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Dunlopillo Mattress Reviews

Dunlopillo Mattress Reviews UK (2023)

Last updated: 31.10.2023 Reading time: 12 Min.

Dunlopillo is a renowned latex mattress specialist with two core collections: Hybrid and Signature.

They are known for high-quality latex mattresses that deliver support, breathability and comfort - dubbed “the natural way to sleep.” 🌿

So, is Dunlopillo still the luxury mattress brand we’ve heard about? And is it worth the higher price point?

In this Dunlopillo mattress review, we take a look at every aspect of Dunlopillo’s mattresses and whether they are suitable for you and your family. 👪

couple reading newspaper in bed

Our favourite Dunlopillo mattresses

Sleep Hero Favourite

Dunlopillo Millennium Mattress

The Dunlopillo Millennium mattress is the deepest of Dunlopillo’s 100% latex Signature collection and the most luxurious.

The Millennium mattress was voted 'Best Buy Winner' in Which? Magazine for its supportive, breathable and comfortable qualities. 

If you're looking for the best mattress for a luxuriously comfortable night's sleep, dive into our Dunlopillo Millennium review below. 

We recommend the Dunlopillo Millennium mattress to:

  • Luxury shoppers
  • Hot sleepers
  • Side sleepers
  • Environment & health conscious people

The Millennium is one of Dunlopillo’s best-selling mattresses and comes with an impressive 'Best Buy Winner' Which? Award

It’s the deepest of the 100% pure Dunlopillo latex mattresses at 24 cm (9.4 inches) and includes seven comfort zones.

These comfort zones include softer cushioning areas for your shoulders, hips and heels and firmer support areas for your back. 

This helps to keep your spine aligned whether you sleep on your back, side or front. 

Dunlopillo Millennium Mattress
The Dunlopillo Millennium mattress is made from Dunlop latex. 

This Dunlopillo latex foam mattress supports your body weight and shape while still providing maximum breathability. 💨

The Millennium comes with a soft touch Actipro cover to remove unwanted allergens and odours, and reduce the number of bacteria on your mattress. 

With its naturally cooling and hypoallergenic properties, you can rest easy on the Millennium mattress from Dunlopillo. 

There is also the option of the Dunlopillo Millennium Plus mattress, which includes all of the features of the standard Millennium Plus, an advanced cooling mattress cover. 🧊

Delivery conditions and trial periods are dependent on the retailer.


  Dunlopillo Millennium Mattress
Composition: Dunlopillo 100% latex
Firmness: Medium
Height: 24 cm (9.4 inches)
Trial period: 60-night trial period with our recommended retailers, but may vary with other stockists
Guarantee: 8-year guarantee from our recommended retailers, but other stockists may vary
What makes this mattress special? The Millennium Mattress is the deepest of the Dunlopillo latex models - providing extra comfort, support and luxury.
Luxury Option

Dunlopillo Royal Sovereign Mattress

The Royal Sovereign mattress from Dunlopillo provides seamless sleep with seven comfort zones and a 100% latex core.

This mattress has been awarded the Which? Magazine Award for three years running. 



This 21 cm (8.2 inches) deep mattress is made from a 100% pure Dunlopillo latex mattress core and provides medium support with its seven distinctive comfort zones. 

Dunlopillo latex is made from a manufacturing process called the Dunlop process, creating a supportive latex foam ideal for mattresses. 

We recommend the Dunlopillo Royal Sovereign Mattress to:

  • Luxury shoppers
  • Hot sleepers
  • Side sleepers
  • Environment & health conscious people
  • Those looking for a cheaper alternative to the Dunlopillo Millenium mattress

The Royal Sovereign mattress is breathable and adaptable so that you can have a night of restorative sleep. 💤

It is designed to support the alignment of your spine and body, maintain proper circulation, and encourage healthy muscle blood flow. 

As a result, you wake up feeling revitalised each morning without so many aches and pains. 

benefits of divan bed base
The Royal Sovereign mattress has a stylish cover. 

