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Tempur Sensation Elite Review UK (2022)

Written by Holly

Last updated: 31.07.2022

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On average, you spend as much as a third of your life in bed 😴

...And yet finding the right mattress can be IMPOSSIBLE!

The Tempur Sensation Elite mattress is one of the highest quality memory foam mattresses on the market.

With NASA-certified memory foam, your body can experience relief and support in all the right places 👩‍🚀

We trialled the Elite version of the bestselling Tempur Sensation mattress for several weeks.

Our findings will help you figure out if the Tempur Sensation Elite really does what it says on the tin....

Could this be the mattress you’ve been waiting for?!

Here we go! 👇

Tempur Sensation Elite

Top features of the Tempur Sensation Elite Mattress

10-year guarantee
10-Year Guarantee
100-day trial period
100-Night Trial
Space Technology
Free delivery & returns
Free Delivery & Returns



  • High-quality NASA-certified memory foam
  • Ultra-sensitive pressure relief and adaptability
  • Available in 3 versions (Luxe, Elite, Supreme)
  • Solid resistance to change of position
  • Optimal weightless comfort
  • Well suited to most sleeping positions
  • Little motion transfer
  • Machine washable (up to 60°C) QuickRefresh cover
  • High-quality workmanship
  • 100-night sleep trial
  • Free delivery to most UK areas
  • Finance options available


  • The mattress is delivered unrolled (can be inconvenient for narrow entryways and loft rooms)
  • No handles and heavy - makes it difficult to manoeuvre
  • Comparatively long delivery time to some other brands
  • Expensive - not budget-friendly
  • Not ideal for heavier-weight sleepers

What makes the Tempur Sensation Elite so special?

  • NASA-developed product
  • 100-night sleep trial & 10 year guarantee
  • Firm but snug support and highly adaptive for all sleep positions

Composition of the Tempur Sensation

There are 3 versions available in the Sensation collection:

  • Supreme
  • Elite
  • Luxe

The Sensation Supreme mattress is the entry-level of the 3 sensation mattresses, made with the least amount of foam (21cm) and the most affordable option available.

The Sensation Luxe mattress is the top-tier Sensation mattress made with the most foam layers (30cm) and the most expensive option.

We trialled the mid-range of the 3 Sensation mattresses, The Sensation Elite, measuring 25cm deep.


Tempur Sensation Elite mattress height
The Tempur Sensation Elite is 25cm deep.

The Tempur Sensation Elite is composed of:

  • 7cm Tempur Comfort Material.
  • 4cm Dynamic Support Technology.
  • 14cm Durabase Technology.
  • Machine-washable QuickRefresh Cover.

Sounds very technical, doesn’t it? 🤷‍♀️

Let’s help to break it down a bit…

The Tempur Comfort Material is the “comfy” bit.

The highly adaptable foam moulds around the body and gives that cuddly feeling. 🤗

tempur sensation mattress moulding to body
The Tempur Comfort Material contours to the body.

The Dynamic Support Technology is the “supportive” bit.

The support material makes moving around on a memory foam mattress easy and helps to support pressure points. 😌

The DuraBase Technology is the “stable” bit.

If a Tempur mattress had a spine - then that’s what the Durabase layer would be.

The Durabase gives the mattress its necessary stability, encouraging it to last as long as 10 years. 💪


tempur sensation elite composition
The Tempur Sensation Elite comprises 4 unique layers.

The icing on the cake is the removable QuickRefresh cover.

This helps to protect the special Tempur material and can be washed up to 60°C. 🧼

We highly recommend the Dreams range of Tempur mattresses, which also come with an advanced CoolTouch cover.

The Tempur CoolTouch™ Sensation Elite Mattress is exclusive to Dreams and provides a cooler sleep.

NASA technology

The unique NASA-certified material is one of the best things about the Tempur brand.

Every Tempur mattress is made from high-quality, ultra-sensitive viscoelastic foam originating from space technology. 🚀

In the late 1960S, NASA developed this material for space-ship seats to absorb G-shock during space travel.

