Hypnia Supreme Memory Mattress Review

Hypnia Supreme Memory Mattress Review (2024)

Last updated: 29.01.2024 Reading time: 12 Min.

Are you looking for a new memory foam mattress?

The Hypnia Supreme Memory Mattress is a soft memory foam mattress with three layers of high-quality foam. 🛏️

Our tester tried out the mattress for seven nights and has some fantastic insights into what it’s really like.

From temperature to firmness, this Hypnia Supreme Memory Mattress review dives into the ins and outs of our tester’s findings and whether this mattress is the right fit for you.

Top features of the Hypnia Supreme Memory Mattress

Firmness level 4
Firmness Level 4
Memory foam
Memory Foam
15-year guarantee
15 Year Guarantee
200-day trial period
200-Day Trial period


  • Three layers of high-quality foam, including a memory foam layer.
  • Very comfortable and easy to move around on.
  • Great motion isolation capabilities.
  • 15-year guarantee.
  • 200-day trial period.
  • Free delivery and returns.
  • Machine washable cover.


  • The mattress cover is difficult to remove.
  • The memory foam layer makes this mattress hot to sleep on.
  • Not comfortable for side sleepers.
  • Higher price tag.

Who is the Hypnia Supreme Memory Mattress most suitable for?

  • Restless sleepers
  • Couples
  • Front and back sleepers
  • Those who prefer softer mattresses

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Hypnia Supreme Memory Mattress composition

The Hypnia Supreme Memory Mattress is a 25 cm (9.8 inches) foam mattress.

The four mattress layers are:

  • A breathable and hypoallergenic Air-wave® cover
  • Graphite-infused open-cell foam with cooling capabilities
  • Premium memory foam
  • Polyurethane base foam

Let’s explore each of these layers further. 👇

1. Hypnia Supreme Memory Mattress Air-wave® cover

The Hypnia Supreme Memory Mattress has a breathable and hypoallergenic cover.

It has a non-slip material on the bottom to help it stay put on your bed base.

The cover also has a zip, so you can remove and machine wash it at 30°C. 🫧

anti slip hypnia supreme memory mattress
The underside of the cover has an antislip coating.
hypnia supreme memory mattress cover zip
The cover has a zip all the way around.

However, our Sleep Hero testers found the cover was quite difficult to remove and put back on because the zip is on the underside of the mattress.

They had to lift and hold the mattress up to remove the cover.

2. 3 cm (1.1 inches) of open-cell graphite-infused foam

The top layer is an open-cell foam infused with graphic particles.

Graphite is known to have high thermal conductivity, so it draws heat away from your body and keeps you cool at night. 🧊

foam layers in hypnia supreme memory mattress
The blue layer in the Hypnia Supreme Memory Mattress is infused with graphite particles.

Open cell foam also has small gaps, which allow air to flow inside the mattress, keeping it fresh and dry.

When combined, these two materials create a breathable foam that sits on the top layer of the Hypnia Supreme Memory Mattress.

3. 5 cm (1.9 inches) of premium memory foam

The Hypnia Supreme Memory Mattress has a layer of high-density memory foam.

Memory foam adjusts to your body shape as you move, so you are supported throughout the whole night.

4. 17 cm (6.6 inches) of polyurethane base foam

The memory foam and graphite-infused foam layers sit on top of a durable polyurethane foam base.

Polyurethane foam is known for its durability, making it the perfect solid base for the other foam layers in the Hypnia Supreme Memory Mattress.

It provides a pronounced rebound so the mattress doesn’t sag and returns to its original shape after each use.

support base hypnia supreme memory mattress
The green layer of foam is the polyurethane foam layer.

As you can see here, the green base foam does not slump as much as the top two layers, making a firmer base for the mattress. 🧱

While this base is called ‘multi-zoned foam’ on the Hypnia website, their team confirmed that it does not have different zones.

It is designed to keep the other layers in good condition and support all body types.

If you are looking for a mattress with support zones for different areas of your body, we recommend the Simba Hybrid Essential.

How firm is the Hypnia Supreme Memory Mattress?

The Hypnia Supreme Memory Mattress has a soft-medium feel.

