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Best Cool Pillows UK (2024)

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Tired of flipping to the cool side of the pillow all night long? 🙄

A cooling pillow is an excellent solution for an uncomfortably warm sleep.

It doesn’t matter whether you suffer from menopause, night sweats, or are just a naturally hot sleeper! 🔥

Our in-depth review breaks the ice on all you need to know about the best cool pillows.

Find out more below! 👇

best cool pillows

What are the best cooling pillows UK?

Sleep Hero Favourite

Emma Microfibre Pillow

The Emma Microfibre pillow is a soft & fluffy down-alternative pillow.
  • 100% Polyester & Siliconised micro elastic fibre
  • Adjustable design 
  • Soft feel

Tell me more about the Emma Microfibre pillow

The Emma Microfibre pillow delivers a soft and cosy sleeping experience made from microfibre layers.

This adjustable pillow has two interchangeable layers so that you can tailor its thickness to your individual preferences.

It's also fully washable, making it a great choice for allergy sufferers or frequent sweaters. 

Microfibre is an excellent cooling alternative for those who find memory foam options too warm. 

Perfect for back and stomach sleepers, the pillow provides a soft, sinking feeling that helps align the neck and spine. 

Side sleepers, however, might find it a tad too soft, lacking the necessary support for optimal spinal alignment. 

Reasons to buy

30-night trial period

2-year guarantee

Adjustable for most sleepers 

Reasons to avoid

Quite expensive for a microfibre pillow 

May lack support for side sleepers 

Customisable Comfort

Simba Hybrid Pillow

The Simba Hybrid Pillow is an excellent choice for those in need of adjustable support.
  • Shredded memory foam
  • Medium-firm
  • Fully adjustable 

Tell me more about the Simba Hybrid Pillow

The Simba Hybrid pillow offers comfort and support to a wide range of sleepers.

It features unique memory foam "nanocubes" that can be added and removed to best suit your preferences.

The shredded memory foam also gives the pillow a more traditional feel.  

The Simba Hybrid pillow also features astronaut-inspired temperature-regulating technology that absorbs, stores and releases heat as needed.  

The Simba Hybrid pillow cover is removable and machine-washable.

This makes it a great choice for people prone to allergies. 

Reasons to buy

Fully adjustable height and firmness

Machine-washable cover 

1-year guarantee

Reasons to avoid

Quite expensive 

No trial period 

Luxury Option

Emma Premium Pillow

The Emma Premium Pillow offers unrivalled adjustability to suit all sleeping positions.
  • ThermoSync foam, supportive foam & soft foam
  • UltraDry machine-washable cover
  • Adjustable layers

Tell me more about the Emma Premium Pillow

The Emma Premium Pillow offers a unique experience thanks to its multi-layered, adjustable design.

The pillow as a whole has a firm feel and high loft, making it an excellent choice for side sleepers.

However, the pillow's adaptability allows it to suit all sleeping positions by simply removing or reordering the foam layers.

The Emma Premium pillow supported the neck and cushioned the head for a comfortable sleep that alleviated any pressure. 

Another unique aspect is the thermoregulating layer and UltraDry cover, which ensure temperature regulation throughout the night.

Reasons to buy

30-night trial period 

2-year guarantee

Adjustable to all sleeping positions 

Reasons to avoid

It's difficult to remove the inner layers 

Quite pricey 

Great For Allergies

Aeyla FOAMO Pillow

The Aeyla FOAMO Pillow features a bamboo cover with a fill of shredded cooling memory foam.
  • Gel-infused shredded memory foam & bamboo pillowcase
  • Adjustable height and firmness 
  • 30-night trial 

Tell me more about the Aeyla FOAMO Pillow

The Aeyla FOAMO Pillow is a state-of-the-art adjustable pillow.

It comes fully stuffed with easy-to-store spare fill and a dual-case zip system to add or remove the fill material.

The fill is made from shredded, gel-infused memory foam for optimal support and temperature regulation.