Tempur recognised the potential of this material and it was later developed into manufacturing mattresses.


Tempur sensation mattress nasa-approved material graphic
Tempur is the only NASA-approved memory foam brand.

Today, Tempur is the only mattress brand that is officially certified by the International Space Foundation 👩‍🚀

But how does the memory foam really work?

Tempur keeps the exact formula of their unique material top-secret (less than 10 people in the world know!) 🤫

So, we can’t say for certain how the NASA-certified foam is made.

Unlike many other memory foam mattress manufacturers, Tempur develops their products in their own factories. 🏭

They’re kind of like the Willy Wonka of mattresses!

...So, what do we know about it?

Tempur material is made up of billions of sensitive viscoelastic cells.

These cells respond to several factors, including body heat, shape, and weight/pressure.

What’s more, after pressure is released from the material, the foam returns to its original shape. 🤯

Of course, we had to try it ourselves...

Pressure on the Tempur Sensation Elite

Pressure removed from Tempur Sensation Elite

Tempur sensation elite mattress memory foam returns to shape

It took around 10 seconds for the handprint to disappear.

This is where the name “memory foam” comes from. 😱

However, only ultra-sensitive, high-quality memory foam like Tempur will show the exact impression of a hand.

Cheaper memory foam is less responsive to the shape of the body and will bounce back more similarly to a sponge.

Quality vs Price

Let’s be honest - Tempur mattresses aren’t exactly cheap…🤑

But how sleep affects your quality of life should be seriously considered when budgeting for a new mattress.

The average person spends 26 years of their life sleeping. 🤯

Why should all that time be spent on an uncomfortable and supportive mattress?

Especially when waking up well-rested can affect your productivity for the rest of the day. 😵

That being said, we kept the high price of the mattress in mind during our testing.

price performance ratio graphic
During our testing, we considered whether the Tempur Sensation Elite was worth its high price.

It was important for us to consider whether the expensive price could be justified by the overall quality and comfort of the mattress.

We were also happy to discover that Dreams offer interest-free payment plans for the Tempur Sensation Elite, making it a more affordable option.

But a bit more on that later...

Here’s what we found! 👇

First impression of the Tempur Sensation Elite

Describing how it feels to lie on a Tempur mattress isn’t easy…

They are often described as “laying on a cloud”. ☁️

But it's a feeling you can only truly understand when you try it for yourself.

The Tempur Sensation responds to every movement of your body, adapting to your shape and weight with such sensitivity it almost feels like liquid. 💦

Again, after this weight is released, it returns to its original shape after around 10 seconds.


person laying on tempur sensation mattress
It can take time to adjust to a new mattress.

For some people, this can take some getting used to at first. 🤔

But after a few nights, we completely adjusted to this feeling and can’t imagine sleeping on anything other than Tempur.

Most people need 1-2 weeks to adjust to a new mattress before deciding if it’s right for them.

That’s why the 100-night sleep trial is so important. ⌛

Sleeping positions

We found this mattress worked great for most sleeping positions. 😍

It was firm enough for stomach sleepers, whilst the Tempur Material responded well to pressure points for back and side sleepers.


tempur sensation sleeping positions graphic
The Tempur Sensation Elite is great for all positions.

The side sleeping position felt comfortable and supportive.

In this side sleeping position, you can see how the Tempur mattress conforms to the shape of the body and allows pressure point areas (shoulders and hips) to sink more deeply. 😯

tempur sensation elite Side sleeping position
The Tempur Sensation Elite supported the side sleeping position.

But if you’re lighter than average and you like to sleep on your side, you might consider a softer mattress option.

The Tempur Cloud Mattress is more suited to lighter people, as it is softer and will adapt better to light pressure. 🤗

Depending on your weight, shape and sleeping position, the firmness you need for the best support will be different.

mattress firmness graphic
The firmness you need depends on your weight distribution and sleep position.