Our Sleep Hero tester found it is slightly softer than the Hypnia Supreme Hybrid and Hypnia Hybrid mattresses.

The Hypnia Supreme Memory Mattress scored a 4 out of 10 on the Sleep Hero firmness scale, with 1 as the softest and 10 as the firmest.

hypnia supreme memory soft
Memory foam mattresses are usually on the softer side.

Memory foam mattresses are typically softer as the foam reacts to your body heat and becomes softer as it warms up while you’re asleep.

However, it's important to bear in mind that how firm a mattress feels depends on your weight, sleeping position and the mattress you’re used to.

For this review, we measured the sinkage of the Hypnia Supreme Memory Mattress to see how deeply our tester sank into the foam layers. 📏

Measuring sinkage helps us determine how supportive a mattress is and whether it’s the right fit for you.

fimrness of hypnia supreme memory mattress
Measuring sinkage is a great indicator of the mattress firmness.

We then took this one step further and measured our tester’s sinkage depths in different sleeping positions.

Female (60 g - 1.74 m)
On the back:

Shoulders: 4 cm (1.5 inches)

Hips: 5 cm (1.9 inches)

On the side:

Shoulders: 8 cm (3.1 inches)

Hips: 9 cm (3.5 inches)

On the front:

Shoulders: 2 cm (0.7 inches)

Hips: 3 cm (1.1 inches)

From this data, you can see that the sinkage depths for the side sleeper position are much deeper than the front or back positions.

When you sleep on your side, your weight is concentrated on your hips and shoulders.

These points need to sink deeper into the mattress to keep your spine aligned at night.

side position Hypnia Supreme Memory Mattress
The laser line indicates where the tester’s spine should be.

Our tester’s hips sank 1 cm (0.3 inches) deeper than her shoulders in every sleeping position.

While this wasn’t a huge amount, it still caused her spine to be slightly misaligned, and she found herself switching positions throughout the night.

Hypnia Supreme Memory Mattress edge support

The Hypnia Supreme Memory Mattress has great edge support, which is ideal for people who sleep close to the sides.

edge support Hypnia supreme memory mattress
The Hypnia Supreme Memory Mattress.
edge support simba hybrid pro
The Simba Hybrid Pro.

Our Sleep Hero tester found that when she sat on the very edge of the Hypnia Supreme Memory Mattress, it sagged more than the Simba Hybrid Pro.

She found sitting on the edge of the bed was quite uncomfortable and may not be suitable for older individuals, which we explain further down.

It’s important to note that many factors could explain this, such as the tester sitting closer to the corner of the mattress.

How comfortable is the Hypnia Supreme Memory Mattress?

The Hypnia Supreme Memory Mattress is very comfortable for front and back sleepers, which is unusual for a softer mattress.

Generally, a softer mattress is not recommended for front or back sleepers as you can sink too much, causing your spine to be misaligned.

front sleeper hypnia supreme memory mattress
The Hypnia Supreme Memory is much more comfortable on your front or back.

Our tester found this mattress had a floating feeling with very little resistance against the body. ☁️

This is quite unusual for a memory foam mattress as it typically feels like you’re sinking into the mattress as the memory foam moulds and contours your body.

However, this memory foam layer is enveloped in a polyurethane foam base and an open-cell foam layer, which provide a firmer mattress surface.

This creates the feeling of sleeping on the mattress instead of in it like a traditional memory foam mattress.

Who is the Hypnia Supreme Memory Mattress suitable for?

The Hypnia Supreme Memory Mattress is suitable for many different types of sleepers, from restless sleepers to couples.

Let’s dive into the ins and outs.

Restless sleepers

Do you toss and turn all night long?

The Hypnia Supreme Memory Mattress could be a great fit.

hypnia supreme memory for restless sleeper
Restless sleepers can sleep on their back, front and side on this mattress.

Our testers found it was easy to change position during the night as the mattress doesn’t provide much resistance.

This makes it easy to toss and turn without feeling like you’re sinking into the memory foam layers.


The memory foam layer inside the Hypnia Supreme Memory Mattress makes it ideal for couples.

Memory foam typically has good motion isolation capabilities, so you don’t wake up every time your partner rolls over.

memory foam supreme memory mattress
The memory foam layer makes this mattress less bouncy and perfect for couples.

