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The Leesa mattress is one of the most popular bed-in-a-box mattresses on the market - and it's only one of our personal favourites.

It's a great mattress that offers a good night's sleep. 😴

So what makes the Leesa mattress so special?

To find out, our team took the mattress for a 'sleep test'.

You'll find out exactly why we recommend it in this Leesa mattress UK review. 👇

Leesa Mattress Review


  • Recommended for most people and sleeping positions.

  • High adaptability & pressure-relieving foams.

  • Excellent motion isolation (great for couples).

  • Velvety-soft cover.

  • Overall high-quality product.

  • Medium to slightly warmer sleep.


  • Less suitable for heavy sweaters.

  • Emits a bit of an odour when first unpacked.

  • Memory foam is not optimal for very restless sleepers.

  • Not available in the UK.

Recommended UK mattress alternatives

Like the Casper mattress, the Leesa mattress is unfortunately no longer available in the UK.

Here, you'll find our favourite UK mattress alternatives. 👇

Leesa mattress comparisons

But how does the Leesa mattress compare to other brands?

To give you an idea we looked at Leesa mattress reviews and compared the most popular brands and their Trustpilot score.

Leesa vs Eve mattress

Leesa UK has a 4.2/5 score on Trustpilot, which is slightly higher than Eve Sleep's 4.1/5 score.

However, Leesa only has around 1500 reviews whilst Eve is much more popular with over 11,000.

Therefore, we'd rate Eve Sleep as slightly higher.

Both the Leesa mattress and Eve Original mattress have a memory foam composition and medium firmness.

The Eve is a slightly thicker mattress at 28 cm compared to the Leesa, which is 22 cm.

We think the Eve Original mattress is a fantastic alternative to the Leesa mattress.

Emma vs Leesa mattress

Emma also outranked Leesa on Trustpilot with a 4.4/5 score and nearly 30,000 reviews.

The Emma Original is the UK's most awarded mattress, making it difficult to compete with.

The Emma Original has a similar composition with memory foam layers and has a medium-firm feel.

Overall, the Emma Original is a better quality mattress with more foam layers and support for the body.


Leesa mattress composition

The Leesa mattress is a foam mattress made of three different types of foam:

  • Avena foam
  • Memory foam
  • Sturdy base foam

The unique combination of these foams is what makes the Leesa mattress so special. 🏅

The firmer and cooler branded Avena foam is the ideal counterpart to the softer and warmer memory foam.

Leesa Mattress Composition

Leesa mattress layers

There are three layers in the Leesa mattress.

A top layer of Avena foam (5 cm)

Avena foam is a patented, durable material with a pleasant cooling effect. ❄️

The foam has a density of 50 kg/m³.

A middle layer of memory foam (5 cm)

The high-quality memory foam adapts optimally to the body's contours. 🤗

It also reduces pressure points and stores body heat, which is great for those cold winter nights.

The foam has a density of 45 kg/m³.

Base foam layer (15 cm)

The firmer base foam promotes stability and supports the upper comfort layers.

The foam has a density of 32 kg/m³.

How firm is the Leesa mattress?

The Leesa is a medium-firm mattress.

This is also confirmed by the experience of our trial sleepers.

We rated the Leesa at 5.5 out of 10 on the Sleep Hero firmness scale, where 1 is the softest and 10 is the firmest.

The Simba mattress, one of our favourite UK mattresses, has a similar firmness level.


What does sleeping on the Leesa mattress feel like?

The Leesa mattress is incredibly comfortable. 🥳

The first time you lie down on it, you can really feel how the foams adapt to your body.

But, even though the mattress adapts so well to the body, it is still firm and solid.

This makes the Leesa the ideal choice for people looking for a good, well-balanced mattress.

The memory foam distributes body weight and relieves pressure.

This is because the mattress only sinks in where it is stressed, and unnecessary pressure points are thus avoided.

Good choice for most sleepers

We recommend the Leesa for every sleeping position.

It has the necessary firmness required when you sleep on your back or stomach.

But it also provides sufficient sinkage, which is important for people who sleep on their side.