However, for those lighter people who sleep on their front, this mattress could be ideal. 🥰

The Tempur Sensation Elite is on the firmest mattress in the Tempur collection 🧱

Stomach sleepers need a firmer mattress to help align the spine and neck in a neutral position (in other words, the less you sink, the better!)

If you’re a medium-weight and you sleep on your stomach, you might consider a firmer memory foam option.

The DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid mattress is a better choice for medium and heavier-weight stomach sleepers.

Combining pocket springs and supportive memory foam, the DreamCloud mattress will help to keep your spine straight when sleeping face-first.


For more advice, check out our mattress review for stomach sleepers.

We also think The Tempur Sensation Elite would be a great option for back sleeping. 😁

Even though the mattress is described as “firm” we found it was more somewhere just slightly above a medium-feel.

tempur sensation mattress back sleeping position
The mattress will hug around your hips and shoulders when sleeping on your back.

Our trial sleeper didn’t sink too deeply, but enough to contour around their heavier regions.

But, we wouldn’t recommend this mattress for heavier-weight back sleepers.

Heavier people will sink more deeply in the mattress, creating a hammock effect. 😟

Sinking too deep into the mattress will misalign the spine and can create tension in the back and neck.

Heavier-weight people might consider orthopaedic mattresses that have a firmer feel or hybrid mattresses which have an additional layer of springs for support.

For heavier-weight sleepers, we highly recommend a mattress with pocket springs for extra support.

The higher the spring count, the more support and heavier people should opt for 2000 springs or more.

The Silentnight Geltex Ultra 3000 combines 3000 pocket springs with comfy gel foam.

The pocket springs offer a firmer feel for heavier people whilst the geltex layer is cushioning and cool.

How firm is the Tempur Sensation Elite?

Tempur doesn’t have firmness ratings in the conventional sense. 🤔

Instead, they have 4 different product lines (Original, Hybrid, Cloud, and Sensation) which can be distinguished by their different firmness levels.

The Sensation line is considered the firmest in the range.

The Original and Hybrid have a more medium-feel whilst the Cloud offers the softest comfort. 🧸

However, we didn’t find the Tempur Sensation Elite overly firm compared to some other mattresses available.

To give you a better idea of the firmness of the Tempur Sensation, we classify the firmness on a scale from 1-10 (1 being extra-soft and 10 being extra-firm)

From our experience, we would rate the Tempur Sensation Elite a 6-7 for firmness.

tempur sensation elite firmness
The Tempur Sensation Elite has a medium-firm feel.

Is the Tempur Sensation suitable for couples?

Tempur Material is supposed to offer low-motion transfer, meaning you shouldn’t feel your partner moving around during the night.

According to the manufacturer, the movement absorption of a Tempur mattress should be less than 3%.

Of course, we had to test this for ourselves…

Our testers climbed in and out of bed whilst the other person lay still with their eyes closed.

Our testers hardly felt the mattress move during all these tests. 😮

I think it’s safe to say their sleep would have gone completely undisturbed if their partner needed to get up to use the bathroom during the night.


low motiont transfer graphics
A low-motion transfer mattress has many benefits.

We can’t say for sure whether the absorption is below 3%, but we were still very impressed with these results.

For couples, the Tempur Sensation Elite could be a game-changer! 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨

Is the Tempur Sensation Elite good for restless sleepers?

If you’re the kind of sleeper that moves around all night - we have great news!

Moving around on the Tempur Sensation is relatively easy because of the combination of the Tempur Material and support layers inside the mattress.

Some people are concerned about the feeling of getting "stuck" in a memory foam mattress. ⚓

However, the firmness of the Tempur Sensation meant that ease of movement was not a challenge.

We also found the mattress prevented tossing and turning during the night.

low motion graphic
The Tempur Sensation Elite is low-motion transfer.

If you move around a lot during sleep, this is a sign of an uncomfortable and unsupportive mattress. 😰

Your body tries to find a comfortable position throughout the night, which is why you find yourself waking up in different positions.

