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Best Mattress Cleaners UK (2024)

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You sleep on your mattress every night.

Such frequent use can lead to a build-up of odours, dirt, and stains.

While you can use home remedies, store-bought products are easier and more effective.

Our review and guide will help you find the best mattress cleaner to get your mattress spick and span again. ✨

Let's go!

Best mattress cleaner

The best mattress cleaners in the UK


Dr Beckmann Upholstery Stain Remover

The Dr Beckmann Upholstery Stain Remover is tough yet gentle and has a pleasantly fresh scent.
  • Safe for upholstery & mattresses
  • Neutralises odours
  • Removes tough stains 

Tell me more about the Dr Beckmann Upholstery Stain Remover

The Dr Beckmann Upholstery Stain Remover uses oxi-power technology and is gentle yet tough enough to remove stains.

It can effectively exterminate most stains, including red wine, grease, coffee, and pet messes. 

The cleaner has a mild, fresh scent and can neutralise odours.

The soft and innovative triangular brush provides 2-in-1, easy application, allowing you to effectively spot-treat any marks.

The cleaner is safe to use on colours since it's free from bleach and chlorine and is pet-safe.

The Dr Beckmann Upholstery Stain Remover is also environmentally friendly because it comes in a 100% recycled and biodegradable plastic bottle.

Reasons to buy

Easy application 


Free from bleach & chlorine 

Reasons to avoid

Not a great long-term solution 

Great For Allergies

MPC Eradicate Mattress Stain Remover

The MPC Eradicate Mattress Stain Remover is powerful enough to tackle all kinds of tough jobs.
  • 500 ml 
  • Removes stains & odours
  • Kills bacteria & dust mites 

Tell me more about the MPC Mattress Stain Remover

The MPC Eradicate Mattress Stain Remover is fast-acting and powerful.

It's suitable for removing all sorts of urine, faeces, vomit, blood, food, and red wine stains. 

The MPC Stain Remover is also designed to kill bacteria and dust mites, so it's ideal for asthma or allergy sufferers.

Before applying the mattress cleaner spray, you should vacuum the area.

Then simply spray the MPC Stain Remover as required and wait for it to dry. 

Once dry, you'll be able to brush away or vacuum up the remaining product.

Reasons to buy

Quick & easy solution 


Customers say it really works 

Reasons to avoid

Not effective on coffee stains 

Harsh stains may require multiple treatments 

Luxury Option

Dyson V8 Vacuum

The Dyson V8 Vacuum is lightweight, cordless, and ideal for use on the move.

It is quiet and has a battery that lasts for up to 40 minutes of cleaning.

The Dyson V8 Vacuum is perfect for everything from hardwood floors to carpets, mattresses, other upholstery items, and even cars.

It is cordless, easy to manoeuvre, and quickly transforms into a hand-held device. 💃

The vacuum is also quiet and has a battery lasting for up to 40 minutes.

The vacuum's detangling technology can also automatically clear hair, and the filtration system stops microscopic particles from escaping.

While the Dyson V8 is powerful for a cordless vacuum, it isn't as strong as most corded vacuums.



Ecover Stain Remover

The Ecover Stain Remover is an affordable and eco-friendly stain remover.
  • Plant-based ingredients 
  • Environmentally-friendly 
  • Safe for children & pets 

Tell me more about the Ecover Stain Remover

The Ecover Stain Remover has a gentle formula, free from harsh chemicals that won't pollute our water.

Thanks to its formulation, the remover is safe to use around young children and pets. 

Plus, you won't need to search for extra cleaning supplies since a brush is already attached.

While it is effective for most stains, some customers have noted that it is sometimes not powerful enough to eliminate very heavy or ingrained marks.

But it is highly affordable and a great choice for those who prefer to use more environmentally-friendly products. 

Handily, the Ecover Stain Remover can also be used on a wide range of materials, including mattresses, carpets, clothes, and much more.

Reasons to buy

Free from harsh chemicals 


Suitable for mattresses, carpets & clothes 

Reasons to avoid

Not powerful enough for tough stains 

What to use to clean a mattress

Sometimes life gets messy, and that means mattresses do too.

From spills to sweat, there are lots of things that can leave marks on your mattress.

The good news is that you can clean your mattress.

