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Emma Mattress Review UK (2024)

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Did you know that sleeping 60 to 90 minutes longer every night can make you healthier and happier?

The Emma Original is the UK's most-awarded mattress, and promises you a great night's sleep. 🏆

But does this memory foam mattress live up to the hype?

And is it the right choice for you?

We'll help you decide in this UK Emma mattress review.

Let's dive right in. 🥳

Top features of the Emma Original mattress

Memory foam
Memory Foam
Free delivery & returns
Free Delivery & Returns
200-day trial period
200-Day Trial Period


  • Soft and comfortable to give you that "sleeping-on-a-cloud" feeling.

  • Offers excellent orthopaedic support.

  • Exceptionally low motion transfer, making it a brilliant choice for couples.

  • Very well-suited to side sleepers.

  • Machine-washable top cover (which can also be upgraded).

  • Free shipping and returns.

  • 200-night trial period.

  • 10-year guarantee.


  • May be too soft for heavier-weight people, larger builds, or stomach sleepers.

  • The side carrying handles are a little weak, especially for the larger mattress sizes.

  • Too warm for hot sleepers.

Who is the Emma Original suitable for?

  • Lighter-weight to average-weight sleepers.
  • Most sleeping positions, but particularly great for side sleepers.
  • People with orthopaedic concerns.
  • Those looking for a hypoallergenic mattress with a washable cover.
  • Couples looking for exceptional motion isolation.
  • Budget-buyers who don't want to compromise on quality.

One-minute Emma Original video review

Short on time?

Check out our quick (just over) one-minute video review of the Emma Original. 👇

Emma mattress composition

The Emma Sleep Original is a high-quality memory foam mattress.

It features three foam layers that work together to offer optimal comfort, stability, and spinal support.

The three different foam layers are:

  • A top layer of point-elastic Airgocell foam (3 cm / 1.1 inches)
  • A core of high-density, pressure-relieving memory foam (3 cm / 1.1 inches)
  • A base layer High Resiliency Extra (HRX) polyfoam with contour zones (19 cm / 7.4 inches)

These are all high-density foams, indicative of high quality, durability, and a good mattress lifespan.


All foams are certified to be free from harmful chemicals. We explain this in more detail in the FAQ section.

Let's take a closer look at each of these foam layers.

Emma original mattress layers

The Emma mattress foam layers

Each of the foam layers in the Emma Original serves a specific purpose.

1. Point-elastic Airgocell foam

The top comfort layer of the mattress is made from patented Airgocell foam.

The unique Point Elastic Airgocell technology enhances overall breathability and regulates temperature within the mattress by allowing excess heat to escape.

This counteracts the heat-retention properties of memory foam, designed to keep you cooler than standard foam mattresses. ❄️


pressing Emma mattress foam layers
The Airgocell foam layer hugs around the body.

2. Halo memory foam

The core of the mattress consists of high-density memory foam.

The Halo memory foam adapts optimally to your body shape.

This offers targeted spinal alignment, enhanced pressure relief, and body-hugging comfort. 🤗

emma original graphic
The Halo memory foam is sandwiched between the other foam layers.

The memory foam layer in the Emma Sleep Original is relatively thin.

This isn't a bad thing: It means you can enjoy the benefits of the foam without the drawbacks, such as excessive heat retention and difficulty moving.


3. Emma HRX Supreme foam

The base of the Original mattress consists of Emma HRX (High Resiliency Extra) Supreme foam.

This base foam layer serves multiple purposes:

  • It guarantees durability by preventing sag.
  • Five adaptive contour zones distribute body weight more evenly.
  • Limits motion transfer to keep you comfortable.

Overall, the HRX cold foam gives you enhanced support and stability. 🏋️‍♂️

Emma mattress foam layers
The depth of Emma Original mattresses is 25 cm (9.8").

It also ensures the durability of the mattress.

However, you should rotate your mattress every couple of months to further improve the mattress's durability.

This will help to evenly distribute weight and avoid the development of body impressions.

Emma mattress cover

The Emma memory foam mattress includes a simple yet elegantly designed cover.

However, we tested the Emma Original Plus, which includes the more advanced Comfort cover, previously known as the Diamond Hybrid cover.

The table below breaks down the differences between the covers:

Standard Emma cover Emma Comfort cover
Design: Thinner, textured design with grey mesh border. Honeycomb design with green accents and grey mesh border.
Materials: 99% polyester and 1% elastane. 99% polyester and 1% elastane.

The main difference in the Comfort cover is the luxury honeycomb design.

