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Simbatex Foam Mattress Review UK (2024)

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Simba Sleep is one of the most innovative brands with advanced sleep technology. 🚀

And their latest offering, the Simbatex Foam mattress, is no exception.

But how does this all-foam mattress compare to the popular Simba Hybrid and other foam-based mattresses?

Our Simbatex mattress review has all the answers.

Find out more below. 👇

Cat on Simbatex Foam mattress

Check out these Simba mattresses instead:

Price from   £ 579

Simba Essential

The Simba Hybrid Essential is a low-height mattress with four layers.
  • Simbatex foam & pocket springs
  • 20 cm (7.8 inches)
  • Medium-firm

Tell me more about the Simba Hybrid Essential

The Simba Hybrid Essential is a budget-friendly option by Simba Sleep. 

The mattress features a layer of open-cell graphite-infused Simbatex foam and up to 1500 conical pocket springs.

The 500 g hand-knitted hypoallergenic cover encourages extra air circulation.

It comes as a low-height option with fewer mattress layers but the same great materials as other Simba mattresses. 

The mattress is available at a lower price, making it more suitable for people on a budget.

Reasons to buy

200-night sleep trial

10-year guarantee

Free delivery & returns 

Reasons to avoid

Still quite expensive for a budget mattress

Best For Side Sleepers
Price from   £ 659

Simba Hybrid

The Simba Hybrid mattress is a high-quality pocket-sprung mattress with multiple layers of foam.
  • Simbatex & Aerocoil springs
  • 25 cm (10 inches)
  • Medium-firm 

Tell me more about the Simba Hybrid

The Simba Hybrid is an award-winning hybrid pocket sprung foam mattress by Simba Sleep. 

This is a medium-firm mattress that's an excellent choice for a wide range of sleepers but is particularly suited to side sleepers. 

The Simba mattress is supportive enough to prevent a build-up of tension but also soft enough to allow your body to sink in where necessary.

This allows for optimal spinal alignment. 

The Simba Hybrid mattress comes with an antibacterial hypoallergenic cover, which is removable and machine-washable.

The Simba comes with free delivery, a 200-day risk-free trial period, and a 10-year guarantee. 

Reasons to buy

200-night sleep trial

10-year guarantee 

Excellent support for side sleepers 

Washable cover 

Reasons to avoid

May be too soft for larger builds

Luxury Option
Hybrid Pro
Price from   £ 929

Simba Hybrid Pro

The Simba Hybrid Pro is Simba's second-generation hybrid mattress.
  • Simbatex foam, pocket springs & wool 
  • Medium-firm
  • 28 cm (11 inches)

Tell me more about the Simba Hybrid Pro

The Simba Hybrid Pro is a second-generation hybrid mattress by the proudly British Simba Sleep.

The mattress features layers of moisture-wicking natural wool, Simbatex foam, Aerocoil pocket springs, and a SupportCore sprung base.  

The combination of materials provides superior edge-to-edge support and luxurious comfort.

The top layer of natural wool and the thick knitted top cover allow for enhanced temperature regulation and also provide a soft & comfy sleeping surface. 

Simba Sleep offers a 200-night sleep trial and free delivery & returns. 

Reasons to buy

Hotel-quality luxury

200-night trial 

10-year guarantee

Reasons to avoid

Quite expensive

The cover is not machine-washable 

Great For Hot Sleepers
Hybrid Luxe
Price from   £ 1,289

Simba Hybrid Luxe

The Simba Hybrid Luxe is Simba's most advanced mattress with 11 premium layers.
  • Pocket springs, Simba-Pure foam, wool & bamboo
  • 31 cm (12 inches)
  • Medium-firm

Tell me more about the Simba Hybrid Luxe

The Simba Hybrid Luxe is Simba Sleep's most advanced luxury mattress.

This mattress features an impressive 11 layers, including conical pocket springs, Simba-Pure CertiPUR-certified foam, open-cell graphite-infused Simbatex foam, and a temperature-regulating wool layer. 

The Simba Hybrid Luxe remains supportive and adapts to your body perfectly. 

The knitted cover and bamboo wool layer allow for breathability and superior temperature regulation, keeping you cool and refreshed all night long.