As this mattress is only made from foam, it’s also less bouncy than a pocket spring mattress.

Some couples may find this helps them get a better night's sleep, especially if their partner is a restless sleeper.

Our testers also found this mattress had great edge support, which is perfect for couples who want to utilise the full surface area of their mattress. 👫

We dive into the ins and outs of edge support above.

Who is the Hypnia Supreme Memory Mattress not suitable for?

The Hypnia Supreme Memory Mattress isn’t suitable for everyone.

Here are a few people we don’t recommend it for.

Older people

The Hypnia Supreme Memory Mattress may be too soft for older individuals.

Typically, seniors are recommended to sleep on a medium-firm mattress with better support.

A hybrid mattress, like the Nectar Premier Hybrid, combines pocket springs, memory foam and other types of foam to create a supportive mattress for older people.

hypnia supreme memory sagging edges
The edges of the Hypnia Supreme Memory sag quite a lot.

As we discussed above, our testers also found the Hypnia Supreme Memory Mattress sagged when they sat on the edges.

This could make it quite difficult for an older individual to get out of bed or sit on the edge of their bed to put their shoes on.

The Hypnia Supreme Memory Mattress also doesn’t have handles, making it very difficult to rotate every 3 to 6 months, especially for older individuals.

You may need a few people to help rotate the mattress.

Heavier people

We don’t recommend the Hypnia Supreme Memory Mattress for heavier people.

This mattress is quite soft, and heavier individuals could sink too much into the mattress, causing their spine to become misaligned.

For example, if you have wider and heavier hips, you may find they sink further than your shoulders.

This can lead to your spine misaligning when lying on your side.

Hypnia supreme memory mattress depth
The Hypnia Supreme Memory Mattress measures 24 cm (9.4 inches) in depth.

Larger people should opt for medium-firm mattresses over 27 cm (10.6 inches).

A firmer mattress will provide a little more resistance so you don’t sink too much into the mattress, and your spine stays aligned no matter the sleeping position.

Hot sleepers

The Hypnia Supreme Memory Mattress has a memory foam layer, which is known to sleep hotter than other mattress materials.

Our Sleep Hero tester found this mattress was very warm to sleep on, even with a light duvet. 🔥

That said, the top layer of open-cell welcome foam promotes good air circulation and allows heat and humidity to be quickly evacuated.

This breathability doesn’t compare with pocket springs or natural latex mattresses, but it does help to keep the mattress dry so bacteria don’t fester.

In order to give you the most accurate results, we measured the temperature of the Hypnia Supreme Memory Mattress while our tester was on the mattress and after she got up.

Starting temperature Hypnia Supreme Memory Mattress
Starting temperature.
temperature with sleeper Hypnia Supreme Memory Mattress
Temperature with sleeper.
hypnia memory supreme temperature 1 min
1 minute after getting up.
hypnia memory supreme 5 mins
5 minutes after getting up.
The images above demonstrate that while the mattress increases in heat with someone on the bed, the heat quickly dissipates after a few minutes.

Nonetheless, if you’re experiencing menopause or suffering from night sweats, we don’t recommend memory foam mattresses like the Hypnia Supreme Memory Mattress.

Instead, we recommend a pocket spring mattress like the Emma Luxe Cooling mattress.

Allergy sufferers

We don’t recommend the Hypnia Supreme Memory Mattress for allergy sufferers because the cover is difficult to remove and clean.

While the mattress cover is fully removable, our testers found it very tedious to remove, which could be quite annoying for people who need to wash their covers regularly.

Hypnia supreme memory washing instructions
You can machine wash the Hypnia Supreme Memory at 30 degrees Celsius.

Washing your mattress cover helps to remove any dust and bacteria that has built up over time.

These particles can trigger allergies and cause you to sneeze throughout the night.

People who like a firmer mattress

Ultimately, the Hypnia Supreme Memory Mattress is a soft mattress.

If you prefer a firm mattress, you will not like this mattress.

Instead, we recommend these firmer mattresses:

How much does the Hypnia Supreme Memory Mattress cost?