Emma claims the Comfort cover has better thermoregulation, with the honeycomb design providing better airflow.


Emma mattress cover
The top of the Emma Diamond Hybrid cover has a honeycomb design.

The Comfort cover is thick and luxurious, incredibly soft, and pleasant to lie on.


Side carrying handles

The cover has four carrying handles, which make moving the mattress or turning it around much more manageable.

Emma mattress cover side handles
The mattress has side handles for easy transportation.

Unfortunately, the handles are relatively weak and can tear quickly.

This is especially true if you're handling the mattress more roughly or dealing with one of the larger mattress sizes.

Can you wash the Emma mattress cover?

Conveniently, you can wash the Emma cover.

We encountered no issues in detaching and reattaching the cover - in fact, we discovered that it could be accomplished by just one person.

Simply zip it off and machine-wash at 60℃. 🛀

A mattress with a machine-washable cover like the Original Emma is an excellent hypoallergenic choice [1] suitable for people prone to allergies.

Emma mattress cover removed
Taking the mattress cover off is super easy.

That said, we always recommend investing in a mattress protector to further safeguard your mattress against stains, spills, dirt, and bacteria. 💦

This will also elongate the lifespan of your mattress.

Grab the Emma mattress protector:

How comfortable is the Emma Original mattress?

Our test sleepers tried the Original for quite a while for our UK Emma mattress review.

Their best description of what sleeping on the mattress feels like was "cosy and supportive".

This feeling can largely be explained by the combination of the two upper comfort layers.

Both Airgocell and memory foam are highly adaptable and conform to the shape of your body. 🤗

pressing emma mattress
The Emma Sleep mattress feels soft and comfortable.

They are also very point-elastic, meaning they can relieve pressure well and help your muscles relax.

With this combination, you should feel as if you're sinking into a cloud, ready to drift off for the best night's sleep of your life.

Here's what one of our sleep experts said:

What a pleasant discovery - the adaptability of this mattress is excellent! Definitely a first in my experience. This mattress 'hugs' the body well, regardless of your sleeping position. It feels a bit like you're sleeping in a cocoon. And it really allows your muscles to relax!

Caroline Rolland
Caroline Rolland


Is the Emma mattress good for side sleepers?

Since the Emma memory foam mattress is a medium-feel mattress, it's exceptionally comfortable when sleeping on your side.

This is because your shoulders and hips - the heavier parts of your body - can sink into the mattress more deeply.

Yet, it still offers enough support for the lighter parts of your body, like your feet and arms. 🦶

This combination allows your spine to remain in optimal alignment.

Look at the image below as an illustration:

Emma mattress side sleeper
The Emma foam mattress offers optimal spinal alignment.

You can see how the soft foam layers contour around the body shape, gently cushioning the hip and shoulder.

Meanwhile, the Emma mattress provides enough stability to keep the spine lifted and aligned with the neck.

Our female and male testers experienced exceptional comfort in the side sleeping position.

Both testers agreed the Emma Original mattress reduced aches and pains and provided a supportive yet snuggly sleep.


Is the Emma mattress good for bad backs?

The Emma is a brilliant choice if you're looking for an orthopaedic mattress to help reduce back pain.

If you have a bad back or some orthopaedic concerns, you want to be searching for optimal spinal alignment. 🦴

Take a look at how the Emma mattress supports the spine when sleeping on your back:

Emma original back sleeper
You'll experience good orthopaedic support for back pain relief.

In the back position, the Emma mattress moulds around the heavier parts of the body while aligning the spine in a neutral position.

The mattress also distributes pressure well, allowing your muscles to relax fully and further relieve any tension you may be experiencing.


If you're struggling with aches and pains, you may want to invest in a massage gun for targeted muscle therapy.

Not the best support for stomach sleepers or larger builds

While the Emma Sleep memory foam mattress is quite supportive, it may be too soft for heavier-weight sleepers (averaging 90 kg / 198 lbs or more) who sleep purely on their back or stomach.

Larger builds and stomach sleepers require more hip support.

A mattress that is too soft misaligns the spine and can lead to lower back pain.

We tested the Emma Original mattress in the stomach sleeping position:

stomach sleeping on emma original mattress
Stomach sleepers may feel less supported on the Emma mattress.

You can see how the combination of the soft Emma mattress and firm Emma Premium pillow creates an uncomfortable bend in the spine.

Stomach sleepers should opt for a soft, low-loft pillow for better neck alignment.

If you're of a larger build or prefer sleeping on your stomach, you may find a firmer, more supportive mattress like the Origin mattress or DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid, more comfortable. 👌

Are Emma mattresses firm?

