 

Integrated storage 

Free & fast delivery 

Reasons to avoid

Only a 1-year guarantee 

Quite expensive 

Value For Money

Happy Beds Thornberry TV Bed

The Happy Beds Thornberry TV Bed offers great value for money with a choice of smooth leather or soft velvet finish.
  • Wooden sprung slats, leather or velvet finish
  • Double, king, super king
  • Available in black, blue or grey 

Tell me more about the Thornberry TV Bed

The Happy Beds Thornberry TV Bed can house slimline LED TVs between 51 and 109 cm (20 and 43 inches). 

The padded square design headboard adds another layer of style and comfort.

Plus, the included remote control operates an oh-so-smooth integrated TV lift, and you can tuck the TV away when it is not in use. 

You'll also find detailed instructions, which ensure you don't leave scratching your head when assembling this TV bed. 

Reasons to buy

5-year guarantee

Padded headboard for extra comfort 

Easy assembly

Reasons to avoid

TV not included 

Luxury Option

Dreams Seoul Sleepmotion Adjustable TV Bed

The Dreams Seoul Sleepmotion Adjustable TV Bed comes with a choice of quality TVs and an adjustable frame.
  • Adjustable areas for back, lumbar & feet 
  • Double & king-size
  • Built-in massage unit & sound system

Tell me more about the Seoul Sleepmotion Adjustable TV Bed

The Dreams Seoul Sleepmotion Adjustable TV Bed is amazingly comfortable and tech-savvy.

The wireless remote makes the TV lifting mechanism seem like magic.

Boasting options of a 32-inch SMART LG LED HD TV, a 43-inch smart LG LED HD TV, or the vivid 43-inch smart 4K TV, binge-watching has never been this cosy. 

Its quilted headboard is comfortable with stylish vertical panelling.

However, the choice of adjustable Sleepmotion 200i or 400i bases really opens up the realm of possibilities.

You can also opt for a standard audio system or upgrade to a 2.1 sound system, complete with speakers, subwoofers, sleek silver speaker grilles, and 5.1 Bluetooth connectivity.

Reasons to buy

Customisable TV & sound system 

Luxury option

Great for the tech-savvy 

Reasons to avoid

Only a 1-year guarantee

Very expensive 


Argos Gemini TV Bed

The Argos Gemini TV Bed is one of the cheapest TV beds in the UK.

With a sleek faux leather design, this bed has a simple manual TV lift mechanism in the footboard and a handy compartment to store gaming consoles.

The Argos Gemini TV Bed is perfect for modern living on a budget.

When not watching your favourite shows, the TV can remain concealed within its frame. 🤗

The Argos TV bed is equipped for cable management and is designed to accommodate TVs up to 32 inches - this is somewhat disappointing since most other TV beds can fit larger TVs (usually up to 43 inches).

You should also know that the bed doesn't come with a  TV.

On the bright side, there's a designated compartment beneath the bed, ideal for storing a DVD player, satellite box, or games console. 🎮

Argos TV bed
The Argos TV bed has a manual TV lift in its footboard.

This TV bed comes in three sizes: double, king-size, and super king.

Its black faux leather finish is neutral and versatile, meaning it compliments various bedroom aesthetics.

One notable difference from most TV beds is the Argos Gemini's manual lift mechanism. 💪

While this manual TV lift mechanism isn't as tech-savvy, it seems less likely to break than similarly priced Argos TV beds with remote-controlled mechanisms, according to reviews.

Assembly generally requires two people, though some customers commented they had no trouble building it alone. 🔧

While the Argos Gemini TV Bed stands out for its affordability, potential buyers should note it only comes with a Manufacturer's 1-year guarantee.