This Dunlopillo latex mattress is ideal for side sleepers, offering adaptive contouring and relief on pressure point areas, such as the hips and shoulders. 

The Dunlopillo Royal Sovereign king-size mattress is particularly popular because it’s a good size for couples.

The Royal Sovereign is a cheaper and slightly thinner alternative to the popular Dunlopillo Millenium mattress. 

The soft-touch Actipro cover has anti-allergenic, anti-bacterial, and anti-microbial properties for hygienic and fresher sleep. 

This 100% latex mattress comes with free delivery and can arrive within a few days. 


  Dunlopillo Royal Sovereign Mattress
Composition: Dunlopillo 100% latex
Firmness level: Medium
Height: 21 cm (8.26 inches)
Trial period: 60-night trial
Guarantee 8-year guarantee 
What makes this mattress special? The Royal Sovereign mattress is one of the highest-quality latex options
Value For Money

Dunlopillo Den Hybrid 1090

The Dunlopillo Den Hybrid 1090 features a pocket-sprung system under a layer of natural latex and foam.

This mattress has 1090 pocket springs in its smallest size to provide superior comfort and support for a restful night’s sleep.

If you’re looking for a mattress that gives you the perfect balance of comfort and support, the Den Hybrid 1090 mattress from Dunlopillo could be just the ticket. 

This is one of the most affordable Dunlopillo mattresses at almost £1000 below the cost of a Dunlopillo double mattress from their Signature collection. 

Combining 1090 pocket springs with a sumptuous layer of latex, this 22.5 cm (8.8 inches) deep mattress makes sure your body is fully supported while preventing you from overheating at night. 

The 2.5 cm (0.9 inch) layer of Dunlopillo 100% latex is perfect for those with allergies with its natural anti-allergenic, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties.

The Dunlopillo pocket springs keep your body elevated and supported, while the foam encapsulation prevents sagging and extends the life of the mattress.

Between pocket springs, latex and foam, the Den Hybrid 1090 is the ideal mattress for those with aching muscles. 🛌

Latex’s open cell structure contains microscopic air bubbles that encourage air circulation and support your body. 

This mattress also comes vacuum-packed, so it’s easier to move into your home. 

All these features make it a great option if you want to enjoy all-night comfort with breathable and supportive materials.

40% OFF DUNLOPILLO 1090 HYBRID£ 849.95

  Dunlopillo Den Hybrid 1090 Mattress
Composition: Hybrid mattress with 1090 pocket springs, 2.5 cm (0.9 inch) layer of 100% Dunlopillo latex and foam encapsulation
Firmness: Medium
Height: 22.5 cm (8.85 inches)
Trial Period: 60 night trial period with our recommend retailers, but may vary with other stockists
Guarantee: 8 year guarantee from our recommended retailers, but other stockists may vary
What makes this mattress special? The Dunlopillo Den Hybrid 1090 mattress combines three different materials to deliver the perfect level of support
Great For Couples

Dunlopillo Pad Hybrid 1390 Mattress

Dunlopillo’s Pad Hybrid 1390 is a single-sided mattress designed for maximum support.

This mattress combines 1390 pocket springs with a 7.5 cm (2.9 inches) layer of 100% natural latex for a new level of comfort.

The Pad Hybrid 1390 features the thickest layer of Dunlopillo latex from the entire Dunlopillo Hybrid collection at 7.5 cm (2.9 inches).

This premium mattress also features the perfect foam-encapsulated spring system to distribute your weight evenly. 🏋️

With low motion transfer and temperature regulation, the Pad Hybrid is a great mattress for couples

The Pad Hybrid 1390 is 27.5 cm (10.8 inches) deep, and it comes vacuum-packed for easy transportation (except for the super kings, which are delivered unrolled). 

The Dunlopillo natural latex mattress allows for maximum breathability, so you can be sure that your temperature will remain comfortable through the night. 

The Pad Hybrid 1390 is ideal for those who struggle with allergies due to its natural hypo-allergenic and anti-microbial properties. 

Enjoy a good night’s sleep with this single-sided mattress - just remember to rotate it every three months.