The Emma Original is rated as a medium-firm mattress, but we found it falls a little on the firmer side.


We'd rate it at 7 out of 10 on the Sleep Hero firmness scale, where 1 is the softest and 10 is the firmest.

emma firmness graphic

The Emma mattress offers that sleeping-on-a-cloud feeling but still provides sufficient support and stability, allowing you to enjoy your best night's sleep.

If you find your Emma Original is too soft or firm during your trial period, you can reach out to the customer service team and request an additional comfort layer to be sent out.

Measuring sinkage depths

To test the Emma mattress firmness, we measured how deeply our test sleepers sank into the foams in various positions. 🧮

Sinkage is a good indicator of how supportive the mattress would be for different sleepers.

To test, we relied on two different sleepers and measured their respective sinkage depths.


Emma mattress sinkage depths
By measuring how deeply we sink into the mattress, we can better understand stability and support.

The Emma mattress had moderate sinkage in the middle, with slightly more sinkage than other memory foam mattresses like the Nectar mattress.

We also analysed the sinkage depths in different sleeping positions to see how much the mattress adapted to our shape.

To do this, we measured the hips and shoulders to get an indication of how well the Emma Original moulded to these heavier regions.

Our experiment gave the following results:

Female tester (57 kg / 9 st) Male tester (88 kg / 14 st)
Sleeping on the back

Shoulder: 3 cm (1.18")

Pelvis: 3 cm (1.18")

Shoulder: 1 cm (0.39")

Pelvis: 5 cm (1.96")

Sleeping on the side

Shoulder: 5 cm (1.96")

Pelvis: 6 cm (2.36")

Shoulder: 6 cm (2.36")

Pelvis: 5 cm (1.96")

Sleeping on the stomach

Shoulder: 0.5 cm (0.19")

Pelvis: 1 cm (0.39")

Shoulder: 2 cm (0.78")

Pelvis: 3.5 (1.37")

The results were impressive. 🤯

As you can see, the Emma Original is highly adaptable to each sleeping position, offering more sinkage when sleeping on the side and providing more stability when sleeping on the back and front.

The Emma mattress also adjusted well to different weights, distributing the weight evenly across the mattress's surface.

However, we'd say it's a little too soft for heavier stomach sleepers.

Edge support test

If you often sit on the edge of your bed, it's important to choose a mattress that has good edge support.

pressing emma original
Edge support focuses on the perimeter of the mattress.
But what exactly is edge support?

As the name suggests, this is the support you can experience at the very edge of the mattress.

In a mattress with bad edge support, you'll feel as if you're sliding off the mattress when sitting on the edge or sleeping very close to the edge of the mattress.

Take a look at the edge support of the Emma mattress:

sitting on emma original

kneeling on emma mattress

Overall, we found it had average edge support.

But it did fare a little better than other all-foam mattresses like the Nectar mattress.

However, firmer bed-in-a-box options that combine pocket springs with foam layers generally do better in our edge support test.

If you like sitting on the edge of your bed, it's best to look for a mattress with better edge support, like the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid mattress.

Does the Emma mattress sleep hot?

You may have heard that memory foam sleeps hot. 🥵

This is true.

Memory foam mattresses are generally warmer and retain more heat than other mattresses.

But the Emma Original mattress is designed with temperature-regulating properties.​

The Airgocell layer and the fine-meshed top cover are acclaimed to increase breathability and reduce heat storage. ❄️

But how well do these thermal properties really work?

Testing heat retention in the Emma Original

We used a thermal camera to analyse how much heat was retained in the Emma mattress upon waking up. 📷

Since we usually wake up warmer than when we go to sleep, this provides a good indication of the warmest we'd be on the Emma Original mattress.

Take a look at the results:

temperature map emma original

temperature map emma original

As you can see, the Emma Original retained much of the heat built up inside the mattress, providing an average temperature of 37.4 -37.5°C

This is 11.7°C warmer than our tester's results on the Emma Premium mattress, a hybrid mattress with a pocket spring layer, which provides better airflow. 🌬️

However, there are other variables to consider:

  • The room temperature was 25°C on the thermostat
  • Our testers were using the Emma Cloud duvet
  • Our tester's sheets were 90% polyester, 10% cotton
  • Our testers slept with a fan in the room during the night

The results from our temperature test correlate with how warm we felt sleeping on the Emma mattress.

On particularly warm nights, we woke up overheating, and you could feel the heat retained by hovering your hand above its surface.

Therefore, if you feel warm easily during sleep, you should consider a cool mattress, like the Simba Hybrid Luxe, which is designed with the most breathable materials.