This allows the spine to remain optimally aligned.

That said, heavier-weight sleepers above 100 kg may find the Leesa mattress too soft and might be better off choosing a firmer model. 🧱

But for lighter-weight sleepers, the Leesa is absolutely perfect.

Firmness according to sleeping position

A good orthopaedic choice

Due to the unique mattress structure combining high-quality foams, the Leesa mattress adapts to the body in an ideal way.

This is also very helpful for people with high orthopaedic demands.

The Leesa mattress adapted perfectly to our trial sleeper.

The spine remained well supported and in a healthy position. 🦴

The mattress also allowed for sufficient sinkage in the shoulder area, as well as sufficient support in the lumbar region.

This optimal spinal alignment prevents a build-up of tension and back pain.

The Nectar mattress, which has a similar composition, also allows for optimal spinal alignment - and this mattress is available in the UK!


Leesa Mattress Spine

Does the Leesa sleep warm or cool?

As a foam mattress, the Leesa generally provides a warmer sleep.

This is because the memory foam absorbs and stores body heat more effectively than other types of mattress materials.

Despite this, you won’t necessarily sweat more when you sleep - except perhaps on a hot summer’s night. 🥵

The breathable Avena foam prevents this.

The mattress also has numerous pores that help dissipate heat.

Leesa Mattress Uncovered

If you're a very heavy sweater, though, you should think about a pocket sprung mattress or a hybrid mattress instead.

Mattresses with springs generally have greater breathability, as the spaces between the springs create natural ventilation channels.

This helps keep the mattress cooler. 🧊

One of our favourite premium hybrid mattresses is the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid.

Luckily, this mattress is available in the UK!


Is the Leesa suitable for couples?

The Leesa provides excellent motion isolation.

In our tests, the movement sensors showed that the mattress absorbs movement very well.

This means you won’t be disturbed if your partner tosses and turns at night.

The Leesa is thus an excellent mattress for couples.

Motion isolation
Good motion isolation means you won't feel movement across the mattress

Is the Leesa mattress cover washable?

The polyester cover of the Leesa mattress is silver grey and has four white stripes.

This design is the "trademark" of the Leesa and gives the mattress an elegant appearance.

We also really loved the feel of the cover.

It is soft and of very high quality.

Breathable & washable

The fine material knitting also provides it with great breathability.

In addition, the cover is easily removable and can be washed. 🛀

But how should you wash the Leesa mattress cover? 👇

Leesa mattress cover washing instructions

We’d highly recommend hand washing over machine washing - this prevents damage.

Leesa Mattress cover

Should you buy the Leesa mattress?

The Leesa mattress has all the characteristics of a very good mattress, which is why we highly recommend it.

But, it's no longer available in the UK, which is a pity.

We'd recommend you try out the Nectar mattress as the best available all-foam alternative.


Frequently asked questions

  • Where is the Leesa mattress made?

    Leesa UK manufactures their mattresses in Glossop, North West England

    However, the Leesa mattress originally comes from a US-based company. 

  • Which Leesa mattress is best?

    Out of all Leesa mattresses, the Leesa Hybrid is a popular choice. 

    This Leesa mattress combines memory foam and pocket springs for a combination of support and comfort.

    The Leesa Hybrid has been marked as one of the best value for money Leesa mattresses and an excellent choice for side sleepers. 

  • Is the Leesa mattress toxic?

    Leesa UK does not contain toxic materials in their mattresses.

    These mattresses have a CertiPUR-US certification, meaning they have been thoroughly tested for toxic chemicals.

    Leesa mattresses are made without ozone depleters or harmful chemicals.

    However, memory foam mattresses can contain VOCs.

    If you want to steer clear of all chemicals in mattresses, we recommend a natural mattress option such as a latex mattress

  • What are other popular US mattress brands?

    You'll find many fabulous mattresses in the US - including firm favourites like Helix SleepPurple, and Casper

    Leesa and Casper used to be sold in the UK, but these are no longer available - that said, you'll occasionally find some of these at smaller outlets.

    DreamCloud and Nectar are available in both the US and the UK.



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