This keeps the filling evenly distributed so you don't end up with a bumpy mattress over the years.

40% OFF DUNLOPILLO HYBRID 1390£ 639.95

  Dunlopillo Pad Hybrid 1390 Mattress
Composition: Hybrid mattress with 1390 pocket springs, 7.5 cm (2.9 inches) layer of 100% Dunlopillo latex and foam encapsulation
Firmness: Medium
Height: 27.5 cm (10.8 inches)
Trial period: 60 night trial period with our recommend retailers, but may vary with other stockists
Guarantee: 8 year guarantee from our recommended retailers, but other stockists may vary
What makes this mattress special? Dunlopillo’s Pad Hybrid 1390 features the thickest layer of natural latex in the entire Dunlopillo Hybrid collection for ultimate comfort

The Dunlopillo mattress selection

Dunlopillo offers two main collections: Hybrid and Signature.

Within each collection, there is a curated selection of mattresses in different sizes and firmness levels.

From the Dunlopillo Celeste mattress to the Dunlopillo Memoir mattress, there is a wide range of designs to choose from, each with a unique set of qualities.


Let’s take a better look at the different collections and materials used. 👇

The Signature collection

Dunlopillo’s Signature collection is all about natural latex. 🌿

In fact, the Signature mattresses come with a 100% pure Dunlopillo latex core and seven comfort zones across your shoulders, hips, spine and heels.

These comfort zones are a mix of soft cushioning and firmer support areas to keep your spine aligned correctly all night.

The result? Fewer aches and pains in the morning!

Person sleeping in different positions.
Switch sleeping positions without comprising comfort.

As you move around at night, your mattress will ventilate and remain at a comfortable temperature. 🌡️

We get into the reasons behind this in the next section!

Latex offers instant pressure relief so you can wake up feeling revitalised, no matter what position you sleep in. 😌


The Signature collection offers five different mattresses: Dunlopillo Orchid, Dunlopillo Millennium, Dunlopillo Royal Sovereign, Dunlopillo Firmrest, and Dunlopillo Diamond.

  • Dunlopillo Orchid: This firm mattress puts less pressure on your hips and shoulders while supporting your body all night long.
  • Dunlopillo Millennium: A Sleep Hero favourite and luxury option for those looking for the perfect latex mattress.
  • Dunlopillo Royal Sovereign: This is another popular option made from 100% Dunlopillo latex and features seven comfort zones.
  • Dunlopillo Firmrest: As the name would suggest, this mattress is the firmest design in Dunlopillo's Signature collection while still providing supportive comfort.
  • Dunlopillo Diamond: The mattress is all about ergonomic support, with its multi-density comfort core targeted at seven different zones.

All of the mattresses in the Signature collection come with a Dunlopillo mattress cover, referred to as the “Plus cover”.

The cover is made from innovative cooling fabric to provide a soothing sleeping environment. 🥶

Head to this section to learn more about the composition of Dunlopillo mattress covers.

The Hybrid collection

The Hybrid collection combines Dunlopillo’s latex comfort layers with a support pocket spring system.

The two work together to provide an advanced sleep system that’s sure to leave you feeling refreshed. 🙌

There are three Dunlopillo Hybrid mattresses available: Den, Pad and Liar.

They come in a wide range of sizes, from single to super king.

All Hybrid mattresses are delivered rolled up and gradually inflate once you lay them out.

The Dunlopillo Pad Hybrid is a great option if you're looking for a balance between latex and pocket springs.

40% OFF DUNLOPILLO HYBRID 1390£ 639.95

Customers praise the Hybrid collection for delivering the perfect level of support all night long. 🙌

How comfortable are Dunlopillo mattresses?

When it comes to latex mattresses, some people struggle to adapt to the unique feel, while others can’t sleep on any other mattress.

Dunlopillo is known for its 100% latex mattresses, and they tend to be on the firmer side.

This is ideal for heavier bodies and those who like sleeping on their front. 😴

Two people with back and neck pain
Back and neck pain can make it difficult to get a good night’s sleep.