This luxurious mattress is available in all standard UK mattress sizes. 

The Simba Hybrid Luxe comes with free delivery & returns, a 200-day risk-free trial period, and a 10-year guarantee. 

Reasons to buy

High-quality materials 

Machine-washable cover 

200-night trial period 

Reasons to avoid

Very expensive 

Will not fit regular sheets due to its thick depth

Simbatex Foam mattress composition

The Simba Foam mattress is a revolutionary all-foam mattress with four advanced layers to provide a luxurious sleep experience.

simbatex foam mattress layers
The Simbatex mattress is made up of foam layers.

These layers include:

  • Anti-allergy removable cover
  • Simbatex foam comfort layer
  • Simba response foam layer
  • High-density foam base

All the foams used in the Simba Foam mattress are CertiPUR-certified [1], meaning they are free from harmful metals and phthalates and include non-toxic levels of fire retardants. 🔥

Simbatex foam comfort layer

Simbatex foam features an open-cell structure with excellent elasticity to cushion around the body more easily.

Simbatex Foam mattress layers
The Simbatex Cool Foam mattress has 3 advanced foam layers.

Simbatex foam allows 30 times more airflow than traditional memory foam and is infused with graphite for a cooler sleeping experience. ❄️

Simba-response foam layer

The Simba-response foam layer has a firmer feel to provide additional support.

simbatex foam mattress composition
The Simba foam layers work in unison.

This helps to encourage the natural alignment of the spine and neck without too much sinkage into the foams.

Unlike standard memory foam, the open-cell structure of the Simba-response foam layer is less dense, encouraging air to flow throughout the mattress. 🌬️

High-density zoned foam base

Lastly, the high-density base foam layer has support in mind.

simbatex foam mattress layers
The base foam layers have grooves for targeted support.
This thick foam layer has zoned support, ensuring relief in the areas you need most, such as the shoulders and hips. 👯

This layer also provides a solid base to ensure the Simba Foam mattress lasts as long as possible.

Simbatex Foam mattress cover

These Simba foam layers are all neatly wrapped in a removable 500g hypoallergenic knitted cover.

This cover is OEKO-Tex 100 Standard Certified [2] and free from harmful substances. 🧪

Simbatex Foam mattress cover

Simbatex Foam mattress cover unzipped

The Simba cover has a contemporary and sleek look and is one of our favourite mattress covers.

It has a diamond-shaped pattern with grey mesh fabric below the iconic blue zipper. 💙

This anti-allergenic cover is fully removable, but unfortunately, it is not machine-washable.

We found the cover very easy to remove and put back on.

We recommend using a waterproof mattress protector with your new mattress, such as the DreamCloud mattress protector.

This will protect your mattress from any accidents, as well as moisture and bacteria build-up over time.

The Simba cover also includes four handles, which makes rotating and moving the Simbatex mattress much more manageable.

Simbatex Foam mattress handle
The handles make it easier to rotate the mattress regularly.

One downside of the Simba Sleep mattress covers is that they don’t have a non-slip base underneath.

If you have an ottoman bed frame, the mattress tends to slip off when you lift the bed base.

Other brands, such as the Origin Hybrid mattress, feature a non-slip base that keeps the mattress secure on the bed even when you lift the base. 🎿

You can also purchase pad grippers to stick underneath your mattress to keep it more secure.

What does sleeping on the Simbatex Foam mattress feel like?

Simba is definitely on the right track when it comes to comfort. 🙌

The Simba Sleep mattresses are some of the most comfortable we’ve ever tested.

We tested the Simba Foam mattress in each sleeping position to see if it was suitable.

Side sleeping

The Simba Foam mattress felt comfortable and supportive in the side sleeping position.

Side sleepers require a soft to medium mattress, depending on your weight and individual requirements.

As shown in the below image, the Simbatex foam layer contoured around the shoulders and hips, reducing pressure on these areas.

Simbatex Foam mattress with side sleeper
The Simba Cool Foam mattress passed our side sleeper test.

This helped the spine stay neutrally aligned with the neck throughout the night. 💤

Back sleeping

Back sleepers can also benefit from the Simbatex mattress, thanks to its medium-firm rating, which provides adequate support for the spine.

The foam layer gently cushioned the backside and shoulders, ensuring our testers received optimal support.

