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Argos Mattress Reviews UK (2024)

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Who doesn't like a good bargain? 🤷

Most of us love finding a great deal, and we all want to make sure we're spending our hard-earned cash on the best mattress.

Argos has a long history as a budget-friendly brand for everything home and bed-related. 😍

But today, with so many options available, are Argos mattresses worth buying?

Dig into our Argos mattress review to find out. 🤔

Let's go!

Argos Mattress Reviews UK
Sleep Hero Favourite

Argos Argos Home Collect Now Memory Foam Rolled Mattress

The Argos Home Collect Now Memory Foam Rolled Mattress is an Argos bestseller with a polyurethane core and memory foam topper.

The 15 cm (5.8 inches) mattress is one of the most popular budget Argos mattresses but is best for lighter-weight sleepers.

The Argos Home Collect Now Memory Foam Rolled Mattress is one of the shop's bestsellers. 🏆

The Argos mattress has a 13 cm (5.2 inches) polyurethane core with a 2 cm (0.8 inches) memory foam top.

Polyurethane is springy and doesn't contour to the body, so it isn't as supportive or body-hugging as a true memory foam mattress. 🤗

Argos Home Collect Now Memory Foam Mattress
The Argos Home Collect Now Memory Foam Rolled Mattress combines polyurethane and memory foam.

You can breathe a sigh of relief if you suffer from allergies since the Argos Memory Foam Rolled Mattress uses an anti-allergy foam. 🤧

The Argos Home Collect Now Memory Foam Rolled Mattress is made for easy transport and delivery, but you may need to wait up to 48 hours for it to expand fully.

Sleepers have 100 nights to exchange the mattress if it's not providing the sleep of their dreams. 😇


  Argos Home Collect Now Memory Foam Rolled Mattress
Composition: Polyurethane foam and memory foam
Firmness level: Medium-firm
Height: 15 cm (5.9 inches)
Trial period: 100 nights
Guarantee: 1 year
What makes this mattress special? The Argos Home Collect Now Memory Foam Mattress is super affordable and comes rolled for more convenient delivery and collection.

Argos Argos Home Elmdon Sprung Comfort Rolled Mattress

The affordable Argos Home Elmdon Sprung Comfort Rolled Mattress is a bouncy open coil mattress with a quilted finish.

The medium-feel Argos Home Elmdon Sprung Comfort Rolled Mattress provides a pleasant bounce and is rolled for easier delivery.

The Argos Home Elmdon Sprung Comfort Rolled Mattress is a bargain open coil mattress with a quilted cover and wonderful customer reviews. 💚

The supercoil interior of the Argos mattress promises improved support and a great night’s sleep.

The multiple layers of soft white filling promise added comfort, though some customers can feel the mattress springs despite the padding. 😬

The Argos Home Elmdon Sprung Comfort Rolled Mattress close up
The Argos Home Elmdon Sprung Comfort Rolled Mattress has an extra supportive interior supercoil unit.

This Argos mattress is rolled for easier transportation and to make getting your mattress into your home as easy as pie. 👍

The downside is that, like all Argos mattresses, this one only comes with a 1-year guarantee.

Those who don’t love the Argos Home Elmdon Sprung Comfort Rolled Mattress have 100 nights to exchange the mattress. ⌛


  Argos Home Elmdon Sprung Comfort Rolled Mattress
Composition: Open coils and damask cover with a quilted finish
Firmness level: Medium
Height: 19 cm (7.5 inches)
Trial period: 100 nights
Guarantee: 1 year
What makes this mattress special? It's conveniently packaged and comfortable (especially for the price).
Best For Back Sleepers

Argos Argos Home Elmdon Open Coil Deep Ortho Mattress

The budget-friendly Argos Home Elmdon Open Coil Deep Ortho Mattress features a Supercoil Plus unit for extra support.

The Argos Home Elmdon Open Coil Deep Ortho Mattress is finished with layers of soft material that cushion the interior springs and provide improved comfort for sleepers.