The Tempur Sensation Elite adapts to your body, instead of your body trying to adapt itself to the mattress. 🥰

So you’ll probably find you wake up in the same position you fell asleep in!


QuickRefresh cover

The QuickRefresh cover that comes with the Sensation Elite comprises 99% polyester and 1% elastane.

The white side fabric is 98% polyester and 2% elastane.

Overall, we were impressed with the quality of the cover.

There were no protruding threads, lint, or other faults in the workmanship.

The cover had clearly been manufactured with high standards and attention to detail. 🔍

QuickRefresh cover zipped tempur sensation mattress

QuickRefresh cover unzipped tempur sensation

True to its name, the QuickRefresh cover can be removed quickly and efficiently.

We also found an added layer of protection underneath the mattress cover to protect the mattress from any accidents or damage. 🛡️

The cover can then be popped into the washing machine at 60 °C.

However, even though the mattress comes with a washable cover, you should still use a mattress protector.

A mattress protector can prevent accidents, reduce bacteria build-up over time and improve the longevity of a mattress.

mattress protector benefits tempur sensation mattress
A mattress protector has many benefits.

When spending a lot of money on a mattress, it's even more important to ensure your mattress is fully protected.

Our review on the best mattress protectors can tell you more!

Tempur has a range of Tempur-FIT mattress protectors.

Their breathable and water-resistant material makes them an ideal choice for Tempur mattresses.

For those who don’t want to overspend on a mattress protector, we recommend the Panda Bamboo Protector.

Not only are they budget-friendly, but they’re also made with breathable cotton and bamboo, making them ideal for memory foam mattresses. 🌱


panda protector

panda protector close up

Unfortunately, no handles

One downside we found was the lack of handles on the mattress.

The Tempur Sensation Elite is a heavy mattress because of its dense material. 🏋️‍♀️

This made it difficult to move and we feel that attached handles would have made this a lot more convenient.

If you can't handle a mattress without handles, then consider an alternative.

The DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress comes with four strong handles attached, making it easy to rotate.


Does the Tempur Sensation Elite get hot?

Memory foam retains heat in the material, which can make some people hot. 🥵

As you can see on the temperature regulation scale, memory foam is one of the warmest types of fillings for a mattress.

Temperature regulation scale
Memory foam retains heat more than other mattress fillings.

However, Tempur Material is made with an open-cell structure.

This increases ventilation in the material and helps to disperse heat.

The highly advanced Tempur Material makes this one of the most breathable types of memory foam.

The Tempur Sensation Elite is made with CoolTouch technology when bought from Dreams.

The CoolTouch cover is exclusive to Dreams.

This advanced cooling technology helps to keep you cool by absorbing excess heat during the night.

In our experience, the Tempur Sensation Elite didn’t get too hot. 😅

Tempur Sensation mattress heat map
The heat map shows how heat is kept in the material.

However, the temperature map shows the mattress doesn’t dissipate heat as quickly as some other mattress types.

A pocket-sprung or latex mattress would be a cooler alternative to memory foam. ❄️

Tempur Sensation Elite sizes

The Tempur Sensation Elite is available in the following UK sizes:

  • Tempur Sensation Elite Single
  • Tempur Sensation Elite Small Double
  • Tempur Sensation Elite Double
  • Tempur Sensation Elite King
  • Tempur Sensation Elite Super King

UK mattress sizes graphic

Tempur also manufacturers their mattresses in EU sizes.

The main difference in these sizes is that the length of the mattress is an extra 10cm.

This is handy if you are extra-tall or have a European bed frame such as one bought from IKEA.

Tempur Sensation Elite EU sizes:

  • Tempur Sensation Elite Small Single
  • Tempur Sensation Elite Long Single
  • Tempur Sensation Elite Long Small Double
  • Tempur Sensation Elite Long Double
  • Tempur Sensation Elite Euro King
  • Tempur Sensation Elite Euro Super King

eu mattress sizes

Tempur Sensation Elite prices

You're probably wondering how much a NASA-developed, top-of-the-range mattress actually costs?

