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Casper Mattress Review UK (2023)

Last updated: 31.10.2023 Reading time: 5 Min.

Casper is considered the inventor of the modern bed-in-a-box mattress.

The Casper mattress has also become known as one of the most popular online mattresses in the world. 🏆

But rightfully so?

We share our experience in this Casper mattress review. 🥰

Note: Since the Casper is no longer available in the UK, we'll also give you our next-best alternatives - and some info on the Casper Hybrid!

Let's dive right in. 👇

  • Casper
    Price from   £ 500 £ (625 )
    The Casper Hybrid mattress combines the design of the Casper Original memory foam mattress with the bounciness of mini pocket springs.
    The Casper Hybrid mattress combines the design of the Casper Original memory foam mattress with the bounciness of mini pocket springs.

Top features of the Casper mattress

Body-Contouring Memory Foam
Very Comfortable


  • Unique design makes it comfortable for most body types and sleeping positions.

  • The upper layer of perforated foam offers enhanced breathability.

  • Memory foam gives the mattress unique body-hugging abilities.

  • This is a great choice for orthopaedic concerns.

  • Low motion isolation and comfortable for couples.

  • Original bed-in-a-box design.


  • Casper Sleep no longer operates commercially in the UK, making the mattress difficult to find.

  • It may be too soft for heavier-weight sleepers.

  • More expensive than comparable mattresses.

What makes the Casper mattress special?

🏆 An award-winning product and the first bed-in-a-box mattress on the market.

⏰ A mattress that has stood the test of time.

😴 Created to suit a wide range of sleepers.

How we test products

Our mission is to take the guesswork out of finding the perfect sleep products.

We've dedicated hundreds of hours to testing mattresses and sleep accessories, and rely on a team of testers of differing weights, temperature preferences, and sleeping positions to evaluate each product. 

Tested products are granted the Sleep Hero tested stamp of approval, a mark of our review's reliability.

To learn more about our testing process, check out our methodology page.

If we haven't personally tested a product, please be assured that we invest significant time and energy into scouring the UK market and researching the best recommendations, and we work with a team of sleep experts who review our articles, ensuring that the insights we provide are not only relatable but also reliable.

Recommended UK Casper mattress alternatives

Like the Leesa mattress, the Casper mattress is unfortunately no longer available in the UK. 😢

However, there are plenty of other great memory foam mattresses to consider.

You could also try the Casper Hybrid, which is available via Mattress Online.

Below, you'll find our list of the best UK alternatives to the Casper memory foam mattress.

If you're looking for a new mattress, we'd recommend these.

Our favourite memory foam mattresses:

Casper mattress composition

The Casper Original is an all-foam mattress with three layers. 3️⃣

These three layers of foam are:

  • A top layer of perforated & extra breathable AirSpace foam.
  • A 3-zoned memory foam core.
  • A durable support foam base layer with edge support for enhanced stability.

Let's look at these layers in a bit more detail. 🧐

Casper mattress composition
Composition of the Casper mattress.

Casper mattress foam layers

Each of the foam layers in the Casper Original mattress serves a specific purpose.

1. Top layer of AirSpace foam

Casper's unique AirSpace foam allows for enhanced breathability in the mattress. 💨

This polyurethane foam has thousands of tiny perforations.

These allow heat and humidity to escape, increase airflow, and keep you cool and comfortable all night long. ❄️

2. Core of memory foam

The second layer in the Casper Original mattress consists of body-conforming memory foam.

The layer has three ergonomic zones, with softer support under the shoulders and firmer support around the hips, waist, and lower back. 👌

This allows for more sinkage in the shoulder area and more support for the hips to enable ergonomic spinal alignment.

Memory foam in general adapts well to your body's contours and helps relieve pressure points, making the Casper a great orthopaedic mattress to eliminate back pain. 🤗

casper mattress
The Casper Original is an all-foam mattress.

If you're a fan of memory foam, you can also try the Nectar mattress, our favourite memory foam mattress currently available in the UK.


3. A durable base layer

The base of the Casper mattress is made of high-density polyurethane foam.

This durable base layer offers support and stability for the mattress as a whole.

It also ensures that your mattress lasts for a long time. 📅

Casper mattress firmness

The Casper Original is a medium-firm mattress.

When we first tested it for our Casper mattress review, we gave it a 6 out of 10 on the Sleep Hero firmness scale, where 1 is the softest and 10 is the firmest.

The following mattresses match this firmness best:

Of these, the Eve Original also best matches the composition of the Casper Original.

Eve original firmness scale

If you're trying to find a good alternative that feels most like the Casper, then this is a good choice.

How comfortable is the Casper Original mattress?

We really enjoyed sleeping on the Casper memory foam mattress. 💤

Casper is often described as the Goldilocks of mattresses, giving you that "just right" feel.

We can certainly agree with this.

Another one of our favourite "Goldilocks" mattresses is the Nectar memory foam mattress.


nectar mattress
The Nectar mattress is similar to the Casper mattress.

