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Best Cool Mattresses

Best Cooling Mattresses for Hot Sleepers UK (2024)

Last updated: 14.03.2024 Reading time: 11 Min.

Sleeping during a heatwave can feel like a nightmare. 😰

So, what can you do about it?

You may not know, but certain mattresses retain body heat, creating a hotbox of unwanted warmth in the bed that no amount of fans can compete with . . .

But cool mattresses have advanced technology that draws heat away from the body.

Let’s dive into the best cooling mattresses for hot sleepers in the UK. 👇

Person sleeping on cool mattress

The best cooling mattresses UK

Sleep Hero Favourite

Simba Hybrid Luxe

The Simba Hybrid Luxe is Simba's most advanced mattress with 11 premium layers.
  • Pocket springs, Simba-Pure foam, wool & bamboo
  • 31 cm (12 inches)
  • Medium-firm

Tell me more about the Simba Hybrid Luxe

The Simba Hybrid Luxe is Simba Sleep's most advanced luxury mattress.

This mattress features an impressive 11 layers, including conical pocket springs, Simba-Pure CertiPUR-certified foam, open-cell graphite-infused Simbatex foam, and a temperature-regulating wool layer. 

The Simba Hybrid Luxe remains supportive and adapts to your body perfectly. 

The knitted cover and bamboo wool layer allow for breathability and superior temperature regulation, keeping you cool and refreshed all night long.

This luxurious mattress is available in all standard UK mattress sizes. 

The Simba Hybrid Luxe comes with free delivery & returns, a 200-day risk-free trial period, and a 10-year guarantee. 

Reasons to buy

High-quality materials 

Machine-washable cover 

200-night trial period 

Reasons to avoid

Very expensive 

Will not fit regular sheets due to its thick depth

Best For Back Sleepers

Emma NextGen Premium Mattress

The Emma NextGen Premium Mattress offers excellent 7-zone support.
  • Halo memory foam, Airgocell foam & pocket springs
  • 25 cm (9.8 inches)
  • Medium feel

Tell me more about the Emma NextGen Premium mattress

The Emma NextGen Premium mattress includes pocket springs for improved airflow and support, a 7-zone design for adaptive support, and a Halo memory foam that responds to your body's shape. 

While the mattress promotes enhanced airflow, our tester observed that its breathability might not suffice for particularly hot sleepers.

Unfortunately, the foam layers on our test mattress didn't fully expand,  causing some springs to be felt when pressure was applied.

However, Emma's customer service team promptly resolved the issue by sending a new Emma NextGen Premium mattress. 

The mattress also has limited edge support, meaning you may experience a roll-off feel if you sleep on the edge of your bed.

Despite this, the mattress was still comfortable and provided a great night's sleep. 

Reasons to buy

200-night trial period 

10-year guarantee

Machine-washable cover

Reasons to avoid

Limited edge support 

The mattress didn't expand fully during our test 

May be too warm for some sleepers

Luxury Option

Bensons for Beds iGel Advance 3000i Plush Top Mattress

The iGel Advance 3000i Plush Top mattress includes a deep gel temperature-regulating layer.
  • iGel Advance Graphene & pocket springs
  • Soft, medium, or firm support
  • 32 cm (12.6 inches)

Tell me more about the iGel Advance 3000i Plush Top Mattress

The iGel mattress mattress is designed to keep you at the perfect temperature throughout the night. 

The Graphene technology absorbs excess body heat when you get too hot and releases the heat when you're too cold.

The pocket springs support the body, minimise motion transfer and encourage optimal airflow. 

The iGel Advance 3000i Plush Top mattress has a moisture-wicking cover that keeps the mattress clean and keeps you feeling fresh all night.

You'll feel optimal comfort as the gel crystals mould around pressure points and provide targeted support. 

The AdvantEdge ensures you'll feel supported right up to the edge of the mattress.

Reasons to buy

10-year guarantee

40-night trial period 

Excellent temperature control

Reasons to avoid

You may need to purchase extra deep sheets 

Very expensive 

Natural Choice

Silentnight Pocket 2000 Latex Mattress

This mattress combines has an extra-deep top layer of natural latex.
  • 2000 Mirapocket spring system & latex layer
  • Medium soft 
  • 37 cm (14.5 inches)

Tell me more about the Silentnight Pocket Latex 2000 Mattress

The Silentnight Pocket Latex 2000 Mattress is a great pocket mattress for couples. 

