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Best Body Pillows UK (2022)

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Last updated: 19.07.2022

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Looking for a comfy cuddle companion to snuggle up to during the night? 🧸

Or perhaps you need some additional support for your back and joints.

A body pillow may not seem like much, but this squishy, cylindrical sleep accessory can transform how you sleep. 🤯

So, what are the best body pillows in the UK?

Find out below. 👇

kally sleep body pillow

Our top body pillow UK recommendations:

Our Favourite

Kally Sleep Body Pillow

The Kally Body Pillow offers full-body support and comfort.

The Kally Body pillow is designed by Harley Street practitioners for pressure-relieving and supported sleep. 

The Kally Body pillow provides orthopaedic support for the entire body. 

kally body pillow

The pillow is fully machine-washable at 40°C and should be left to dry on a flat surface. 

The Kally Body pillow includes:

  • A free pillowcase in a choice of colours and materials.
  • Soft hollowfibre filling for adjustable support.
  • The perfect shape for side sleepers who like to hug their pillow. 

The Kally Body pillow is also popular among pregnant women who experience back pain while sleeping. 

The pillow has soft pressure-relieving support, and you can shape it to suit your individual sleeping style. 

The Kally Body pillow also includes a 14-night sleep trial, so you can thoroughly test it and get your money back if unsatisfied. 


  Kally Body Pillow
Composition: Polycotton cover, hollowfibre filling
Firmness level: Medium-soft
Trial period: 14 days
Guarantee: 2 years
What we love: The 14-day trial means you can thoroughly test this pillow before deciding if it's the right choice for you. 
What could be improved: The pillow may need to be plumped regularly to keep its shape. 

The Fine Bedding Company Back Support V-Shape Pillow

The Back Support V-Shape pillow provides firm cushioning support for those who like to sit up in bed.

The Back Support V-Shape pillow rests behind the back for those who need additional relief when sitting up. 


 The Back Support V-Shape pillow is a great sleep accessory for those who need some additional support on the back. 

Back Support V- Shape Pillow

​The pillow is machine-washable at 60°C and tumble-dry friendly

The Back Support V-Shape pillow includes:

  • A 100% cotton cover for optimal breathability 
  • Firm hollowfibre filling to support the back
  • A unique V-shape for sitting up in bed 

The V-shape design provides a comfortable cushion for the back and shoulders for those that like to sit up and read in bed. 

The Back Support V-Shape pillow comes with standard delivery and can arrive the next day! 

Unfortunately, the pillow does not include a trial or guarantee but can be returned for free within 14-days.


  Back Support V-Shape Pillow
Composition: 100% cotton cover, Smartfil® Microfibre
Firmness level: Firm
Trial period: /
Guarantee: /
What we love: The V-shape and firm feel, provide a supportive back cushion.
What could be improved: We would love to see a trial and guarantee period on this product in future.

Amazon Pharmedoc Pregnancy Pillow

The Pharmedoc Pregnancy pillow has a U-shape design and a 100% organic cotton cover.

The Pharmedoc Pregnancy pillow is an excellent choice for pregnant women or those who need some extra support during sleep. 

The Pharmedoc Pregnancy pillow is designed specifically for expecting mothers

pharmedoc pregnancy pillow

You can buy a solid version of this pillow or one with a detachable design for additional configurations. 

The Pharmedoc Pregnancy pillow includes:

  • 100% organic cotton cover
  • 100% GRS certified recycled polyester filling
  • Double-stitched seams for extra durability

The organic cotton cover is fully machine-washable and stays soft after multiple washes.

Unlike most body pillows, the Pharmedoc Body pillow has a space to place your arm when sleeping on your side. 

The Pharmedoc Body pillow comes with Amazon Prime next-day delivery and free returns


  Pharmedoc Pregnancy Pillow
Composition: 100% organic cotton cover, 100% recycled polyester filling
Firmness level: Medium-firm
Trial period: /
Guarantee: /
What we love: We love that this body pillow is made from highly sustainable materials. 
What could be improved: The body pillow doesn't come with a trial period or guarantee. 

Silentnight Body Support Pillow

The Silentnight Body Support pillow provides supportive comfort for both sitting and sleeping.