The Argos Home Elmdon Open Coil Deep Ortho Mattress is one of the thickest and most affordable mattresses in the Argos collection. 🙌

The metal springs provide excellent support and bounce back against your body.

The Supercoil Plus units are designed to provide additional support where needed.

These hundreds of springs are covered with a soft quilted damask finish for a more comfortable night’s rest. 💆

Argos Home Elmdon Open Coil Deep Ortho Mattress close up
The Argos Home Elmdon Open Coil Deep Ortho Mattress is one of the thickest Argos mattresses.

Despite some complaints about the mattress being too warm and not as thick as advertised, over 90% of customers would recommend it. 👏

Delivery times can vary, depending on whether or not the mattress is in stock locally.

Those who don’t love the mattress have the standard 100-day trial period to exchange it for a different product. 🚚


  Argos Home Elmdon Open Coil Deep Ortho Mattress
Composition: Open coil and damask cover with a quilted finish
Firmness level: Medium-firm
Height: 22 cm (8.7 inches)
Trial period:  100 nights
Guarantee: 1 year
What makes this mattress special? This budget-friendly mattress has a supercoil interior unit that provides superior support for sleepers.
Value For Money

Argos Argos Home Elmdon Deep Ortho Divan Bed Set

The Argos Home Elmdon Double Deep Ortho Divan Bed provides a stylish bed frame and mattress combo that is easy to move and assemble.

The fabric-covered divan bed comes with a supportive medium-firm open coil mattress.

The Argos Home Elmdon Double Deep Ortho Divan Bed is a popular choice for those who want an all-in-one sleeping solution.

The bed's medium-firm mattress features a supercoil spring unit, which is one of the firmest and most supportive open coil styles.

The Argos Home Elmdon Double Deep Ortho Divan Bed mattress is finished with a washable and super-soft damask quilted cover that improves comfort. 💅

Argos Home Elmdon Double Deep Divan Bed front view
You can purchase the bed with no storage, 2 drawers, or 4 drawers to suit your needs.

It is worth noting that this affordable divan bed has a weight limit of 115 kg (253 lbs) and does not come with a headboard. 🤔

Like most Argos mattress and bed products, the Argos Home Elmdon Double Deep Ortho Divan Bed has a 100-day exchange period during which customers can swap the bed for an alternative Argos product or voucher.


  Argos Home Elmdon Deep Ortho Divan Bed 
Composition: Bed frame: Fabric base and plastic castors
Mattress: Open coil and damask cover with a quilted finish
Firmness level: Medium-firm
Height: Divan bed: 59 cm (23.2 inches)
Mattress: 22 cm (8.7 inches)
Trial period: 100 nights
Guarantee: 1 year
What makes this mattress special? The Argos Home Elmdon Deep Ortho Divan Bed is highly recommended by customers and conveniently packages a mattress and bed frame together in one affordable purchase.

Overview of the Argos mattress selection

Argos is a large UK-based retailer that offers customers a hybrid in-store and online shopping experience.

Argos customers can find a wide range of highly affordable mattresses and other home furnishings.

Those on a limited budget should check out the Argos Home mattress collection (all of which are made in the UK). 💰

Best budget mattresses
Argos has plenty of low-cost mattress options.

Sadly, most Argos mattresses only come with a 1-year guarantee, and the 100-night trial only allows customers to exchange (not return) mattresses they don't love. 🤔

Argos also sells mattresses from multiple well-known brands, like Jay-be, Dormeo, Sleepeezee, Simba, Forty Winks, and many more.

But you'll often find the best deals, guarantees, and return policies by shopping directly from a brand (rather than via Argos). 🌟

Read all our brand-specific mattress reviews for the best advice.

For this article, we’ll be focusing on Argos-only mattresses.

Argos memory foam mattresses

There is just 1 Argos Home memory foam mattress, but Argos also sells many alternative brand memory foam mattresses. 👌

The medium-firm 15 cm (5.9 inches) Argos Home Collect & Go Memory Foam Rolled Mattress is a polyurethane and memory foam mix, which we have discussed in detail above.