The Tempur Sensation Elite ranges between £1400-£2500 when bought from Dreams.

We understand that The Tempur Sensation Elite is a lot more expensive than your typical mattress!

However, this is a mattress that will last a minimum of 10 years. ⏲️

Look at it this way - for a double mattress, this works out at just £200 a year.

It’s worth considering whether £200 per year is a fair price to pay for a premium decade-long sleeping experience? 🤔

Payment options

Tempur mattresses aren't the most affordable on the market.

So, we were happy that Dreams offer interest-free monthly payment options to help those on a budget. 🙌


tempur mattress store graphic
When buying through Dreams, there are finance options available.

As long as you spend a minimum of £500, the total amount can be spread over 6, 10, or 20 months in interest-free credit.

No deposit needed!

For a £2000 Tempur mattress, this works out as a payment of £100 a month for 20 months.

This helps to make Tempur more economical for those who need to save the pennies. 🤑

Tempur discount codes

If a Tempur mattress is out of your price range, don't worry!

Online discount codes can help you make some great savings. 💰

Retailers such as Dreams and Bensons for Beds sometimes offer free Tempur pillows when you buy a Tempur mattress worth up to £200.

Check out our discounts page for the best deals on Tempur and other memory foam products.

Delivery and returns

Overall, we found the delivery service to be fairly easy and efficient. 🚚

Dreams provide free home delivery to mainland UK addresses.

You will choose a delivery date and on the morning of delivery be given a 2-hour time slot.

Unlike some other memory foam brands, such as Simba and Emma, the mattress is delivered unrolled.

Tempur Sensation Elite in packaging
The Tempur Sensation Elite is delivered unrolled

We found this a little inconvenient, and it wouldn’t be ideal for narrow stairwells or loft rooms. 😬

However, we accept that this is because of the high-quality material which cannot be compressed like some cheaper alternatives.

It also meant the mattress was ready to be tried straight away - hooray! 😆

Dreams offer a 'white glove' delivery service and will take your mattress to your room of choice.


Two-man delivery service
Your mattress is delivered to your room of choice

The delivery time of 14-21 days is longer than some competitors.

For example, Simba mattresses can be delivered in as little as 3 days. 😮

We appreciate that perfection takes time and the long delivery dates are likely because of the high-quality standards and workmanship. 🧵

However, we think Tempur could definitely improve on these times to keep up with their fast-paced competitors.

Dreams also offer a recycling service for those looking to get rid of their old mattress. ♻️

Prices vary between £30-£50 depending on your mattress size.

Dreams will remove your old mattress the same day they deliver your new Tempur mattress.

This makes the entire delivery process easy and efficient.

100-night sleep trial

Tempur offers a risk-free 100-night trial on all of their mattresses, including the Tempur Sensation Elite. 🤩

You are encouraged to sleep on the mattress for a minimum of 60-nights to allow your body to adapt to the new mattress.

If after those 60-100 nights, you feel the mattress isn’t for you, contact Tempur’s customer service team. ☎️

It will then be picked up by the manufacturer and you will receive a full refund (approximately 14 days after receipt of returned goods.)

risk-free trial period graphic
You can try your Tempur mattress for 100-nights before deciding if it’s right for you.

Not every authorised retailer offers a sleep trial with their Tempur mattresses.

However, Dreams offer a 40-night sleep trial on all of their mattresses, including the Tempur Sensation Elite.

This works similarly to Tempur UK's trial, except for a shorter time period.

Often people prefer shorter trials, so they can quickly decide whether a mattress is right for them.

It usually takes around 2 weeks to a month to adjust to a new mattress.

This makes Dreams 40-night trial an ideal amount of time to sleep on your new Tempur mattress.


