How To Cool Down A Room

How To Cool Down A Room UK (2024)

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If you're struggling to stay cool in the warm weather, don't worry, you're not alone. 🔥

Many people find it difficult to cope with the heat, especially here in the UK, where we aren't used to such extremes.

Air conditioning and fans reduce temperatures but aren't the only options.

We've come up with a list of ideas for how to cool down a room.

Let's see how you can stay cool and comfortable! 😇

How to keep house cool in summer

How to cool down a room during the day

Summer's getting hotter, and many people don't have AC units or even fans to help cool down their homes.

So let's look at how to cool a room without AC or fans. 😍

Use wet sheets

Wet sheets are the surprising answer for how to cool down a room fast.

The water will chill the air as it passes through and provides a natural cooling breeze. 🍃

By placing a soaking wet sheet across an open window, you can cool down a room fast.

Bear in mind that this hack won't be effective without wind.

Close the doors

Keeping doors shut during the day can help keep a room cool because it prevents hot air from entering the room and traps cool air inside. ❄

This is a simple but effective tip if you want to know how to make your room cooler.

How to keep room cool in summer
Closing windows and curtains can stop a room from heating up.

It's also important to close curtains to block direct sunlight and stop the room from further warming.

Remember that heat rises

One of the simplest tricks to keep a room cool in summer is choosing which room you are trying to chill.

You'll find rooms downstairs are naturally less hot than those upstairs. 🥵

Avoid cooking inside

Cooking inside can make a room feel hot and sticky, so it's best to avoid it if you want to keep your house cool. 😖

Alternatively, you could cook later in the evening when the temperature drops or use an outdoor BBQ.

This should help you with the task of how to keep a house cool in summer naturally.

Use reflective window film

Reflective window film is super handy if you’re looking for how to cool down a room without a fan.

You can find and purchase the film from various stores, including online giants like Amazon.

The film can be applied to your windows and helps reflect sunlight away. 🌞

Sun rays can cause significant temperature increases.

Blocking sunlight from entering your home will stop things from heating up. ⛔

How to keep a room cool at night

Let's now look at some tips on how to cool down a house at night. 🌜

Summer nights tend to be the coolest time, particularly in the early hours of the morning.

To keep your house cool, you'll need to use crisper nighttime temperatures to your advantage. 🍃

Open windows and doors

Unlike during the day, when you should keep things closed, it's important to open windows and doors in the evening.

A refreshing cross breeze is the best way to cool down a room at night.

With temperatures cooling, now is the time to welcome cool air into the home. 🏂

How to keep bedroom cool cross breeze
Opening multiple windows allow a cross-breeze to ventilate the home and cool temperatures.

Opening windows and doors at night can help to create a cross-breeze and ventilate your home, removing any heat that has built up during daylight hours. 🏠

You should open as many doors, windows, and curtains as possible to maximise the cooling breeze.

Reduce the use of electronics and lights

Lights and electronics, even energy-efficient ones, generate heat, so it's best to avoid using them if you want to keep your house cool. 🤯

When you're wondering how to keep a bedroom cool, it's important you switch light bulbs and electronics in your bedroom off an hour or so before you sleep to maximise comfort.

Sleeping in the heat

Though hot nights are less extreme than the days, they can still be quite humid during heat waves.

It’s more difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep when it’s hot.

Temperatures above 24°C tend to make us restless [1] and unable to enter REM, the deepest stage of sleep.

So, how do you sleep when it's hot? 🤷

Here are some tips for sleeping cool:

Use natural fabrics

Choose natural fabrics such as linen, cotton, and bamboo for your sheets and bedding.

These fabrics are more breathable than synthetic materials and help regulate your body temperature as you sleep. 💤

Sleep downstairs

Since hot air rises, you might find sleeping downstairs cooler than in your bedroom.

This trick works best if you have a supportive camp bed that allows air to flow under your sleeping body.

Avoid using fluffy pillows

Pillows can trap heat and make it difficult to sleep comfortably.

However, sleeping without a pillow isn’t usually recommended since it can cause spinal misalignment.

You’re more likely to wake up with neck and back pain if your spine curves unnaturally in your sleep.

We suggest using a flatter pillow made from a natural and breathable material. 💝

Cooling mattresses and sleep accessories

Avoiding fluffy pillows and snug blankets is an obvious choice for sleeping when it’s hot, but this isn’t always enough.

Some people won’t sleep well in the heat even without all of these things, and others can’t sleep comfortably without at least a light cover and pillow.

If you are an extra hot sleeper, you might want to consider purchasing some cooling sleep products.

Cool mattresses

Cool mattresses employ advanced technology that draws heat away from the body. 🥶

This is a stark contrast to many ordinary mattresses, which often trap heat and keep you too toasty.

A mattress storing heat might be cosy in the winter, but it's unbearable in hot weather.

Memory foam mattresses are especially known for trapping heat. 😭

While spring mattresses tend to have better ventilation and allow cool air in and hot air out of the mattress.