  Argos Gemini TV bed
Materials: Wooden slats, metal frame, faux leather finish
Sizes: Double, king, super king
Trials: /
Guarantees: 1 year
What makes this bed frame special? One of the most affordable TV beds on the market with a simple faux leather finish
Best For Storage

Happy Beds Simpson Ottoman TV Bed

The sleek fabric Happy Beds Simpson Ottoman TV Bed features a side-opening ottoman base.
  • Solid fabric-covered base, metal frame & fabric finish
  • Double, king, super king
  • Integrated storage 

Tell me more about the Happy Beds Simpsons Ottoman TV bed

The Happy Beds Simpson Ottoman TV Bed has space-savvy side-opening ottoman storage under the bed, accessible from either the left or right—you can choose when putting it together.

This storage space is perfect for those extra blankets or seasonal clothes.

The Simpson TV Bed can fit a slimline LED TV between 20 and 43 inches.

When you're not watching TV, you can hide it away in the footboard with the press of a button.

Additionally, it comes with 90-degree HDMI and aerial adapters.

Reasons to buy

5-year guarantee

Pocket for your remote & accessories 

Ottoman storage included 

Reasons to avoid

TV not included 

What is a TV bed?

Before we dive into the nitty gritty details, let's make sure we're all on the same page.

So, what is a TV bed? 🤔

A TV bed is a bed frame with a designated space for a TV built into its footboard.

Notably, some TV beds in the UK come with a TV, while others let you fit your own.

So you can get a TV bed with a TV built-in or not, whatever floats your boat! 🚣

We've got more on why you might (or not) want a TV bed with a TV in our 'How to choose a TV bed' section below.

Man confused about good or bad
It's totally up to you whether you want a bed with a TV built-in or not.

Typically, the TV in a TV bed can be lifted to perch neatly above the footboard when it's showtime, giving you a prime view. 📺

And what about when you're not in a Netflix mood?

The TV should simply slide back into the footboard, keeping it safe and out of sight. 💤

Now we know what a TV bed is, let's get into how it works.

How do TV beds work?

TV beds support you and your mattress like any regular bed frame.

But these beds also contain your TV in the footboard.

Most of the best TV beds have a remote-controlled lifting mechanism that lets you reveal or hide your TV by simply pressing a button. 🪄

Remote control mechanism to lift and hide TV
Most TV beds come with a remote control and built-in lifting mechanism, allowing you to raise and lower your TV from the footboard without having to stand up.

However, some cheaper TV beds have manual lifting mechanisms, meaning you must physically push and pull your TV into and out of its hiding place in the footboard.

The TV itself works exactly as normal, except the leads and wires are hidden in the bed frame.

You'll connect the TV to your mains and may need an extension cord for this. ⚡

How to choose a TV bed

So, you're thinking about buying a TV bed.

But how can you choose the best TV bed with so many different versions on the market? 😥

We've got you!

Key considerations for choosing a TV bed:

We'll get into each of these in more detail below. 👇

Types and features of TV beds

Most TV beds house the TV in their footboard.

The end of bed TV stand lifts your TV out of the footboard while you’re watching TV and tucks it away when you’re not. ⬆️

However, there's a vast array of other features out there.

For instance, some TV beds in the UK come with TVs while others don't.

There are also TV beds with storage space, TV beds with manual or mechanic TV lifting designs, and TV gaming beds with features like sound systems and extra ports built in.

You can even find adjustable TV beds, ideal for people with mobility difficulties.

We'll discuss more about these individual features in the next section! 👇

TV bed design

The aesthetic appeal of a TV bed is essential, and you'll want one that complements your decor.

The good news is that TV beds are pretty versatile when it comes to design.

They're available in a smorgasbord of colours, fabrics, and styles. 👏

Happy woman with heart
From woven to leather or velvet TV beds - there's something for everyone.

The most popular options are woven fabric TV beds, sleek faux leather TV beds, and sumptuous velvet TV beds.

While black TV beds are popular, you'll have no trouble finding paler neutrals or bright colour options. 🎨

Just be warned, you'll have limited choices if you're hunting for crisp white TV beds - Happy Beds is one of the only places to stock a white TV bed.