This family favourite offers low motion transfer, so you shouldn't feel your partner (or kids!) moving around in bed. 

The supportive Mirapocket zonal spring system offers support across your entire body. 

The extra-thick latex layer will help to relieve pressure from your hips, shoulders, and knees. 

The Silentnight Pocket Latex Mattress has been treated with natural Purotex, preventing allergens and dust mites for a fresher sleep.  

Silentnight has been the UK's superbrand of beds and mattresses for multiple years running. 

Reasons to buy

60-night trial period 

5-year guarantee

Very positive reviews 

Reasons to avoid

It might be too soft for stomach sleepers 

Trial is exchange-only 

What is a cooling mattress?

A mattress that is cooling includes natural ventilation or temperature regulating technology. 🌡️

This means your body heat can circulate out of the mattress or be absorbed into the cooling material.

The best cool mattress for your sleep depends on the material.

Below, we will examine a variety of these materials in detail.

Gel mattresses

Gel mattresses are some of the coolest mattresses available.

Woman laying on gel mattress
Gel mattresses can help to keep you cool.

They have a foam-like feel, which makes them ideal for hot sleepers who like the feeling of memory foam. ☁️

The foam material contains tiny gel crystals that absorb body heat when you get too hot.

Likewise, if you feel too cold, the gel crystals will release the stored body heat to keep you at the perfect body temperature.

The iGel Advance 3000i Plush Top mattress is our favourite gel mattress made with advanced graphene technology.

BUY IGEL ADVANCE 300I£ 1,649.99

Latex mattresses

Latex mattresses are natural and one of the most eco-friendly mattress materials available. ♻️

Latex being harvested
Latex is sustainably sourced.

This is because latex is a sap collected from rubber trees that doesn’t harm forests or wildlife when harvested. 🌴

Latex mattresses are also highly durable (lasting anywhere as long as 15 years) and biodegradable at the end of their lifecycle.

Latex is manufactured with tiny pinholes that promote ventilation.

This creates a “pump and suck” effect.

As you move around in your sleep, heat will be pushed away from your body and into these little gaps in the mattress, keeping you cool.

The Dunlopillo Elite Luxury 1760 mattress is an excellent latex hybrid option.


Spring mattresses

Traditional pocket-sprung mattresses provide excellent breathability during sleep.

Woman laying on pocket spring mattress
Pocket spring mattresses have the best ventilation.

Unlike other mattress materials, heat flows out easily between the springs. 🌬️

Pocket springs also provide fantastic support across the body.

Each spring is contained in a fabric pocket that supports each individual area.

Pocket springs minimise motion transfer, making them an excellent choice for couples and restless sleepers. 💑

The Silentnight Pocket 2000 Latex mattress offers lots of support while keeping you cool at night.


Natural materials

Natural materials in mattresses and bedding are well known for maintaining a cooler sleep environment. 🌱

Some mattresses use natural fillings like wool or cotton, while other brands utilise a bamboo, Tencel or cotton cover for optimal breathability.

Wool has excellent temperature-regulating properties to keep you warm in cold temperatures and cool during warmer periods.

temperature regulating wool
Wool has natural thermal properties to keep you at the perfect temperature year-round.

Bamboo is another great natural choice for its moisture-wicking capabilities.

Its naturally hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial properties contribute to a clean, dry and refreshing sleep environment. 🧼

Bamboo is exceptionally absorbent, capable of wicking away sweat and moisture from the body.

The Simba Hybrid Luxe mattress has a breathable bamboo wool layer for optimal temperature and moisture control. 💦


What about memory foam?

There is much debate when it comes to memory foam.

Memory foam vs spring
Memory foam isn’t as breathable as traditional mattress options.

Typically, memory foam creates a warmer sleep because of its closed-cell structure that retains heat inside the mattress.

However, the best cooling memory foam mattresses are made with additional cooling technology.

The Hypnia Supreme Memory mattress is made with temperature-regulating graphite-infused foam for a cooler sleep.


However, memory foam is incomparable to other cooling materials like traditional spring mattresses or latex.

If you're a hot sleeper, we'd recommend avoiding memory foam altogether.

What cool mattress is best for my sleeping position?

As well as finding a good quality mattress with cooling technology, we advise you to pay close attention to whether it is suitable for your sleeping position.