A cooling mattress with natural ventilation or temperature-regulating technology could be a lifesaver if you are a naturally hot sleeper.

The Dreams TheraPur ActiGel Glacier 3600 Mattress combines ActiGel Foam and an ActiCool cover with pocket springs for the ultimate cool and comfy night’s sleep.


Cooling mattress toppers

A cooling mattress topper can help to keep you cool at night by drawing body heat away from you.

There are several excellent cooling mattress toppers available for every budget.

Cooling mattress toppers
A cooling mattress or topper can help keep you chilled and comfortable.

We love the hybrid Simba Mattress Topper because it combines mini pocket springs and synthetic latex with high-resilience foam which helps regulate temperature.


If you don't want to spend money on a cooling mattress topper, you can try placing a few ice packs on your bed before you sleep. 🛌

Cooling pillows

It's generally recommended that you avoid pillows when it's extra hot, but you don't have to go without them if you have a cool pillow.

So-called cool pillows regulate temperature and keep you chill as you sleep. 😍

The Kally Cooling Pillow is a perfect option for those who want a firmer cool pillow that is breathable and machine-washable.

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Studies [2] suggest this is particularly important since our core body temperature needs to drop 1 to 2°C for a great night's sleep.

Our favourite cooling sleep accessories:

How to keep yourself comfortable during a heatwave

As important as it is to learn how to make your room cooler, it is also vital you keep your body cool.

Lowering your body temperature can help you feel more comfortable quickly and ensure you get the most from a cooled room. 👍

So, how can you keep yourself cool?

Wear the right clothes

Wearing loose clothing and tying longer hair up can also help to keep you cool.

Natural fabrics such as linen and cotton are ideal for hot-weather clothing and bedding.

Take a shower or bath

A cold shower or bath before bed can help lower your body temperature. 🛀

Cooling bath
A cool bath or shower can help you feel refreshed.

Although, some people and experts [3] suggest a warm bath or shower is better for cooling since it increases blood flow to the skin's surface and heat loss.

Drink water

Make sure you stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water during the day. 🚰

Dehydration can make you feel hotter.

Sweating is the body's most effective way of preventing overheating [4], so it's important to keep your fluid levels up.

Eat lighter meals

Smaller and lighter meals are easier to digest.

They require less energy to be used, so keep your body temperature down. 🌠

Wet a cloth

Use a wet cloth to lower your body temperature.

Heat escapes through our largest organ, our skin.

The cooler you can make your skin, the more heat you will lose.

A wet cloth (the wetter and bigger, the better) cools the skin as heat rises and causes the water from the cloth to evaporate. 👋

This is a quick and easy way to make yourself more comfortable when it's hot.

Compresses and hot water bottles

Compresses, ice packs, or filled and frozen hot water bottles can provide an immediate chill.🏃

These items also stay cold for quite a while and are great for keeping body temperatures down.

If you don't have these, you can actually make your own cooling compress. 🙌

Cold compresses lower body temperature.
Cold compresses can lower body temperature and keep you cool.

How do you make a DIY cooling compress?

  1. Grab a sock (preferably a clean one).
  2. Fill the sock with uncooked rice or buckwheat.
  3. Knot or tie the sock.
  4. Pop it in the freezer for an hour or two.
  5. Take it out and enjoy the cooling effect.

And here's a pro tip for you: place the compress on your pulse points (including the neck, wrists, and inner elbow) to maximise the cold feeling.

Making the most of your AC, fans, and dehumidifiers

There are several ways to cool down a house that is too hot.

Air conditioning (AC) is popular worldwide and can effectively spread cool air, though it is expensive to run. 🤑

Another option is to use room fans or ceiling fans.

Fans circulate the air and can help cool people down, but they don't lower the room's temperature.

If you already own one of these items or plan to buy one, you'll need to know how to get the most from it.

Let's look at how you can increase the effectiveness of your fans, dehumidifiers, and AC units. 👇


Fans are one of the cheapest devices, but they don't technically cool down a room.

If a room is hot, fans will simply circulate the hot air. 😬

But those who know how to cool down a hot room know how to use fans to help.

For instance, you can use multiple fans to improve airflow and close doors to keep cool air in one space. 💨

When navigating how to cool down a room with a fan, the fastest trick is adding ice.

How to cool down a room with a fan
You can pop ice in front of a fan to create a colder breeze.

Placing a deep dish of ice in front of a fan can also help solve how to make your room cold by ensuring your fan is circulating cool rather than warm air. 🧊

If you keep your windows open at night and windows and curtains closed during the day, you can keep air temperatures lower, meaning your fan can create a cool breeze.


Like fans, dehumidifiers don't technically lower a room's temperature, but they can still have a cooling effect. 😊

That might sound confusing, so let us explain:

Dehumidifiers remove moisture from the air and help prevent condensation. ⛄

The less humid the environment is, the cooler a room tends to feel.