Here's what makes the Casper so special:

  • It's not too soft or too firm.
  • The zoned support enables optimal spinal alignment, making it particularly great for side sleepers.
  • The perforated foam top layer is comfortable to move on and makes the mattress cooler.
  • The memory foam layer gives you that soft cuddly feeling, body-hugging support, excellent pressure relief, and low motion transfer.
  • The durable base layer ensures you still have enough stability and support.

These features make the Casper Original foam mattress suited to a wide range of sleepers.

Optimal spinal alignment
The ergonomic design of the Casper mattress allows for optimal spinal alignment.

That said, the mattress may not be well suited to heavier-weight sleepers or those of larger builds, especially if they weigh over 100 kg (220 lbs). ⚖️

This is because larger builds will sink into the foams too much, causing spinal misalignment that leads to back pains.

Larger builds need more support in all sleeping positions, and especially when sleeping on the front and back. 😲

Mattress firmness
A mattress has to give you enough support.

We'd recommend pocket sprung or hybrid mattresses as good alternatives.

Springs offer much more support, so they're often better suited to larger builds. 🌀

Innerspring mattresses are also well-suited to front sleepers and back sleepers.

Some of our favourite pocket sprung hybrids available in the UK include:

You could also try the Casper Hybrid, which is still available in the UK via Mattress Online.


Our favourite UK hybrid mattresses:

Does the Casper mattress sleep hot?

Memory foam mattresses tend to absorb and store body heat, resulting in a warmer sleep. 🥵

But, the Casper memory foam mattress counteracts this common problem by including unique AirScape technology.

The top layer of the mattress consists of perforated polyurethane foam.

These tiny perforations increase air circulation in the mattress as a whole, allowing heat and humidity to be carried away throughout the night. ❄️

This keeps you cooler and more comfortable.

Temperature regulation scale
Some mattress materials are cooler than others.

If you're a very heavy sweater, though, we'd recommend staying away from all-foam mattresses. ⛔️

Pocket sprung or hybrid mattresses are a much better choice for hot sleepers.

This is because the spaces between the springs create natural ventilation channels, increasing air circulation throughout the mattress as a whole. 💨

A pocket sprung mattress with gel foams, like the Happy Beds Ocean Gel 2000 mattress, is also a great option.


Casper mattress cover

Casper mattress covers are made of recycled polyester, upcycled cotton, rayon, and lycra.

They have a unique and elegant design. 🌟

casper mattress cover
We'd recommend using a mattress protector. © Casper Sleep

Can you wash the Casper mattress cover?

Unfortunately, the Casper mattress cover is not removable or washable. 🛀

We generally prefer bed-in-a-box mattresses with removable covers, as this greatly enhances the hygiene features of the mattress.

The Emma Original, for example, is similar to the Casper foam mattress but comes with a removable and machine-washable cover.


But, you can still spot-clean any stains on the Casper cover with a mild detergent.

do not wash sign
The Casper mattress cover is not removable or washable.

Air-dry your mattress before putting your bedding back on, and don't saturate the stain with too much detergent - this may harm the foams. 🧼

Did you know: Even though Casper is no longer available in the UK, Amazon does still sell a small selection of Casper Sleep accessories, including duvets, weighted blankets, sheets, and mattress protectors.


Safeguard your bed with a mattress protector

Casper Sleep recommends that you further safeguard your bed with a mattress protector.

Waterproof mattress protectors safeguard your mattress against dirt, stains, moisture, and bacteria. 💦

They also elongate the lifespan of your mattress and help keep it in mint condition.

Our favourite UK mattress protectors:

Casper mattress UK sizes

Most mattresses are generally available in the standard UK mattress sizes. 🇬🇧

These include:

  • Casper single mattress: 90 x 190 cm (3’ x 6’3”)
  • Casper small double mattress: 120 x 190 cm (4' x 6'3")
  • Casper double mattress: 135 x 190 cm (4’6” x 6’3”)
  • Casper king-size mattress: 150 x 200 cm (5’ x 6’6”)
  • Casper super-king-size mattress: 180 x 200 cm (6’ x 6’6”)

But since the Casper isn't available in the UK anymore, there's no way of knowing which sizes are still floating around in second-hand markets.

UK mattress sizes

Mattress Online, which sells the Casper Hybrid, has the following sizes available:

  • Casper Hybrid single mattress
  • Casper Hybrid small double mattress
  • Casper Hybrid super-king mattress

This is a limited selection, but if you are keen on a Casper Sleep product, this is a good way to go.


What are the American Casper mattress sizes?

In the US, the Casper Original foam mattress is available in a wide range of sizes. 🇺🇸

These include the following: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and Californian King.

Casper mattress height

The Casper mattress has a total height of 24 cm (9.4 inches).

This is slightly lower than the bed-in-a-box standard but on par with the popular Eve Original mattress.

Your standard bedding should also still fit.

Our favourite UK bedding:

Casper mattress UK prices

The Casper mattress offered good value for money - but it also wasn't the cheapest mattress around.