Is the Emma mattress good for couples?

If you're sharing your bed with a partner, you'll have one burning question:

Can I comfortably share this mattress with another person?

There are two factors we consider to determine this:

  • Edge support
  • Motion transfer

We've already seen that the Emma Original UK mattress has average edge support.

low motion transfer
Ideally, you want a mattress with low motion transfer.

While the Emma mattress double is the minimum size for couples, we recommend couples invest in a larger mattress, such as the Emma mattress king size or the super king-sized mattress.


Larger mattress sizes ensure that both partners have enough space to sleep comfortably.

But what about motion transfer?

Motion transfer refers to how much movement is carried through the mattress.

That is: Will you feel your partner toss and turn or get into bed when you're already fast asleep?

motion transer graphic
You'll sleep best if motion isn't carried across the mattress.

A mattress with high motion transfer isn't ideal as you'll feel movements quite well.

The Emma Original has exceptionally low motion transfer (or, good motion isolation).

The foam layers absorb and dampen movements, ensuring that motion is not carried across the mattress.

When we did our Emma mattress review UK, we shared the bed with a partner - and did not feel any movements.

Despite the difference in weight between the two people lying on the mattress, we did not experience the feeling of "rolling" towards the heavier partner. That said, the mattress will be less suitable for overweight people because I am not certain that the foam restores all of its elasticity after changing your sleeping position.

Caroline Rolland


We also didn't feel our partner getting in and out of bed.

This means you can enjoy a restful night's sleep and won't be disturbed by your partner tossing and turning. 🕺

Emma Original mattress sizes

Emma Sleep mattresses are available in all standard UK sizes. 🇬🇧

These include:

  • Emma mattress single: 90 x 190 cm (3’ x 6’3”)
  • Emma small double mattress: 120 x 190 cm (4' x 6'3")
  • Emma double mattress: 135 x 190 cm (4’6” x 6’3”)
  • Emma king mattress: 150 x 200 cm (5’ x 6’6”)
  • Emma mattress super king: 180 x 200 cm (6’ x 6’6”)

Children, young adults, and people sleeping alone can choose any of the mattress sizes.

That said, the single Emma mattress should be reserved for young children.


Uk standard mattress sizes

We'd recommend couples opt for the Emma double bed as a minimum, but they should preferably go for the Emma king mattress, Emma super king mattress, or larger.

More recently, Emma has also introduced European mattress sizes. 🇪🇺

These include:

  • EU single: 90 x 200 cm (3' x 6'7")
  • EU double: 140 x 200 cm (4'7" x 6'7")
  • EU queen: 160 x 200 cm (5'3" x 6'7")

Our mattress size guide can also help you choose the perfect mattress.

Emma UK used to sell the Emma cot mattress. Unfortunately, this is no longer available. Take a look at our other recommended cot mattresses for babies and small children.

How thick is the Emma mattress?

The Emma mattress depth lies at 25 cm (9.8").

This is standard for most bed-in-a-box mattresses.

We love standard-sized mattresses, as this means most bedding will fit comfortably. 😅

Unfortunately, our mattress was a couple of centimetres shy of 25 cm (9.8"), measuring 22.5 cm (8.8").

Emma mattress height
Our Emma Original mattress had a height of 22.5 cm (8.8").

However, we opened it later than the recommended period, which could have played a role in its lack of full expansion.

To maximise your Emma mattress's performance, it's best to unbox it within 4 weeks of receiving your shipment.

Should your Emma mattress fail to reach the specified height, it is advisable to contact the Emma support team, as this issue is considered under your warranty.

Emma mattress prices

The Emma Original offers incredible value for money.

(Note: prices listed below are standard prices, excluding any current coupons and discounts)

£ 299
Small Double
£ 419
£ 450
£ 547
Super King
£ 636

Emma mattress discount codes

Even though the Emma is a great value-for-money mattress, you'll be pleased to hear that there are regular Emma mattress sales.


Promotions may come up at any time, but particularly exciting sales take place for Emma Sleep's birthday, bank holidays, Valentine's Day, Halloween, Black Friday, Christmas, Boxing Day, and the New Year's period.

We collect all of the best discounts for you on our discounts page.

Piggy bank
Emma mattress discount codes can get you up to 55% off.

We also list any current Emma Original discounts within this article.

In addition, we have a Sleep Hero exclusive discount code, "SLEEPHEROUK5", that will give you an extra 5% off your purchase.

Check out our article on Emma mattress discount codes, which guides you on using discount and promotional codes, how much you can save, and more.