You should also close windows and doors before turning your dehumidifier on, especially if it's less powerful.

Closing doors and windows mean the dehumidifier can more effectively remove moisture from one space, and you will maximise the cooling impact. 👏

Air conditioning

What is the fastest way to cool down a room, you ask?

Air conditioning lowers home temperatures in the shortest time.

An AC unit is the only tool that literally cools a room by blowing cold air, but these devices aren't super common in the UK.

Cooling down room with AC
Air conditioners can rapidly reduce temperatures in a room, especially if doors and windows are closed.

Air conditioning is generally the most effective way to cool down a house. 😄

It is also the most expensive option.

There are portable air conditioning units for those who want something more effective but don't want to install an entirely new cooling and heating system in their home. 👌

So how do you make the most of air conditioning units if you have them?

  1. Clean it regularly since debris can build up and partially block airflow.
  2. Close windows and doors so your AC has a smaller area to cool and maintain; otherwise, the unit will have to work much harder as warm air re-enters from other rooms or outside areas. 😖
  3. Ensure air vents are well-directed and not directly facing anything that could block the air.

Air conditioning units aren't the cheapest things to run, so don't make yours work any harder than needed to keep you cool.

Rising electric costs

Those who have AC, fans, and dehumidifiers may be reluctant to use them, given the skyrocketing cost of electric bills [5]. 💸

Luckily, other options (as discussed above) don't rely on tech or electrics.

What's the best cooling fan in the UK?

When you're too hot, you just want to cool down fast.

And while tricks like adding ice in front of a fan can help lower the temperature of a room, they're not magic.

But the best cooling fan can ensure even the hottest summer days are a breeze. 😎

So what should you look for in the best fan for a bedroom, office, or other space?

A fan should be:

  • Quiet
  • Powerful
  • Various blade speed
  • The right size
  • Portable
  • Able to oscillate and tilt

The Dyson Purifier Cool Autoreact is often touted as one of the best fans, but many customers think it's not worth the hefty price tag.

Those who wanted a smaller or quiet fan for their bedroom were disappointed.

We've got some better suggestions for truly powerful and quiet fans for sleeping and chilling.

Our favourite UK cooling fans:

Long-term solutions for keeping your house cool

The UK isn't exactly known for its sunny weather, and we certainly aren't prepped to handle the heat. 🌞

It's no surprise that most buildings do little to protect us against hot weather.

In fact, most of our homes are built to keep the heat in, not out.

As temperatures rise, you may want to consider alternative and longer-term solutions to help keep your house cool. 🤔

Let's look at longer-term solutions to keep your home from becoming a furnace.

  • Install air conditioning to help quickly reduce temperatures during hotter periods.
  • Insulate your walls and ceiling. This will help to keep heat from entering your home in the first place.
  • Use awnings to keep the sun away from your windows so rooms aren't exposed to the sun for long periods and can stay cooler.

It is generally easier to keep a room cool than to cool it down when it is hot. 👍

Though these solutions aren't the cheapest, implementing them would help keep your house cool in summer naturally. 🍃

So How Do You Keep A Room Cool?

You don't need to buy an AC or fan to keep your house cool this summer.

Just remember, it is easier to keep a house cool than to cool it down once it's hot.

We recommend combining our tips for how to quickly cool down a room with suggestions on cooling your body for the ultimate comfort during a heatwave. 😄

Frequently asked questions

  • Why is my room so hot even with the fan on?

    There could be a few reasons for this.

    Maybe the fan is too small and not powerful enough to circulate air around the room.

    Or, it could be that the room is poorly insulated and heat is coming in from outside.

    Another possibility is that there are simply too many people and/or heat-generating equipment for the fan to make a noticeable difference.

    In any case, closing windows and doors and adding a dish of ice in front of the fan to cool the circulating air could help make things more comfortable.

  • What is the Egyptian method to cool down?

    The Egyptian method involves cooling down your body by soaking a cloth in cold water and then wrapping it around your neck.

    This soak and sleep method is effective because the cloth helps transfer the cold from the water to your body, which cools you down.

  • What is an unhealthy room temperature?

    There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on individual preferences and health conditions.

    The same temperature won't always feel equal since, for instance, humid heat tends to feel hotter and more suffocating than dry heat.

    Generally, above 25.5°C is considered too hot in the home.

    Ultimately, it is important to find a temperature that is comfortable for you.

    Just remember to stay hydrated no matter what the temperature is.

  • How do you sleep if it's too hot?

    You can do a few things to increase your chances of sleeping in hot weather.

    Mostly, sleeping when it's hot revolves around finding ways to lower the temperature so you can get to sleep.

    Wear loose, light clothing made from natural fabrics to stop heat from getting trapped.

    Try to keep your head and neck cool by using a cooling pillow or soaking a cloth in cold water and draping it over your pillow.

    Use a fan or air conditioner to circulate air in the room, or open a window for a cross-breeze.

  • References

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