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Kally Body Pillow Review UK (2024)

Last updated: 29.03.2024 Reading time: 8 Min.

Ever feel like your pillow just isn't long enough?

The Kally Sleep body pillow is a sausage-shaped pillow that offers additional body support and pressure-relieving comfort. 🤗

But could this orthopaedic body pillow be the perfect cuddle companion?

We tested the Kally body pillow to determine if it was the huggable pillow we hoped for!

Our Kally Sleep body pillow review shares our experience.

Top features of the Kally body pillow

Value for money
Value for Money
14-day trial period
14-Day Trial
Customer Favourite


  • Provides orthopaedic support during sleep
  • Ergonomic design can help relieve many sleep-related problems
  • Soft and squishy feel that moulds around the body
  • Designed by Harley Street doctors & practitioners
  • 14-night sleep trial
  • Guaranteed for 2 years
  • Machine-washable pillow and cover
  • Cover available in a range of colours


  • More expensive than a standard body pillow
  • Won’t be suited to every type of sleeper
  • It can feel a little warm during hot nights

Who is the Kally Sleep Body pillow most suitable for?

  • Pregnant women
  • Those suffering from fibromyalgia or acid reflux
  • Those experiencing back pain and discomfort during sleep
  • Those who need additional support when sitting up

Kally body pillow composition

Kally Sleep is a tried and trusted brand with a great selection of innovative sleep products.

After launching in 2018, the Kally body pillow was the first product created by the company.

We were thrilled to get our hands on this pillow to try for ourselves!

Kally Body Pillow

This pillow is composed of:

  • Hollowfibre filling
  • Polycotton inner layer
  • 50% cotton and 50% polyester case

It is a long, oblong-shaped pillow with a medium-soft feel that you can adjust to your sleeping style.

Kally Sleep body pillow cover

One of the Kally body pillow's best features is the removable and washable polycotton cover.


Polyester fabric is known for being wrinkle-resistant, fast-drying, durable and stretchy, while cotton is naturally hypoallergenic and breathable, which helps keep moisture at bay.

The cover has a soft feel, and we love the grey jersey cover colour.

Kally body pillow cover

kally body pillow cover material

It is also available in blue and white, as well as teddy fleece sherpa grey, pink, and cream.

Underneath the exterior removable cover, you'll also find an attached inner layer (you can quickly and easily remove the outer cover).

Like the outside cover, the inner cover is made from a blend of cotton and polyester.

This layer helps protect the actual pillow, similar to a pillow protector, preventing moisture and bacteria from getting inside.

Kally Body Pillow cover being removed

Kally Body Pillow without cover

It can also prevent accidental stains, but it won’t fully protect the pillow from harsh spills.

Luckily, the pillow cover is also machine-washable at 30°C.

In fact, you can even wash the entire pillow at 40°C to remove any unwanted bacteria.

We recommend washing the pillowcase cover as regularly as your bedding and washing the pillow itself every six months.

Just don't wash the actual pillow too often, as it may lose some of its integral structure.

How do you use the Kally body pillow?

The Kally Sleep body pillow is a comprehensive sleep solution and can be used in various ways to accommodate your individual sleeping preference.

We tested the Kally body pillow in multiple sleeping positions in order to provide you with our most accurate review.

Cuddle and sleep

The most common way to use a body pillow is to lay it out flat and hug your body around it while side sleeping.

Hugging the Kally Body Pillow
The pillow was comfortable on the knees.

We slept this way for several nights and found it the most comfortable.

We actually think this would also be a popular sleeping style for stomach sleepers who typically lay on their front and hug their pillow.

We found sleeping with the pillow helped reduce pressure on the spine and kept the body aligned.


It also relieved pressure from the knees as the pillow moulded around the joints. 🥰

U-shaped sleep

Another way we found this pillow comfortable was by shaping the pillow into a U-shape to create the perfect side sleeper pillow.

Side sleeper laying on Kally Body Pillow
In this position, the Kally body pillow kept the spine straight.

This provided additional support for the back and head whilst relieving pressure from the shoulders.