If you want to ensure you never miss a good deal, sign up for our newsletter below.

Emma mattress UK delivery conditions

Your new mattress will be delivered free of charge within 1 - 3 working days anywhere within the UK. 🇬🇧

Currently, Emma UK does not ship to the Channel Islands.

It is delivered rolled up, vacuum-sealed, and protected in a compact box specifically designed to fit through narrow passageways.


Emma mattress in a box

The Emma mattress rolled up in a plastic cover

This makes it ideal for those who want to upgrade to a king or super-king mattress but have concerns about getting it into the room.

Can Emma remove your old mattress?

Emma UK also offers an old mattress removal service at an additional cost - simply select this option upon checkout. 🛒

The relevant delivery company will remove your old mattress when delivering the new one.


How does the Emma memory foam mattress expand?

If you're new to bed-in-a-box mattresses [2], you may be wondering how you'll get a full-size comfortable mattress out of the delivery box. 🤯

Emma mattress instructions:

  • Place the box on your bed frame.
  • Take out the still-rolled-up mattress.
  • Cut open the plastic wrapping.
  • Unfold your mattress.
  • Take away all the excess wrapping.

The mattress expands almost instantly as soon as you break the vacuum seal and start removing the packaging.

Cutting open the Emma mattress plastic cover

unwrapping the emma mattress

Typically, your Emma mattress will expand very quickly and be ready to use after just a few hours.
However, we were delayed in unboxing our new mattress, which slowed down the expansion process.

Because of this, it took around 24 hours for our Emma mattress to fully expand. ⏰

For best results, you should unbox your mattress within 4 weeks of receiving it.


You can sleep on your Emma memory foam mattress as soon as it has reached its full size.

Off-gassing is completely normal

When you first unpack the mattress, you may notice a slight odour, referred to as off-gassing.

Off-gassing is neither toxic nor harmful, but it can be a little uncomfortable.

We recommend unpacking your new mattress in a well-ventilated room and letting it air out.

off-gassing graphic
Off-gassing is entirely normal when you unpack your mattress.

The mattress we received only had a slight chemical smell, and it disappeared after a few hours.


Does the Emma mattress come with a trial period?

The Emma Original comes standard with a 200-night risk-free trial period, which begins with delivery. 🚚

This is great as it gives you even more time to try out the mattress in the comfort of your own home.

That being said, you shouldn't feel put off by your mattress if it's not comfortable on the first night.

After all, it can take 4 - 6 weeks to get used to a new mattress, and you won't know for sure if it's right for you until you've spent some time sleeping on it.

mattress trial period
You can try the Emma mattress for 200 nights.

If you wake up with back pains or can't sleep well even after 6 weeks, the mattress might not be suitable for you.

Does your Emma mattress feel too soft or firm?

You can contact the Emma support team, who will happily send you an additional soft or firm comfort layer.

Emma is one of the only brands we know of that offers this service.


Emma mattress returns

If at any point during the trial period you decide the mattress isn't right for you, you can return it.

Returns are free and organised and paid for by Emma UK.

Returns are also super easy - simply contact Emma's customer service via the returns portal.

You'll receive a full refund within 14 working days. 💰

There is no need to keep your Emma box or any original packaging to make use of the Emma returns process.

If you decide to return your Emma Original, the couriers ordered to pick up the mattress will arrive with the packing materials.

Are Emma mattresses any good and should you buy one?

As our Emma mattress review has hopefully shown, we liked the Emma Original. 😁

It's a good mattress that will last you a long time!

We can recommend the Emma mattress as a best-buy option for:

  • Light-weight or average-weight people or those of a more petite build.
  • Side sleepers of any size.
  • Couples looking for motion isolation.
  • People with orthopaedic concerns.
  • Children above the age of 6.
  • Seniors (who will often find softer mattresses more comfortable).
  • People who like soft mattresses.

We would not recommend the Emma mattress for:

  • Back and front sleepers who are slightly larger or heavier.
  • People who prefer firmer mattresses.
  • Very restless sleepers.

Luckily, getting the Emma is a risk-free purchase.

If you find it's too soft for you, you can simply get a full refund.



  • Material

    Good quality. 

  • Comfort

    Soft and comfortable.

  • Off-gassing

    Faint smell that disappeared quickly.

  • Breathability

    Could be improved. 

  • Motion transfer & support

    Low motion transfer and good support.

  • Delivery & returns

    Free delivery and returns.

  • Value for money

    Excellent value for money.

