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Kirkton House Review UK (2024)

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We're a nation obsessed with sound sleep, and getting the right bedding can make all the difference. 😴

Kirkton House, available at ALDI in the United Kingdom, offers an exclusive range of value-for-money bedding to help you sleep better.

But do Kirkton House products offer the same luxury you'd expect from more high-end bedding?

Let's find out in our Kirkton House review. 👀

kirkton house review


  • Wide selection of sleep accessories and bedding, including bedding sets, weighted blankets and duvets.
  • Exceptional value for money.
  • Highly innovative products, including Kirkton House heated throws.
  • Sleep accessories are machine-washable.
  • Fast and free delivery for larger orders.
  • 14-day returns policy.


  • No sleep trial on bedding and other accessories.
  • Some products are not of the best quality.
  • Even though the ALDI website is well-organised, we still had issues finding all the Kirkton House products.

What makes Kirkton House special?

  • Wide selection of bedding sets, duvet covers, and blankets.
  • Lower prices and multiple discounts when compared to their competitors.
  • Fast and easy delivery and return process.

Who is Kirkton House?

Kirkton House is Aldi's home range, offering a wide variety of products and accessories to spice up your home.

The products offered by Kirkton House come in trendy styles and incorporate all the latest features, including heated technology.

And with options for every budget, this brand is a good bet for quality everyday products. 💰

Along with bedding and sleep accessories, Kirkton House offers non-stick coating cookware and daily household options, like lunch bags or LED snowflake lights.

Kirkton House is especially well-known for its cookware, super king bed sets, duvets, and heated blankets.

What sleeping products does Kirkton House sell?

Kirkton House sells various sleep accessories to help you sleep more soundly. 🛌

All products are made from high-quality fabrics and include unique designs with great features so you can customise your bedroom or living room in brand-new fashion.

You can find the following products in the Kirkton House range:

  • Bedding and sheet sets, including natural and synthetic options
  • Duvets, including coverless and duck feather and down duvets
  • Blankets, including fleece and polyester options
  • Heated throws, including electrically heated options
  • A 'bed-in-a-box' foldable bed, which features a compact and space-saving design
  • Mattress protectors, including waterproof and fitted options

The easiest way to find the perfect bedding or other sleep accessory is to visit the Kirkton House catalogue on the ALDI website.

You can use the filter tool to search for all the Kirkton House products. 🔍

kirkton house website
You can search for Kirkton House on the ALDI website.

But, even though the website is well-organised and sub-sectioned, we still had issues finding all the Kirkton House products.

That's why we're here to guide you through all our favourites so you can find them quickly and easily.

Materials used in the Kirkton House bedding range

All bedding and sleep accessories offered by Kirkton House are made of either synthetic or natural fibres.

Synthetic vs. natural filling

Before you decide which fibres are more suitable, you should know their differences and how they affect sleep quality. 🤔

Let us break it down for you.

Kirkton House synthetic bedding

As the name suggests, synthetic bedding is made from machine-made fibres.

These fibres are cheaper and hypoallergenic but can feel rough on your skin.

Kirkton House offers both fleece and polyester options. 🧵

  • Fleece is a synthetically derived material made of plastics. It's lightweight and breathable, allowing air to pass through but still keeping you warm and comfortable.
  • Polyester is a tightly woven fabric that's great for trapping heat and moisture [1] and keeping you warm all night.

Synthetic bedding options are often much cheaper than natural bedding options.

Kirkton House natural bedding

Kirkton House also offers a variety of bedding products made from natural fibres. including cotton and bamboo viscose. 🐑

Natural fibres are a great choice if you're looking for an eco-friendly option.

Cotton and bamboo bedding is lightweight, breathable, soft on your skin, and it easily absorbs moisture [2]. 💦

happy woman sleeping
You'd want bedding products that are soft and comfortable.

Natural bedding products may be slightly more expensive than synthetic options, but we'd always recommend going the natural route if you can.

Since so many Kirkton House products have been discontinued, we'd recommend checking out some of our other favourite natural UK bedding brands.

Our favourite natural UK bedding options:

Kirkton House duvet covers

Kirkton House offers a variety of duvet cover collections, including synthetic and natural duvet covers. 🧶

Whether you're looking for a luxurious, hypoallergenic, or super soft duvet, Kirkton House has them all.

Kirkton House polycotton duvet covers

Kirkton House offers various polycotton duvet covers available in different textures and designs.

Polycotton duvet covers are among the most popular blended fabrics and are more durable than pure cotton ones.

Conveniently, you'll find a bunch of reversible Kirkton House duvet covers for a two-looks-in-one deal.

kirkton house polycotton duvet cover
Kirkton House's polycotton covers are hypoallergenic.

The polycotton covers are breathable and hypoallergenic, making them a good choice for sleepers with allergies

You can even machine wash these at 40°C.

Luckily, the Kirkton House polycotton duvet covers retain their shape and don't shrink when washed. 🧺

Kirkton House cotton duvet covers

Cotton is another commonly used material for duvet covers. 🤗

This is the ideal choice if you're seeking something comfortable and low maintenance.

The cotton duvet covers offered by Kirkton House are made from 100% cotton with a thread count of 300.

woman smiling with a cotton percale duvet cover
Kirkton House's cotton duvet covers are machine-washable and easy to maintain.

Unfortunately, Kirkton House doesn't specify where they source their cotton, so you won't know if this is higher-quality or lower-quality cotton. 🤥

There's also no guarantee on the duvet covers.

While most customers were satisfied with the quality of the covers, some struggled a bit with ironing the wrinkled covers after washing.

Kirkton House bamboo viscose duvet covers

If you're looking for a natural and luxurious bedding fabric, you should try bamboo viscose.

Kirkton House offers duvet covers made from a combination of bamboo viscose and cotton.