If you move around a lot during sleep, this position nestles you in and keeps you still for uninterrupted sleep.

Back-support sleep

For back sleepers, we found curving the pillow around the shoulders worked best.

Back sleeper on Kally Body Pillow
The Kally Sleep body pillow was supportive in the back sleeping position.

In this position, the shoulders and head are fully supported.

It also helps to keep the spine lifted and straight with the neck.

The pillow absorbs pressure from the shoulders, and we felt a weightless comfort.

Prop-up cushion

Finally, the Kally body pillow doesn’t have to be for sleeping.

It also works great for sitting up and reading in bed or relaxing on your phone before hitting the hay.

Reading with the Kally Body Pillow
The pillow can make reading in bed more comfortable.

The Kally Sleep body pillow supports the shoulders and reduces back and neck pain caused by leaning over a good book. 📚

If you have a metal or wooden headboard, this could be a great way of adding extra comfort when you sit up in bed.

Other ways you can use a body pillow

But the Kally Sleep Body pillow is highly versatile and can be used in a number of different ways.

You can:

  • Prop it under your knees
  • Rest it behind your back
  • Use it as a cushion on your sofa

The ways you can use your Kally Sleep body pillow are endless; it just depends on your individual comfort needs.

Overall, we experienced a deeper sleep with using this body support pillow. ✅

Is the Kally body pillow good for pregnancy?

The Kally body pillow can help many of those seeking extra sleep support.

But it also has a reputation for being a great sleeping aid during pregnancy.

Since we’re not “expecting”, we thought it was best to look into real pregnant women’s experiences with this as a pregnancy pillow. 🤰

pregnant woman sleeping on kally body pillow

So, we had a look at the many positive reviews on the Kally Sleep website.

Here’s what they said:

  • “I was suffering with back pain and hip pain due to my pregnancy and the Kally body pillow has solved the problem! I would highly recommend it!”
  • “My new best friend! A life saver in my early pregnancy when I’m usually a front sleeper!”
  • “Very comfortable to sleep with during pregnancy. Releases tension in my back and legs. Highly recommended!”

The Kally Sleep body pillow could also be used by new mums as a nursing pillow after the baby is born. 🍼

nursing infant on kally body pillow​​
The pillow can support your back and the baby when nursing.

However, the Kally U-shaped pregnancy pillow is also a good alternative.

The ergonomic U-shaped design of this pillow provides support for the back and the bump.

How firm is the Kally body pillow?

The Kally body pillow has a medium, squishy feel that's not overly firm. 🧸

Its ample sausage-like structure can be transformed into many shapes without too much trouble.

Kally Body Pillow being pressed
This pillow had a medium firmness.

A firmer pillow would have less bend, so we felt it was the perfect firmness for versatility.

Hollowfibre generally has a soft and fluffy feel but can also go a bit flat over time.

We recommend fluffing this pillow regularly to help it keep its natural shape.

Does the Kally body pillow sleep hot?

If you like cuddling during sleep but feel too hot, the Kally body pillow can be a cooler cuddle buddy.

The cotton blend in the cover is breathable with moisture-wicking properties for those who sweat heavily.


Kally Body Pillow cover tag up close
The cover has some cooling properties.

However, sleeping with the Kally body pillow and your partner can make it feel like there are three people in the bed.

On warm nights, you might feel yourself pushing the support pillow away for a bit of breathing room.

We didn’t feel overly warm during our Kally Sleep body pillow review, as we would have were it made from memory foam, but we would agree this huggable pillow is a better companion for cooler nights.

If you're looking for a super-cooling body pillow, you may want to consider the luxurious Simba Cooling Body Pillow as an alternative.

What size is the Kally body pillow?

The Kally Sleep body pillow measures 160 x 30 x 35 cm (62.9 x 11.8 x 13.7 inches).

During testing, it felt like the ideal size, neither too big nor too small.

However, whether or not this size works for you will depend on your height and sleep requirements.

The pillow weighs 1.8kg (3.9 lbs) and feels pretty light and easy to move around.

Kally Body Pillow in bag
The pillow fits back in its original bag.