Simbatex Foam mattress with back sleeper
Back sleeping was comfortable on the Simbatex mattress.

Overall, our testers felt well-supported in the back sleeping position. 💪

Stomach sleeping

Stomach sleepers require a firm mattress that keeps the body straight and prevents the spine from hammocking.

You can see in the image below how the spine was kept reasonably straight in this position for our female tester.

Simbatex Foam mattress with stomach sleeper
The Simba Foam mattress is suitable for lighter stomach sleepers.

The Simbatex Foam mattress provides adequate firmness for lighter-weight stomach sleepers.

However, our heavier male tester experienced back pain when sleeping in this position.

We’d recommend the Simba Foam mattress to lighter-weight sleepers, but heavier sleepers may sink too much. 👎

The Origin Hybrid mattress is an excellent firmer alternative for heavier-weight stomach sleepers.

Simbatex Foam mattress firmness

The Simbatex Foam mattress is considered medium-firm, similar to the Simba Hybrid.

However, we’d rate this mattress slightly firmer than the Simba Hybrid, which we rated 6/10.

We rated the Simbatex Foam mattress a 7/10 on our Sleep Hero firmness scale, where 1 is the softest and 10 is the firmest.

simbatex foam mattress firmness

While it has a firmer feel, we still found the mattress had plenty of give and contoured around pressure points easily. 👌

Sinkage depths

As part of our testing process, we measured how much the Simbatex mattress sank in different areas of the mattress surface. 📏

We tested how much we sank in the Simba Foam mattress when all weight was concentrated in the middle.

Take a look below:

Simbatex Foam mattress sinking depth test
The Simbatex mattress has reasonable sinkage.

We had similar sinkage in the Simba Foam mattress as the Simba Hybrid.

This indicates the Simbatex mattress has similar elasticity and weight absorption capabilities.

We also measured the sinkage depths of pressure point areas (shoulders and pelvis) in different sleeping positions.

Take a look at the table below:

Sleeping position Female tester (56 kg / 124.4 lbs) Male tester (82 kg / 182 lbs)
Side sleeping

Pelvis: 4 cm (1.57”)
Shoulders: 3 cm 1.18

Pelvis: 4 cm (1.57”)
Shoulders: 5.5 cm 2.16
Back sleeping Pelvis: 3.5 cm (1.37”)
Shoulders: 2 cm (0.78")
Pelvis: 4 (1.57”)
Shoulders: 2.5 (0.98")
Stomach sleeping Pelvis: 3 cm (1.18”)
Shoulders: 2 cm (0.78”)
Pelvis: 4 (1.57”)
Shoulders: 3 (1.18”)

Our results indicate that the Simbatex Foam mattress has a good balance of comfort and support.

It contours around the hips and shoulders adequately without excess sinking in these areas.

Edge support

Lastly, we tested the edge support of the Simbatex mattress.

For those regularly sitting on the edge of their mattress, a bed lacking edge support can be a dealbreaker.

We tested the edge support of the Simbatex mattress by sitting and kneeling on the very edge of the bed. 🧎

Take a look below:

Sitting on the edge of the Simbatex Foam mattress

Kneeling on the edge of the Simbatex Foam mattress

Overall, the Simba Foam mattress has decent edge support. 🛡️

It supported our tester's weight better than other all-foam alternatives, such as the Nectar memory foam mattress and the Emma Original.

However, some hybrid mattress brands like the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid, fared much better in our edge support test.

Is the Simbatex Foam mattress good for couples?

You may not have heard of motion transfer before, but it’s actually a vital aspect to consider when purchasing a new mattress - particularly for couples. 👨‍❤️‍👨

Motion transfer in a mattress refers to how much movement is felt on one side of the mattress when someone moves or shifts their weight on the other side.

Mattresses with high motion transfer mean you’ll feel your partner’s movement, especially when they get in and out of bed. 🌊

Low motion transfer benefits
Low motion transfer is ideal for a night of undisturbed sleep.

After sleeping on the Simbatex mattress for a few nights, we concluded it had low motion transfer.

Despite going to bed and waking up at different times, our testers felt no movement throughout the night.