The Silentnight Body Support pillow includes a 2-year-guarantee.

Silentnight is one of the UK's most trusted bed brands

silentnight body support pillow

The Body Support pillow is designed for all types of sleepers who can adjust the pillow to their liking. 

This Silentnight Body Support pillow includes:

  • A protective microfibre pillowcase
  • Medium-soft hollowfibre filling for cushioning support
  • A rectangular shape for full-body support

The pillow can be propped behind the back or placed between the knees, depending on how you sleep. 

The Silentnight Body Support pillow is fully machine-washable at 60°C. 

The body pillow can be delivered within 3 - 5 days to your room of choice. 



Silentnight Body Support Pillow

Composition: Microfibre pillowcase, hollowfibre filling
Firmness level: Medium-soft
Trial period: /
Guarantee: 2 years
What we love: We love that this budget-friendly pillow is fully machine-washable.
What could be improved: The synthetic materials aren't the most breathable for warmer sleepers. 

What is a body pillow?

A body pillow is a long cushion that provides additional support during sleep.

Man sitting up with body pillow
A body pillow can provide support during sleep or downtime.

You can cuddle the pillow, tuck it behind your back, or prop it between your knees. 🤗

Typically a body pillow is made from hollowfibre filling, giving it a soft and squishy feel that can be adjusted to your needs.

But there are all kinds of body pillows available.

Types of body pillows

The type of body pillow you need depends on your individual sleeping preferences.

All body pillows provide support, but the support needed by each individual can be in different areas of the body.

We’ll go through each type of body pillow below and how they can help. 👇

Full length body pillow

A full length body pillow is long and narrow, typically around the same size as an average person. 🧍


woman sleeping with full length body pillow
A full body pillow can support the entire body.

Full body pillows can come in rectangular or cylindrical shapes and can be used straight or curved around the body. 🌀

They are a great body pillow for side sleepers who like to cuddle during sleep.

V-shaped body pillow

A V-shaped body pillow is - as you can imagine - shaped like a V. ✌️


Woman sleeping with V pillow
A V pillow has a more structured shape to target specific areas.

They can help elevate the body when sitting up or tucked between the knees during sleep.

V-shaped body pillows are an excellent option for new mothers who can use the pillow for nursing and alleviating back pain. 🥰

U-shaped body pillow

A U-shaped body pillow is typically longer than a full body pillow and shaped like a U.


Pregnant woman sleeping with U-shaped body pillow
A U-shaped body pillow can support the back and bump in pregnancy.

They curve around the back and front of the body to provide additional support for the shoulders, head, and spine. 🤗

U-shaped body pillows are popular for pregnant women who need additional support on the bump and back during sleep.

As stomach sleeping is one of the worst sleeping positions for your health, a U-shaped pillow can encourage stomach sleepers to stay on their side during the night. 😴

Memory foam body pillow

Most body pillows are made with hollowfibre filling, but some memory foam body pillows are available. 🧽

Memory foam moulds around the body’s shape and alleviate pressure from the joints.

See how it works below:

Pressing Nectar memory foam

Nectar memory foam imprint

However, memory foam can often feel firmer and more supportive than hollowfibre.

If you’re looking for a solid body pillow option, this could be a good choice.

A body pillow typically includes shredded memory foam, so it still has that squishy, adjustable characteristic of a regular body pillow. ✔️

How to choose a body pillow

It’s tempting to order a body pillow immediately, especially when dealing with an uncomfortable sleep.

But it’s also important to ensure you choose the right body pillow for you.

Consider the below to figure out what body pillow you need. 👇

What size do I need?

This largely depends on how the body pillow will be used.

If you’re looking for full body support, you’ll want to go for a pillow around the same size as you.

However, if you just need something to tuck between your knees, you may opt for a smaller option. 📏

What shape do I need?

As previously mentioned, there are various body pillow shapes to choose from. 🤔

types of body pillows
The shape of your body pillow depends on its function.

Consider how you intend on sleeping with your body pillow and what shape will work best for this.

If you’re not sure if you’ll be side sleeping, back sleeping, or plan to try different sleeping styles, then a full body pillow that can be adjusted in different shapes may work best.