But we’ll run you through the basics below. 👇

Best cool mattress for side sleepers

Did you know that over half of the population [1] typically sleeps on their side?

Side sleepers put more weight on their shoulder and hip than any other sleeping position.

Therefore, it’s important that the cool mattress you choose contours around the joints to relieve pressure.

A soft to medium-firm mattress is ideal for side sleepers as you need to sink into the mattress more deeply.

Woman sleeping on side
Side sleepers need a mattress that moulds to the shape of the body.

A gel or memory foam mattress is an excellent choice for side sleepers because the foam material moulds easily around pressure-point areas. 🥰

The iGel Advance 3000i Plush Top mattress is made with soft, pressure-relieving gel foam and is available in soft, medium and firm, depending on your needs.

BUY IGEL ADVANCE 300I£ 1,649.99

Best cool mattress for back sleepers

Back sleeping is generally the healthiest sleeping position.

But if back sleepers have an unsuitable mattress, this can bend the spine and neck, leaving you waking up with aches and pains.

Back sleepers should opt for a medium-firm cool mattress with a bit of give but without too much sinkage. ⚓

This encourages the spine to remain in a neutral position while gently cushioning the heavier regions.

Person sleeping on back
Back sleepers do well on medium-firm mattresses.

Latex mattresses often have a firmer feel than memory foam but still have some pressure-relieving abilities to hug around the pelvis and shoulders.

The Snoozel Green Organic mattress is an excellent option for back sleepers made from natural latex, cotton and wool.


Best cool mattress for stomach sleepers

Stomach sleeping can put pressure on your spine and organs.

Many stomach sleepers don't realise that very soft mattresses can cause their lower spines to curve, potentially leading to back pain.

Stomach sleepers should opt for a firm cooling mattress. 🧱

Person sleeping on stomach
Stomach sleepers are best paired with a firmer mattress.

This encourages the spine to stay aligned with the neck and reduces pressure.

Pocket spring mattresses are a good choice for stomach sleepers as they help your spine stay lifted across the entire sleep surface.

The Panda Hybrid Bamboo mattress combines orthopaedic foam layers and supportive pocket springs with a breathable bamboo cover.

Take a look below:

Do cool sleep accessories work?

Buying a new mattress is a big investment. 💰

So it’s understandable that you might want to try some alternative options first.

Like mattresses, cooling accessories, such as cooling pillows, sheets, and mattress pads, are designed to regulate the body's temperature during sleep.

We'll unpack more about the cooling properties of these accessories below.

Cooling mattress toppers

A cooling mattress topper contains similar materials to a cooling mattress.

Woman sleeping on cool mattress topper.
Cool mattress toppers encourage a cooler sleep.

The cooling technology draws heat away from the body or promotes a natural airflow system. 🌬️

A cooling mattress topper is also a great idea for those looking to enhance the comfort of their mattress.

For example, if your mattress is too firm, a cooling mattress topper can add some extra softness while keeping you cool.

The Simba topper is made with cooling Simbatex foam and breathable Aerocoil springs.


Cool pillows

Likewise, if you find yourself flipping to the cold side of the pillow all night, then consider a cool pillow. 🤔

Cool pillows
Cool pillows come in a variety of options.

Cool pillows are made with breathable fibres or advanced cooling materials that help the head stay cool. 🥶

Some cool pillows have gel inserts or attached cooling pads that stay cold all night.

The Kally Cooling pillow is made with advanced air vent technology to dissipate excess heat during sleep.


Cooling mattress pads

A cooling mattress pad is essential for a hot sleeper or those who suffer from hot flashes. 🥵

Mattress pad vs mattress topper
A cooling mat's primary function is to promote coolness.

If your mattress feels warm but is otherwise comfortable, consider a cooling mattress pad before looking for a replacement.

A cooling mattress pad sits on top of the mattress and has cool gel technology that absorbs excess heat.

Some cooling mattress pads can even be popped into the fridge/freezer for additional coolness. 🧊

The FFTT Pro Cooling mattress pad is made from temperature-regulating gel technology.


Alternatively, for more advanced options, you could consider a cooling cover like the Pod cover by Eight Sleep.

It fits over the mattress like a fitted sheet and is attached to an advanced temperature control device so that you can cool or warm up your mattress before you hop into bed. ❄️

Cool duvets

Duvets play an indispensable role in temperature regulation during sleep.