Many customers buy a Dunlopillo mattress due to hip, back or neck pain that prevents them from sleeping well. 🥱

The unique composition of a Dunlopillo mattress provides superior support and spinal alignment.

This relieves a lot of the aches and pains we experience in day-to-day life.

Although Dunlopillo mattresses are well-rated for comfort at first, some customers complain about issues with longevity.

You're likely to struggle with longevity if, for example, you choose a mattress that's not well-suited to your body weight.

Rotating the mattress every three months can help with dipping so your mattress remains in good condition for years to come.

Most customers who love their Dunlopillo mattress said they got excellent guidance on choosing the right mattress based on weight and comfort level.


Before purchasing a unique latex or hybrid mattress from Dunlopillo, speak to an expert at your local retailer to ensure it fits your needs well. 📞

different sleeping positions

For example, lighter-weight sleepers or side sleepers are generally more comfortable on a softer foam mattress.

Average-weight sleepers do well on medium-firm mattresses and can choose latex, hybrid or any other material for their mattress.

Finally, heavy-weight sleepers and pure back or front sleepers generally do better on firm mattresses and may find pocket springs more comfortable.

Everyone sleeps differently, after all! 💤

Trial period process
Test out your new mattress with a trial period.

We direct customers to Mattress Online since they offer a 60-day free Comfort Trial, with some mattresses featuring an extended trial of up to 365 days.


You can test out your mattress for a couple of months and send it back if you don’t get along.

However, the Mattress Online Comfort Trial is exchange only, so if you don't like your mattress, you can swap it for another one in their collection.

Other retailers may offer you a full refund with a trial period.

What is more comfortable, latex or memory foam?

Both mattress materials support the body, keep the spine aligned and provide a comfortable night’s sleep.

Of course, any mattress comes down to personal preference and what you need from a bed.

Latex has numerous advantages and is a popular choice for many people.

It provides excellent pressure relief for the torso and bum while you're asleep in different positions. 🤩


However, latex mattresses are also very expensive, and some people may have a latex allergy.

Who are Dunlopillo mattresses suitable for?

From the Dunlopillo mattress reviews, Dunlopillo’s main customer is one with neck and back pain who has trouble sleeping on a regular basis.

Latex mattresses are extra gentle on your pressure points, providing relief and support along the spine.

So, you can sleep in an optimal position with no pressure points being triggered throughout the night.

You know what that means? Less pain the morning after! 🥳

Mattress firmness scale
Consider your go-to sleeping position when choosing a mattress!

However, Dunlopillo mattresses also come at a higher price point, ranging between £699 and £1,817 for a double-sized mattress.

As a result, investing in a luxury Dunlopillo mattress is likely more suited to those with ailments who need a unique mattress to aid their sleep. 🩺


Although, there are also many other great mattresses without latex that are designed for orthopaedic support.

We recommend:

Both of these products offer excellent adaptability and pressure point relief, despite being made from different materials.

Which Dunlopillo mattress is best for side sleepers?

Side sleepers should go for a medium firmness with Dunlopillo mattresses.

Side sleepers generally need a little more sinkage to allow for optimal spinal alignment, so they shouldn't choose mattresses that are too firm.

For example, the Dunlopillo Millennium Mattress is the perfect combination of soft and medium.


This is a good mattress for multiple sleeping positions, including side sleepers.

Good for hot sleepers

Latex mattresses are known for their cooling powers.

The natural material draws away heat through its open cell structure and improves airflow throughout the mattress. ❄️

Woman lying on a breathable mattress
Latex has an excellent circulation system.

Dunlopillo mattresses have perforated latex cores to maximise this airflow and cooling feature.


This is perfect for hot sleepers, especially on those warm summer nights. ☀️

Try these tips and tricks to cool down your bedroom this summer.

Good for the elderly

The added support of a Dunlopillo mattress is ideal for an elderly person with a few aches and pains.

The seven different comfort zones in these mattresses allow for more stability in some areas and more sinkage in others.