The Hypnia Supreme Memory is a premium mattress with a premium price tag. 💰

It costs just under £1000 for a single mattress, sitting between the Supreme Hybrid and Essential Hybrid mattresses from Hypnia.

hypnia supreme memory mattress cost
Look out for discounts so you can get your Hypnia mattress for the best price.

The Supreme Memory Mattress uses three layers of high-quality foam to create a luxury feel.

Fortunately, Hypnia frequently offers big discounts, so you don’t have to pay the full price tag.

Hypnia also offers a 15-year guarantee on their mattresses.

Your mattress is protected from any manufacturing faults and sagging of more than 10% of its original thickness for 15 years, so you can get your money’s worth.

This is a much longer guarantee than other mattress brands, like Simba and Emma, offering only 10 years.

Hypnia Supreme Memory Mattress delivery

Hypnia offers free UK delivery on their mattresses. 🚘

The mattress is delivered vacuum-packed in a box with handles, making it easy to carry up the stairs and into your bedroom.

Our tester found the box was heavy, but they could carry it alone.

Hypnia Supreme Memory Mattress in box
The Hypnia Supreme Memory is delivered in a box.

The standard delivery delivers the box to the ground floor of your house, while the premium delivery delivers to the room of your choice and collects your old mattress.

The mattress is folded in half inside the box and wrapped in a plastic cover.

Our tester found it difficult to unbox the mattress as they had to unfold it and flip it to the correct side.

Hypnia Supreme Memory mattress decompressed

Our tester found it took a few minutes for the foams to open and more than 24 hours to decompress fully.

This is quite a long time for a bed-in-a-box mattress, as the decompression process usually only takes up to 12 hours.

They also said it had a strong off-gassing smell that dissipated after 24 hours, which is fairly standard for a bed-in-the-box mattress.

Off-gassing is when a mattress releases volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air, producing a noticeable smell that diminishes over time as the mattress airs out.

Hypnia Supreme Memory Mattress trial period and returns

Hypnia offers a 200-night sleep trial on their mattresses.

You can sleep on the mattress for 200 nights and find out whether it’s the right fit for you.

trial period hypnia supreme memory mattress

If you don’t like it after the trial, Hypnia will pick up the mattress and exchange it for another one or give you a full refund.

Hypnia does not send returned mattresses to a landfill.

Your returned mattress will be reconditioned, sent to charity or recycled. ♻️

Should I buy the Hypnia Supreme Memory Mattress?

The Hypnia Supreme Memory Mattress is made from three different foam layers, creating a soft feel.

We recommend this mattress for restless sleepers, couples and those who prefer a softer mattress.

While the Hypnia Supreme Memory comes at a higher cost, we think it is great value for money.

The 200-night trial period and 15-year guarantee allow you to test the mattress, decide if it’s right for you and protect your investment for years to come.

Just remember to look out for discounts on this mattress as you could save a large amount of money.

Contact Hypnia UK

Customer service: To contact Hypnia directly for complaints, support, or queries, please visit their live online chat, complete their online contact form or call them 020 4571 7560. Hypnia support is available Monday - Friday from 10 am - 6 pm.

Registered office:

Unit 106 Aviation Park West, Bournemouth Airport, Christchurch, Dorset, United Kingdom, BH23 6NW

Frequently asked questions

  • In which sizes is the Hypnia Supreme Memory Mattress available in?

    The Hypnia Supreme Memory Mattress is available in the UK sizes, including:

    • Hypnia Supreme Memory Mattress single size: 90 x 190 cm (3’ x 6’3”)
    • Hypnia Supreme Memory Mattress small double size: 120 x 190 cm (4’ x 6.3”)
    • Hypnia Supreme Memory Mattress double size: 135 x 190 cm (4.4” x 6’3”)
    • Hypnia Supreme Memory Mattress king size: 150 x 200 cm (5’ x 6’6”)
    • Hypnia Supreme Memory Mattress super king size: 180 x 200 cm (6’ x 6’6”)

    This wide range of sizes makes it easy to find the perfect size mattress for your bedroom.

  • What else does Hypnia sell?

    Hypnia sells plenty of other products alongside their mattress range, including: 

    These accessories can further enhance your sleep experience, helping you get a better night’s sleep.

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