We also tested motion transfer with our kitty sleep tester by placing a glass of water on one side of the mattress. 🥛

Take a look at our results:

Cat and glass on Simbatex Foam mattress

Cat and glass on Simbatex Foam mattress

The glass of water stayed mostly still when our kitty moved around on the other side of the Simbatex mattress. 🐈

In fact, the glass only began to tip when he made sudden movements closer to the glass.

Does the Simbatex Foam mattress sleep hot?

Memory foam mattresses are considered one of the warmest mattresses available.

This is because, unlike other materials that disperse heat and encourage airflow, memory foam retains heat, which builds up warmth in the bed. 🔥

Temperature regulation scale
Memory foam is a warmer material.

However, Simbatex is much more advanced than traditional memory foam.

It has an open-cell structure, which allows 30x more airflow than memory foam.

Simbatex is infused with natural graphite, which can absorb excess heat and regulate temperature.

Despite being an all-foam mattress, we experienced a cool sleep on the Simbatex Cool Foam mattress. ❄️

We found it comparable to the Simba Hybrid.


However, if you are a hot sleeper, we’d advise staying clear of any type of foam mattress and opting for a more breathable option, such as a pocket spring or latex mattress.

Simbatex Foam mattress sizes

The Simbatex mattress is available in standard UK sizes. 📐

UK mattress sizes

Check out our size guide below:

  • Simbatex Foam mattress single size: 90 x 190 cm (3’ x 6’3”)
  • Simbatex Foam mattress small double size: 120 x 190 cm (4' x 6'3")
  • Simbatex Foam mattress double size: 135 x 190 cm (4.4” x 6’3”)
  • Simbatex Foam mattress king size: 150 x 200 cm (5’ x 6’6”)
  • Simbatex Foam mattress super king: 180 x 200 cm (6’ x 6’6”)

Unlike some of the Simba Hybrid options, the Simbatex mattress isn’t currently available in EU sizes.

Simbatex Foam mattress depth

According to the Simba website, the Simba Foam mattress measures 25 cm (9.8") deep.

However, a few hours after unboxing the Simbatex mattress, we measured it at just 21 cm (8.26") deep.

Simbatex Foam mattress depth
Our Simba Cool Foam mattress initially measured lower than expected.

We re-measured the mattress a few days later, and it was about 24.5 cm (9.6") in depth.

If your mattress looks a bit thin after you unbox it - don’t panic!

Some mattresses take more time than others to expand fully, and we urge you to give it at least 24 hours to see if your Simba Foam mattress reaches its full height. 📈

How much does the Simbatex Foam mattress cost?

While Simba Cool Foam mattresses may not be the most affordable option, they are made with premium, high-tech materials.

Consider the Simba Hybrid Pro or the Simba Hybrid Luxe for even more luxury.

However, if you're looking for a Simba Foam mattress that won't break the bank, the Simbatex Foam mattress is an excellent choice. 👌

Price-performance ratio
Finding a balance between quality and cost is key.

Despite being less expensive than some pricier hybrid models, the Simba Foam mattress is just as supportive as the Simba Hybrid.

Don't be fooled into thinking that choosing the more budget-friendly option means sacrificing quality.

And if the Simbatex Foam mattress is still out of reach, there's always the Simbatex Essential Foam mattress, which comes at a significantly lower price point. 💰

The Simba Hybrid Essential mattress is another budget-friendly option that we tried and tested with excellent results.

Simbatex Foam mattress discount codes

Simba Sleep mattresses are known for their quality but can come with a higher price tag. 💸

Don't let the price discourage you, as Simba Sleep offers promotions and discounts throughout the year.

Moreover, purchasing a mattress online is usually cheaper than shopping in-store, and you can find additional savings by using Simbatex mattress discount codes.

piggybank on mattress
Simba discount codes can be found online.

To ensure you never miss out on a great deal, we encourage you to bookmark our discounts page and sign up for our newsletter to receive the latest promotions and sales directly to your inbox.

Simbatex Foam mattress delivery

Forget fast food, what about fast mattresses? 🚚💨

The Simba Foam mattress can be delivered with free delivery in as little as 3 days.

All Simba Sleep mattress deliveries are completely carbon neutral, and you can even have your old mattress recycled for an additional fee.