Those searching for something a bit more flashy will have more options.

For instance, the Dreams Drift Gaming TV Bed stands out with its striking and unique appearance.

It comes in either black faux leather with striking blue mood lighting or a gentle woven grey complemented by shimmering white lights. ✨🌙

TV bed assembly

Some TV beds can be more of a puzzle than others.

The most important thing to remember when building your bed is to be careful where you place the wires.

Trapped wires can pose a safety risk. ⚡

If the mere thought of assembling gives you the jitters, it's well worth considering a Dreams TV bed.

They offer a handy assembly service for an extra fee, taking the weight off your shoulders and ensuring your bed set-up goes off without a hitch. 👷


TV bed sizes

TV beds tend to come in a narrower range of sizes compared to other beds.

The most popular sizes you'll stumble upon are double TV beds, king-size TV beds, and super-king TV beds. 🛏️

If you have a smaller room and are wondering about single TV beds, they're a bit of a rarity.

Single beds usually aren't wide enough to accommodate today's TVs within the footboard.

The Happy Beds Valencia TV bed is one of the only exceptions to this.

This single TV bed is fitted with a built-in 32-inch TV. 📺


TV bed prices

TV beds generally come with a heftier price tag than standard bed frames. 💸

Those on a stricter budget may prefer a simpler bed frame like the Nectar Platform Bed Base.

You can learn more about the Nectar Platform Bed Base and our other favourite value-for-money bed frames in our Best Bed Frames review.

If you're considering 'all-in-one' TV Beds with a TV in them, be prepared to splash out more than if you were to buy the TV bed frame and TV separately.

Of course, buying a TV bed with a TV built-in isn't the only thing that affects the price you'll pay.

Your shopping destination also plays a pivotal role in your final bill. 💻

Dreams and Bensons for Beds tend to lean towards the pricier end with their luxury TV bed collections.

But with these brands, particularly Dreams, you'll experience top-notch customer support. 🌟

Dreams beds store
Dreams sells a range of TV beds and is known for its outstanding customer service.

On the flip side, Argos offers a wallet-friendly range, although their TV beds can be a tad less reliable in terms of longevity.

Happy Beds operates solely online and can offer some of the highest quality TV beds at prices that don't break the bank.

The only downside is that you won't be able to physically try these out before buying. 👌

Our favourite affordable TV beds:

TV bed features

There's more to TV beds than meets the eye. 👁️

Not all beds with a TV in the footboard are the same, so let's get into some of the different features you'll come across.

TV beds with TV included

When looking at TV beds, you'll come across 2 main options. 🤔

These include:

  • TV Beds with TV in the footboard.

  • TV Beds with space for a TV in the footboard.

A TV bed without the TV may be best if you already have a TV or want to pick it out yourself.

People on laptops
If you've done a lot of research to find your perfect TV, you may prefer to buy the bed frame and TV separately.

If you buy the bed frame and TV separately, you can ensure the TV has all the bells and whistles you want.

The Happy Beds Sherlock Ottoman TV Bed is one of our favourites whether you want to save money or simply prefer the freedom to hand-pick your own tech!

You'll need to do your homework and check measurements to ensure your TV will fit the bed.

Alternatively, while TV beds with the TV included are more expensive, a bed that comes with the TV can take the pressure off of finding a new telly, and it will definitely fit in your bed. 🥳

Those who don’t want the hassle can pay a little more for a TV bed with a TV built into the frame. 👍

The Dreams Drift Gaming TV Bed is stylish and stress-free, coming with a choice of TVs and the option of the Dreams team assembling it.


TV bed TV lifting mechanisms

While some cheap TV beds opt for the manual approach where you must physically pull your TV from its footboard home, most of the best TV beds on the market are kitted out with electric lift mechanisms.