Let's dive into what you need to know before you get cleaning. 🤔

Types of mattress cleaners

Depending on the dirt or stains you're cleaning, you'll want to use different cleaning tools and products.

If you're dealing with general dust, dead skin cells or dust mites, the best thing to clean a mattress is a vacuum.

However, you'll want a stain remover if you're hoping to eliminate stubborn stains. 🍷

Most of these products come in handy-to-use mattress cleaning spray.

Alternatively, steam cleaners can come in handy for managing particularly tough dirt and stains.

Woman with allergies
Steam cleaners and mattress cleaners can help kill dust mites and allergens.

The heat can even help to kill dust mites.

But if you have a memory foam mattress, you'll want to avoid using steam since water can cause damage.

How to clean a mattress

You must follow the right steps to clean your mattress.

Otherwise, you may be unsuccessful in cleaning your mattress or may even damage it.

Let’s take a look at how you can clean your mattress. 👇

1. Remove and clean your bedding

Firstly, you'll need to remove all bedding and wash it separately.

Clean bedding
Before you clean your mattress, you should remove and wash your bedding.

Your bedding lies between your body and mattress. 🚧

It is the first to get dirty.

Make sure you check the washing instructions for your bedding before cleaning.

2. Vacuum the mattress

Now that your bedding is off and washed, it's time to clean the mattress itself.

Use a vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachment to thoroughly vacuum your mattress, paying special attention to the seams, corners, and edges. 🛏️

This will help remove any loose dirt, dust, or debris from the surface of the mattress.

The Dyson V8 is one of the best bed vacuum cleaners thanks to its lightweight, cordless design.

It also transforms into a handheld vacuum and comes with a handy attachment for cleaning upholstery like mattresses.


3. Spot-clean any stains

If there are any stains on your mattress, use a specialised mattress cleaner to spot-clean the affected areas.

Most upholstery and carpet cleaners are also suitable for this.

Alternatively, you can use a homemade solution (like baking soda mixed with water).

However, the best mattress stain removers can be found in UK retail or online stores. 🛍️

They are quicker, easier, and less messy to use.

Apply the cleaner directly to the stain, and follow the instructions on the product.

4. Allow the cleaning product to penetrate the mattress

Most mattress cleaning products need to be left for a period of time to penetrate the mattress and lift away any dirt or debris.

Time mattress cleaner
It's important you leave enough time for cleaning so you can get to bed comfortably.

Make sure you leave plenty of time for products to work their magic.

You may need to repeat this step for particularly tough stains.

5. Clean up the remaining cleaning product

After the cleaning product has had time to work, it's time to remove the excess.

Typically, this involves using a clean, damp cloth to gently blot the stain until it is removed. 🧽

You may also need to use a vacuum cleaner with the upholstery attachment to clean the mattress and remove the excess product and loosened dirt, dust, or debris.

6. Allow the mattress to dry

If you've used water or liquid products, you'll need time to let it dry.

Allow it to air dry before replacing the bedding. 🍃

Man saying all good
You’ll want to allow time for your mattress to dry for the best results.

The drying process may take several hours, so plan ahead and give yourself enough time to complete the process before bedtime.

7. Other helpful mattress cleaning tips

Remember, always read the instructions on the label of your cleaning product.

We also suggest testing it on a small, inconspicuous area of the mattress first to ensure it will not damage the fabric or cause discolouration. 🧪

Our favourite mattress cleaners:

Preventing mattress stains

While professional products can remove tough mattress stains, it's usually easier to prevent them in the first place.

Mattress protectors are the most affordable and effective way of stopping stains from occurring. ⛔

They act as a barrier between your mattress and the outside world.

Mattress protector
Mattress protectors prevent stains, dust mites, and bacteria.

Most mattress protectors are waterproof and easy to wash if stained.

Plus, it's much cheaper to replace a mattress protector than a mattress in case of stains that just won't budge.

Our favourite mattress protectors will ensure your mattress stays in tip-top shape.

Our favourite mattress protectors:

Best mattress cleaners to remove stains

If you don't use a mattress protector, your mattress will likely end up stained.

Numerous things can cause stains, and most people spend approximately one-third of their life sleeping [1]. 💤

Man sleeping
We spend around a third of our life sleeping.

Considering how much time we spend on our mattresses, it's no wonder that stains accumulate.