That said, the Casper Hybrid, currently available on Mattress Online, is considerably cheaper than comparative hybrid mattresses, like the Simba Hybrid or the Nectar Hybrid.

All-foam beds are generally cheaper than hybrid or sprung models.


In the US, Casper mattress prices start at over US$800 for the smallest available size. 🇺🇸

value for money
You often do get what you pay for.

It's worth remembering that you generally get what you pay for.

Since you spend a third of your life sleeping, it also makes sense to pay a little more for a premium mattress.

You can even get the best deals if you keep an eye on our discounts page.

What else does Casper Sleep offer?

Casper Sleep USA still offers a range of great sleep accessories. 🛌

These include:

  • Multiple Casper pillows
  • Various Casper beds & frames
  • Casper duvets
  • Casper weighted blankets
  • Casper mattress protectors
  • Casper bedding and sheets
  • Casper mattress toppers
  • An assortment of Casper snoozewear
  • The ultra-cute Casper dog bed

Casper US also sells a variety of other mattresses, including the Casper Nova Hybrid, Casper Wave Hybrid, and the Wave Hybrid Snow.

Amazon UK actually still sells a small selection of Casper Sleep accessories, including some pillows, mattress protectors, sheets, duvets, and weighted blankets.


The Casper Original pillow is also still available in the UK via Mattress Online.

Buy Casper pillow UK:

Casper mattress UK delivery conditions

We wish the Casper mattress were still available in the UK. 🇬🇧

If it were, you'd benefit from:

  • Free delivery & returns
  • Bed-in-a-box convenience
  • Risk-free sleep trial
  • A full refund if you're not satisfied
  • Manufacturer's warranty

Most of our favourite memory foam mattresses still honour these conditions.

casper mattress with box
All Casper mattresses are delivered in a box. © Casper Sleep

They all come with free delivery and returns, a risk-free trial period, and a manufacturer's warranty.

A 100-night trial is a minimum, but many brands now even up the Casper Sleep benefits. 😲

For example:

  • Emma Sleep offers customers a 200-night sleep trial and a 10-year guarantee.
  • Eve Sleep offers customers a 365-night trial and a 10-year warranty.
  • Nectar Sleep offers customers a 365-day trial and a lifetime guarantee.

This makes buying a bed-in-a-box mattress a risk-free purchase.

Trial period

Buying Casper on Amazon

You can still find some Casper Sleep products on Amazon in the UK. 💻

If you're ordering via Amazon, you'll benefit from all the standard Amazon conditions.

But please be aware that you're unlikely to benefit from trial periods.


Should you still buy the Casper mattress?

If you bought a Casper mattress before 2020, then you're in luck. 🍀

This is one of the best mattresses on the market and one we'd highly recommend.

But, we wouldn't recommend buying the mattress from unauthorised sellers (or re-sellers) now.

Since Casper Sleep no longer operates in the UK, you're likely to encounter problems when it comes to delivery, trials, returns, and warranty conditions.

You can still buy select Casper sleep products on Amazon though!


Want to compare the Casper to a mattress that's still available in the UK? Read our Casper vs Emma mattress comparison.

For ease of mind, we'd recommend buying a UK memory foam mattress instead.

Take a look at our recommended mattress alternatives below.

Our favourite UK memory foam mattresses:

Frequently asked questions

  • Where can I buy Casper mattresses UK?

    Casper mattresses are no longer commercially available in the UK.

    You won't find them on Amazon or any major retailers.

    But, you can still buy the Casper Hybrid mattress and the Casper Original pillow via Mattress Online. 👩‍💻

    They ship directly to anywhere within the UK.

    You'll also find select Casper Sleep accessories via Amazon UK.

  • Why did Casper Sleep close down in the UK?

    Casper Sleep stopped trading in the UK in 2020 to focus its efforts on the USA.

    The Covid-19 pandemic cemented this decision. 🦠

    Pre-2020, three Casper mattresses were available widely within the United Kingdom.

    These included the Casper Original, Casper Original Hybrid, and the Casper Essential.

    Who knows, perhaps Casper Sleep will begin trading in the UK again!

    We'll be the first to let you know if they do. 😉

  • Is my Casper guarantee still valid?

    If you bought your Casper mattress before May 2020, your 10-year manufacturer's warranty still applies.

    Customers can contact Casper directly at to issue any warranty claims.

  • Where was Casper mattress London?

    Casper mattress London was based in Covent Garden.

    The headquarters have closed down since Casper stopped operating in the UK.

  • Can I find Casper mattresses in Europe?

    Casper Sleep closed down its entire UK and EU operation.

    This includes:

    • Casper mattress UK
    • Casper mattress Ireland
    • Casper mattress Belgium
    • Casper mattress France
    • Casper mattress Germany

    Unfortunately, there's no way of knowing whether Casper Sleep will resume operations on this side of the pond in future.

  • What are other popular US mattress brands?

    There are many great mattress brands available in the USA, including LeesaPurple, and Helix Sleep.

    Unfortunately, these aren't available in the UK.

    DreamCloud and Nectar are available in both the US and the UK.



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