These comfort zones allow for better spinal alignment and reduce pressure throughout the body to keep you comfortable all night long.

You can wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start the day without any new joint pain. 🤩

For those not familiar with latex mattresses, the Dunlopillo Hybrid Pad 1390 is a good option.

It features a 7.5 cm (2.9 inches) Dunlopillo latex layer with 1390 pocket springs and foam encapsulation, providing maximum support across the mattress.

40% OFF DUNLOPILLO HYBRID 1390£ 639.95

Who would Dunlopillo not be suitable for?

A 100% Dunopillo latex mattress comes with a big price tag. 💵

Dunlopillo mattresses are typically aimed towards higher earners who need a unique mattress for their aches and pains.

Equally, some people find latex mattresses are too firm and heavy for their taste.

A new latex mattress can also have a rubbery smell at first, which can take time to get used to.

If you’re looking for a mattress at a more affordable price point, stick with the hybrid mattresses from Dunlopillo.

Or, take a look at some other brands with fantastic offers available.

Our more affordable mattress recommendations:

Dunlopillo composition

Are you interested in learning more about the composition of Dunlopillo products? Keep reading!

Dunlopillo 100% latex

Dunlopillo has been paving the way for natural latex mattresses for almost 100 years.

The Signature collection, including the bestselling Millennium mattress, is made up of 100% latex mattress cores topped with a cooling, breathable cover.

Dunlopillo’s latex features an open cell structure with millions of interconnecting microscopic bubbles to encourage air circulation. 💨

Their smart manufacturing process ensures the natural properties of latex, like anti-allergenic, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties, are carried through to the product.

Latex is one of the most eco-friendly mattress materials available, but Dunlopillo takes this one step further.

They only use latex from sustainably-managed plantations around the globe. 🌳

The Dunlopillo Millenium is one of our favourite 100% latex mattresses on the market.


Latex harvested from a tree
Harvesting latex is a very slow process!

It takes over 500 days for one rubber tree to produce enough latex for a Dunlopillo single mattress.

But with time and patience, that latex can produce a breathable, pressure-relieving mattress with unbeatable elasticity.

It’s definitely worth the wait.

Rubber trees purify over 90 million tonnes of carbon dioxide every year. 🍃

Dunlopillo pocket springs

The Hybrid collection combines latex with a pocket spring system, ideal for those transitioning between different types of mattresses.

The number of pocket springs ranges from 1090 to 1390 across the Hybrid collection, with more springs producing a higher level of support. 🥳

benefits of a pocket spring mattress

The upper part of the spring bends to the body, and the lower part absorbs weight distribution across the mattress.

The result is a comfortable and supportive mattress that contours your body.

The hybrid mattresses come with a layer of Dunlopillo 100% latex in varying thicknesses for added comfort. 🛌

The mattresses are finished with foam encapsulation to prevent sagging and encourage durability.

Dunlopillo mattress covers

Each mattress in the Dunlopillo Signature collection comes with a standard knitted cover, providing elasticity and breathability.

However, there is also the option to upgrade to a Dunlopillo Plus cover.

This upgrade provides a cooling mattress cover for added ventilation and conductive properties.

Man sleeping on a mattress with a thermometer
Keep cool with a high-quality mattress cover!

In fact, the innovative cover claims to keep the sleeping surface at 1 degree Celsius below your body temperature. 🌡️

The Dunlopillo mattress cover is made with Actipro technology to provide natural protection against dust mites, odours and allergens. 🤧

So, if you struggle with allergies and want a clean, fresh and healthy sleep environment, this cover might be just what you need.

We recommend protecting your Dunlopillo mattress and mattress cover with a waterproof mattress protector.

Our favourite waterproof mattress protectors:

Dunlopillo mattress certifications

Latex is one of the most eco-friendly mattress materials available - and Dunlopillo only uses latex from sustainably managed plantations across the world. 🎋

Safety and quality checks

Dunlopillo mattresses, headboards, divans and pillows are fully compliant with the UK Fire Retardant Regulations. 🚒

Latex is also naturally anti-bacterial and anti-microbial, enhancing the cleanliness of each mattress.