Let's look at some of the most common stains and the best mattress cleaner products for each. 👇

Yellow stains on mattresses

The gradual build-up of sweat and body oils can cause yellow stains.

Unfortunately, this can leave your mattress looking grubby and older than its years.

Yellow sweat stains can be particularly tricky because they tend to affect a wider area, making them challenging to spot-treat. 🥵

Since you shouldn't get a mattress wet, it's essential to select a mattress cleaner that doesn't require soaking the area.

We recommend trying the Dr Beckmann's Upholstery Stain Remover.

The attached brush helps work in the product, after which you simply need to leave the stain remover for 3 minutes before dabbing it with a clean, damp cloth.


Blood stains on mattresses

Accidents happen, and so do blood stains on mattresses.

Blood is notoriously tricky to remove, but don't worry because it can be done. 🩸

First, you should gently pat the area only using cold water.

Hot water can cause blood stains to set, and rubbing can spread the mark.

If you're trying to get blood out of your mattress, try the MPC Eradicate Stain Remover.

This product has been formulated to tackle stubborn stains, including blood. 💪


Food and drink stains on mattresses

If you eat or drink on your mattress, a simple spill can lead to a smelly and ingrained stain.

Some minor stains may be lifted with dish soap. 🧼

However, a stain remover works best for tougher stains.

Generally, you'll want to gently dab (with cool water if necessary) to ensure the stain doesn't spread or set.

This method is best for marks made by things like red wine or coffee.

Mattress stain protector
You should use a stain remover to tackle stubborn marks.

On the other hand, you'll get better results rubbing in your stain remover (and using hot water) if you're dealing with grease.

We love the multipurpose Ecover Stain Remover for blasting grease stains on mattresses.

It is formulated with eco-friendly ingredients and has an attached brush to help work in the liquid. 👍


Urine stains on mattresses

Urine can be tricky to get out of a mattress.

It can soak into mattresses, which generally shouldn't get wet. 🙅

Additionally, urine can cause lingering odours if it's not effectively eliminated.

So, what's the best way to clean mattress urine stains?

First, you'll want to dry the area using a clean and dry cloth, sponge, or towel.

We suggest you then use a warm, damp cloth to dilute the stain.

Man with thumbs up
Urine stains are difficult, but not impossible, to eliminate if you follow the right steps.

After this, you can apply your selected mattress stain remover.

The MPC Eradicate Stain Remover is one of the best mattress cleaners for urine.

Simply spray directly onto the affected area, leave to dry (this may take up to an hour), and brush or vacuum away. 🧹

Spray bottles or stain removers like this are the best way to clean pee from a mattress as they tend to be deodourising and dry quickly.


Old mattress stains

Newer stains tend to be easier to remove than old ones, which are ingrained in the mattress.

Ideally, you should deal with stains as soon as possible. ⏳

However, sometimes you won't have time or may forget to clean a mattress stain straight away.

Time and stress
The quicker you clean stains, the easier they are to remove.

Luckily, even entrenched stains can be dealt with.

The best way to clean a mattress stain that's been there for a while is to use a specially formulated product.

But you may find that the stain only fades and doesn't completely disappear after the first clean.

If the stain is stubborn, you'll want to repeat the cleaning process.

Usually, two applications of a mattress stain remover will be enough to banish any leftover marks or discolouration. 👍

Homemade mattress stain remover alternatives

Sometimes stains surprise you.

When an accident happens, you might be caught without the products you need to remove a stain. 😫

In such cases, you can either order next-day delivery on Amazon or pop into your local supermarket.

Or you can try some homemade solutions to remove the stain, though bear in mind these may not solve the problem entirely. 🏡

Here are some homemade mattress stain remover solutions:

  • Baking soda and cold water.
  • Washing detergent and cold water.
  • Washing-up liquid and water.
  • Hydrogen peroxide, warm water, and a splash of washing-up liquid.

Baking soda, washing detergent, and cold water mixes are usually recommended for blood or food stains.

A half-and-half mix of hydrogen peroxide, warm water, and a small amount of washing-up liquid works best for yellow stains.

Water and washing-up liquid is the most commonly suggested solution for urine.