Memory foam mattresses are designed to mould around the body and offer premium levels of support.

Customers looking for an extra-firm, soft, or deep memory foam mattress will need to look beyond the Argos Home collection. 👀

Emma mattress original
The Emma Original is an excellent mattress alternative.

For example, the Emma Original mattress is one of our favourite memory foam mattresses.

The Emma Original has an impressively body-hugging depth of 25 cm (9.8 inches) - that’s 10 cm (3.9 inches) more than the budget Argos Home Memory Foam Mattress. 🤗

Thicker mattresses offer more support, feel more comfortable, and look so much nicer.

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Argos open coil mattresses

Argos Home offers 3 open coil mattress options.

All Argos Home open coil mattresses are popular and have over 4.5 stars from thousands of reviews.

Open coil mattresses [1] feature an interconnected system of steel springs.

These mattresses generally offer a bouncier feeling than memory foam mattresses. 🐇

Open coil springs
Open coil spring mattresses are a popular choice.

The coil springs push back against the body to provide the bounce.

It is worth noting that Argos Home open coil mattresses are topped with 'soft fillings' rather than foam, meaning some sleepers can feel the coils when they lie down. 😬

These mattresses can also not be flipped since only one side is designed to support sleepers.

Open coil mattresses are firmer and often used in orthopaedic designs.

While they are firmer, open coil mattresses don’t offer the best comfort or support since the connected spring system doesn’t allow for point elasticity and targeted support. 🎯

The advantage of open coil mattresses is the price point, as they tend to be cheaper.

Check out the Sleep Hero guides on the best orthopaedic mattresses for more information and recommendations. 📗

The Simba Hybrid is an amazing orthopaedic mattress that combines pocket springs with layers of foam for extra comfort and support.


Argos pocket spring mattresses

Pocket sprung mattresses offer more contouring support than open coil mattresses. 🙌

Each spring is placed inside a pocket/fabric sleeve - that’s where the ability to respond individually comes from.

Pocket springs are great options for those who want a combination of comfort and support.

These mattresses also provide a bounce-back feel when sleepers apply pressure to the material.

Pocket spring
Pocket springs allow each spring ​​​​​​to react to body movements independently.

Argos Home pocket sprung mattresses feature between 600 and 2400 individual pocket springs, depending on the mattress. 🙀

The Argos Home pocket sprung mattress collection only comes with a damask cover, meaning sleepers may end up feeling the interior metal springs when they rest.

The Happy Beds Space 2000 Pocket Spring Pillowtop Mattress is a more comfortable (and budget-friendly) alternative. 😍


Who should choose an Argos mattress?

Argos mattresses come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. 💞

The variety of the Argos mattress selection means it can suit a broad audience.

Argos mattresses appeal most to people with limited time and a lower budget.

Let’s look at this in more detail. 👇


Argos mattresses first gained popularity as one of the most affordable brands. 💚


Argos still offers some of the lowest-cost mattress options compared to other UK high-street mattress brands.

However, it is worth knowing that Argos is not always (much) cheaper than online bed-in-the-box brands. 😒

Price-performance ratio
How do Argos mattresses compare when it comes to price and quality?

Most Argos mattresses receive positive customer reviews, and many recommend the mattresses they buy, but this is not always the case. ⚖

Some people find the quality of the mattresses is lower than expected.

Those who don't want to spend a fortune (but want the comfort of buying from a reputable brand) may want to check out Nectar's mattresses. 🤑



One thing that can be hard to beat is the practicality of buying goods from Argos. 👍

For locally in-stock items, customers can collect their mattress immediately or opt for next-day delivery.

However, it is worth noting that Argos charges for mattress delivery, which is disappointing. 😩

Sleep accessories
You can find almost anything at Argos.

Perhaps the best thing about Argos is that shoppers can find so many options all in one place.