About 80% of the overall temperature in bed is determined by the duvet. If you overheat or freeze in bed, you should reconsider your choice of duvet. Depending on which duvet you use, it may not be suitable for your new mattress.

Walter Braun

Mattress Expert

A duvet's temperature control capabilities largely depend on its materials and construction.

Duvets filled with natural materials like down feathers, bamboo or silk tend to have excellent breathability.

Moreover, duvets with a higher tog rating are thicker and more insulated, suitable for colder nights.

duvet toag rating scale
The tog rating has a big impact on your duvet's overall temperature.

duvets with a lower tog rating are lighter and better suited for warmer seasons or for those who naturally generate more heat when they sleep.

Our favourite cool duvet options:

How can I stay cool at night?

Mattresses that keep you cool are a great idea, but there are also other ways to cool down. 😅

Open the windows at night

There is much debate about whether or not keeping windows open or closed makes the house warmer or cooler.

Woman opening windows.
Creating a cross breeze can help to draw in cooler air.

However, most agree that you should keep your windows open if it’s cooler outside than inside.

This will usually be early in the morning or late at night. 🌅

If you open the windows when it’s warmer outside, you’ll just be letting in warm air.

If the sun faces the room, you should also keep your curtains shut [2] - even if the windows are open.

Opening windows on opposite sides of the room or house can create an additional cross-breeze that helps cool the room down.

Take a warm bath before bed

Taking a cool shower before you hit the hay may seem more logical, but studies [3] suggest a hot bath is more beneficial. ✅

Woman sitting in bath.
A bath can cool you down before bed.

A hot bath activates the brain to lower your body’s core temperature.

Our bodies naturally lower by a couple of degrees when sleeping, so a warm bath encourages your body to know it’s bedtime. 🛀

A bath pillow can also help you get into relaxation mode before you sleep - just don’t fall asleep in the bath!

Use natural fibre sheets

Did you know that sheets can be made from fibres that either warm you up or cool you down at night?

Bedding material temperature scale
Natural materials are cooler than synthetic bedding.

Synthetic sheets are more likely to trap heat, whilst natural sheets are more breathable.

Natural fibres also have additional moisture-wicking properties.

This works by pushing moisture away from the body and evaporating out of the fabric to help you stay dry. 💦

Cotton, bamboo and silk are all excellent options for bedding with natural moisture-wicking properties.

Moisture-wicking fabric
Cotton and bamboo are ideal for sweaty sleepers.

Natural sheets also feel soft and gentle on sensitive skin for a snuggly sleep.

Our favourite cool bedding options:

How much do cool mattresses cost?

Cool mattress prices vary depending on the quality and type of material.

Pocket spring mattresses are usually available in both budget-friendly and high-end options - although the more springs, the more your mattress will cost!

Additionally, you can get cheaper cooling mattresses in memory foam and gel, but the quality determines how well the mattress will regulate heat. ♨️

Man and woman with coins
The coolest mattresses will have a higher price tag.

Latex mattresses are often the most expensive. 💵

Yet, they are also the most durable and should last between 15 - 20 years.

If you’re interested in latex, you could also opt for a hybrid latex mattress, a cheaper and highly breathable alternative.

The Pocket Latex 2000 mattress by Silentnight is a great value alternative.


Cool mattress discount codes

Are you on the hunt for a cool mattress discount code?

Don’t sweat it.

There are plenty of discounts to make your cool mattress more affordable. 🏷️

piggybank on mattress
You can get excellent savings on cool mattresses throughout the year.

Bookmark our discounts page for all the best current offers on cooling mattresses, cool mattress toppers, and sleep accessories.

You can also sign up for our newsletter for tailor-made discounts and recommendations.

Do cooling mattresses really work?

Many brands claim their product is the “best cooling mattress in the UK” without any scientific studies to back this up.

So, how can you be sure they’re going to work? 🤔

Sleep trial

We advise choosing a cool mattress that includes a sleep trial and warranty. 🤞

Sleep trial
Some mattresses that keep you cool include a sleep trial.

A sleep trial allows you to try out your new mattress before deciding if you want to keep it.

Some brands, such as Nectar and DreamCloud, have 365-day trials, meaning you can test it out in every season.

Others, like the Simba, come with a 200-day trial.