The FOAMO pillow has a medium-firm feel, though this does depend on the stuffing level.

The pillow cover is made from temperature-regulating bamboo, which further helps keep the pillow cool for a more comfortable sleep. 

You can wash the cover at 40℃, but be sure to remove all fill material first.

Reasons to buy

Fully adjustable to your needs

Great temperature regulation

30-night trial

Reasons to avoid

Fill must be removed before washing

Can be finicky to add/remove and store excess foam

What is a cool pillow?

A cool pillow is a great way to lower the temperature on a sizzlingly hot sleep. 🔥

cool pillow
A cool pillow is made with advanced cooling technology.

Studies [1] show our core body temperature needs to drop 1 - 2 degrees to sleep comfortably throughout the night.

Pillows that stay cool aim to regulate body temperature and provide a calm and cooler sleep.

Excessively hot sleepers may also consider pairing a cooling mattress with their cool pillow for best results.

Do cooling pillows work?

A pillow with advanced cooling technology can offer a night of cooler sleep.

It may seem too good to be true, but these highly technical cooling pillows are made with the latest materials that help to prevent overheating.

But they don’t follow a one-size-fits-all approach. 🤔

These ice-cold pillows encompass different elements that make them reasonably cooler than your standard pillow.

So, what are the best cooling pillow materials?

Types of cool pillows

You should consider the different types of cool pillows available. 🧽🌱🐑

Some cold pillows use advanced materials that absorb body heat, whilst others offer natural ventilation.

We’ll take you through the pros and cons of each below! 👇

Gel pillows

Gel pillows are one of the most popular types of cooling pillows available.

Gel foam is designed specifically for those who feel the heat at night and can be found in many products, including gel mattresses.

Gel foam feels similar to memory foam, except it is made with tiny gel crystals inside the material. ✨

Man laying on gel cooling pillow graphic
Cooling gel pillows are made with advanced cooling technology.

These crystals absorb body heat, which helps to regulate body temperature throughout the night.

A pillow that stays cold is often designed with a foam core insert made of gel or an outer cooling gel pad on the cover.

However, no science-backed studies prove that a gel memory foam pillow effectively combats hot sleep. 🤔

Whilst many claim gel pillows have eradicated their night sweats, others assert these products have had little effect.

The Aeyla Foamo pillow is made with shredded gel-infused memory foam.


Memory foam pillows

Memory foam hasn’t got the best reputation for being cool.

Typically, memory foam is one of the warmest materials available. 🥵

Just take a look at the temperature scale chart below:

temperature regulation scale
Memory foam is typically a warmer material.

Memory foam traps heat, unlike some other pillow materials.

This creates a build-up of warmth in the bed that can have you waking up shimmering with sweat.

So, why are they on this list? 🧐

Memory foam has become increasingly advanced, particularly higher-quality memory foam fill designed with an open-cell structure.

viscoelastic cells graphic
The viscoelastic cells in memory foam respond to body heat.

Open-cell foam is much more breathable and can disperse heat better than cheaper foams. 🧽

Some memory foam is also made with PCM, which stands for “phase changing materials”.

This highly scientific technology turns solid memory foam cells into liquid form, allowing excess heat to be absorbed more efficiently. 💧

Tempur is one of the first memory foam manufacturers to use PCM technology in their products.

The Temper Cloud CoolTouch pillow is one of our favourites, made with soft pressure-relieving memory foam.


Hollowfibre pillows

Hollowfibre pillows are one of the most common pillow types you can buy.

Most people have slept on a hollowfibre pillow in their lifetime.

These are one of the most affordable pillows, made from cost-efficient materials. 💰

hollowfibre pillow
Hollowfibre pillows are soft and breathable.

Hollowfibre pillows are lightweight and made with breathable open fibres that are often hypoallergenic.

Air can easily be circulated through the open fibres, allowing cool air to flow through and hot air to disperse out of the pillow. 🌬️

This ventilation system is even more effective when paired with a breathable outer pillow cover and pillowcases.