Alternatively, a U-shaped body pillow is usually the best choice if you’re looking for pregnancy support.


What are the materials?

This is important because the materials can determine the pillow’s firmness, temperature, and quality. 👀

Consider the following criteria:

  • Are the materials high-quality - will they keep their shape?
  • Are the materials hypoallergenic and safe for my health?
  • Are the materials warm or cool? (memory foam is not the best cooling option for hot sleepers)
  • Is it a firm pillow or a soft body pillow?
  • Is the pillow washable, or does it include a washable cover?

Consider your needs and whether the materials in the pillow are equal to your expectations. ⚖️

Does the body pillow come with a guarantee or trial?

Some pillows include a guarantee or sleep trial to give you some additional reassurance. 😅

A sleep trial is great for those who aren’t 100% certain they will get on with the pillow, as they can test it out first.

Most sleep trials include a money-back guarantee.💰

reading with a body pillow
A body pillow with a sleep trial and warranty can give you extra peace of mind.

Additionally, if your body pillow includes a guarantee, you can feel reassured if there are any issues with the product over time.

The Kally Body pillow includes a 14-day sleep trial.


How much does it cost?

Just because it’s called a body pillow doesn’t mean it should cost an arm and a leg!

Prices for body pillows can vary depending on the quality of the product. 🧵

Price performance ratio graphic
You should find a balance between your budget and a quality body pillow.

A body pillow typically costs between £30 - £80.

You should consider what budget you have before you buy a body pillow.

Some brands may offer additional finance options on body pillows so you can spread the cost. 💳

How to use a body pillow

Body pillows are versatile because they can be used in several ways.

body pillow sleeping styles
You can sleep with a body pillow in multiple ways.

A body pillow is one of the most adjustable types of pillows available.

You can use a body pillow for sleeping and relaxing, making it even better value for money.

Try this:

  • Hug your arms around the body pillow when sleeping on your side
  • Place it against your back for spinal support
  • Tuck it between the knees to alleviate the joints
  • Tuck it under your knees when sleeping on your back
  • Prop it behind your back when sitting up
  • Curve it around the head and shoulders for extra elevation
  • Use it as a nursing pillow to rest your arms and support the spine

A body pillow could be the answer if you need extra comfort when you relax or full-body support during sleep.

Are body pillows good for pregnancy?

Many women who have insomnia during pregnancy have found a body pillow to be the perfect sleep remedy.

Pregnant women experiencing pain in their back and joints need some extra support to relieve these aches.

A body pillow for pregnancy can be used to lift the legs and improve circulation or support the back for better spinal alignment.

Nursing child and mother with body pillow
A body pillow can aid with nursing a baby.

Additionally, body pillows can help support the back and baby when bottle or breastfeeding. 🍼

How to sleep with a body pillow whilst pregnant

Pregnant women should avoid sleeping on their back during pregnancy as this can be harmful to the foetus.

Instead, try sleeping on your side with a body pillow that can be tucked between the legs whilst supporting a growing bump. 🤰

Pregnant woman sleeping with body pillow
A body pillow is popular for pregnant women who need more support.

U-shaped body pillows are popular for pregnancy as they curve around the body and simultaneously support the back and bump. 😍

The Kally Sleep U-shaped Pregnancy pillow is suitable for every trimester and can provide additional support for pregnancy.

It also comes with a 14-day sleep trial, so you can test it out and see if you’re keen!

Can a body pillow help with back pain?

A body pillow can be a welcome relief for many who experience back pain. 😞

You can use the body pillow when sitting in bed, on the sofa, or even sleeping at night.

Two men with neck and back pain
A body pillow can alleviate pain in the neck, back, and shoulders.

A body pillow can be propped behind the back to support the spine.

Those with a herniated disc, sciatica, pregnancy cramps, or other back-related injuries may find a body pillow helpful.

However, they’re not going to be able to cure serious injuries or conditions. 🤕

A body pillow may be able to alleviate symptoms, but you should always seek medical advice for any severe pain. 🩺

Can a body pillow help with hip pain?

A body pillow may also be a helpful sleep remedy for those suffering from hip pain.

Many people use body pillows to elevate the lower body or relieve pressure on the hips and shoulders.