Of course, there's no guarantee these solutions will eliminate marks or odours. 😞

Ultimately, a homemade stain remover is better than nothing, but a formulated, shop-bought solution is best of all!

Our favourite stain removers for mattresses:

Best mattress cleaners to remove dirt

The frequent use that mattresses endure means they're bound to get dirty over time, especially if you're not using a mattress cover and protector.

Dust, dirt, dust mites, pet hair, dead skin cells, mould, and mildew will gradually gather.

Unfortunately, an excess of these things can lead to allergen build-ups or even trigger asthma attacks. 🤧

If your mattress is stained, you'll also need to remove any dirt before using cleaning solutions.

Happy woman sleeping
Dust, skin cells, and pet hair build up over time but can be mostly removed with a powerful vacuum cleaner.

The first step to dealing with accumulated dust and dirt is to vacuum.

Use a vacuum fixed with an upholstery attachment to quickly remove any debris. 🤩

While you can use any vacuum, a handheld or lightweight device will be the easiest to manoeuvre.

We recommend trying the Dyson V8 for this.

It's powerful and perfect for removing even stubborn dirt.


Cleaning a mattress with steam

If you're dealing with particularly ingrained dirt or dust mites, it's worth steam-cleaning your mattress.

The heat from steam can penetrate the surface, killing dust mites and breaking down stains. 💪

You can use a steamer or the steam function on your iron.

But be careful not to let droplets of water gather.

Don't use a steamer if you have one of the following:

You should be okay to use steam (carefully) if you have a spring mattress.

Just make sure you check your mattress labels before trying this.

If you want to try a steam cleaner to kill bacteria and dust mites in your mattress, we suggest trying the customer-favourite Phillips Steam and Go.


Best mattress cleaners to remove odour

Regularly cleaning and changing your sheets should prevent odour from building up.

However, sweat, pet smells, and other odours will gradually permeate your mattress if you're not using a mattress protector.

Air fresheners will alleviate these smells but are not a permanent solution.

Luckily, there are ways to neutralise these odours. 👃

You should try a mattress cleaning spray.

The best mattress cleaner sprays have antibacterial properties or enzymes that help break down the bacteria that cause natural odours.

Clean bed
Using the right odour-neutralising sprays will help keep your bed fresh and clean.

While the MPC Eradicate spray mattress cleaner doesn't have a strong smell, it can neutralise unpleasant odours.

Alternatively, the Dr Beckmann Stain Remover also neutralises smells and leaves a more welcoming scent. 💐

Our favourite mattress cleaners for getting rid of odours:

How to choose a mattress cleaner

Ultimately, there are two critical questions to ask when selecting a mattress cleaner.

These questions are:

  1. What do you want the mattress cleaner to do?
  2. What type of mattress do you have?

It's always best to check your mattress label to see if there are any cleaning products you should avoid. 🏷️

Woman confused
Knowing what you want from your mattress cleaner can make choosing easier.

We also suggest doing a patch test before using any mattress deep cleaner products.

All the mattress stain removers we recommend can eliminate stains, kill bacteria, and manage odours.

The Ecover Stain Remover is best if you're looking for something eco-friendly. 🌳

But you may prefer the MPC Eradicate if you want a mattress cleaner spray to deal with stains that you shouldn’t rub in, including blood.

Alternatively, the Dr Beckmann Stain Remover may be a better fit if you want something that smells nice and comes with a handy brush applicator for ingrained stains.

Our favourite mattress cleaners:

What mattress cleaners should you avoid?

You won't have to worry too much if you choose a stain remover or cleaning product formulated for mattresses.

However, there are a few things it can help to be aware of. 👇

You should avoid products that:

  • Contain bleach.
  • Require dilution in water.

Bleach, while good for killing bacteria, could discolour or damage your mattress.

Mattresses shouldn’t get wet, so you'll generally want to avoid cleaning products that require water (such as washing-up liquid). 🧼

You'll get better results if you use products developed for upholstery, as they don’t usually use bleach or need to be diluted in water.

Should you buy a mattress cleaner?

Mattresses aren't cheap.

Luckily, you can easily remove most build-ups of dirt, odours, and stains. ✨

The best way to clean a mattress is to use specifically formulated mattress cleaners.

It's well worth having a mattress cleaner at home, considering how little it costs.