If you’re on a budget, a breathable pillow made with hollowfibre is an excellent option. 👍

The Kally Cooling pillow is budget-friendly but doesn't compromise on quality or coolness.


Natural fibre pillows

Natural fibre pillows are made from naturally-sourced materials such as wool, feather, cotton, or bamboo.

Natural fibre pillows work similarly to hollowfibre pillows but with even better benefits. 🙌

Like hollowfibre pillows, the open fibres allow air to flow throughout the pillow.

Additionally, natural fibres such as wool act as a thermo-regulator that will regulate body temperature depending on if you’re hot or cold.

woolroom pillow
Natural fibres like wool pillows can wick away moisture.

Naturally cool materials like wool, cotton and silk wick away moisture, making them ideal for those who suffer from night sweats.

However, whilst natural fibre pillows are one of the best options, they tend to be expensive.

But if you have no budgetary constraints, we encourage you to reap all the rewards from natural fibre pillows, such as a feather or wool pillow.

The Woolroom Deluxe Natural wool pillow is filled with soft wool and has a breathable cotton cover.


Latex pillows

Technically, latex also counts as a natural pillow, but their cooling techniques work a little differently.

Latex derives from tree sap, a sustainably sourced material that protects the environment. 🌎

Latex being harvested graphic
Latex is a sustainably sourced material.

This material has a natural open-cell structure, which offers better breathability.

Latex pillows are manufactured with tiny pinholes throughout, designed to encourage airflow.

These pinholes push warm air out and draw fresh cold air in, creating a superb ventilation system. 🌬️

Check out the video below to see how this works:

Latex is also highly durable, so your latex pillow can last five years or longer.

Check out our favourite latex pillow:

Who are cooling pillows most suitable for?

A cooling pillow can make an excellent option for anybody sensitive to heat.

However, they’re a particularly good option for:

  • Naturally hot sleepers
  • Those suffering from menopausal symptoms
  • People who suffer from night sweats
  • Pregnant women
  • Sleepers of all positions

If you fall into any of those categories, a cool pillow is a great way to tackle those hot flushes and provide an overall cooler sleep. ❄️

Best cool pillow for your sleeping position

Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as choosing the best cool pillow on the market. 👀

It’s essential to choose not only a pillow that is cool but also one that is suitable for your sleeping position.

So, what is the best cool pillow for your sleeping position? 👇

Best cooling pillow for side sleepers

Side sleepers need a deep and firm pillow. 🧱

Side sleepers should opt for a cool pillow that is firm enough to support the head and shoulders and deep enough to encourage neutral alignment of the spine or neck.

side sleeper on pillow
Side sleepers should opt for a high-loft pillow.

The Simba Hybrid pillow is a great pillow for side sleepers.

This cool pillow has a firm feel with Nanocube foam to fill the space between the head and shoulders.


Best cool pillow for back sleepers

Back sleepers need a medium-feel and medium-height pillow. 🧸

Back sleepers require a cooling pillow that cushions the head and shoulders without sinking in too deeply or too little.

A medium support pillow will help keep the spine straight with the neck, preventing unwanted bending.

Spinal alignment pillow graphic
A medium pillow that supports the natural alignment of the spine and neck is ideal for back sleepers.

The Kally Cooling pillow is a good choice for back sleepers. ✔️

The blown hollowfibre fillings and the cool foam core combine support and comfort for a pillow that feels just right.

The breathable materials counteract hot flushes whilst supporting the head and neck in a natural position. 🥰


Best cool pillow for stomach sleepers

Stomach sleepers need a low loft and soft pillow. ☁️

Stomach sleepers will get on great with a cool pillow that keeps the head as close to the mattress as possible.

The Tempur Cloud CoolTouch pillow has extra-soft shredded memory foam that will mould around the head and neck to keep the spine aligned.


Man sleeping on stomach
Stomach sleepers need a low and soft pillow.