Environmental impact

Dunlopillo is committed to ethical and environmental practices with its sustainably sourced latex from plantations around the world. ♻️


In fact, latex trees help to purify over 90 million tonnes of carbon dioxide every year - making it one of the most eco-friendly mattress materials.

Latex is also 100% biodegradable, unlike many other mattress materials, and they can last for up to 10 to 15 years.

GOLS certification

GOLS stands for the Global Organic Latex Standard.

To be GOLS certified, latex must be made with 95% natural materials, such as the sap of sustainably grown rubber trees.

There is no record of Dunlopillo’s GOLS certification, but they claim to use 100% natural latex surpassing the GOLS requirements.

What does a Dunlopillo mattress cost?

Dunlopillo mattresses have a higher price point to reflect the innovative latex technology behind them.


Fortunately, you can find these high-quality latex mattresses at a discount price in a Dunlopillo mattress clearance or Dunlopillo mattress sale. 💸

Don't worry; we will let you know if any discounts are currently available!

You can also sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on the latest deals. 🗞️

What else does Dunlopillo offer?

Dunlopillo offers a range of other products, such as:

  • Dunlopillo pillows
  • Dunlopillo adjustable beds
  • Dunlopillo latex toppers
  • Dunlopillo mattress protectors

Dunlopillo beds are designed to complement their mattress range with a firm edge pocketed base that keeps your mattress in great condition with secure edge support.

Your mattress will stay in its designated position, no matter how much you toss and turn at night.

You can even buy Dunlopillo adjustable beds to adjust your bed to your sleep position if you have a specific medical condition. 🏥

For example, the elderly or those with back pain may find a Dunlopillo electric bed more comfortable and supportive as they can adjust it to their bodies.

people jumping with stars

Many customers share five-star reviews of Dunlopillo pillows, and some even say they are the best latex pillows they’ve ever slept on. 🌟

Fortunately, there are plenty of Dunlopillo pillow stockists as well, so you can easily get your hands on one.


Dunlopillo kids’ and cot mattresses

Dunlopillo UK used to offer kids and cot mattresses, but they no longer do.

Let’s take a closer look at what happened to this range.

What happened to the Dunlopillo kid's range?

Baby Dunlopillo was a hot topic back in 2019 when parents were urged not to buy the Cot Bed Mattress.

Which? issued a warning that the Baby Dunlopillo failed two safety tests and did not comply with the new British Standard, posing a suffocation risk. 🚨

Dunlopillo recalled the product and carried out their own internal investigations.

Baby sleeping in a cot
Keep your little one safe and comfortable in their cot.

Since the controversy, Dunlopillo has not released any more kids or cot mattresses to the collection. 🧑‍🍼

Fortunately, there are several brands that offer safe, high-quality baby mattresses - perfect for your little one.

Our recommended cot beds:

Dunlopillo mattress UK delivery conditions

Getting your mattress quickly and easily can make a big difference.

We like Mattress Online since it has a top-tier delivery service with a 60-day free comfort trial.

Disclaimer: We recommend Mattress Online for their excellent delivery service, but there are plenty of other Dunlopillo stockists as well.


Here are some of the benefits of Mattress Online:

  • Free next-day delivery when you order before 12 pm
  • Two-hour delivery slot
  • Delivered to the front door of your building

You can have your mattress delivered to your bedroom and your old mattress removed for a small additional fee.

If you order up to 60 days ahead, you can have your mattress delivered on a day of your choosing for free, perfect for those moving house.

How are Dunlopillo mattresses delivered?

Mattresses from the Signature collection are delivered flat in a box.

However, Dunlopillo’s Hybrid mattresses are delivered rolled up and vacuum packed (except the Dunlopillo super king mattress, which is delivered flat) for super easy transportation.


You can easily carry the rolled-up mattresses to your bedroom without needing to make any tricky manoeuvres.

Once you’ve carried the rolled-up mattress to your Dunlopillo bed base, unwrap and lay the mattress flat.