Electric mechanisms are a crowd-pleaser because, let's face it, there's a certain magic in watching your TV rise and vanish with the flick of a remote. ✨

Man saying all good
Most people prefer TV beds with an electric lifting mechanism.

Beds with TV stands that are electronically managed, like the effortlessly controlled Happy Beds Thornberry TV Bed, are widely loved by customers.


TV bed with additional storage

Organisational lovers will be happy to know that many TV beds have specialised compartments.

These slots are ideal for tucking away your gaming console or DVD player, ensuring your entertainment setup remains sleek and streamlined. 🎮

But it's not just these smaller compartments that you can find in TV beds.

Some frames, like ottoman TV beds, carve out the entire bed base for the ultimate storage solution.

Ottoman bed open
Ottoman beds allow you to use the entire bed base as storage.

A TV ottoman bed is a game-changer for those who adore a tidy bedroom.

TV beds with storage help maximise functionality and storage while levelling up your bedroom cinematic experience. 🥷

Ottoman beds boast ample space within their base, making them perfect for stashing away bedding, clothes, and more.

Additionally, ottoman TV beds like the Happy Beds Sherlock Bed use gas-powered pistons to ensure lifting the lid of your bed storage is as easy as possible.


TV gaming beds

Gaming beds are similar to TV beds as they are both tech beds with the TV in the footboard.

Both beds may also have features like sound systems, lighting, or console compartments, though these are more often seen in gaming beds. 💡

For instance, the Dreams Drift Gaming TV Bed comes with blue or white mood lighting under the base, behind the headboard, and in the TV lift mechanism.

It also offers extra features like headset holders and USB-C ports.


TV bed adjustable bed frame

A relatively recent addition to the market is TV beds with adjustable frames.

Adjustable TV beds can help keep you comfortable, reduce pressure, and improve blood circulation while letting you enjoy your favourite TV shows in bed. 🤯

Given that adjustable TV beds aren't all that common, we were especially impressed with the glowing customer reviews of the Dreams Seoul Sleepmotion Adjustable TV Bed.

The cheaper 200i base has 2 adjustable areas for the back and feet, while the 400i base has 3 adjustable areas for the back, feet, and lumbar, and 2 massage points! 💆

This bed also has an optional 2.1 sound system upgrade (speakers, subwoofers, and 5.1 Bluetooth connectivity).


Are TV beds worth it?

Are beds with a TV right for you?

TV beds come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. ⚖️

They create a streamlined bedroom look, allowing you to lie back and watch your favourite show without additional furniture.

Woman confused
Deciding whether or not a TV bed is for you can be tricky!

On the other hand, smart beds with TVs are generally more expensive, and not every model will suit every individual's needs.

Let's dive deeper so you can weigh up your options!

TV bed advantages

Imagine the luxury of binge-watching your favourite series straight from the cosy confines of your bed. 🛌

TV beds offer this exact convenience.

They can also help maximise your space since the TV can be brought out or tucked away on demand.

Storing the TV in the footboard can help protect it from potential accidents and dust.

Many TV beds also come with added perks, such as storage space, sound systems, and ambient lighting. 🔊

While they might carry a slightly higher price tag, there's a range of options to suit various budgets, from luxury TV beds to cheap TV beds.

Man with thumbs up
There are TV beds to suit all budgets and with all sorts of extra bells and whistles.

For those keen on simplicity, some TV beds come with the television already integrated. 😃

Alternatively, if you've got a particular TV in mind, some beds let you select and fit your own – a perfect choice for those with specific requirements or preferences.

TV bed disadvantages

Of course, it's not all sunshine and rainbows. 🌈

If you have difficulty falling asleep or are struggling with other sleep problems, a TV bed may not be your best friend.

Studies suggest that blue lights emitted by devices [1] like TVs and smartphones can disrupt our natural physiological rhythms, including sleep.

Falling asleep quickly
Turning off the TV and smartphone at least an hour before bed can help you get a better night's sleep.