This makes the covers much more durable, while keeping excellent breathability.

Texture-wise, these feel similar to cotton, but they are slightly smoother.

They also have excellent antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and moisture-wicking properties, making these a great choice for sensitive sleepers or hot and sweaty sleepers.

why we like bamboo

The Kirkton House covers are available in a wide variety of colours and can also be machine-washed.

On the downside, some customers have reported shrinking after the first wash.

If you're looking for a more high-quality bamboo bedding set, we'd recommend trying the Panda 100% Bamboo bedding set.


Kirkton House throws

Throws are a great accessory to any lounge or bedroom, and Kirkton House has a great variety of options.

Kirkton House cotton throws
Kirkton House's cotton throws come in various colours and patterns, perfect for any home decor.

These include:

  • A wide variety of Kirkton House cotton throws, which are versatile, stylish, and comfortable. These are available in a range of different styles and colours to suit any home decor, but some users have reported that the colour fades with frequent washing.
  • The Kirkton House heated throw, a double-layered soft flannel fleece option with a pocket for your feet, 9 different heat settings, and an automatic shut-off function. Conveniently, you can remove the electric bits and pop the actual blanket into your machine for a wash.

The heated throw even comes with a 3-year warranty.

Kirkton House weighted blankets

Weighted blankets are blankets that are slightly heavier than usual, either because they're made of denser materials or because they have small pockets filled with glass beads or plastic pellets.

These weighted blankets are used to provide deep-pressure therapy and help relieve stress and anxiety.

Weighted Blanket offered by Kirkton House
Kirkton House's weighted blankets keep you warm and calm you down with deep pressure therapy.

Kirkton House has two weight options: 4.5 kg (9.9 lbs) and 7 kg (15.4 lbs).

Generally, the weight of a weighted blanket should be about 10% of your body weight.

Some other online brands in the UK sell a wider variety of weight options, suitable for many different body weights and sizes.

Our favourite UK weighted blankets:

Kirkton House pillows

In addition to a premium collection of throws and duvet covers, Kirkton House also offers some pillow options.

These include:

  • A support pillow made from memory foam, which gives you great support.
  • The adjustable posture pillow with synthetic microfibre filling and 4 individual pads that can be added and removed according to your requirements.

The Kirkton House pillows are all hypoallergenic, making them a great choice for people prone to allergies.

kirkton house pillow
The Kirkton House posture support pillow.

Unfortunately, we can't be sure of the actual quality of Kirkton House pillows.

If you're looking for a great customisable option that's comfortable, budget-friendly, and still available, we'd recommend you check out the Kally Sleep adjustable pillow.


Like Kirkton House's adjustable pillow, the Kally Sleep option also has a microfibre filling.

You can also look at a few of our other favourite pillows below.

Our favourite UK pillows:

Kirkton House "Bed In A Box" foldable bed

While "bed in a box" usually refers to bed-in-a-box mattresses, Kirkton House has a different product in mind.

The Kirkton House Bed In A Box is an actual bed in a box that's easy to assemble and fits comfortably into smaller spaces.

This foldable bed is easy to store, and when not in use, you can simply fold the mattress and frame into a sofa. 🛏️

Bed in a box offered by Kirkton House
Kirkton House's foldable bed is a great option for overnight guests.

It's a simple product with a foam mattress, polyester cover, and a metal frame, but the quality is assured with a 3-year guarantee.

You may want to add a mattress topper to make your sofa bed more comfortable.

If you want something similar in style that folds out into a single bed or a double bed, you can check out the options below.

Our favourite spacy-savvy sofa beds:

Kirkton House prices and discount codes

Kirkton House offers a mix of affordable and higher-priced products.

You can grab a great deal and save money on your sleep accessories during checkout while buying Kirkton House products on the ALDI website. 💻

You can get great discounts offered by Kirkton House while shopping online.
You can get great discounts offered by Kirkton House while shopping online.

Kirkton House offers discounts on their products all year round, but you can find even better sales for special occasions like Black Friday or Christmas.

You can also find clearance items at a lower price in the shop or online.

Bookmark our discounts page and check back often for the best bedding and sleep accessory deals.

Or, sign up for our newsletter to receive regular updates on the best deals straight to your inbox.

Kirkton House delivery and return conditions

Kirkton House sells most of its products through ALDI, and the delivery service is fast and reliable.

Delivery is free for orders over larger orders.

Your ordered items will be shipped within 24 to 48 hours and delivered within 5 days. ⏳

You'll even receive a tracking ID and estimated delivery time, allowing you to track your order.

If you cannot receive your order, the courier will inform you of the failed delivery attempt and try again at a later stage.

While ALDI doesn't offer next-day delivery, you can choose the day you want your Kirkton House products delivered.

Kirkton House returns

All Kirkton House products are subject to a returns policy of 14 to 60 days.

Kirkton House return process.
Kirkton House includes 14- to 60-day returns.

The products you wish to return should be in a resellable condition. 📦

Once the items are received and verified to be in good condition, you'll receive a full refund within 10 working days.

Should you buy sleep accessories from Kirkton House?

Kirkton House has always stocked a range of budget-friendly and high-end products. 💷

Unfortunately, the brand has now discontinued most of its bedding products.

You'll be better off looking at online retailers like the Fine Bedding Company or even Amazon.

Still trying to figure out where to start? 🤔

Take a look at our favourite brands for bedding.

Our favourite UK bedding brands:

Contact Kirkton House UK

Customer service: To contact Kirkton House UK directly for complaints, support, or queries, please reach out to them directly via ALDI. You can call them on 0800 042 0800 or complete their online contact form [3].

Registered office: ALDI UK, Holly Lane, Atherstone, Warwickshire, CV9 2SQ

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