The mattress will slowly start to inflate back to its normal size. 🥳

Rolled up mattress off gassing
You may experience some off-gassing.

Customers may experience some off-gassing, which is completely normal with compressed mattresses and not harmful. 💨

Dunlopillo mattress trial period

The trial period for a Dunlopillo mattress depends on the retailer you purchase it from.

We recommend Mattress Online with the 60-day free Comfort Trial.

Most retailers advise sleeping on your mattress for at least 30 nights before asking to exchange it. 🔁

It takes at least that amount of time to adapt to the feel and tension of the new mattress.


We compiled a list of the best trial periods from Dunlopillo retailers:

  • Mattress Online gives you a 60-day trial. You can exchange the mattress for a different one if you're not happy with your purchase.
  • Latex Sense gives you a 50-day trial. You can exchange the mattress or get a full refund if you're not happy.
  • John Lewis gives you a 60-day trial if you also purchase a mattress protector. But, the trial is not free, and you will have to pay a collection fee if you want to return the mattress.

Other brands, like Simba and Nectar, offer a much longer trial period for you to get to know your new mattress.

In fact, Nectar offers a staggering 365 days to try out your new mattress! 🤯


While a longer trial period gives you time to test the mattress thoroughly, it also increases the risk of damaging the mattress with spilt tea or food. ☕

We’ve all been there.

So, keep your mattress in good condition throughout the trial period, just in case you need to return it later down the line.

We recommend choosing a Dunlopillo retailer with a free trial period, such as Mattress Online, so you can test out the new mattress without fear of any return fees. 😍

No money-back guarantee

A money-back guarantee is essential when shopping for a new mattress.

It provides you with peace of mind while you test out the mattress and decide if it’s the right fit for you and your partner. 💤

Woman measuring the indent in a new mattress.
Watch out for lasting indents in your new mattress.

However, some Dunlopillo retailers only offer exchanges if you decide you do not like your Dunlopillo mattress in the trial period.


Often, if you want to exchange your original mattress for a higher-priced one, you will need to pay the difference in price.

Always read the Terms and Conditions of the trial period for your mattress before clicking the Buy button.

Ideally, you are looking for a Dunlopillo mattress with a 100% money-back warranty and a free trial period with exchanges and returns at no extra cost.

Should you buy a Dunlopillo mattress?

Dunlopillo offers supportive, breathable and high-quality mattresses with innovative latex technology behind them.

The Royal Sovereign Dunlopillo mattress has even been awarded Which? Magazine’s Best Buy Award for three years in a row. 🏅

However, as Dunlopillo does not sell its own mattresses, delivery times, trial periods, and guarantees greatly vary across different retailers.

We recommend Dunlopillo mattresses to:

  • People with back or neck pain
  • The elderly
  • Hot sleepers
  • Side sleepers
  • People who care about the sustainability of their mattress

Dunlopillo mattresses are a great choice if you have a few aches and pains and need additional support.

Here's another look at some of our favourite Dunlopillo mattresses.

The best Dunlopillo mattresses:

Contact Dunlopillo UK

Customer service: To contact Dunlopillo directly for complaints, support, or queries, please e-mail them at

Registered office: Relyon Beds Ltd (Dunlopillo), Station Mills, Wellington, Somerset, TA21 8NN.

Frequently asked questions

  • What are Dunlopillo mattresses made of?

    The core component of a Dunlopillo mattress is latex, which is specially designed to both cushion pressure points and promote proper spinal alignment. 

    This design allows for air to circulate freely for constant ventilation, keeping temperatures comfortable throughout the night. 🌡️

    When you purchase a Dunlopillo mattress, you can rest assured knowing you will have high-quality craftsmanship without sacrificing comfort - a winning combination!

  • Why is a Dunlopillo mattress a good investment for your home bedroom set-up?

    A Dunlopillo mattress is a great investment for your home bedroom as it offers superior comfort and health benefits. 😴

    The breathable properties of the mattress make for a cooler, more comfortable sleeping environment compared to a memory foam mattress.