Argos offers mattresses from multiple well-known brands alongside their own Argos Home mattress collection. 💅

Customers can deck out their home from top to bottom with Argos furniture, sleep accessories, and much more.

Sometimes it's nice to know you can get everything you need from one place. 😁

People with smaller to average builds

Argos mattresses are not the thickest.

Even the thicker Argos mattress options, such as the spring mattresses, don’t have thick padding.

The lack of padding means some people can feel the steel springs through the mattress cover. 🙅

Argos mattresses tend to sit between medium-soft and medium-firm, which suits most mid-range sleepers.

Heavier individuals may find that not all Argos mattresses offer proper support and may even find some uncomfy. 😞

For instance, heavier side sleepers need a softer mattress that allows their shoulders and hips to sink.

Similarly, heavier back or stomach sleepers should choose a firm mattress to keep their spine straight. 😇

Firmness according to sleeping positions
Different sleepers need different mattress firmness levels.

Light to average build individuals shouldn’t have any trouble finding an Argos mattress that offers them the right comfort and support.

Heavier sleepers may want to consider alternatives like the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress. 💝


Check out our complete mattress firmness guide for more info on what mattress is best for you.

Negative points about Argos mattresses

Unfortunately, Argos mattresses aren't suitable for everyone.

Unreliable delivery

While Argos mattresses can often be collected or delivered within a day, this isn't the case for every item. 💨

Some customers have had to wait weeks or even months for an out-of-stock Argos mattress to be delivered.

Such delivery delays are obviously not ideal, particularly if someone doesn't have a suitable mattress in the meantime. 👎

If you want a mattress delivered fast, it's worth checking out Happy Beds and their delivery options.

With Happy Beds, you can choose your delivery day, pick between one or two-person delivery services, and even have your mattress delivered to a specific room.

Short guarantee

All Argos Home mattresses come with a guarantee of just 1 year. 😑

A 1-year mattress guarantee is not very long, especially compared to mattress brands like DreamCloud (which offers a 'forever guarantee')!


The short guarantee doesn't seem to promise much in terms of the longevity or quality of Argos mattresses. 😖

But for those who want a mattress 'for now', the low price and practicality of Argos mattresses may make a purchase worthwhile.

Limited trial period

The Argos 100-day trial is okay but doesn't give customers a full refund (unless they return the mattress unopened within 30 days).

Mattress with indentations
Trial periods allow you time to work out if a mattress is right for you.

Some mattress brands offer no trial at all! 😱

However, the Argos 100-day trial is limiting because it only allows customers to exchange a mattress they don't love.

Other mattress brands allow customers to return a mattress during the trial period. 🙌

Not great for back pain

Sleepers who struggle with back pain, neck pain, or other aches need to think carefully about the mattress they choose. 💢

On average, we spend one-third of our lives sleeping.

A mattress can significantly impact our bodies, partly because we spend so much time on them.

Back Pain
The right mattress can help relieve back pain.

Studies [2] show that medium-firm mattresses are the best for those suffering from generic lower back pain. 💕

Some Argos mattresses are better for back pain than others.

For example, the Argos Home Elmdon Open Coil Deep Ortho Mattress is very firm and offers extra support. 😊

A quality mattress is most likely to offer support that provides long-term pain relief (and a great night's sleep)!

Argos mattresses are not always very deep or high-quality, so those facing chronic back pain may want to look elsewhere for more reliable relief. 👀

Not eco-friendly

Argos mattresses are manufactured in the UK, so they don’t have to travel too far to get to your home. 🚢

But it's hard to know about the environmental impact of Argos mattresses since they don’t say much about their practices.

Organic mattresses
Some mattresses are made with environmentally friendly materials and practices.

Luckily, Argos still offers some greener choices with brands like Jay-Be and their Benchmark Comfort S1 Eco-friendly mattress. 🌱

It’s best to look elsewhere if you want a truly environmentally friendly mattress.