Stopping your screen time at least 60 to 90 minutes before bed [2] helps us sleep better. 😴

And, for some people, having a TV at the foot end of the bed may make it a little too tempting to keep watching TV.

A standard bed frame is likely a better option for those on a tighter budget. 💷

With a regular frame, your money can stretch further, allowing for a higher-quality purchase at a similar cost.

The world of standard beds also boasts a broader variety of sizes.

Additionally, while the allure of a TV bed is undeniable, assembling one can pose a bit of a challenge. 🔩

While the products we've highlighted do lean towards user-friendly assembly, classic frames and divan beds [3] tend to be easier to assemble as they have fewer parts.

Dreams assembly service

Alternatively, Dreams offers a fantastic assembly service to put your mind at ease. 🔧

They'll handle the hard work, so you don't have to.

Our favourite Dreams TV beds:

TV bed sizes

TV beds commonly come in a slightly smaller range of sizes than regular bed frames. 📏

However, you can find TV beds in most sizes if you know where to look.

These sizes include:

  • TV bed single.

  • TV bed small double.

  • TV bed double.

  • TV bed king-size.

  • TV bed super king.

The double TV bed and king-size TV bed are the most popular choices. 👑

For those wanting to truly stretch out, the super king TV bed is the luxurious go-to.

Unfortunately, small double and single TV beds are far rarer finds.

Most stores only stock double, king-size, and super-king TV beds.

UK bed sizes
Most TV beds only come in 3 sizes.

You’ll find the widest range of sizes, including the elusive single TV bed, on online stores like Happy Beds.


TV bed costs

TV beds are more expensive than regular beds.

However, the spectrum is vast and you'll find everyhing from cheap TV beds to higher priced luxury TV beds. 💷

If you're eyeing up beds with the TV built-in, these will be more expensive.

People celebrating savings
While TV beds tend to be more expensive, there are plenty of ways to save money!

If a large upfront payment seems daunting, fret not!

Major brands like Dreams, Bensons for Beds, and Happy Beds offer TV beds on finance (often through Klarna), letting you spread the cost over time. 💳

Monthly payments can be a handy solution if you're keen on a bed but can't shell out all at once.

For the savvy shopper, bed stores like Dreams sometimes sell ex-display TV beds and TV beds for sale in their clearance section. 💡

These TV bed sales can help you snag a high-quality TV bed without breaking the bank.


TV bed delivery, trials, and returns

TV bed delivery, trials, and returns vary from brand to brand.

TV bed trials and guarantees

Unfortunately, most TV beds don’t have a trial period, which would let you test the product in the comfort of your own home.

However, most brands offer guarantees of 1 to 5 years.

Dreams allows customers to pay extra for an 8-year guarantee, though this only covers the frame - not the TV. 💸

If you notice any issues with your bed during this time, you can have the bed repaired free of charge.

TV bed delivery

If you shop at brands like Dreams and Happy Beds, you’ll also get to enjoy free delivery. 🚚

We’d suggest Dreams if you want to pay extra for their assembly service and don’t mind waiting a few weeks for your bed to be delivered.

However, if you want to get your new bed home faster, it’s worth checking out Happy Beds’ speedy delivery service.


Should you buy a TV bed?

Ah, the age-old question: To buy a TV bed or not?

Beds with TVs inside allow you to sink into your mattress after a long day and indulge in your favourite TV shows without moving an inch. 🍿

They aren’t the cheapest and don’t come in the widest range of sizes, but there’s plenty to love.

A TV bed combines comfort, tech, and space-saving into one snug design. 🤗

Our favourite TV beds in the UK:

Frequently asked questions

  • Are TV beds any good?

    TV beds combine the luxury of modern tech with ultimate comfort, providing an ideal relaxation space. 

    They can be surprisingly affordable

    You can also find TV beds with storage and additional features like sound systems and lighting.