    Investing in a quality Dunlopillo mattress today will give you peace of mind for years to come.

  • How long does a Dunlopillo mattress last?

    When shopping for a mattress, the product's longevity is an important consideration. 

    Dunlopillo has crafted a range of mattresses to offer just that: outstanding quality. 

    However, some customers have reported issues with the durability of their Dunlopillo mattresses, claiming that, after a short while, the mattress became hard and uncomfortable. 😟

    This is surprising as latex mattresses are usually praised for lasting up to 15 years, which is much longer than other mattress materials.

    These negative reviews may be down to not caring for your latex mattress correctly.

    For example, it's essential to have a ventilated divan base underneath your latex mattress so air can circulate freely throughout the mattress. 

    It's also important to rotate your mattress every three months to prevent sagging and an uneven filling. 

    We go into more detail on the technology behind latex mattresses in this article. 

    A flat base can decrease the longevity and temperature of your mattress, causing it to become potentially uncomfortable after a while. 

    Fortunately, Mattress Online offers an 8-year guarantee on Dunlopillo mattresses in case you encounter any problems.

  • How can you get the best deal on a Dunlopillo mattress?

    Before you set off to find a Dunlopillo retailer, make sure you read all the customer reviews so you can compare prices and know what kind of deals are out there. 

    With a little online research, you can find the best Dunlopillo mattress price from stores near and far at the click of a button. 🛍️

    Just remember to consider delivery fees before making a purchase, too! 

    If you'd rather buy in person, try checking stores near you. 

    Both big box outlets and smaller home furnishing shops often carry Dunlopillo mattresses. 

    When it comes to finding the best deal for your dream mattress, a little research goes a long way.

  • Where can I buy a Dunlopillo mattress?

    Dunlopillo is available at a wide range of stores across the UK, including: 

    • Dunlopillo John Lewis
    • Dunlopillo Amazon
    • Dunlopillo Mattress Online
    • Furniture Village mattresses
    • Latex Sense
    • Land of Beds
    • Big Brand Beds

    Remember to look out for a trial period when finding a retailer for your Dunlopillo mattress. 

  • Can you turn over a Dunlopillo mattress?

    If you’re considering a Dunlopillo mattress, you’ll probably be wondering whether or not to flip it. 

    It’s true that some brands require regular flipping to ensure even wear. 

    However, the good news is that hardly any modern mattresses need turning - and your Dunlopillo is no exception! 🥳

    We recommend rotating the mattress every three months to help with even settlement. 

    Just bear in mind that Dunlopillo mattresses have no handles due to their weight. 

    If in doubt, then speak to your retailer’s customer service team to check what the best advice for care and maintenance is.

  • What sizes are Dunlopillo mattresses available in?

    The Dunlopillo mattress range comes in many sizes, so you can choose the one that will provide the perfect level of comfort and convenience

    • Dunlopillo European small single mattress: 75 x 200 cm (2’6” x 6’6”)
    • Dunlopillo single mattress: 90 x 190 cm (3’ x 6’3”)
    • Dunlopillo European single mattress: 90 x 200 cm (3’ x 6’6”)
    • Dunlopillo small double mattress: 120 x 190 cm (4’ x 6’3”)
    • Dunlopillo double mattress: 135 x 190 cm (4’6” x 6’3”)
    • Dunlopillo king size mattress: 150 x 200 cm (5’ x 6’6”)
    • Dunlopillo super king mattress: 180 x 200 cm  (6’ x 6’6”)

    From the Dunlopillo mattress king size to the Dunlopillo single mattress, you can make some BIG savings on mattresses of all sizes

    All Dunlopillo mattresses are designed with maximum ergonomic support and pressure relief in mind – so no matter which size you choose, you know you'll rest easy each night.

  • Do latex mattresses sag over time?

    Looking after your latex mattress comes down to the support underneath it. 

    When you lie on a latex mattress, most of your body weight transfers on the bed frame slats. 

    So, your latex mattress may start to sag if there are thin, poor-quality slats underneath. 

  • References

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