We also recommend grabbing a mattress protector to avoid issues and for easier cleaning.

Our favourite mattress cleaners and protectors:

Frequently asked questions

  • How often should I clean my mattress?

    Generally, you should clean your mattress every 6 months.

    Regular cleaning stops dirt from building up and becoming ingrained.

    Ideally, you should act fast if there's an accident.

    Stains and smells are easier to get out if they're tackled soon after they happen.

    Cleaning a mattress frequently can be a hassle.

    You can avoid cleaning your mattress as often if you have a good mattress protector, which stops sweat, dirt, and odours from penetrating your sheets and into your bed.

  • Why should I clean my mattress?

    You sleep on your mattress every night.

    Over time, dirt, bacteria, dead skin cells, and bacteria build up.

    These can trigger allergic reactions or worsen asthma if not dealt with.

    Stains may also occur, and odours may worsen, especially if you spill food or drinks or if urine gets onto your mattress.

    All of these things can shorten a mattress's lifespan while also making it less pleasant to sleep on.

    You can keep your mattress fresh for longer by using a mattress protector.

    In addition, you should clean a dirty mattress if you notice odours, stains, or dust.

  • Can I actually clean a mattress?

    Yes, you can clean your mattress.

    Cleaning a mattress usually involves hoovering the surface.

    Next, we suggest cleaning the mattress top with an appropriate mattress-cleaning spray or product.

    You'll then need to wipe, dust, or vacuum any remaining dirt or mattress cleaning product.

  • Does baking soda really clean a mattress?

    You can use baking soda to clean most mattresses.

    It is relatively mild and a natural mattress stain remover and odour neutraliser.

    If you sprinkle baking soda across your mattress, it can help eliminate odours.

    Once it's worked its magic, you'll simply need to vacuum the area to get rid of any excess.

    Alternatively, can also mix baking soda with water or vinegar to deal with stains.

  • How to deep clean a mattress

    You should first strip any bedding, duvets and pillows and pop them in the wash.

    Next, vacuum your mattress to remove any dirt, debris, and hair (human or pet).

    Now use a mattress cleaning product.

    There are also homemade solutions, like mixing water with baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, detergent, or washing-up liquid.

    However, shop-bought products are usually less messy and more effective.

    Use your selected mattress cleaner to spot-clean stains or freshen up the entire surface.

    This may involve spraying and leaving the product to absorb or brushing or dabbing it in.

    But be careful not to soak your mattress, especially when cleaning a foam mattress.

    Finally, let the mattress dry and brush or vacuum away any remaining product.

    Your mattress should be clean, fresh, and ready for bedding again.

    Alternatively, you can hire professional mattress cleaners.

    They will have all the necessary tools, including the best mattress cleaner machines (usually a powerful vacuum which may have a built-in steam cleaner).

    However, this service is more expensive.

  • Where can I buy mattress cleaner?

    You can buy mattress cleaners from various online and physical retailers.

    Amazon sells many mattress cleaners, including professional mattress stain removers and odour destroyers.

    These include the eco-friendly Ecover Stain Remover and MPC Eradicate Mattress Stain Remover.

    Or, you can shop at supermarkets like Tesco, Asda, or Sainsbury's.

    You just need to look for an upholstery cleaner and check the packaging to ensure it's safe for mattresses.

  • What's the best steam cleaner for mattresses in the UK?

    The Philips Steam and Go is one of the best mattress steam cleaners.

    It is a handheld steam cleaner for mattresses, clothes, and more.

    Steam cleaners like this can kill bacteria and neutralise odours, but steam isn't suitable for all mattresses.

    You shouldn't steam clean a foam, gel, or latex mattress if you have one.

    But you can lightly steam most spring mattresses as long as you check the label and are careful not to let water gather.  

    You can use the steam function on your iron if you don't have a steam cleaner.

    You must be careful not to place the iron on your mattress.

  • When should I get rid of my mattress?

    Mattresses typically last between 7 and 10 years.

    However, lower-quality mattresses may not last as long.

    When it's time to dispose of your mattress, there are usually signs.

    These include:

    • The mattress starts sagging or dipping.
    • Your partner's movements disturb you.
    • You wake up with aches and pains.

    It's time to find a replacement once your mattress reaches around 10 years old or starts showing signs of ageing.

  • References

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