The Silentnight Eco Comfort Pocket 1200 Mattress is one of our top organic mattress picks.


Argos mattress sizes

Argos mattresses are available in all the standard UK sizes.

These include:

  • Argos mattress single: 90 x 190 cm (3' x 6'3")
  • Argos mattress small double: 120 x 190 cm (4' x 6'3")
  • Argos mattress double: 135 x 190 cm (4'6" x 6'3")
  • Argos mattress king-size: 150 x 200 cm (5' x 6’6”)
  • Argos mattress super-king-size: 180 x 200 cm (6’ x 6’6”)

Argos also sells a shorty mattress size that is perfect for kids. 🧒

  • Argos mattress shorty: 75 x 175 cm (2'6" x 5'9")

You can learn more about choosing the perfect mattress with our mattress size guide.

UK Mattress Sizes
Most UK mattresses come in a range of standard sizes.

It is worth noting that most people can go for anything from a single mattress to a super-king-size. 🛌

Couples and bigger individuals should choose from a small double mattress, double mattress, king-size mattress, or super king-size mattress to ensure they have enough space.


How much do Argos mattresses cost?

Argos mattresses are competitively priced. 💸

They are generally much cheaper than other UK high-street brands and are comparable to IKEA mattresses.

Argos mattresses can cost even less than notable online brands like Happy Beds.

However, it is worth noting that Argos mattresses are generally not as thick or as high-quality as some other bed-in-the-box mattress brands. 💚

Happy Beds
Happy Beds is an amazing budget-friendly bed-in-the-box mattress brand.

Happy Beds offers some of the cheapest mattresses and is an excellent choice for those who want quality mattresses but don't have much to spend.


In terms of bedding, you could also look at some other retailers, like Silentnight or Kirkton House, both of which offer comparable quality.

Argos mattress toppers

Argos Home sells 8 different mattress toppers.

These include:

  • Argos Home 5 cm Memory Foam Mattress Topper
  • Argos Home Supersoft Mattress Topper
  • Argos Home Anti Allergy Mattress Topper
  • Argos Home Memory Foam Mattress Topper
  • Argos Home Duck Feather Mattress Topper
  • Argos Home Feels Like Down Mattress Topper
  • Argos Home Anti Allergy Memory Foam Mattress Topper
  • Argos Home Slow Recovery Mattress Topper

Argos offers toppers in a wide range of materials, including duck feathers, polyester, and memory foam. 🦆

Why buy an Argos mattress topper?

Mattress toppers can change the feel of your mattress. 😍

For instance, a duck feather mattress topper would soften the feel of a firmer mattress.


Toppers can add comfort and protect the mattress beneath them.

The Argos Home 5 cm Memory Foam Mattress Topper is the best-selling Argos mattress topper. 🏆

Over 90% of customers recommend this Argos memory foam mattress topper.

While Argos has a great selection of mattress toppers, we have a few more favourites.

Our favourite mattress toppers:

Argos mattress protectors

If you want to shield your mattress, you may prefer the Argos mattress protector collection. 💪

Mattress protectors cost less and are slimmer than mattress toppers, but they won't change the feel of your mattress.

You can count on a mattress protector to keep your mattress dry, guard against dust mites, and improve your mattress' lifespan. 😄


While Argos sells several mattress protectors, we have a few others we prefer.

Our top mattress protectors:

Argos pillows

Argos also sells a wide selection of pillows. 😴

Customers can find Argos pillows in all shapes and sizes.

The Argos shopping experience aims to make things as easy as possible for customers, so you can even find 2 and 4 packs of pillows at very affordable prices. 👏

Argos pillows come in a range of materials, including:

  • Duck feather
  • Polyester
  • Polyester hollowfibre

Argos pillows also come in a range of firmnesses, from supersoft to firm. 😎

You can even find orthopaedic pillows that better support the neck, head, and back when sleeping or resting.


Although Argos has a good selection, they aren't the only store with excellent pillows.

Our best pillow picks

We’ve got a guide for the best pillow recommendations.