Motion transfer & support
Delivery & returns
Value for money

Contact Emma UK

Customer service: To contact Emma UK directly for complaints, support, or queries, please e-mail them at support@emma-mattress.co.uk or complete their online contact form. You can also call them on +44 330 818 1710, Monday - Friday from 08:00 - 13:00.

Registered office: Emma Matratzen GmbH, Wilhelm-Leuschner-Str. 78, 60329 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Read our interview with Emma Sleep.

Frequently asked questions

  • How is the Emma mattress made?

    This short video by Emma gives you an excellent overview of how the boxed mattresses are made. 

    It also really explains the bed-in-a-box principle and shows the compression and rolling up of the mattress.

    This answers many of the questions first-time bed-in-a-box mattress buyers may have.

    Emma testing facility

    Emma prototypes are tested by humans and high-tech machines at their testing facility.

    These tests verify several elements, including motion isolation and durability. 

    • For the motion isolation tests, pressure is exerted onto one area of the mattress, which - if all goes well - sinks in while the rest of the mattress remains still.
    • For the durability tests, heavy barrels are rolled along the mattress to see how well the mattress can withstand continuous pressure and heavy weights.

    These tests ensure that all Emma Sleep mattresses are designed with high-quality features before they go into large-scale production. 

    Where are Emma mattresses made?

    Emma is a German company, but all mattresses sold in the UK are also manufactured in the UK. 🇬🇧

  • Are Emma memory foam mattresses safe to sleep on?

    Emma UK complies with strict testing and safety requirements during the manufacturing process and ensures that all Emma Sleep mattresses comply with the BS 7177 regulation [3].

    This means that the mattress is fire-retardant.

    Emma products are also UKFR certified.

    Even though the Emma is not an organic mattress, it contains no animal-based components and is 100% vegan.

  • What's the Emma mattress guarantee?

    The Emma memory foam mattress is made to last at least 10 years.

    A 10-year warranty is fairly standard for bed-in-a-box mattresses.

    You shouldn't experience any premature mattress sagging before this time, but make sure that you're using a proper bed frame that will keep your mattress evenly supported.

    Any quality divan base, box spring, or slatted base will work. 

    You should also rotate your mattress regularly to ensure weight is distributed evenly to prevent any dips. 

    This warranty covers:

    • Any dips or sags greater than 2.5 cm (0.9 inches) despite correct use.
    • Cracks or hollows in the foam within the first 6 months of use.
    • The mattress not inflating to the correct size despite a 2 cm (0.7 inches) leeway across all dimensions.
    • Damaged zippers or faulty stitching.

    Should any of these occur, Emma will exchange your mattress. 

    Emma also offers a 200-night sleep trial. 

    We go into more detail about the trial in our Emma Original memory foam mattress review. 

  • How do I take care of my Emma memory foam mattress?

    To make sure that your memory foam mattress lasts for as long as it's intended to, you need to take good care of it.

    We answer your most frequently asked questions here.

    Which bed base is best for my Emma mattress?

    You can use any quality bed base as long as it provides a flat surface for your mattress.

    We do not recommend slatted bases with gaps of more than 7.5 cm (3 inches).

    This is because memory foam mattresses like the Emma tend to conform to this shape, leading to bumps and lumps in the long term. 

    Do I need to wash my Emma mattress?

    No, washing the actual mattress is not recommended.

    But, conveniently, it comes with a removable and machine-washable cover. 🛀

    We tested the convenience of removing and washing the cover in our Emma Original mattress review. 

    We would recommend washing this cover at a high temperature (up to 60℃) once every couple of months, provided you're using a mattress protector to protect your mattress otherwise.

    We always recommend using a mattress protector.

    If you're not using a mattress protector, you may need to wash your Emma cover more regularly. 

    You can also wash off single stains by hand, using a gentle washing detergent and a clean cloth or using a suitable mattress cleaner.

    We have more detailed advice in our article on how to clean a mattress

    What is the Emma mattress weight limit?

    The Emma Original memory foam mattress has been designed to support a maximum weight of 130 kg (286 lbs).

    If you exceed this upper weight limit, you're more likely to experience mattress sagging.

    This will decrease the amount of support the mattress gives you, which may cause back pain.

    It also drastically shortens the lifespan of your mattress.

  • What are common Emma mattress problems?

    While the Emma is a high-quality mattress, it won't be the perfect choice for all.

    Common Emma mattress complaints include:

    • The mattress is too soft.
    • The mattress sleeps too hot.

    Even though the Emma has temperature-regulating features, it's still a memory foam mattress and is likely to retain more heat than other types of mattresses.

    If you prefer a cooler sleep, this mattress is not for you.