Just select “Standard Delivery with Mattress Removal” at checkout.

How do you unbox the Simbatex Foam mattress?

The Simbatex mattress arrived vacuum-sealed in a rectangular box. 📦

This made it highly convenient, as we could store the mattress away until we were ready to unbox it.

Note: The Simba Foam mattress can be kept in the box for up to 3 months. This is significantly longer than Emma mattresses, which can only be stored for a few weeks.
Simbatex Foam mattress in box
Simba is a popular bed-in-a-box brand.

To unbox your Simba Foam mattress, simply open it up and take the plastic burrito-wrapped mattress out of the box.

We did this on the base of the bed so it didn’t need to be moved later.

Next, use a sharp pair of scissors (but be careful not to cut the mattress) and gently cut away the layer of plastic. ✂️

Opening Simbatex Foam mattress

Unwrapping Simbatex Foam mattress

Once this initial plastic layer has been removed, your Simbatex Foam mattress should immediately start to expand. 🎈

Ours opened up like a book.

You should make sure the fire safety tag is at the head of the bed and the Simba logo is at the bottom.

Unfolding Simbatex Foam mattress
Our Simbatex mattress was folded in the middle.

You can then remove the final layer of plastic. ✨

Once this has been removed, ensure there are no obstructions, so your Simbatex mattress can fully expand.

Simbatex Foam mattress unwrapping

Simbatex Foam mattress unwrapping plastic

Is your Simbatex mattress not expanding correctly?

We left our Simbatex mattress for around an hour. ⏱️

However, we noticed a dip in the middle of the mattress from where it had been folded in half.

The edges of the mattress were also a little misshapen.

Simbatex Foam mattress dip

Simbatex Foam mattress dip

We’d not experienced this previously with hybrid mattresses we’d tested.

However, after a few more hours, the Simbatex mattress returned to its regular rectangle shape. 😅

If you experience significant dipping after several days, we recommend you contact the Simba team.

What’s that smell?

Another thing you may notice when you unbox your Simbatex Foam mattress is a strange chemical smell.

off-gassing mattress
Bed-in-a-box mattresses often have an initial odour.

This is typical with foam mattresses and is known as off-gassing. ♨️

Off-gassing in mattresses refers to releasing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) [3] from the materials used to make the mattress, such as foam or adhesives.

While the odour can be unpleasant, it is a normal part of manufacturing and typically dissipates within a few days.

It took around three days for the smell to disappear from our Simba Foam mattress.

If the odour bothers you, we recommend opening a few windows to let it air out faster. 🪟

What if you don’t like the Simbatex Foam mattress?

The Simbatex mattress includes a 200-night trial, which allows you to test the mattress without risking your money. 💰

If you don't find the mattress comfortable or supportive enough during this period, contact Simba Sleep for a hassle-free refund.

We strongly recommend taking advantage of the sleep trial, especially when purchasing a mattress online.

sleep trial graphic
You can sleep on your Simba Cool Foam mattress for up to 200 nights.

After all, everybody is unique, and the only way to really know if a mattress suits your needs is by sleeping on it.

It usually takes around 30 days to fully adjust to a new mattress, so we suggest sleeping on it for at least this long.

In fact, some brands, like Nectar and DreamCloud, offer year-long sleep trials to ensure you can test the mattress in every season and circumstance. 🌨️

Simbatex Foam mattress guarantee

Simba Sleep offers a 10-year guarantee on their mattresses, including the Simbatex Foam mattress.

This is significantly longer than cheap memory foam brands offering only a 1 - 5 year guarantee.

The warranty covers any issues that could be attributed to manufacturing faults, such as cracking foam, faulty zipper, or significant dipping. ⚓

A mattress with dipping
If you experience any faults, contact the Simba team immediately.

However, the guarantee does not cover ordinary wear and tear, accidental stains and spills, or pet damage. 🐶

We highly recommend using a waterproof mattress protector to keep your Simba Foam mattress guarantee valid.

Not only will a mattress protector safeguard your Simbatex mattress from accidents, but it will also prevent moisture and dust build-up over time.

Check out our favourite mattress protectors:

Should you buy a Simbatex Foam mattress?