Some of our favourites include:

Argos duvets

The Argos duvet selection provides plenty of options to choose from. 😁

Of course, you can find Argos duvets for single to super king mattresses.

Argos duvets come in 3 different thicknesses (or togs):

  • 4.5 tog (best for summer)
  • 10.5 tog (best for spring or autumn)
  • 13.5 tog (best for winter)

All Argos duvets are well-priced, so there will be no breaking the bank if you need an extra layer of warmth and cosiness. 💵

Several duvets have anti-allergy non-natural fillings, perfect for those sensitive and prone to allergic reactions.


Many Argos Home duvets are also machine washable, making life a little easier. 🛀

Argos duvets
Argos duvets come in all different materials and togs.

Unfortunately, along with the low prices, some Argos duvets are of lower quality and prone to clumping.

Why not take a sneak peek at our guide on the best duvets in the UK for more advice and recommendations? 😴

Our favourite duvets

Some of our favourite duvets include:

Argos bedding

Argos has a whole host of bedding options.

Argos bedding includes:

  • Bed sheets
  • Pillow covers
  • Duvet covers
  • Throws and blankets
  • Bedspreads

You can also find extra bedding options, like electric blankets, from alternative brands on the Argos website and stores.

Argos also sells mattress protectors, mattress toppers, and duvets under bedding, but we've covered these earlier! 👆

Argos bedding is incredibly affordable.

It's easy to deck out an entire room (without emptying your wallet or running between stores) with the Argos bedding selection. 🙏

Argos bedding
You have lots of Argos bedding to choose from.

Argos also has several bedding options just for kids.

Customers' experiences of Argos bedding products are overwhelmingly positive. 😍

Almost every item of Argos bedding has received a customer rating of 4 or more stars.


Argos bed frames

Did you know that you shouldn't leave your mattress on the floor? ⛔

Placing a mattress directly on the ground can lead to build-ups of moisture, dust mites, and dirt.

So, if you are considering getting a new mattress and don't have a bed frame, it's time to start looking. 👀

Argos bed frames are available in every size, from single to super king.

Argos bed frames
Choose between metal, wood, or fabric-covered Argos bed frames.

These bed frames also come in many different materials and colours, so there truly is something for everyone. 🎉

While its range is slightly smaller, Argos offers similar prices to the affordable IKEA bed selection.


Most Argos bed frames have a standard weight limit of 220 kg (485 lbs). 🛌

For those who want to make the most of their space, there are many Argos divan beds with beautiful storage compartments.


If you aren't quite ready to purchase a bed frame, it's crucial that you at least prop up your mattress and allow it to air out occasionally. 🍃

Beyond the many Argos bed frames, we have several others we prefer.

Our favourite bed frames:

Argos air beds

Argos air beds are an excellent option for those who like camping or need a spare bed at home. 💤

While Argos doesn't produce air beds, they sell several (for kids and adults) from other brands.

There are super plush and tall air beds that provide additional comfort. 👑

Argos air beds
The Intex Queen PremAire air bed is extra tall and plush.

The luxurious Intex Queen PremAire is extra deep and promises a great night's sleep. 😴

You can also find much slimmer air beds, ideal for small spaces and people on the move.

For example, the Pro Action air bed range is designed for portability and is perfect for camping trips. ⛺

Argos air beds
Pro Action air beds are ideal for people on the go.

Air beds are an excellent mattress alternative for short-term guests or travel.

If you want something more versatile for the home, we suggest checking out the Argos sofa bed collection. 🛋

What else does Argos sell?

While they might sell tonnes of sleep goods, Argos is a Jack of all Trades.

There is something for every occasion, from toys to home appliances and tech products. 🎁

The tech range at Argos is particularly impressive and often can be found at discounted prices.

Our favourite Argos tech products:

Does Argos offer discount codes?

Despite their already low prices, Argos often has extra discount codes on the go.

The best bargains are usually on offer during special events, including:

If you want to find the best deals, it's well worth browsing Argos Black Friday deals.