    If you want a TV bed with surround sound, we suggest checking out retailers like Bensons for Beds.

    Offering a blend of aesthetic appeal, functionality, and smart design, they stand as a worthy addition to contemporary bedrooms.

  • Where can I get a TV bed?

    Several online and physical retailers sell TV beds.

    Bensons for beds TV beds and Dreams TV beds are among the most popular, particularly for those wanting beds with smart TVs built-in.

    Bed stores like these are especially great as they have showrooms where you can see a variety of TV beds, storage beds [4], mattresses, and more.

    TV beds at Argos offer fewer but generally cheaper options, but while they have physical store locations, they don't have showrooms where you can see their beds built. 

    Online brands like Happy Beds tend to have a better range of affordable TV beds and superior guarantees compared to high-street brands.

  • What time should I stop watching TV before bed?

    Sleep experts advise turning off the TV and avoiding screens at least 60 minutes before bed

    Dr Richard Shuster suggests people stop using any blue-light emitting devices, including TVs and smartphones, at least 90 minutes before bed [2] to get a better night’s sleep.

    While the exact time can vary based on daily light exposure and content type, you shouldn’t watch TV right before bed.

    Taking a screen break before sleep will help you fall asleep faster and get a deeper, more rejuvenating rest.

  • How can I watch TV in bed comfortably?

    To watch TV in bed without discomfort, avoid lying completely flat

    Lying flat can lead to neck strain

    Instead, elevate your head and upper body using supportive pillows, body pillows, or a wedge cushion

    TV beds generally mean you'll be in a comfortable position to watch TV, with the TV positioned directly in front of you.

    Alternatively, an adjustable TV bed offers an even better ergonomic angle for effortless viewing.

  • How much are beds with TVs in?

    TV beds range from a little over £500 to well over £2,000.

    You can spend less if you’re willing to get a cheap TV bed and buy the TV separately.

    Or, you can opt for a more expensive luxury TV bed if you want the TV already built in or extra features like a sound bar, mood lighting, or an adjustable frame.

  • Can you put any TV in a TV bed?

    Choosing the right TV for a TV bed frame is vital, so it’s no surprise that many people wonder what TV goes into a TV bed.

    Most TV beds can accommodate TVs between 20 and 43 inches (51 to 109 cm).

    But it’s also crucial that the TV is slimline to fit snugly within the bed's designated compartment. 

    Ensure you measure the width and height of the bed's footboard or lifting mechanism to avoid compatibility issues.

  • How do you power a TV bed?

    To power a TV bed, plug the TV's power cable into the dedicated socket typically found at the footboard's base. 

    Then, connect your media cables as needed. 

    Ensure connections to the TV and other devices are firm, avoiding loose cables

    Be very careful that no wires get caught between or under parts of your bed frame, as this could damage the wires, causing a safety hazard.

    For a neat setup, employ cable ties and clips to organise and secure the cabling.

  • Do you get a TV with a TV bed?

    You can get TV beds with a TV, but that’s not always the case.

    Generally, lower-cost TV beds don’t come with a TV, while more expensive ones do.

    Retailers like Dreams allow customers to choose between a few different TVs, which will be fitted into the end of bed TV stand at the foot of the bed.

  • What size are TV beds?

    TV beds tend to come in a smaller range of sizes than regular bed frames.

    It’s easiest to find a double bed with TV, a king-size bed with TV, or a super king bed with TV.

    Some brands like Happy Beds sell irregular sizes like small double or single TV beds.

    Unfortunately, we haven't seen any reputable retailers selling single TV beds with storage. 

    But you can find TV beds double, TV beds king-size, and TV beds super-king sizes, including TV beds with storage, in most online and high street retailers.

    Just bear in mind that TV beds, with their large footboards, can take up quite a bit of space.

    It’s worth checking measurements, especially if you’re looking at larger, super king-size TV beds.

  • References

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