If you have arthritis, fibromyalgia, or other hip-related injuries, you should consider trying a body pillow.

To alleviate pressure, you can prop the body pillow underneath the hips or between the knees.

body pillow between the knees
A body pillow can alleviate pressure on the hips and knees.

This helps soften the space between the knees and takes some pressure off the legs. 🥰

Alternatively, consider investing in a memory foam mattress.

A Tempur mattress is designed to mould around the hips and other pressure points for a weightless feeling of sleep whilst keeping your spine aligned.

Are body pillows washable?

Did you know the average pillow contains around 350,000 live bacteria? 🦠

This bacteria is in close contact with your face every night, but you could also be breathing it in, particularly if you sleep on your back or front.

Luckily, most body pillows are 100% washable. 🧼

How do I wash a body pillow?

Like any other bedding, you can pop your body pillow in the washing machine.

Woman washing bedding
Many body pillows can be washed or include washable covers.

Some body pillows aren’t washable but include a washable removable cover.

You should check the care instructions on your pillow and pillow cover before putting it into the washing machine or tumble dryer.

Check out the best body pillows that are fully machine-washable. 👇

How much does a body pillow cost?

Of course, you want to know if a body pillow is within your budget before investing.

Typically, body pillows cost between £25 - £80.

V-pillows tend to be the cheapest options, whilst U-shaped pillows are more expensive. 💰

It's important to remember that the more you spend on a pillow, the better quality it will be.

Body pillow discount codes

If you find that a body pillow is out of your budget, don't give up!

There are plenty of online body pillow discount codes and seasonal deals to make them more affordable.

Our discounts page keeps track of all mattress and pillow offers, so you don't have to.

piggybank on mattress discounts
Throughout this article, we also let you know about the best body pillow deals.

Alternatively, sign up for our newsletter for exclusive discounts. 🏷️

Are body pillows good?

But what are the drawbacks of a body pillow?

A body pillow can be an excellent choice for many, but they’re not for everyone.

Remember, a body pillow can be up to 6 feet long and will take up a lot of room in the bed. 😥

Therefore, you might want to avoid using a body pillow if your sleep is already a bit cramped.

Also, keep in mind that a body pillow will not work miracles. 🪄

If you suffer from severe pain during sleep due to injury or other health-related issues, you may find a body pillow only helps with some of this pain.

If you’re unsure, invest in a body pillow that comes with a trial, so you can test it out before making a purchase you might regret later. ⌛

Should I buy a body pillow?

We think body pillows are a great choice for many, particularly if you can’t get comfortable at night.

A body pillow adapts around the body to alleviate pressure, encourage better spinal support, and prevent you from fidgeting in different positions.

If you have plenty of room in the bed and fancy cuddling up to something that isn’t your partner, you should invest in a body pillow.

Here’s a reminder of our favourite body pillows:

Frequently asked questions:

  • What is an anime body pillow?

    An anime body pillow, also known as a dakimakura, is a popular type of pillow in Japan.

    They are similar to western body pillows, except they usually have a full-sized anime character on the pillow cover.

  • Is sleeping with a body pillow good for you?

    Sleeping with a body pillow can provide a better night’s sleep for those who can’t get comfortable during the night.

    A body pillow can provide pain relief on the shoulder and hips and elevate the body so the spine is in a more neutral position.

  • Can a body pillow help with sciatica?

    Body pillows have been known to help with symptoms of sciatica.

    Sciatica causes pain in the lower back, bottom, legs, and feet.

    The NHS recommend using a cushion between your knees when you sleep on your side, and back sleepers should place the pillow under the knees.

    Therefore, a body pillow can be used in these areas to help ease the pain.

    However, you should always seek medical advice if symptoms aren’t improving.

  • Can a body pillow help with snoring?

    A body pillow may help with symptoms of snoring.

    Generally, sleeping on your back is the worst sleeping position for snoring, whilst side sleeping is the best.

    If you find it difficult to sleep on your side, you could use a body pillow to provide extra support.

    Instead of the “tennis ball” technique where you tape a tennis ball to your back to keep you on your side, you can prop a body pillow behind your back.

    This is likely going to be much more comfortable.

    Additionally, a body pillow helps you stay elevated, which can also reduce snoring.


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