You can check what discount codes are running anytime by visiting the Argos voucher codes page.

Argos mattress delivery

Argos has stores across England.

Customers can collect an Argos mattress in a box from their local branch. 😊

Collection options are ideal for those with a busy schedule, especially if they aren't sure when they will be home to receive a mattress delivery.

But be careful which Argos mattress you choose, as not all come rolled and compressed.

You would need quite a large vehicle (and probably the help of a friend) to collect a flat mattress. 😬

Argos delivery
You can opt for two-person delivery with larger Argos items.

Argos has next-day delivery and 2-person delivery for larger items like mattresses.

But be warned that some customers have been left waiting for weeks or even months for out-of-stock Argos mattresses. 🤯

You will also have to pay extra for your Argos mattress delivery.

While Argos delivery is inexpensive, many other bed-in-the-box brands offer customers free mattress delivery. 👍

Does Argos collect old mattresses?

Argos does collect old mattresses! 🎊

However, Argos mattress collection costs extra.

Customers can only opt-in for mattress collection if they have a new Argos mattress delivered (and the option is only available for particular mattresses).

So while you can easily get your old mattress taken away by Argos, just be warned that you'll have to pay a little more. 💰

Argos old mattress collection
Argos also offers to collect old mattresses.

It's also good to know that Argos isn't the only one to offer an old mattress collection. 🚚

Brands like Emma also offer first-rate and convenient mattress collections.

SLEEPHEROUK5Click to copy code


Visit our guide for more old mattress disposal options.

Argos mattress returns

Argos mattress returns are a little stricter than some other bed-in-the-box companies.

The standard 30-day return policy only applies to unopened mattresses.

So you have 30 days to return your mattress if you order the wrong size or change your mind (and haven't opened it yet). ⌛

Argos mattress returns
You have 30 days to return your Argos mattress.

While you can't return a mattress you have slept on, you can still exchange a mattress under the 100-day Argos trial.

Argos 100-day trial

The Argos 100-day trial gives customers up to 100 days to decide if they like their new mattress. 🤔

If you don’t find your Argos mattress comfortable, you don’t have to keep it.

Argos only exchanges clean mattresses for an alternative of the same size.

However, unlike many mattress brands, Argos does not offer customers a full refund option. 🙅

Once you have opened an Argos mattress, you can only exchange it for an alternative of the same size.

You can only swap your Argos mattress during the 100-day trial, and it must be clean to be eligible for exchange (so use a mattress protector).

Other bed-in-the-box companies provide better trials.

Nectar gives customers a revolutionary 365-day guarantee to decide if they like a mattress and return it if not. 😲


Argos mattress guarantee

Argos mattresses come with a 1-year guarantee. ⌚

A 1-year mattress guarantee is relatively disappointing and much shorter than most mattress guarantees.

Sometimes it's worth spending a little more on your mattress to have the safety of a favourable guarantee and return policy. 💲

Mattresses with the best guarantees

You won’t get the best guarantee with Argos mattresses, so we’ve included some alternatives.

The Hypnia Supreme Hybrid comes with a whopping 15-year guarantee, while DreamCloud has a revolutionary lifetime guarantee.

Are Argos mattresses any good?

Argos mattresses once reigned supreme as a budget mattress brand, but they are no longer the cheapest mattress brand.

So, should you buy an Argos mattress? 🤷

You should invest in an Argos mattress if you don't want to spend too much money and want something convenient.

However, an Argos mattress may not last for as long as a higher-quality one. 💔

If you're not sure that an Argos mattress is for you, then check out these low-cost alternatives.

Our favourite budget-friendly alternatives:

Contact Argos UK

Customer service: To contact Argos directly for complaints, support, or queries, please message them on Facebook or Twitter [3], visit their live online chat [4], or call on 0345 640 2020.

Registered office: Argos, 489–499 Avebury Boulevard, Central Milton Keynes, MK9 2NW.

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