10-year guarantee

The Tempur Sensation Elite and other Tempur mattresses also come with a 10-year quality guarantee.

This means you are fully covered for up to 10 years after receiving the mattress. 😲

This includes defects in the mattress caused by faulty workmanship, as well as indentations of more than 2cm in the Tempur Material.

This does not include accidental damage that you have caused yourself, for example tearing the cover or spilling a drink on the mattress. ☕

If the product is deemed faulty within 10 years, you will be offered a choice between your mattress being repaired or replaced free of charge.

Other Tempur products

Of course, the Temper Sensation is not the only mattress available.

Tempur has a range of different mattresses available, ensuring they have something to suit everyone.

Tempur Cloud mattresses

Tempur Cloud mattresses have a much softer feel.

The extra-soft layer makes the Tempur Cloud feel like it’s wrapping you up in a giant cuddle. 🤗

However, to experience the full benefits of this cosy mattress, we recommend it for lighter-weight people. 🎐


tempur cloud

tempur cloud mattresses

Tempur Original mattresses

The Tempur Original mattress is where it all began.

These mattresses have a medium feel, making them suitable for most people. 😍

If you feel like the Tempur Sensation Elite is too firm, you might feel more comfortable on the Tempur Original.


tempur original mattress

tempur original mattress

Tempur Hybrid mattresses

Tempur Hybrid mattresses feature a combination of Tempur material and Precision micro-coil pocket springs. 🤯

The combination of springs and foams gives high adaptability and different benefits. 🥰

The extra layer of springs ensures a more supportive feel, making it ideal for medium to heavier-weight people.


tempur hybrid matrtesses

tempur hybrid

Check out our review on Tempur mattresses for more details on these models.

Tempur beds

Tempur makes a variety of different bedroom products as well as mattresses.

For the full Tempur experience, consider pairing your Tempur mattress with their collection of beds, pillows, duvets, mattress protectors and more.

The Tempur bed range includes:

  • Slatted bed frames
  • Divans
  • Ottomans (storage beds)
  • Adjustable beds
  • Headboards

We recommend using a slatted bed frame with your Tempur mattress.

This will encourage air circulation between the slats of the bed frame. 🌬️

As a result, this will reduce the build-up of heat and moisture inside the mattress.


tempur bed

tempur divan

Adjustable bed frames come with slatted bases, but these tend to be more expensive.

Slatted frames can make the mattress feel softer🧸 whilst divans will give the mattress a firmer feel. 🧱

However, divans won’t allow the mattress to circulate air as well as it could.

Check out our review on the best slatted bed frames in the UK.

Tempur pillows

Tempur has a fantastic range of pillows available to complement your mattress.

You can choose a classic rectangular pillow made with chopped-up Tempur Material pieces, designed for a range of sleeping positions 🤩

Tempur Pillow
Tempur have a variety of pillows made with their revolutionary Tempur Material

Alternatively, their ergonomic pillows are designed for optimal neck support and Ombracio pillows are for stomach sleepers.

If you’re still unsure about Tempur mattresses, why not try their pillows first? 👇


tempur original pillow

Tempur Toppers

Last but not least, we have the Tempur Mattress Topper.

If you’re saving up for a new mattress, a topper can be great for enhancing your sleep in the meantime. 😍

If your current mattress feels slightly too firm, the Tempur Mattress Topper can help add an extra layer of comfort.

The Tempur Mattress Topper also comes with a removable cover washable at 60°C 🧼


Tempur mattress topper rolled

Tempur mattress topper half rolled

Should you buy the Tempur Sensation Elite?

Tempur mattresses are a high-end product and one of the most luxurious memory foam brands on the market.

However, that’s not to say that you will immediately fall in love with the Tempur Sensation Elite. 😕

Everybody has different needs and preferences for buying a new mattress.