    If the mattress feels too soft, you can reach out to the Emma team and request a firm comfort layer be added to your mattress. 

    You're unlikely to experience other Emma mattress problems, like premature sagging or dipping.

    If you do experience Emma mattress sagging, this is likely because the individuals using the mattress exceed the maximum weight limit or the mattress has been placed on an unsuitable bed base.

    Some other common Emma mattress problems customers have complained about are issues with customer service and delivery

    There have been unexpected delivery delays, and customers feel that communication with the customer service team is severely lacking. 

    We asked CEO Dennis Schmoltzi about these Emma Sleep problems in our interview with him. 

  • What does Emma do with returned mattresses?

    Returned Emma mattresses don't go to waste.

    Most of them are donated to charities - or sold as Emma refurbished mattresses.

    mattress disposal truck

    If the mattresses are still in mint condition, they may also be refurbished and sold as Emma renewed mattresses via other Emma mattress stockists, such as eBay or Wowcher.

    Don't worry - you don't need to search for any Emma refurbished mattress reviews.

    All renewed mattresses are checked for damages and sterilised, and the inner and outer covers are replaced.

    This effectively renders the mattresses new.

    While a renewed Emma mattress review would give you the same results and quality assurance as this Emma Original mattress review UK, we recommend purchasing directly from Emma.

    Renewed Emma mattresses may be available at a fraction of the original price, but they do not come with a trial period or a 10-year guarantee.

    Many Wowcher Emma mattress offers actually sell refurbished Emma mattresses.

  • Has Emma Sleep won any awards?

    The Emma is an award-winning and bestselling mattress that's been ranked as one of the best mattresses in the UK for numerous years in a row. 🏆

    It has received accolades from dozens of UK establishments, including Good Housekeeping, Ideal Home, Real Homes, T3, The Independent, and Which? Consumers’ Association.

    The Emma Original mattress has also received several awards and recognitions in European countries, including the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and Germany.

    Finally, the company has a 3.1 rating and over 40,000 Emma mattress reviews UK on Trustpilot.

    Emma Original Which? test results 

    The Emma Original was originally one of Which?'s highest-scoring mattresses [4] and was rewarded with their Best Buy seal of approval.

    Initially, the mattress received an astounding 80% and was described as supportive, breathable, stable, exceptionally durable, and very easy to move on.

    But, retesting a few years later brought up some Emma mattress problems:

    • Stability could be better.
    • Breathability could be better.

    These are common issues with memory foam mattresses.

    On re-testing, Which? gave the Original mattress 73% and a "decent all-rounder" score.

  • Can you tell me more about Emma Sleep?

    Emma Sleep is a start-up company first established in Germany in 2015.

    We interviewed co-founder Dennis Schmoltzi to learn more about the background of Emma Sleep. 

    Contrary to popular belief, the name of the company doesn't pay tribute to the company's founder.

    Instead, it is called Emma Mattress simply because "Emma" was a popular name when the business was first set up. 

    One of the leading thoughts behind starting Emma was to make the mattress market as transparent and consumer-oriented as the market in the United States.

    The company's founder, Max Laarmann, believed that consumers should be able to buy a reasonably priced mattress online and benefit from a long and risk-free trial period.

    Today, the company sells all over the UK, USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, and India.

    The brand has also expanded and now offers a selection of mattresses and mattress accessories. 

  • Where can I buy the Emma mattress?

    You can buy the Original Emma mattress directly through the Emma Sleep UK website.

    We include links to the Emma Sleep site throughout our Emma Original review. 

    But the product is also available on Amazon in the UK and via other Emma mattress stockists, including DFS and Carpetright. 

    Occasionally, you can even grab amazing John Lewis Emma mattress offers or Emma mattress Lidl sales.

    The 10-year guarantee is valid if you purchase from an approved seller, though delivery conditions are subject to change. 

    Note, though, that you will only receive a 14-day trial and a 6-month guarantee if you purchase refurbished Emma mattresses through agents such as Wowcher, GoGroopie, or eBay. 

  • What payment options does Emma mattress UK offer?

    You can purchase your Emma product on the Emma UK website via credit card or PayPal.

    Online payments are secure.

    Emma also offers financing options, and they’ve teamed up with Klarna [5] to help you choose how and when to pay.

    Simply select this option upon checkout.

  • What is the Emma friend referral programme?

    Emma UK used to offer a friend referral programme where you could share your unique code to give your friends a discount on their first purchase - and earn money in the process!

    This programme has since been discontinued.

  • What's the Emma mattress key worker discount?