However, this pillow may feel slightly too high for some stomach sleepers. 😨

Stomach sleepers that suffer from night sweats and neck pain should consider sleeping without a pillow.

Ditching your pillow altogether might be the answer to more restorative sleep. ✨

What is the best way to keep cool at night?

You shouldn’t just rely on a cooling pillow to keep your hot flushes at bay during the night. 🤔

There are lots of ways you can encourage a cooler sleep throughout the year.

So, what are they? 👇

Use a cooler duvet

Sleeping with a lower tog duvet can affect how hot you feel at night.

Take a look at the chart:

duvet tog rating
A lower tog duvet is significantly cooler.

As you can see, tog ratings below 4 are much cooler and will prevent you from getting too toasty.

You could also consider duvets with cooling technology in the fibres.

The Simba duvet is designed with Stratos Active temperature regulation technology, Simba-Renew fibres that dissipate heat and a breathable cotton cover.

These space-inspired materials provide a much cooler sleep.❄️


Open the windows

Opening your windows at night will allow fresh air to flow and cool you down. 🌬️

cross breeze graphic
You should open your windows to create a breeze and help airflow.

This works even better if you open more windows adjacent to the bedroom to create a cross breeze and encourage optimal airflow.

If it’s hot during the day, try to keep your curtains and blinds shut.

This will prevent the heat from building up inside your home during the day and can help cool down your room.

Shower before bed

After a swelteringly hot day, a shower is a great way to cool down just before bed. 🚿

man showering before bed
A cool or lukewarm shower before bed can significantly affect your sleep.

It will also help those with sensitive skin to prevent dirt and bacteria from building up in the bed, which can cause skin reactions.

You may think that having a cold shower is the best way to stay cool, but research [2] indicates that a warm bath is a better solution for a good night's sleep. 😴

This will activate your brain into thinking it's time for bed, and encourage your body temperature to lower up to 2 degrees.

Why not also consider a bath pillow to wind down at night?

Use natural sheets and pillowcases

Sheets made from cotton, silk, or even bamboo are an excellent choice for those looking to lower the temperature while you sleep. 🌡️

You could try silk pillowcases for an extra luxurious feel.

The natural properties are great for sweaty sleepers as they wick away moisture during the night.

They're also highly breathable and much kinder to sensitive skin. 🦔

You can also get other cool bedding accessories, including cold pillowcases and a cooling mattress topper.

Check out our favourite natural sheets for a cooler sleep:

Can you wash a cool pillow?

If you suffer from night sweats, you might need a fully washable pillow to ensure your pillow stays clean. 🧼

This will help increase the lifespan of your cool pillow and keep it fresher for longer.

Some cool pillows, such as the TempurCloud CoolTouch pillow, come with a washable cover.


Some pillow covers can be removed and washed.

But some cooling pillows are fully machine-washable.

You should check your pillow tag or the manufacturer’s website to see if your cold pillow is washable. 🏷️

Here you will also find details of the recommended setting and whether the pillow can be tumble-dried.

Take a look at our favourite washable pillows:

Other ways to keep your pillow cold

It's not easy finding a pillow that stays cold all night long.

Bedding accessories like cooling pillow cases are highly breathable and can help your head stay cool during sleep.

You can also get more advanced cooling accessories like a cooling pillow pad.

man sleeping at perfect temperature
A cool pillow or mattress pad can help you stay at the perfect temperature.

Cooling pads have been a popular way to chill out at bedtime, particularly for menopausal women.

You can put the cooling pad into the fridge for ten minutes and then insert it into your pillowcase, where you should feel noticeably cooler.

You can also pop the cooling pad behind your back when sitting down or even rest your feet on it for those who feel the heat day and night. 🌞🌜

There are many cool pillow mats for pillows and mattresses available on Amazon.

Take a look below:

How much do cool pillows cost?

The price of a cool pillow depends on the quality of the pillow you’re buying. 🧵

man and woman with money
Cool pillows can be expensive or budget-friendly.