The Simbatex Foam mattress is a luxurious all-foam mattress with advanced foam layers to provide superior comfort and support. ✔️

Our male and female testers found the mattress comfortable and supportive in most sleeping positions.

But we’d advise heavier weights and stomach sleepers to consider a firmer mattress instead.

Overall, the Simbatex mattress is a great choice for those looking for a high-quality foam mattress that sleeps cooler than other all-foam brands. 🌡️

Unfortunately, the Simbatex Foam mattress is no longer available.

Check out these Simba mattresses instead:

Contact Simba Sleep UK

Customer service: To contact Simba Sleep directly for complaints, support, or queries, please e-mail them at or visit their live online chat. The customer services team is available Monday to Friday, from 9 am - 5 pm, and Saturdays from 9 am to 1 pm.

Registered office: Simba Sleep, The Stable Yard, 60 Petty France, Westminster, London SW1H 9EU

Frequently asked questions

  • Do Simba mattresses come in a box?

    All Simbatex mattresses come vacuum-packed in a box.

    This makes it easier to deliver your Simba Foam mattress into narrow entryways, loft bedrooms or other awkward spaces.

  • What else does Simba Sleep sell?

    Advanced mattresses are at the heart of Simba.

    But they actually sell a variety of different sleep products.

    In fact, we’ve reviewed some of these ourselves:

    It often makes sense to pair your new Simba mattress with a Simba Sleep accessory as they are designed to go together and work cohesively for an even more comfortable sleep.

  • Which Simba Sleep mattress is best?

    The best Simba Sleep mattress for you depends on your needs, such as weight, preferred sleeping position, and personal preferences. 

    Each mattress in the Simba range has unique features and benefits to suit different sleeping styles and budgets.

    The Simba Hybrid is the bestselling mattress in the range, and it's designed to provide a good balance of comfort and support. 

    If you're looking for a more premium option, the Simba Hybrid Pro and Simba Hybrid Luxe offer additional features such as thicker layers of foam, more pocket springs, and extra comfort layers.

    The Simba Hybrid Essential and Simbatex Foam mattresses offer comfort and affordability for those on a budget. 

    These mattresses still provide good support and pressure relief, but they may not have all the additional features of the more premium models.

  • How long does it take for the Simbatex Foam mattress to expand?

    The Simbatex Foam mattress typically takes 3 to 6 hours to fully expand after unboxing. 

    However, in some cases, it may take up to 24 hours for the mattress to reach its full size and for any slight odours to dissipate. 

    It's important to note that you should not sleep on the mattress until it has fully expanded to avoid any potential damage or discomfort.

  • Do Simba Foam mattresses get softer?

    Simba Sleep mattresses are designed to maintain their firmness over time, and they should not get significantly softer with normal use. 

    However, like any mattress, comfort and support can be affected by factors such as body weight and sleeping position. 

    Over time, the mattress may develop body impressions or indentations where you typically sleep, but this is normal wear and tear and not a sign of the mattress getting softer. 

    Regular mattress rotation is recommended to help distribute body weight and prevent indentations.

  • Are foam mattresses good?

    Yes, foam mattresses can be good depending on your individual needs. 

    Foam mattresses are known for their ability to contour to your body, providing pressure relief and support. 

    They can also be great for motion isolation, as they absorb movement, which can be particularly useful for couples or anyone easily disturbed by their partner's movements during sleep.

    Our favourite foam mattresses include:

    The quality of foam mattresses can vary, and some cheaper models may have issues such as retaining heat, lack of edge support, or sagging over time. 

    It's important to do your research and choose a high-quality foam mattress that suits your specific needs and preferences.

  • Simbatex Foam mattress vs Simba Essential Foam mattress

    The Simbatex Foam mattress and Simba Essential Foam mattress are the two options in the Simba Foam mattress range. 

    The more premium choice is the Simbatex Foam mattress, with four advanced foam layers for optimal comfort and support. 

    The Simba Essential Foam mattress is an entry-level option with just three foam layers, ideal for those on a budget. 

    We currently do not have a Simba Essential Foam mattress review, but we will provide a link here once we do. 

    The same applies to any other Simba Cool Foam mattress reviews. 

    You could also check out the Simba Hybrid Essential mattress, an entry-level option in the Simba Hybrid range. 

  • References


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