    Emma UK also offers an essential worker's discount for the following industries:

    • Health service discounts for those working for the NHS 
    • Education discounts for all teachers
    • Carer discounts for anyone working in this field 
    • Emergency service discounts for all emergency service workers

    The key worker discount gives you an additional 6% off any purchase from the Emma UK website.

  • Does Emma sell any other mattresses?

    Emma has quite a few other mattresses available, including the:

    Emma Sleep UK also used to sell the Emma Essential, the Emma One [6] and the Emma Cot [7] mattresses. 

    Unfortunately, these are currently not available through Emma UK, but the Emma One is available on Amazon. 🇬🇧

    What's the difference between the Emma Original and the Emma Hybrid?

    Both the Original and the Emma Hybrid are high-quality mattresses by Emma.

    The Original Emma is the flagship product made primarily of memory foam.

    It is a softer mattress better suited to those looking for enhanced breathability. 

    Read our full Emma Original vs Emma Hybrid mattress comparison for a more in-depth contrast.

    What's the difference between the Emma Original and the Emma Premium?

    The Emma Premium is Emma's most advanced and innovative product.

    The Emma Premium offers far more stability and breathability than the Emma Original. 💨

    Read our full Emma Original vs Emma Premium mattress comparison for a more in-depth contrast.

  • Can you give me some Emma mattress comparisons?

    Are you more familiar with a different mattress and would like to find out how the Original Emma mattress compares?

    The following mattress comparisons should be helpful, but reading our full Emma Original mattress review is the best way to determine if this is the right choice for you.

    Which is better, the Eve mattress or the Emma mattress?

    Both the Eve mattress and the Emma are made of high-quality materials, offer good support and stability, and provide a high comfort level.

    However, they are suitable for different sleepers. 

    The Eve Original will be perceived as slightly firmer (6.5/10) while the Emma Original is slightly softer (6/10). 

    You can also read our full Emma vs Eve comparison for more information.

    Should you choose the Emma or Simba mattress?

    The Emma and the Simba mattress are very different.

    While both are high-quality mattresses, they are suited to vastly different profiles.

    The Emma is a medium memory foam mattress, making it most suitable for light- or average-weight side sleepers who enjoy that sleeping-on-a-cloud feel. ⛅️

    Composition of the Simba mattress

    The Simba mattress is a hybrid mattress and features Aerocoil pocket springs and multiple layers of high-density foam.

    This means that you get the advantages of both coils and foam.

    Both provide a medium-firm feel, which we rated 6/10 for both mattresses.  

    The Simba Hybrid is better suited to heavier sweaters and restless sleepers than the Emma.  

    You can also read our full Emma vs Simba comparison for more information.

    Is Emma better than Tempur?

    Both of these products are made of high-quality memory foam.

    Tempur is currently the only mattress brand that uses NASA-certified memory foam and is renowned for its superior quality. 🌎

    However, Tempur mattresses are exceptionally more expensive than the Emma Original!

    If you have the budget, Tempur is an excellent choice.

    That said, we would recommend opting for the Emma Sleep mattress - the quality is just as good, and it offers much better value for money

    Emma mattress vs Nectar mattress

    Both the Emma Original and the Nectar mattress are high-quality memory foam mattresses.

    But, the Nectar mattress is a little firmer and easier to move around on. 💃

    We would recommend this one to restless sleepers and people who prefer a firmer feel. 

    Nectar mattress

    The Emma is best for people who like medium-feel mattresses.

    Is the Emma mattress similar to the Casper mattress?

    The Casper mattress is a popular mattress that's unfortunately no longer available in the UK.

    Even though both the Emma and the Casper are memory foam mattresses, the Casper differs slightly:

    • It's much firmer than the Emma mattress.
    • It has a top layer of latex foam.
    • The latex makes the mattress more comfortable to move on and reduces heat retention.

    If you're interested, you can read our full Casper vs Emma mattress comparison for more guidance.

  • What's the difference between the Emma Original and Emma Original Plus?

    The Emma Original Plus is the latest mattress by Emma Sleep. 

    It has the exact same composition as the Emma Original mattress but with an advanced breathable cover. 

    This Emma Comfort cover has temperature-regulating properties to help keep you cool at night. 

    It's also fully machine-washable! 

    This makes the Emma Original Plus an excellent choice for hot sleepers and allergy sufferers. 

  • What else does Emma Sleep UK sell?

    A good mattress is essential, but Emma UK also offers other sleeping accessories and beds. 😴

    Here's a quick overview of the Emma Sleep range:

    As well as our Emma Original review, we have in-depth reviews of many of these Emma products. 

  • References



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