You can see if the mattress feels cool and comfy during a frosty winter as well as a summer heatwave. 🌞


But what happens if the cooling properties of the mattress wear off after a year?

Luckily, most cooling mattresses include a warranty.

This protects you from manufacturing faults such as faulty material and dipping. 🎢

Woman measuring indentation in mattress.
A guarantee safeguards you from problems down the line.

You should check the returns policy on the manufacturer's website to see if the cooling properties in the material are included within the guarantee.

Brands like Otty and Simba come with a 10-year warranty. 🤯

Get more info on these mattresses below:

So, what is the best mattress for hot sleepers?

If you’ve tried every avenue to prevent yourself from overheating at night, it may be time to invest in a new mattress.

The best mattress for staying cool will include temperature-regulating properties like gel or natural materials with pocket springs for optimal breathability.

Pair your cool mattress with natural sheets and a cool pillow for the ultimate cooling comfort. 😍

We highly recommend buying a mattress with a long trial period, so you can be sure it can be tested during a heatwave.

Here is a reminder of the best mattresses to keep you cool UK:

Frequently asked questions

  • Why does my memory foam mattress make me hot?

    Memory foam is not the best material when it comes to staying cool.

    This is because the high-density foam stores heat retained from the body.

    However, many memory foam brands are now working to combat this issue.

    Some memory foam mattresses includes a cool touch cover or advanced cooling materials such as gel and graphite that absorbs excess body heat.

    Some hybrid mattresses have a memory foam layer with breathable pocket springs to promote air circulation.

    Yet, if you are an excessively hot sleeper, you might want to avoid memory foam altogether.

    Instead, opt for a cooler alternative such as pocket springs, gel, or latex.

  • Where can I buy a cool mattress?

    You can buy a cool mattress from various brands or retailers.

    In fact, we’ve got in-depth articles on all our favourite mattress brands.

    The best cool mattress UK brands:

    Some of these brands can recycle your old mattress for a fee, taking some stress away from the buying process.

  • What is the best mattress for hot sleepers?

    The best mattress for cool sleeping will be highly breathable, promote air circulation, and absorb excess body heat.

    Many mattresses include these features.

    However, the best mattress for hot sleepers depends on a whole catalogue of factors.

    Before you impulse-buy the best mattress for cooling, you should also consider your weight, sleeping position, whether you share the bed, and whether the mattress includes a trial or guarantee.

    Our How Do I Buy A Mattress Online guide can take you through the process step-by-step.

  • Cool mattress sizes

    Cool mattresses come in standard UK sizes, the same as regular mattresses.

    These include:

    • Single size cooling mattress: 90 x 190 cm (3' x 6'3")
    • Small double size cooling mattress: 120 x 190 cm (4' x 6'3")
    • Double size cooling mattress: 135 x 190 cm (4'6" x 6'3")
    • King size cooling mattress: 150 x 200 cm (5’ x 6’6”)
    • Super king size mattresses: 180 x 200 cm (6’ x 6’6”)

    You should also check the depth of the cooling mattress. 📏

    Cool mattresses with multiple layers, such as springs, latex, and wool might be deeper than your average mattress.

    Consider purchasing some extra-deep fitted sheets along with your new mattress.

  • Why do some mattresses sleep hot?

    So, we've discussed everything there is to know about the best mattress to keep you cool. 

    But now you might be wondering: what mattresses sleep hot?

    Typically, mattresses that tend to sleep hot are made from materials with less breathability and poor heat dissipation properties.

    Here are a few examples:

    1. Memory Foam Mattresses: Traditional memory foam mattresses are known to retain heat. This is because they conform closely to the body, which can restrict airflow around the sleeper and trap heat. However, many modern memory foam mattresses now include cooling technologies, such as gel infusions or open-cell structures, to mitigate this issue.

    2. Polyfoam Mattresses: Like memory foam, mattresses made from basic polyurethane foam (polyfoam) can also retain heat, especially if they are dense and conform closely to the sleeper's body.

    3. Some Innerspring and Hybrid Mattresses: While innerspring and hybrid mattresses typically sleep cooler due to their coil layers promoting airflow, those that feature a significant amount of foam or latex in the comfort layers may still sleep hot if the materials are not infused with cooling agents or designed to promote breathability.

    It's important to note that how hot a mattress feels can also depend on other factors like the bedding used, the room's temperature, and the individual sleeper's body heat and personal comfort preferences.

  • References


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