We think this will make a fantastic mattress for lighter-weight stomach sleepers who need a firmer feel. 🥰

It’s also a great choice for medium-weight side or back sleepers who are looking for a mattress to mould around their pressure points. 😍


Tempur Sensation Elite logo
The Tempur Sensation Elite is suitable for most people
If you think you might need to consider an alternative, check out our review of Tempur mattresses for more advice.

Is the Tempur Sensation Elite worth it?

Okay, so let’s get down to the nitty-gritty - is the Tempur Sensation Elite worth the high cost? 🧐

The Tempur Sensation Elite is expensive (around £2000 for a double), but we say go for it if you can afford it!

No other manufacturer can match Tempur in terms of quality and it is the only NASA-certified mattress brand that exists.👍

In exchange for the high cost, you’ll get an out-of-this-world sleeping experience for a minimum of 10 years. 🌠


Tempur Sensation Elite side view

Temperature Sensation Elite mattress

What we rated the Tempur Sensation Elite:

Alternatives to Tempur Sensation Elite

Not sold on the Tempur Sensation Elite?

No worries! 😁

Check out our favourite memory foam mattress alternatives instead:

Contact Tempur UK

Customer service: To contact Tempur UK directly for complaints, support or queries, email them at consumer@Tempur.co.uk, call them on 0800 0111 083 or complete their online contact form.

You can also book an appointment and visit them in store.

Registered office: TEMPUR UK Ltd, TEMPUR House, Caxton Point, Printing House Lane, Hayes, Middlesex UB3 1AP

Frequently asked questions:

  • Why does my Tempur Sensation Elite have a weird smell?

    New mattresses can sometimes come with an unpleasant odour 😕

    This is usually due to the packaging and longer storage time.

    Fortunately, we found the smell of the Tempur Sensation Elite wasn’t too bad. 

    But some people are more sensitive to these aromas…

    We recommend placing the mattress in a well-ventilated room and opening the windows 🌬️

    After a few hours the smell should evaporate and you’ll be ready to enjoy your new mattress! Hooray! 😁 

  • Are Tempur mattresses sustainable?

    Tempur are doing everything they can to reduce their environmental impact. 

    Their European manufacturing facilities are now zero waste to landfill. 

    So, what does this mean exactly? 

    Well it means 100% of their packaging and other materials are recycled or used for renewable energy ♻️

    They are also focusing their efforts on improving local wildlife in their production facility in Denmark. 

    They also have planted a meadow of local wildflowers for bees, butterflies and other insects to inhabit 🦋

    Their efforts have even been recognised by local beekeepers who have expressed their gratitude. 

    They have began a programme called ‘RePURPpose’ which aims to find new ways to reuse and recycle polyurethane. 

    This is a vital material in Tempur mattresses such as the Tempur Sensation Elite.

    Tempur saved 69,000 trees 🌳 and 28 million gallons of water 💦 in 2020 through their recycling efforts. 

    Check out Tempur UK for more  information about Tempur's sustainability efforts.

  • Do Tempur mattresses need turning?

    Traditional mattresses should be rotated and flipped around every six months.

    Because of their layered structure, all Tempur mattresses are non-turnable  💡

    This means you don’t need to rotate or flip the mattress during any length of its life. 

    This makes them an ideal choice for elderly people or those who are less mobile and physically capable of lifting a heavy mattress 👴👨‍🦽

    Some people prefer a traditional-style mattress that can be flipped and rotated. 


  • Do Tempur mattresses soften up over time?

    When you first receive your mattress it might feel too firm. 

    You’ll probably be thinking “this isn’t what I ordered…” 🤔

    But don’t worry! 

    All memory foam mattresses can feel a little firm when they first arrive. 

    Your Tempur mattress has spent the beginning of its life in a cold warehouse or van, making the viscoelastic cells in the material stiff and unresponsive 🥶 

    After a few weeks, your new mattress will soften and respond better to your body shape. 

    That’s why the 100-night sleep trial is so important. 


After years of working in a leading UK bed store, I'm passionate about helping others find their perfect mattress. I love to write about sleep almost as much as I love to nap!

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