If you want to travel with the Kally body pillow, you could easily pop it back into the square bag it was delivered in.


What does the Kally Body pillow cost?

Kally body pillows offer good value for money - and you'll get to enjoy free delivery, a 14-day trial, and the inclusion of a free pillowcase.

Plus, you may just snag a great Kally discount.

Kally body pillow discount codes

Kally Sleep is a great brand when it comes to promotions and you'll find promotions on a range of their products, including the Kally baby nest pillow, the Kally U-shaped pregnancy pillow, and the Kally adjustable pillow.

If there are any discounts currently running, you'll find them linked throughout this page.

Kally Sleep body pillow delivery conditions

Kally Sleep offers free delivery to the UK and Ireland.

Standard delivery takes around 2 - 3 working days, or you can pay an additional fee for next-day delivery.

The Kally body pillow was well packaged in a square fabric bag.

kally body pillow in bag

unzipping kally body pillow bag

We liked the reusable packaging, as you can use the bag again if you want to travel with your pillow.

Does the Kally body pillow come with a trial?

The Kally body pillow comes with a 14-night sleep trial. ⏳

This means you can sleep with your pillow for up to 14 nights to see if it’s right for you, and send it back if you decide it's not a good fit.

How do I return my Kally body pillow?

Kally Sleep is partnered with the Marylebone Project [1], a charity for homeless women who need a helping hand.

So, if you decide you don’t like your Kally pillow after 14 days, send it to the Marylebone Project address on the Kally returns page.

This prevents unnecessary delivery trips that increase the carbon footprint, but you can also be 100% certain that the pillow is going to someone in need.

Once the charity informs Kally Sleep that they have received your item, a refund will be processed. 💳

Important: The customer must pay for the return cost. However, since the pillow will go to a good cause, we think this is a fair compromise.

Are Kally body pillows any good?

The Kally body pillow is an excellent value-for-money body pillow that can provide full-body support during sleep.

We highly recommend this bestselling pillow to anybody who needs more support on their lower back or other key joints, including:

  • Those who wake up with back pain
  • Those suffering from fibromyalgia or acid reflux
  • Pregnant women
  • Nursing mothers
  • Those who like to sit up in bed

If you’re looking for a sausage-shaped buddy to cuddle at night, you should try the Kally body pillow.

Remember, if you don’t get on with it, you can send it back within 14 nights!


  • Material

    Great quality cover. 

  • Comfort

    Soft, squishy, and supportive. 

  • Off-gassing

    We experienced no off-gassing. 

  • Breathability

    Highly breathable materials. 

  • Motion transfer & support

    Exceptional adaptive support. 

  • Delivery & returns

    Free delivery & 14-day trial. 

  • Value for money

    Decent value for money. 

Motion transfer & support
Delivery & returns
Value for money

Contact Kally Sleep

Customer service: To contact Kally Sleep UK directly for complaints, support, or queries, please e-mail them at hello@kallysleep.co.uk, call them on 020 7499 6209, or complete their online contact form. Customer service is available Monday - Friday from 09:00 - 17:00.

Registered office: 18 Cavendish Square, London W1G 0PJ, UK

Frequently asked questions

  • How long do Kally Sleep body pillows last?

    The Kally Sleep body pillow comes with a 2-year guarantee.

    This means you’ll be fully protected against manufacturing faults - including the pillow losing its shape or seams coming apart - for up to 2 years.

    If you find a fault, contact Kally Sleep as soon as possible.

  • Where are Kally pillows made?

    Kally pillows and other products are manufactured in the UK

    However, you can order Kally Sleep products to Europe for an additional delivery charge. 

  • What else does Kally Sleep sell?

    Kally sells an entire range of sleep-enhancing products, including these Kally Sleep Gummies that came with our pillow:

    Kally Body Pillow
    Sleep gummies can aid with sleep. 

    These gummies have a deliciously tropical taste and are a supplement to reduce anxiety and promote a night of healthier sleep. 

    Other Kally Sleep products include

    We hope to test even more Kally Sleep products in future and let you know our thoughts on them!

  • References


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