High-quality pillows are going to be more costly but potentially more effective for keeping you cool.

On the other hand, cheaper solutions such as a cooling pad can provide a refreshing sleep without breaking the bank.

Typically, cool pillows begin at around £15 for a more budget-friendly product.

Premium cool pillows will cost over £50 depending on the quality and materials.

Cool pillow discount codes

There are often voucher codes on cool pillows where you can make some fantastic savings.

You can save up to 50% on some of the best cool bed pillows on the market. 🏷️

Keep tabs on our discounts page for all the latest cool pillow offers.

You can also sign up for our newsletter for exclusive discounts on mattresses and pillows.

Should I buy a cooling pillow?

It’s easy to make a rash purchase in the heat of the moment.

But are cooling pillows really worth it? 🤔

We think cool pillows can be a great way to provide a calm and cooler sleep.

Whether you suffer from menopause, night sweats, or you’re just hot-blooded, a cooling pillow can be a great addition to your sleep.

But there are also other ways to cool down during the night.

Try all our tips and tricks along with your new cooling pillow, and you should feel a noticeable difference in your sleep. 😍

Here’s a reminder of some of our best cooling pillows:

Frequently asked questions

  • What is the best cool pillow for menopause?

    For menopausal women, choosing a pillow that can tackle hot flushes is important. 

    We recommend a cooling pillow designed to provide optimal breathability. 

    Pillows that have heat-absorbing properties and can regulate body temperature are ideal. 

  • Are cool gel pillows safe?

    As cooling pillows are often manufactured with chemicals to ensure they create a cooler sleep, you may be wondering if they’re safe to use. 

    Many cool pillow brands will specify the toxicity of their products. 

    You should check the pillow materials and what tests have been carried out by the manufacturers to ensure it is safe to use. 

    For example, OEKO-TEX-certified [3] products have tested every thread and fibre in the material to ensure it doesn't include harmful substances.

    Additionally CERTIPUR certifications [4] ensure any foam used in the product conforms to high health and safety standards.  

    The Simba Hybrid Pillow is TCPP-free and CERTIPUR certified. 

    This cool pillow is made with the purest foam that is free from harmful chemicals.

    Alternatively, natural fibre pillows are generally safer to use and can provide a cool sleep. 

  • Where can you buy a cool pillow?

    You can buy a cool pillow from a variety of bedding retailers

    Check out the following retailers and brands for cool pillows:

    Most of these brands have cool pillows available in-store and on their online website. 

  • How long do cool pillows last?

    Some cooling pillows may offer an initial cooling effect, but they begin to lose their cooling properties over time. 

    To ensure you’re buying a product that lasts, you should check if it comes with a warranty. 

    A warranty will safeguard you against buying a pillow with any faults or issues after a specified time period. 

    Many warranties include the cooling properties in the guarantee, so if your cooling pillow stops working, you are fully protected. 

    Most cooling pillows will come with a minimum 1-year guarantee. 

    Higher-quality cold pillows may come with an even longer warranty, such as the Tempur Cloud CoolTouch pillow, with a 3-year guarantee.

  • Do cooling pillow include a sleep trial?

    Some cool pillows come with a sleep trial for even more peace of mind.

    This means you have a specified amount of time to test the pillow before deciding if it’s right for you. 

    This is a great way to determine if the pillow provides a cooler sleep without wasting your money. 

  • What other cool pillows are available?

    In this article, we've showcased the best cool pillows in the UK. 

    But many cool pillows are available that may be more suitable for you. 

    Some other popular cool pillows and brands include:

    • Rem-Fit 500 Cool Gel pillow
    • JML cool pillow
    • Silentnight cool pillow
    • Therapur cool pillow
    • IKEA cool pillow
    • Chillow cooling pillow
    • Coolmax pillow

    We currently don't have any reviews on these cool pillows.

    But we'll be sure to update this article as soon as we do. 

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